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#1 MartinTimothy


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Posted 23 December 2016 - 03:01 AM

The capo like the one at left above disappeared into thin air October 16, the new 30$ capo is at right!!

Recently playing guitar I removed the capo that was on the neck at the third fret and put it on the table, an hour or so later after going outside to check the letterbox when I came back in it was gone.




They say Pixies have a propensity to borrow things, maybe some Pixie dude like the one above wished to serenade his lady love and just had to have a capo, maybe I should expect some Pixie gift in return .. here's hoping, I would like my guitar playing to improve, I wonder if they can fix that up for me :)


Question: They leave gifts and expect something in return .. did you recently find something, and didn't leave anything in return?



Not entirely .. a dude came by here to measure up for new window shades, he saw my guitar set up and told me he found a pile of broken guitars on the roadside, he said the only thing he could salvage was an Epiphone headstock that had a full set of very classy Epi machine heads.

As a non player he said he had no use for them, and just gave me the broken headstock before I could say no .. I thought about giving him an extra crystal ball I have here as a return gift, but did not want to precipitate an exchange on the basis of such a casual acquaintanceship  .. that was the day before the capo went west!


That is not the end of it all .. after the last round of posting,  I decided to check the shopping bags one last time before they turned  into garbage bags, in the off chance the capo would turn up there, and  found 50$ I had withdrawn at the supermarket checkout which had gone in with the receipt :)



Disappearing Object Phenomenon


That which was lost has been found .. the capo turned up Thursday  October 31, 2013, hanging on a lead that runs under the table to my  workstation desktop, which had been installed after the initial  disappearance. The guy who gave me the broken headstock came by here  again and I returned his gift .. the entire disappearance and  reappearance saga resonates with similar stories at the above  website!

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#2 MartinTimothy


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Posted 23 December 2016 - 03:10 AM

It has happened again ..



Last Friday August 26, 2016, after doing the shopping and bringing things home I heard my sunglasses drop onto the floor, I looked straight away and could not see them, it was a bright sunny day and since I had just come in out of the light I thought it was because my eyes had not adjusted, after putting the shopping away I searched again, then cleared everything away and mopped the floor all for neg results .. now nearly one week on they have still not turned up.

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#3 MartinTimothy


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Posted 23 December 2016 - 03:11 AM

The Tail Light ..

Update: The sunnies never turned up, even when we took everything out of both rooms to lay new floor coverings.



A long lost guitar pick like the one pictured above did reappear, however after using it for a very short time it went away again .. a few days ago when I came into the kitchen the same yellow thumb pick was sitting as large as life on top of the refrigerator.




I ride a bike and keep it locked up under the house, when I go inside I always put the keys to the padlock in the same place atop the refrigerator, when I last locked it away I was more conscious since they would go to the same place the guitar pick mysteriously turned up.




A couple days ago at the time of the Solstice I had to make an appointment across town at 6:50 am, reasoning it would take forty minutes or so to get there by bike I planned to leave at around 6 am, at about 5 am I did a double take and realized the keys were gone, by the time I had searched hi and lo it was past time to go so I took a taxi at cost .. yes I should have kept one key apart, I didn't!




I had an appointment at surgical post op at the local hospital for the following day Dec. 22, 2016, after a steel pin had been inserted nearly the full length of my upper arm following a fall from a different bike June 13 this year, I could not ride the bike because it was still locked up so I walked there and back.


The trouble had started years before ..



The bike I bought 2nd hand had an old tail light which had a failed seal which meant it filled with rainwater rendering it useless, so I purchased another one, soon after I had to go shopping late one afternoon when I came out I went to turn the TL on it would not turn on, a couple nights later I went outside the light had come on of its own volition and would not turn off.

I went back to the bike shop they gave me another TL for free, weeks later after again going shopping in the late afternoon when came out and tried to turn it on it would not go on, like the other one it came on of its own volition nights later and like the other one it refused to turn off .. I went back to the same place and bought another tail light.

Days later I had leave in the dark to make an early morning appointment and gor blimey the new light would not turn on, even after I had tested it minutes before, I plugged it back into a USB port on the computer where after it started and fitted it back onto the bike while it was still flashing, when I arrived at my destination it would not turn off.

It took a girl in the doctors surgery about five minutes to turn it off .. back at the bike shop the dude at the counter took it from my hand and turned it on .. he told me everything was fine so I took it home.

The same thing happened about four weeks later in the early morning it would not turn on at all, when I went back to the shop the same man turned it on with no effort then ordered me to get out of the shop, following his instructions I got on my bike and went about one bike length before falling off and shattering my shoulder.



I reckon an evil spirit is responsible for the disappearances and for the tail light bedevilment :(

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