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Holy Prophet (s.a.w.)

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Posted 16 January 2017 - 09:51 AM

Peace be on you.

God sends Prophets as model so that followers learn the way to get nearness of God, spirituality, morals from them. According to Holy Quran, following Holy Prophet makes a believer beloved of Allah.


The companions of Holy Prophet  (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) conveyed to believers about his model. Once His wife replied to an asker about his model that ‘His morals were Quran’.  


Further in time, in this era of latter days, according to Ahmadiyya Muslims, the Promised Devotee of Holy Prophet  (p.b.u.h.) explained the station of his master Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h.).  The promised devotee, Promised Messiah Mahdi (a.s.) explained that God sends Prophets, Messengers and Imams to establish His Oneness and the to follow their teaching and their good model and try to be like them. He (p.b.u.h.) was directed to say that “if you love Allah the Exalted, follow me, Allah will love you.”


Once Holy Prophet  (s.a.) heard a companion who was swearing on his father. The Holy Prophet  (s.a.) stoped him to do so and said Allah has prohibited to do so, if one need to swear, he should do so to Allah or be quite. 


When leaders of Mecca saw Holy Prophet was not slowing in his struggles to convey message of One God, they met him and offered all worldly glitters like wealth, leadership etc. He said that they misunderstood him, he did not need anything from them. God commissioned him and Book was given to him and he was commanded to give glad tidings and warnings, and he came to establish the Oneness of God. If they accept it, it will be for their benefit. If they do not accept then have patience, God would decide.


Despite having the greatest spiritual station, Holy Prophet  (p.b.u.h.) always admitted he was servant of God.


To establish the Oneness of God, he (p.b.u.h.) sought divine help by praying with full restlessness. At night he would sleep for some time and wake up to offer extra prayer. His companions took his colour and became servant of One God too.


Ahmadiyya Promised Messiah (a.s.) asks his Community to learn such ways and excel in offering humble prayers.


Prophets come to establish truth. In the early times of Holy Prophet  (p.b.u.h.) some Meccan leaders got together to think how to stop him. Someone advised that he should be disparaged as magician or liars. One of the leaders stood and addressed the others that he was young and grew before us. We have seen magicians, poets, soothsayers, and liars. He is not a lier, poet, magician or fortune teller. Think well, you are dealing quite a matter.  


At another time, a great opponent said to Holy Prophet  (p.b.u.h.) that he did not think he was a liar but it was his message which was wrong.


Promised Messiah (a.s.) reminded the argument that Holy Prophet  (p.b.u.h.) told his opponents that he lived among them for forty year and he never spoke a lie about any worldly thing why would he lie about God.


Softness, kindness and humbleness were practiced by Holy Prophet  (p.b.u.h.) and taught to his followers. He always relied on mercy of Allah and believed His mercy is essential even for his salvation. Though God said about his highest station that his hand is My Hand and making pledge of allegiance with him is making it with Me. Yet he was so humble. He advised followers to remain righteous, follow divine teaching, and offer worship at various times, keep check on deeds, never be unfaithful to God.  When he was entering in Mecca as victorious, on his ride, he was bowing before God and praying. 

[Reference and more @ niumeDOTcom/post/223361 ]

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