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Analysis of Jalsa Canada 2016, Comments by Canadian, Syrian and other Guests, Thankfulness, Peace, Message reached 10-16 Million, Lessons, Real Aims

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Posted 18 October 2016 - 02:34 PM

The following is based on Friday sermon by Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (may Allah be his Helper) after the Jalsa Salana 2016, Canada.The main points mentioned are about Divine grace, driving passion of volunteer men women and children who serve the guests at Jalsa Salana. Thankfulness to Allah and His servants. Expressions and comments by some honorable guests from Canada and elsewhere including some Syrians. Some merits in services provided are praised and some advices are given for further improvements for the huge system of organizing Jalsa. How Ahmadis should take message of peace to the world.Through Jalsa Canada, divine message of peaceful reforms reached to 10-16 million people by various media. Focus at true aims. What are these aims?



Peace and mercy of Allah be on you…… By the grace of Allah the Exalted, Jalsa Salana of Jama'at  Ahmadiyya Canda ended last week manifesting blessings. As much thankful we are it will remain less. It is His grace which enables us to convene Jalsa-s everywhere in the world despite limited resources. By sheer divine blessings, the arrangements in general become good. We do not have professionals for each department. We have volunteers from auxiliaries; Khuddam, Atfal, Lajna, Nasirat and Ansar. Officers and subordinates are appointed. There is full obedience to officer even if an officer is less educated in worldly terms and subordinates happen to be engineers, doctors or Ph.ds..We see this standard of full obedience in Jama'at Ahmadiyya, with full cooperation.


In these three days, the thought of worldliness fully disappears from the people at duty. They keep selfless thought; they have thoughts only about Jalsa. It is not a human-made thing which makes the thoughts to flow in such direction and which grant humbleness to actions. It is pure blessing of Allah the Exalted. If it is not so, the passion with which men, women, young and old serve can never be developed. It is Allah the Exalted Who develops thought in them to rise above any other thought and desire and serve the guests of Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) for the sake of pleasure of Allah the Exalted.




Thus first of all we ought to be thankful to Allah the Exalted that He granted Jama'at such serving workers. Despite being intellectuals, they serve selflessly. If they are asked to clean restrooms they do. If asked to cook food, they do. They serve food, they do security duties, etc selflessly. Children do duties with enthusiasm. Non-Ahmadi guests are impressed when they see children serving drinking water to guests in Jalsa area, silently and with interest. They ask astonishingly how do you fill such passion in these children, in current world situation when religious groups and madrassa going children and young people are being given training of wrong things and oppression on the name of jihad, and efforts are being made to finish human lives, children and youth of Jama'at Ahmadiyya are doing life giving works. In the gatherings of ruhani / spiritual maeda [divine food table] young boys and girls serve physical food and water and join the life-giving-jihad.




Some people comment they feel love for these children. We should be thankful to Allah the Exalted and also these volunteers too, many of them are working before start of Jalsa  and will serve afterwards too for windup. They do not care personal or financial losses. Some left jobs when could not get leave of absence. They do not care their sleep and rest. They serve with commitment. Huzur (may Allah be his Helper) said as I ask others, first I thank all Jalsa workers, children, guests, girls, boys, women and men who presented themselves voluntarily and did even a  lowest work with happiness and responsibility with passion of service. These works are, in fact, silent conveyor of message, and become means of guidance for many people.




A Bengali friend Shahid ur Rehman came from Amercia with his 91 Bengali Ahmadi friends,  said that he continued to debate with mullas for all life, the Islam he was presented it kept him away from  mosques (of those who think they follow practice of Holy Prophet sa). He hated extremism, his wife is pious person, she stressed he should go to Jalsa of Jama'at Ahmadiyya. He saw training, love, and respect of members of Jama'at. He said he returned to Islam again. He was sitting alone on a side on the last day of Jalsa, he did not like to go for meal due to rush, a Khadim [member of young men’s auxiliary] came to him and presented meal and water, then waited enough to dispose the empty box.  This incidence created so much impression to him, he expressed it to Huzur (a.t.) in meeting with him. He said that Jalsa has impressed him very deep, and InshaAllah soon he will join the Jama'at …..  That is how Conveyance of message is done with Jalsa. High morals of a Khadim and little service changed the guest’s thoughts. That Khadim perhaps did not know whether the man was Ahmadi or non-Ahmadi, he served with a zeal, but it became a mean of spiritual change in the guest.




Likewise there are some politicians, some local people who know services of Jama'at, in general, and keep acknowledging it time to time. Every time, they are impressed by the arrangements of the Jalsa that participants in such a huge gathering sit calmly generally and workers work silently.


Deb Schulte (member parliament) said that like always today also I was very impressed. So many volunteers are seen on Jalsa who are organizing Jalsa very systematically,  as per my estimate there are 25000 people gathered here and organizing it is result of tireless  hard work from the volunteers.


Huzur (a.t.) said thus these volunteers and workers exert great impression, and in this respect we all must be thankful to all workers. Where they  serve the guests selflessly, there they become a silent Muballigh / missionary  and convey the message of Ahmadiyyat, and each participant should be thankful to them too.  May Allah the Exalted always increase the spirit of their service and give them best rewards for their service. It should not be only apparent service but may increase them in Eman [belief] and Yaqeen [certainty]  and may their deed are best and in accordance with Islamic teaching.


Similarly, thanks should be paid to the workers of MTA [Muslim television Ahmadiyya], by Jalsa participants, and by those who live in Canada but could not come, and by worldwide Ahmadis..There are many local MTA volunteers from Canada, some are workers, some came from the center, London. All of them worked hard all three days to show live Jalsa programs. A team comes from London wherever Huzur (a.t.) goes. This year, the central team brought a Dish for uplink instead of renting it here. It was very beneficial and we remained independent time-wise, and saved money too…..This way overall, we saved 10-15 thousand dollars also and faced no restrictions. 


[More at Ahmadiyya DIR in religiousforumsDOTcom]



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