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Trump Americans will join with Putin to make a better world

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#1 JohnJ



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Posted 28 September 2016 - 01:54 AM

Even if you are not very religious, Christian countries like the US and Russia should join together and support Islamic leaders who allow all religions to co-exist peacefully in their country. This is common sense. We all know the created extremists will ruin lives, and so far my country, the US, is as much to blame as any other for the mess around the world(Bush invading Iraq, Obama supporting rebels in Syria). Good intentions(most Americans) don't matter if you are always trying to control and dominate, and domination and selling weapon systems for profit is the US policy. Saudi Arabia owns the US Congress($$$), it's just a fact. Israel, is a friend but agrees with the stupid policy as long as they get free weapons - hundreds of billions. Trump will change the equation. It won't happen overnight because they will kill him, but it will. When stability is achieved, then we need to end this stupid cold war. Ukraine pinned it's hopes on a false premise, that capitalism unchecked will solve your problems, it's a rear view mirror look. If you can't print money like our Federal Reserve, you just go into debt, and become a slave to western Banksters who now own you and my fellow Americans. They will corrupt you and make your society turn against each other because of debt problems, the devil has many faces. Ukraine should make peace with Russia and work together and avoid western debt problems. Neighbors fighting never works.

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#2 Shura


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Posted 28 September 2016 - 03:58 AM

Neither US nor  Russia are exclusively Christian nations nor are Christians of today practicing Christian values, proselytizing and propagandizing their twisted beliefs does not make them Christians. Russia on the other  lives by higher standard of values where all of its 100 plus religions have equal status, unlike US who demonizes the religions of others.

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#3 Brad Anbro

Brad Anbro


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Posted 12 February 2017 - 05:05 AM

I am very hopeful that our new President, Donald Trump, will do his best to help turn around the American economy and will also make many major and needed changes in American foreign policy, to make the world a safer place for all. I did not vote for Mr. Trump and I most certainly did not vote for Mrs. Clinton. I am very much hoping that Mr.

Trump can work with Mr. Putin in the days and years ahead. This is my hope and my prayer!

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#4 Zharkov


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Posted 13 February 2017 - 04:55 PM

President Trump has an entire federal bureaucracy working against him today, so it could take 8 years or more to fix America's problems and the first step is to purge the government of ALL Obama people.    They remain a serious problem.   They need to go find other jobs.


Americans have already become more optimistic about the future, but the Obamunists keep sabotaging every effort to reform the government into a rational group of people.    The US government remains irrational despite the changes at the top.   


Taxes are still a massive burden enslaving the people, regulations continue to strangle new businesses, court rulings continue to block progress, and very little has effectively changed other than optimism.    They continue to fluoridate the water, poison the air with geoengineering, take private property, and commit state-sponsored crime.   


Trump has a huge job to do and only one or two terms to get it done.

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