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Killing General George Patton

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#1 Mario Milano

Mario Milano

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Posted 04 November 2016 - 02:51 AM

Killing General George Patton




It’s inexplicable Wikipedia fails to mention George Patton’s suspicious death. Few realize Patton had been arm-chaired out of any command upon the close of combat in Europe, and put into a minor desk job tasked with historical research when he began investigating the disappearance of a trainload of Reichsbank gold and possibly also the collusion between the Soviet and Allied commands to prolong WWII so that profits could be fully milked and the black gold carefully distributed into secret coffers.


Patton might have been planning a career in politics because he was about to fly home and retire from the military. He knew a lot more than he could talk about, and as soon as he retired, he probably planned to become the biggest insider military whistle-blower since Major General Smedley Butler of the Marines, who dropped a dime on the plot to drive FDR out of power. It’s funny because Patton was the officer charged with dispersing the Bonus Army in Washington, while Butler was the Bonus Army’s hero.


Someone must have fed the inside story about what really happened to Patton to Frederick Nolan, a British historian with a specialty in the American west. I guess it’s only fitting since Hitler referred to Patton as “that crazy cowboy.” Nolan wrote a book that was made into the film Brass Target and it got remarkably close to the real story. This vastly underrated film stars John Cassavetes and Sophia Loren and makes the rounds on TCM.


Patton came from Southern royalty, but wasn’t part of the secret establishment running the world, aka the Illuminati. Eisenhower had languished as a major for a while before making a sudden ascension thanks to that cabal, and after becoming President he gave Rockefeller a permanent seat on the cabinet, no title necessary. There’s no question Patton’s assassination was an inside job, and may have been an Illuminati operation and wouldn’t you know it, O’Reilly’s book tried to make it look like a Soviet plot, which is just the counterintelligence backstop that was floated to divert attention away from the OSS and Dulles and Donovan?


Really Bill? Could the Soviets have moved the driver of Patton’s car to England to keep him in seclusion until the story disappeared? It’s pretty much of a disgrace to Patton that none of this is on the Wikipedia page. He was certainly a remarkable man and deserved a better death than killed by his own command, especially after winning the Battle of the Bulge.


And then they made that great movie about him starring George Scott, and ignored the stolen gold and the suspicious death, just like Wikipedia is doing.



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#2 shaktiman


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Posted 05 November 2016 - 06:57 PM

It’s inexplicable Wikipedia fails to mention George Patton’s suspicious death.




I didn't see your historical side till today Mario.


Good job.


i shouldn't say this but I never quite trust historical biographies and certainly not what I have read about Patton.


My father served under Eisenhower in WWII, but I admit my Dad was not fond of him.


My Dad felt he himself had killed many German soldiers needlessly under orders from Ike and as I recall bombed a few American troops as well for which he never forgave himself.


I wish I could have spoken to my uncle more that may have served in the US infantry under Patton in WWII as well.


Best regards and thanks for an informative article. 

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