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A decade after 9/11 they came for the baby boomers and basement dwellers: genocide of US & EU residents

baby boomers babies basement dwellers psy-ops genocide residents European Union USA blacks

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Posted 13 October 2016 - 05:27 PM

Oct 12, 2016 - "The baby boomers might just wreck America": "article" alias psy-op illustrates how the stage is being set to terminate the baby boomers.

Introductory update notes
Last Prophet's words from July 2011, with chapter 1 unchanged (updates in brackets) and an extended Chapter 2: 
- later psy-ops targeting the groups of US and EU residents that the article was and is about.
- genocide of another group, the incoming refugees, in Europe's death camps, started Sep 25, 2015.
- Hillary Clinton's terminolgy for human cattle pretending to be dissidents: the basement dwellers, released Sep 30, 2016.

Chapter 1
Baby boomers: from abortion to "euthanasia" only to be terminated with the kill shot.
Chapter 2
Psy-ops targeting groups for genocide, precisely identified or not: Baby boomers v homeless, dissidents and christians v muslims, blacks and other non-whites
- muslims, blacks and other non-whites:
- christians, dissidents and homeless; baby boomers

### Introduction
US and EU citizens scripted to be terminated during the imminent BIG BANG.
The list includes baby boomers, human cattle pretending to be dissidents and christians, non-whites, muslims and real dissidents (which includes any real christians).
The fact that real christians didn't react is not surprising: there are hardly any left.
The first part explains why baby boomers didn't and won't react: because they didn't react when they had to, at the start: "Wehret den Anfãngen!".
The second part explains the differences in psy-ops setting the stage for the genocide for these groups.

### Chapter 1
A decade [as of 2016: 15 years] after 9/11 they came for the baby boomers [and basement dwellers]
US and EU residents scripted to be terminated during the imminent BIG BANG: from precisely identified baby boomers 1946 to 1964 and blacks to more vague groups.
These include human cattle pretending to be dissidents and christians.

Baby boomers: from abortion to "euthanasia" only to be terminated with the kill shot(current name: ZIKA)
When they came for the babies the baby boomers didn't react.
When they came for their parents, a few years before 9/11, the baby boomers didn't react.
No wonder that they didn't react to 9/11.

Now they came for the baby boomers
An example from yesterday, July 30, 2011: "Are baby boomers to blame for debt crisis?".
This psy-op, using the simplest of techniques (appending a question mark) goes beyond diverting from how human cattle is being stripped of its assets: it's also part of setting the stage for the genocide of a clearly identified group.
Note: this is not to be confused with millions of "baby boomers" who were already terminated in EU and USA hospitals and care homes during the ongoing genocide referred to as "euthanasia", targeting a not precisely specified group.

### Chapter 2
Psy-ops targeting groups for genocide, precisely identified or not:

Baby boomers v homeless, dissidents and christians v muslims, blacks and other non-whites
Psy-ops targeting these groups advance one and the same general agenda: setting the stage for genocide.
Consequently differences are details.
- psy-ops targeting muslims, blacks and other non-whites were also used to set the stage for the genocide of refugees, gassed in Europe's death camps since Sep 25, 2015.
This doesn't imply that the ongoing genocide of refugees is only a detail, because the realm of this article are the groups targeted by the coming genocide: US, EU (obviously also Canada, Australia & Co) residents.
- the genocide of the homeless is already ongoing, so in this case it's rather setting the stage to legalize it.

Differences are details::
- different frequencies (black and "muslim" actors daily in headlines) 
- HOW the psy-ops are carried out, depending on the targeted group. Below, this detail in detail.

Psy-ops for muslims, blacks and other non-whites: 
Psy-ops are mostly centered on either individual actors or precisely defined "mobs".
- individuals: Bill Cosby, champion of interracial rape, a psy-op which "coincidentally" uses an official actor; actors (from real people to photoshop creations) casted in "terrorist attacks", from Paris to San Bernardino;
- "mobs": led by illuminazi agents posing as leaders of BlackLivesMatters. 
Note: from "trying to sneak into trucks at Calais" to "trying to gang rape women at german train stations": these psy-ops were meant not only to set the stage for the genocide of refugees but also for non-white residents. 

Psy-ops for christians, dissidents and homeless v baby boomers
Note: as previously explained, the fact that christians are not implicitly included in dissidents implies that in this context both groups include human cattle posing as such.
Why there's no actor casted to play "baby boomer" as the main role? Answer below.

Christians, dissidents and homeless v non-whites
Psy-ops targeting christians, dissidents and homeless centered on identifiable individuals or mobs are rather the exception. 
Such cases range from "christian shooter at abortion clinic" to psy-ops where the targeted group is apparently the victim, same as for "police shoots disamed black".
Example of the latter: the 2016 series "homeless set on fire sleeping in San Diego".
Side note: for homeless, unlike for blacks, these episodes are not meant to ALSO cause riots but solely to advance into "extrajudicial public executions by police and vigilantes", the last stage before the real deal.

Christians and homeless v baby boomers
So what is the rule for real christians and homeless? 
The answer is what for baby boomers is valid in ALL cases: no episodes with guest stars, the group is targeted as a whole each time.

July 29, 2011 - Are baby boomers to blame for debt crisis?
- Baby boomers -- those born between 1946 and 1964 -- have been described as "the pig in the python" and the "sandwich generation."
They lived well, grew up in relative abundance and, some say, expected their Social Security, health care and government support to be there as they grew old.
Now, as the future of the country's economy is up in the air, is this group of 80 million aging Americans -- many of whom are sprinting toward retirement age -- the ones to blame for the nation's shaky economic system?
The answer is not so simple.
Life was good, many say, until September 2008.
In the last days of the Bush administration, the economy went belly-up, forcing Washington to bail out Wall Street in order to prevent another Great Depression.
"It's not because the boomers are a nasty generation. It's just that there's a lot of us, and we have a tendency of wanting to get it our own way," he added. "I think we've been very successful at that. We've created great wealth, but we are looking at it at a time when you have to pay the piper."
An analysis of data from the past three censuses shows that because of baby boomers' "aging in place," the population of those age 45 and over grew 18 times as fast as the population under age 45 between 2000 and 2010, said William Frey, a demographer and senior fellow in the Metropolitan Policy Program at the Brookings Institute.
Frey's report also found that the baby boomers (or "pre-seniors," as he called them) are "growing rapidly in all areas of the country," 

Oct 12, 2016 - The baby boomers might just wreck America

Sanders' basement dwellers: What human cattle portraying itself as dissidents didn't get about Clinton's "joke"
From ZERO leaks and Clinton FEARLESS because she has NO votes to lose to start with ... to two illuminati jokes about election 2016 crowds in ONE "leak" based LINE.
Last but not the least: that ONE line passes the SAME message as Duterte's ONE LINE directly calling for GENOCIDE in the Philippines, and yet NOBODY is able to get it.

To get why the illuminati marriage "Kim Kardashian Kanye West" is making headlines in a script to be later exposed as "Karadashian's jewelry; Fake robbery: Insurance scam"
Aug 2014- Ferguson to coming Baltimore riots, "dead" Brown to coming Gray 
added Nov 2014: interracial rape culture pause by Bill Cosby

From 2012, illustrated with recent examples:
Genocide of homeles: demonize, roundup, legalize: psy-ops.
Subliminal messages: "the sledgehammer of Hawaii lawmaker assaulted at homeless camp" goes beyond simply demonizing homeless.

"Euthanasia" same basic type of genocide as the Holocaust not as abortion
Abortion and "euthanasia" vs kill shot and extermination camps, in Europe again already processing refugees:

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