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High Aims for faith and goodness of people

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Posted 02 October 2016 - 06:59 PM

Peace be on you…..Two auxiliary-specific gatherings [Ijtema-s] of UK’s Ahmadiyya men upto 40 [Majlis Ansarullah] and for ladies [Lajna Imaillah] began on Friday September 30, 2016. In this regard, Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (a.t.) said: The true soul of our Ijtemas is (or for which effort should be made) that the progress should be made for connection with Allah the Exalted and for mutual love and fraternity. Scholarly programs and competition (in gatherings) should be with spirit that we shall learn something from these and make these the part of our lives.



Some sports events too take place because to fulfill rights of Allah and rights of people, healthy body is essential. Otherwise, neither it is the age of the Ansar's to indulge in such sports nor the women  after age 22 or 23 usually have much interest in sports. The purpose of  exercise-competitions is that one should be  attentive to bodily health too. Not only competitors but others too should keep their bodies active by walking and by other light exercises.


Anyways, the actual purpose of these Ijtemas is we pay attention to brighten our religious and scholastic faculties. ……..


At the age of an Ansar (upto age 40), a person becomes mature and thus they themselves should realize and pay attention their responsibilities. ….Firstly, being at a mature age and then secondly the name of the group 'Ansarullah' of the group of men  [i.e. helper towards Allah] is itself enough to make a realization of their responsibilities.


What are these responsibilities which a ‘nasir’ should fulfill. Their gist is mentioned in the pledge of ‘Ansarullah’.


==Firstly that every ‘nasir’ ; the man included in this group of Ansarullah, should try with his true heart to make Islam stronger and be a faithful follower of Ahmadiyyat…..And to do effort for strength of Islam  cannot merely happen with one's knowledge and power. Islam is the religion sent from Allah the Exalted  and it is a complete religion of teachings. No human will make it strong. But effort is needed by one to make strong connection with it so that we can become strong part of this perfect religion. And it cannot be achieved this without having strong connection with God the Exalted. Each Ahmadi should strive for it and the standard of the AnsarUllah should be the best.


==A true bond with Allah the Exalted cannot be completed until one forms a true relationship with Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) for which Allah the Exalted has commanded us to invoke Durood and Salam upon Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) and pay attention to it. Thus it is very important matter.


==Next, one has to fulfill the right of Bai'at with Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace). When this right will be paid,  we shall be true followers of Ahmadiyyat.


==In this era, for the completion of publication of Islam, Allah the Exalted has sent Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.). And to be firm on Ahmadiyyat with true heart will only be proved when we shall prove ourself as ‘ansaruallah’ with full participation in  publicizing and conveyance of Islam.


==In addition, Ansarullah members made pledge (in other words they promised) to fulfill the responsibility to make effort to have the relation of loyalty with Ahmadiyya Khilafat and its defense. How this effort will be made? This effort will be done when Ansar will become helper and will further the works of Khilafat. And it can only be achieved when they shall remain attentive to the words of Khalifah of time.  For this, Allah the Exalted has granted us the bounty of MTA [muslim television Ahmadiyya: mta.tv] in this era which can be attented at far distance too. Thus Ansarullah need to get connected with it. The pledge is made to connect the progeny with Khilafat, so connect the progeny too with Khilafat – in addition to other training matters so that from progeny after progeny these links of loyalty should continue and remain firm in order to keep continuity of service of deen and publication of Islam for always. The work of propagation of Islam after the Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) has to be taken forward through ‘second manifestation’ [i.e. system of Khilafat],  according to his own announcement. Thus for this, keep eyes at pledge, you made, of offering each sacrifice.


May Allah the Exalted enable everyone for this. [Aameen]




More @ http://www.religious...e-model.191251/

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