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LINKS TRUMP 2016 2020

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Posted 13 October 2017 - 06:49 PM



Our President once mentioned word “Antifa”. But what is Antifa? Wonder no More!


Antifa Manual Leaked! Prepare for TOTAL SHOCK



The Antifa Manual. What are they all about? Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children has received leaked documents allegedly from inside the Antifa organization that are extremely disturbing. This information is not yet verified. While it appears to be in keeping with their agenda, something else may be going on. Stay tuned. We will show you excerpts here, and remind you: Antifa originated from Nazi Germany.... 


Establishment’s Storm Troops: Antifa’s Violent Rampage across America



At least 350—and likely far more—members of America’s “Antifa” movement have been arrested so far this year for violent riots which have inflicted millions of dollars of damage to private and public property, including the riot they started last week in Charlottesville. And—ironically—far from being the “anarchists” that they think they are, Antifa are in fact only doing the establishment’s... 


America Under Siege: Antifa



The communist movement known as Antifa (short for Anti-Fascist Action) has sparked violence across the nation. In the wake of their battling despicable white supremacist in Charlottesville, Antifa has begun to gain mainstream popularity....


Antifa Celebrates Las Vegas Shooting




The Perverted Left: #RAPECULTURE, Cover-ups, And Hypocrisy From Weiner to Weinstein http://www.thegatewa...iner-weinstein/

BUSTED: Judicial Watch Catches FBI Hiding "Missing" Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting Documents http://www.thegatewa...rmac-documents/


Brrr... THOUSANDS of Penguin Chicks Are Starving in Antarctica - Too Much Ice http://www.thegatewa...ctica-much-ice/


MO Democrat Chappelle-Nadal Compares Trump to Hitler and Hopes for His Assassination ...Then Plays Race Card http://www.thegatewa...lays-race-card/


Another Promise Kept: POTUS Trump To End Massive Obamacare Subsidy (VIDEO) http://www.thegatewa...-subsidy-video/


Hungary’s Viktor Orbán: Soros And Allies Using Mass Immigration To Destroy Europe’s ‘’Cultural And Ethnic Identity’’, Christian Roots http://www.thegatewa...hristian-roots/


Charlottesville Lawsuit Seeks Restrictions on White Nationalist Groups - American Renaissance https://www.amren.co...onalist-groups/


How Can We Solve the Race Problem? - American Renaissance https://www.amren.co...e-race-problem/


Those Targeted in Vegas Are What Makes America Great - American Renaissance https://www.amren.co...-america-great/


Media Find Las Vegas Shooter's Motive: He's White! - American Renaissance https://www.amren.co...tive-hes-white/


Whites Are Underrepresented Among Mass Shooters - American Renaissance https://www.amren.co...ters-las-vegas/


Facts Don't Lie - US Definitely Helping ISIS Against Russia in Syria

"Washington hasn’t simply assisted ISIS by concealing reports about the movements of their forces to Deir Ez-Zor, but also struck a deal with Sunni tribes ensuring that ISIS can cross their lands unreported and unopposed."



Many Top US Christian Leaders Are Working With Russia - Again

Some very big names - Pence, Buchanan, Franklin Graham, Rick Joyner, and many others are involved. Liberals hate it.



Wikileaks Allies Have Been Systematically Targeted, Defamed

"In the case of Assange and Todd and Clare, the allegations were proven to be absolutely false, shedding light on other smears surrounding Wikileaks supporters, and suggests that the organization poses a serious threat to establishment interests."



Has the Israel Lobby Destroyed Americans’ First Amendment Rights?

"Israel’s unique ability to discredit all criticism of its policies as a mere expression of anti-Jewish sentiment is the greatest public relations success in the history of PR"


 "It is disingenuous to deny the influence of this small minority in American life. This influence becomes a problem when it is used to silence free speech."




Trump Vows to ‘Terminate’ Iran Nuclear Deal If Congress Cannot ‘Reach a Solution’



Las Vegas Eyewitness, Who Exposed Multiple Shooters, Found Dead



Julian Assange: FBI Supplied Stephen Paddock Weapons For Massacre http://yournewswire....apons-massacre/


Rose Mcgowan: Amazon's Jeff Bezos Knew Weinstein Was A Pedo Rapist http://yournewswire....in-pedo-rapist/


Turkish President Prepares Military For War With Israel http://yournewswire....key-war-israel/


RT Employees in the US Are Quitting en Masse Over Security Fears

They know at the very least they'll be spied upon and become permanently unemployable



Trump to issue stop-payment order on health care subsidies


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#722 Cosssack


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Posted 13 October 2017 - 06:52 PM

I say: in USA we have “Black History Month” therefore we also need “White History Month”. Social Justice Warriors, Snowflakes, Assorted Anti-Whites are outraged and say:  “Every month is White History Month”.


What Anti-Whites really mean is: We do not have to be reminded once a year for 30 days that White Racist Man not only created America (Constitution /Flag /Anthem), the greatest country ever, but also invented automobile we drive, airplane we take to visit our grandma, electricity we use every day, guns we hate so much, computer, cell-phone and internet we use to deface and defame this White Racist Man. This is what Anti-Whites really mean!


WTH? Fox and ESPN Won't Show Anthem Live Anymore http://www.thegatewa...m-live-anymore/


It Begins... Far Left WaPo Declares Patriotism and Love of Country Is Racist http://www.thegatewa...country-racist/


President Trump BLUDGEONS The Left's Wicked Political Correctness in ONE AMAZING SPEECH (Video) http://www.thegatewa...g-speech-video/


VIDEO: German Soccer Team Takes a Knee Before Match in Solidarity with Millionaire NFL Players Who Hate Cops http://www.thegatewa...yers-hate-cops/


VIDEO: Comedian George Lopez Booed off Stage After Trump Jokes Flop at Gala http://www.thegatewa...okes-flop-gala/


Boom! Trump Hits Democrats and Insurance Companies in One Awesome Tweet http://www.thegatewa...-awesome-tweet/



Russia's Enemies Are Fighting a Spiritual War Against Russian Christianity

"Our war is against those who have destroyed the Church in the West over the last thousand years and are now trying to destroy the Church in the Middle East, in the ‘soft’ Balkans and even in parts of the Ukraine."


Tectonic Global Shifts From Russia This Friday the 13th

The elephant in the room is US debt and the ability to QE (print money) as resolution to infinity, or until others refuse to play that game any longer.


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