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Austria: Hofer will win this time: Hitler, Brexit, Trump: parallel reversed scripts

Austria Hofer remake Brexit Hitler Trump election president repeat clowns

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Posted 04 December 2016 - 03:02 PM

Introduction - added after "results":
Austria, also after election repeated, still without the "first far-right president in Europe since Hitler"; referendum says NO to "more powers to Italy's prime-minister" = parallel reverse script to Brexit.
Hofer: the mockery "far right loses again" went as far as this: "results" will be reversed not after one remake (such as it will be the case of Brexit and "more powers" alias the Renzi script) but after two remakes.
End Times Reductionism: the unchanged article continues otherwise to reveal what the current script is.
Because it's all as simple as this: all actors advancing the "legalize the global terror state", which in this context is named EU.
Published Nov 2016 and update on "elections" day, Dec 4, before the "results":
"Italy referendum to transfer more powers to the prime-minister": same day as "Austria: first far-right president in Europe since Hitler".
What is this illuminati joke about? Answer: the day in 1934 when Germany's chancellor Hitler became "Fuehrer des III Reiches".
Austria: Hofer will win this time: Hitler, Brexit, Trump, Green Party: parallel reverse scripts
Last Prophet explains the "world of repetition", past, present (this very day in Austria) and future.
Reminder, 6 weeks earlier, the "world of repetition" was one of the KEYWORDS served together with the bomb dropped on CNN by Illuminati Grand Master Alexander Adolf Hitler.
Austria: setting the stage for Hofer: remake: Green Party's recount in the USA
Both scripts have the Green Party paving the way for Hitler's official representatives with a recount, albeit in Austria served as repeated election.
In the USA Hitler is even more represented. No, I don't mean Hillary alias Hitlery sounding more like Hitler than Hofer.
I mean Hillary's maiden name, same as her half-sister Angela: Hitler.
After the nullified first 50-50 election that "far right Hofer lost to Green-backed candidate Alexander van der Bellen by less than one point", the script is reversed.
The headlines that will be served at the end of the day, which in this case can be late this evening or tomorrow morning:
Austria: Hofer, 45, becomes the first far-right president in Europe.
What the headlines won't include is the rest of the line's script: "since Hitler became the Fuehrer of Germany in 1934, at the age of 45". 
This time proof of support is not served with fanatic crowds but rather with the"lonesome protester" type of staged protests:
Dec 3, just before the "election" results will be announced: "Anti-Hofer Demo Flops after Fewer Protesters Turn up Than Journalists and Police".
Hitler parallelism
Make no mistake: same as with Duterte and Erdogan, this is NOT a mockery, it's NOT meant to confuse the audience but rather to pass truth in plain sight.
Reasons to have Austria casted in this script include:
- Hitler was austrian
- Austria was the first country ever militarily conquered by the Illuminati without a fight: the March 1938 Anschluss.
Austria's Hofer v UK Brexit and "Trump elected first far-right president in the US".
Austria v Brexit: parallelism
Austria presidential elections repeated: as always served as a head-to-head race in an episode that in the timeline is released BEFORE the parallel Brexit script.
In other words: the act "UK referendum to leave the EU repeated, with the opposite results this time" was not YET staged.
Austria's Hofer v Brexit's scary clowns and Trump:
Hofer in Austria 2016 is casted in a parallel script to Hitler 1934, so his role is not suicide bomber, let alone scary clown.
Contrast it with three actors casted not only as illuminati suicide bombers (ending with leaving the stage in disgrace) but also as scary clowns in apparently parallel scripts:
- either exclusvely as scary clowns, the duo Theresa May/Boris Johnson in Brexit ...
- or not: 45th president Trump in the End of USA, who also plays, same as Hofer, simply scary, alias classic bomber, advancing the agenda of completing the terror state and starting the genocide in death camps. 
Dec 3: Ongoing script, episode of the day:
Green Party Changes Strategy, Will Seek Pennsylvania Recount
Dec 3: Anti-Hofer Demo Flops after Fewer Protesters Turn up Than Journalists and Police
6:20 p.m., shortly before "voting" will end: This illuminati joke:
Left-leaning Alexander Van der Bellen's projected victory in Austria's presidential election is being welcomed across much of the political spectrum in neighboring Germany.
Reminder of Last Prophet's words from Jul 3, 2016
Hungary's Orban, Russia's "Putin", Turkey's Erdogan, Philippines Duterte: SAME role
Duterte journalists to Mexico teachers: EXTRAJUDICIAL killings of drug dealers: the KEYWORD before the real deal
See "scary clowns Trump & Boris" link here:
BREXIT LEAVE: WHY Illuminati changed 75% to 51% not 48%: FULL script was exposed in advance: start here:
Last Prophet's words (revised July 2016 after the fake coup in Turkey) from Sep 11 2015, one week before the illuminati "victory" in Greece. 
In other words: nine months after the illuminati "defeats" in the January 2015 "election" and two monthes after the "NO" to "EU austerity" in the "referendum".
Election repeated Turkey Greece: 2015: parallel reversed script before Brexit
Oct 21, 2016 - "Armageddon to hit any time this planet": Illuminati Grand Master bombs human cattle on CNN
The man, who more than 99% (which does not exclude 100%) of all recognized UN governments do nothing but to execute orders from, drops the bomb in plain sight on a Friday night.
All enquoted expressions below (this does not apply to enquoted single words) were used 
- by the Illuminati Grand Master within three minutes on CNN, Oct 21
- underlined simultaneously as CNN headlines
All in Blog

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