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London Olympics 2012, End of USA: staged glitches v divine signs: US flag, The Star-Spangled Banner, Serena Williams, Michelle Obama

London Olympics US flag fall staged glitch divine sign Serena Williams Michelle Obama The Star-Spangled Banner

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Posted 19 October 2016 - 03:40 AM

Last Prophet's words from Aug 2012. Updates signaled by date.
London Olympics 2012, End of USA: staged glitches v divine signs:
US flag, The Star-Spangled Banner, 'Serena' Williams and "'Michelle' Obama" on "husband"'s birthday.
The article is meant to help you part staged glitches by the illuminati from divine signs. 
It uses two examples from the London Olympics 2012. 
One of them was a paradox and is at the core of the imminent BIG BANG, that includes the "End of USA" script.
illuminati's staged glitches: some are also meant as "divine" signs
Scripted by the illuminati for maximum visibility: opening of the 2014 Winter Games, Sochi, Russia: one of the five rings, the red one at the upper most right, did not present itself during a graphic animation.
More than a staged glitch: it's also scripted as a "divine" sign (the quotes mean: for the human cattle).
Talk of Olympics: how two 2012 episodes can teach you how to part staged glitches (meant also as "divine" signs or not) from the signs of God.
London 2012 Olympics: Staged glitches v divine signs
During what was originally scripted as the very last Games: illuminati paradoxically watch in shock the US flag go south, ten days after the korean flag "unexpectedly" went the other way round: from south to north.
Staged glitches: South Korea flag goes north
Ten days before the illuminati watched in disbelief and for the first time ever a flag falling at the Olympics while the national anthem was played at the victory ceremony:
the same illuminati "coincidentally" staged a glitch based on false flags and figuratively based on the opposite type of movement.
Ahead of a women's soccer game between North Korea and Colombia, the South Korean flag was displayed on the stadium scoreboard instead of the North Korean flag. 
North Korea's puppet government was of course aware of it in advance.
In other words, its "reaction" was part of the same script: "The North Korean team then refuses to walk on the field and the country's delegation accused Olympic organizers of perpetrating a premeditated act of disrespect".
US flag falls - the timing
Day: On the official birthday of the ethnic indonesian actor who although officially mulatto is presented always as "first black president Obama".
Minute: while the "The Star-Spangled Banner" is played for Serena Williams.
Second: the moment the crowd sang "our flag was still there".
What at first sight appears to be an obvious staged glitch mocking the "End of the USA" script was indeed the result of the wind. More precisely: the action of the Holy Spirit.
What the Holy Spirit calls attention about: the flag is no longer there
A gust of wind might represent action of the Holy Spirit.
In fact, the original Hebrew and Greek words for “Spirit” can be translated as “wind.”
Why did the Holy Spirit make the US flag fall  and for a global audience?
To call attention about two satanic offers that almost all were willing to accept: 
- the transvestite "Serena", placed by the last antichrist at the highest place of the podium  and crowned by the global audience while on a throne where "she" should not stand.
- the Obamessiah, the Abomination "married" to a transvestite and yet crowned by the Obamanation of Desolation. 
Illuminati paradoxically deeply disturbed by the fall of the US flag:
"Serena Williams" is a parallel (yet secondary) episode to "first black first lady, Michelle Obama" in the "End of the USA" illuminati script.
The script includes Hitler's son, known as Kevin Spacey, in a leading role: he waves the inverted US flag over the  "House of cards USA".
Yet the illuminati were shocked as the US flag set the milestone for first ever to fall while a national anthem is played at an Olympic victory ceremony, let alone by the timing of the fall.
The paradox explained
Real christians believe that the signs of God are meant for everyone. 
On the other hand and as implied by the first commandment of their religion, the illuminati believe that the signs of satan are meant only for the real believers.
In other words: the satanic illuminati believe that only they were assigned the task of giving highly visible and easily understandable "divine" signs.
The flag dropped just as the phrase "our flag was still there" was sung by the crowd. 
Talk of fake "divine signs" and interracial (this time official) illuminati marriages part of the BIG BANG / End of USA script:
Kim Kardashian West married to Hurricane Matthew's gorilla with a disengagement ring: GENOCIDE is the KEYWORD
Transvestite Michelle Obama, Homosexual Obamessiah of the Obamanation of Desolation in the illuminati anti-Bible: 
The same indonesian actor plays both "Obama" and "Osama".
As for WHY the illuminati casted an indonesian homosexual as first black president and a transvestite as first lady:
Abomination of Desolation was the starting point to create the name Obama.
Osama comes from Obama, and Obama comes from Abomination. 
This fulfills the illuminati anti-Bible, from Leviticus 18:22 to Deuteronomy 22:5.
BIG BANG - start with "Obama's love child":
Justified "killings" and natural "deaths" to be later "exposed" as "murders":
The mother(s) of Obama & Pope Francis's love children: the  murdered black Miriam(s), age 34
All in Blog

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