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Obama Bin Laden FINAL COUNTDOWN: 2016 and 3 weeks beyond: perfect 6666 matrix after 6 failed Easter Sundays

Obama Bin Laden COUNTDOWN Aleppo 2016 6666 666 matrix inauguration Trump resurrect

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Posted 23 December 2016 - 01:32 PM

Obama Bin Laden FINAL COUNTDOWN: 2016 and 3 weeks beyond: perfect 6666 matrix after 6 failed Easter Sundays
23 Dec 2016
Obama Bin Laden FINAL COUNTDOWN: Illuminati Grand Master will resurrect the dead
The original date for the act "Osama resurrects" was Easter Sunday. It had to be postponed SIX times, three of them already after the act "missing Boeing 777".
In other words: in 2014 it was postponed only weeks or days before the deadline.
Yet none of this has yet really questioned the Grand Master's power to resurrect the dead.
He only has 9 days to do it during the year of the paradoxically perfect 6666 matrix constellation but Jan 21, 2017 is what stands for the cherry on top of it.
3 alternative dates for  the resurrection of Obama Bin Laden in Jerusalem, crucified to the missing Boeing 777:
- still in 2016, the year of the perfect 3rd dimensional 666 matrix
- Jan 21, 2017: the day for this script line: billionaire Trump, president elect, 70 years 7 months and 7 days the day of his inauguration, same day that marks 6666 weeks since Hitler's birthday.
- Easter Sunday 2017 (in this case martial law will be declared BEFORE Jan 21, alias Obama's presidency will be extended to a third and short term),
Note: Jan 21, 2017 could be also seen as the cherry on top of the cake, alias on top of the paradoxically also perfect 4th dimensional 6666 matrix that the year 2016 also stands for.
The perfect 666+6 matrix for the year 2016:
666 6
666 6
666 6
666 X
How it's built:
666 + 666 + 666 (a third dimensional matrix) + 6 + 6 + 6 (fourth row) = 2016
Zeroes don't count in numerology, so 2016 = 216 = 6 * 6 * 6 (fourth column)
As for X, the final 6, it's a paradox: fourth dimensional perfection achieved by the 6 failed Easter Sundays,
Jan 21, 2017: inauguration set for the day that marks 6666 weeks since Hitler's birthday.
Illuminati waited more than two years to murder Stalin: script had it 3333 weeks since Hitler's birthday. It was revealed first by Last Prophet.
See introduction here: 
Why Stalin HAD to celebrate Lenin: contrast it with Castro / Che Guevara 
The IV Reich had to resort to the ultimate weapons to expell freedom loving syrians from Aleppo before Christmas.
Dec 20, 2016  -" Christmas celebrations begin in Aleppo" : beyond the pyramid tree:
Illuminati Grand Master has the power to resurrect the dead: Obama Bin Laden as living proof 
As for the real matrix, not to be confused with the perfect 666 matrix for the year 2016
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