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UN peacekeepers, last antichrist's killer robots: Fulfilled 1999 prophecy: undeniable proof webarchive

UN peacekeepers killer robots mercenaries Kosovo Mali Central African Republic antichrist killer robots

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Posted 27 October 2016 - 01:01 PM

Last Prophet's words from Oct 2014, referencing the 1999 article.
Introduction, including data, last updated Sep 2016. 
Oct 2014 - the last antichrist continues to deploy its killer robots. The list of countries where they are now shooting civilians, in Africa alone, now adds to an area three times the size of all EU states.
Jun 2016 - The illuminati set of Tarot cards known as Daily Mail placing the present in the future: Killer robots are 'quickly moving toward reality' and humanity only has a YEAR to ban them, expert warns.
The main agenda is NOT the same as other psy-ops portraying robots as almost human, such as world soccer championship for robots.
The article is about real robots, or in other words: it's primarly an illuminati joke about human cattle not yet able to get what the  real deal is.
Yet it was exposed by Last Prophet 1999 and 'quickly moved to become reality' a decade later.
Sep 2016 - Data table last update: The killer robots officially surpasssed the 100,000 mark.
UN peacekeepers
This branch of the IV Reich military is now massacring civilians and fighting freedom fighters:
a) from the world's first country to break the borders drawn by the illuminati to divide and reign (South Sudan) to Africa's largest country (Congo);
B) additionally exterminating christians in countries they are the majority. 
Most striking example: South Sudan (80% christians). Others range from the Ivory Coast since 2011 to the Central African Republican since 2013.
As for Lebanon, since 1978 or 3 years after the palace coup that brought Israel undert total illuminazi control: christians are no longer the majority, but the UN peacekeepers didn't play the leading role in accomplishing the mission.
c) additionally fulfilling the illuminati commandment of revenge. Timespan ranges:
- from decades later: the first slavs to resist the illuminazi aggression in World War I an d II, the serbs (Kosovo, since 1999)
- to centuries later: the first slaves to break-up the chains (Haiti, since 2004)
UN peacekeeping - Data table - as of 31 August 2016:
Current peacekeeping operations: 16
Uniformed personnel: 100,019. Troops: 85,442: Police: 12,885
Military observers: 1,692; Civilian personnel: 16,471 (as of 31 July 2015)
Total number of personnel serving in 16 peacekeeping operations: 118,792
Countries contributing uniformed personnel: 123
17 June 2016 - Killer robots are 'quickly moving toward reality' and humanity only has a YEAR to ban them, expert warns
New technology could lead humans to relinquish control over decisions to use lethal force.
As artificial intelligence advances, the possibility that machines could independently select and fire on targets is fast approaching.
Fully autonomous weapons, also known as 'killer robots,' are quickly moving from the realm of science fiction toward reality.
Last Prophet's words from Nov 1999:
"Peacekeeping" - the academy for the robots planned to be the police of the world government
Peacekeepers in Kosovo
Look at this map (churches destroyed in Kosovo within 5 months, since "peacekeepers" arrived). 
The mercenaries of the antichrist have been building Camp Bondsteel, the largest american base outside the US, as the satanical actions described by the map took place.
They are being submitted to extreme mind control techniques, in order to achieve their complete transformation into robots, the prototype for the troops that are planned to control the 200 million slaves that are supposed to populate the world of the new order.
Slavery has been reintroduced in Europe, 2000 years after the fall of Rome. The mercenaries are fed with hundereds of sex slaves, kidnapped by the albanian mafia from Romania, Moldova, Ucraine and Bulgaria.
Added 2000 
Peacekeepers in East Timor
Check this link. In short: the UN came to Timor and promised protection for the people participating in the referendum. 
Instead of that the UN retreated to let the indonesian military destroy 80% of the Dili buildings in five days of September 1999, while killing a number of people that so far has not been estimated. 
UN pops in again with "peacekeepers" to disarm the east timorese fighters who saved the people from genocide. NOTHING has been rebuilt so far, some east timorese leaders have not a house to sleep in.
-- Survived in webarchive since Jun 2001
Haiti vs Uganda and both vs US elections - each time ONE basic difference
All in Blog

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