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Pay Right of God and People / Mutual Kindness / Spread Pretty Teaching / Dua / Salaat

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Posted 25 February 2017 - 03:31 PM

Peace and mercy of Allah be on you


Jalsa Salana i.e the annual convention for moral and spiritual excellence was started by Hazrat Promised Messiah Mahdi (on whom be peace). Now these conventions take place in many countries every year. Ahmadiyya Muslims gather and bring their friends with them for three days. Recently Jalsa Salana-s of Bangladesh and Sierra Leone held.


Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (may Allah be his Helper) explained the purpose of these Gathering in the light of explanation by founder of Ahmadiyya Jama'at Hazrat Promised Messiah Mahdi (a.s.).


1----One objective of Jalsa is that devoutness and righteousness should be developed for all times. 

2----Coming to Jalsa should give you understanding of real fear of Allah the Exalted.  It is not fear as being afraid, it is the fear of displeasure of Beloved.

3----Spiritual environment of Jalsa should make hearts tender for each other, to get love of Allah the Exalted, love for each other should be increased, --such a mutual fraternity taught by real Islam should be developed and world should see it as role model.

4----Member should practice humbleness, and should expel arrogance out of them completely.



Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (a.t.) asked to achieve the high levels of spiritual development and then spread the beautiful teaching of real Islam in fellow citizens. They should not fear oppositions. Today, Islam is being defamed everywhere, Muslims have become bloodthirsty mutually, their deeds have gone far from true peaceful teaching of Islam.



In such situation, Ahmadiyya-Muslims are the ones who have to inform the world about the beautiful teaching of Islam. For this, they have to develop connection with Allah the Exalted, to obey and pray to Allah the Exalted, seek His help for blessings in works. The pactical models of good morals has to be established.



The world should fell if high standards of worships, paying rights of people and good morals according to teaching of Islam are to be seen, see in Ahmadis.



Therefore this Jalsa is not mere gathering of  three days to learn religious matters, it is convened so that members should clean rust from hearts.


In this era of renaissance of Islam, we should take our practical conditions to high levels,  be punctual in Salaats according to the way taught by Allah the Exalted, -- make effort to develop spirit of Salaat during offering these, and-- pay rights of people with our full capacity.



One of the aims of Jalsas is to develop devoutness and righteousness. Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) explains:


“ Taqwa means to refrain from the minutest paths of evil. But remember, virtue is not only that a person says I am virtuous because I have not usurped anyone’s wealth, have not looted anyone, have not usurped anyone’s rights, did not do house-breaking, do not do theft, do not carry out evil-look and fornication. To an Arif (wise, learned) such virtue is laughable because if he does these evils, and does theft or robbery, he will get punishment. So it is not virtue which can be valuable in the eyes of an Arif. The real and true virtue is that one should serve humankind and show perfect sincerity and loyalty in the way of Allah the Exalted and is ready even to sacrifice life in His path.  That is why here it is said, ‘innallaha ma’allazinattaqo wallazina hum mohsenoon’ [Allah is with those who avoid evil and also do virtues]. Remember it well, only avoiding evil is not matter of any goodness, unless one does virtues with it.  There could be many people who have never done adultery, bloodshed, theft and robbery. Despite it, they have never shown any model of sincerity and loyalty in the path of Allah the Exalted or have not done any service to humankind, and have not done any virtue like it.  Thus, ignorant will be that person, who, by presenting these things, will include him (the avoider of evil) in virtue-doers because these are wrong-doings….. For wrong-doer, thief, trust-breaker and bribe-taker, it is in the practice of Allah that he is given punishment here (world). He does not die until get punishment [generally he get punishment in one or other way]. Remember only it, is not called virtue…..Taqwa is low station, its example is like, as a utensil is cleaned well so that high quality  pleasant food is put in it. If a utensil is left after well cleaning but food is not put in it, then can stomach be filled with it? Not at all. Will that empty utensil satisfy us with food? Not at all. Similarly understand Taqwa, what is Taqwa? Taqwa is only the cleaning the utensil of Nafse Ammarah [Nafse Ammarah is the raw state of self which incites person all times to do evil, and he does not feel shame after doing evil]. And virtue is that food [i.e. virtues told by Allah the Exalted; rights of Allah the Exalted and people] which is put in it which, by giving power to organs, enable human  so that good deeds are done by him, and he is able to get exalted stations of divine-nearness.”



Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) tells about Dua (pray)  and Salaat (Prayer):


Dua  is that aksir (sovereign remedy) which turns a handful dust into chemia (elixir) and it is water which washes internal filths. With that Dua, soul melts and by flowing like water falls at threshold of Hazrat e Addiyyat [One God], it stands in the Presnce of God and does Ruku (bows) and does Sajda (prostration). And the projection of it is that Salaat which Islam has taught. [i.e. various states of soul-in-prayer are manifested in the form of Salaat]. And standing of soul is that, for God, it shows readiness about bearing each fright and  obeying  commandment. And its Ruku i.e. bowing is that it bends towards God by leaving all loves and connections, and becomes for God. And its Sajdah is that, by falling at threshold of God, fully loses his own realization, and wipes his self of being . It is the Salaat which makes (one) connected with God. And Islamic Sharia has depicted its picture in established Salaat so that physical Salaat become encourager to spiritual Salaat because God the Exalted has made such design of human being that effect of soul on body and effect of body on soul surely take place. When your soul is sad, tears flow from eyes too. And when happiness is developed in soul, cheerfulness appears on face, up to that, sometime human smiles. Likewise when any trouble and pain is inflicted on body then soul too is partner in this pain. And when body is happy with a cool breeze, soul too shares some part from it. Thus the purpose of bodily worships is that movement should take place in soul towards Allah the Exalted, because of mutual relations of soul and body, and it (soul) should become indulge in spiritual standing and prostrations  because human is dependent on spiritual struggles for progresses, and it is a struggle of a type, it is apparent when two things are mutually connected, when we shall pick one of them, then there will be some movement in the attached thing. But there is no benefit in mere bodily ruku and sujud, unless this effort is included with it that soul too, at its own, take some share by its standing, ruku and sujud . And to take this share depends on ma’rfat. And ma’rfat depends on fazl  [Elsewhere he (a.s.) explained that everything is granted by fazl of Allah that is why bow before Allah the Exalted to get fazl] And when this ma’rfat is gained by fazl of Allah the Exalted, only then real Salaat is offered. And for this, struggle and hard work is needed. When there will be struggle, purpose of creation will be obtained.”



The completion of righteousness / Taqwa and real worships take place when rights of Allah the Exalted and rights of people are paid.  Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) said:


“The real thing is  that the most difficult and delicate stage is of rights of people because one has to deal them all the times. Every moment, this trial remain in front. Thus, at this stage, step should be taken with great wisdom. My way is there should not be beyond-limit strictness with foe too. Some people want to make effort, as much as possible, to damage and destruct him. Then, by getting in this worry, they do not care about permitted and non-permitted to bring ill-repute to him, place false slander and fasle-lie at him and do backbiting and excite others against him. Now tell, with small animosity, he became heir of how many bads and evils and when these evils will bear their offspings then matter will reach upto where? I say truly, you should not consider anyone your personal foe and fully leave this habit of malignity.  If God the Exalted is with you, and you become of God the Exalted, then he can make foes to be among your servants. But if you have cut relation with God and no relation of friendship is left with Him, your behavior is against His pleasure, then who will be more enemy of you than Him? Human can avoid animosity of creature but when God is enemy, then, if all creature is friend, nothing can take place. That is why your way should be like way of prophet (on them be peace). God the Exalted wants that there should be no personal enemies. Remember well human gets honor and blessing when he is not enemy of anyone personally……The person who does not honor God and His Messenger, rather is their enemy, you should consider him as your enemy. But it does not mean that you slander him and plan to inflict pain to him without reason. No, but get separated from him…if possible, pray for his correction. Do not start any new discord with him. These are matters, which are related to purification of self. It is said Hazrat Ali (karramallaho wajho) was fighting with a foe, and was fight merely for the sake of God the Exalted. Eventually Hazrat Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) threw him under him and sat on his chest. He immediately spat on the face of Hazrat Ali. He quickly left his chest and let him go [and said] Just because till now I was fighting with you only for the sake of God the Exalted. Now as you spat on my face, some part of my self has included in it. I do not want to kill you for my self…….It is evident from it that he (r.a.) did not consider the enemy of his self as his enemy. Such nature and habit should be developed in ownself. If, they inflict pain and extend series of animosity, for selfish greed and purposes   then what can be more than it to make God the Exalted displeased ?”



Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (may Allah be his Helper) said that So we should not inflict pain to someone for personal grievances. No doubt, consider enemy of Allah and Messenger as enemy, but go away from there, pray for him, make effort to correct him, and answer back his attacks in permitted ways. But do not practice wrong way of animosity at his each matter, it is wrong too......May Allah the Exalted grant us the real understating of Taqwa (righteousenss) and grant us His fazl (favour) our Salaats and worships gain nearness of Allah the Exalted. May He enable us to understand minutes of rights of people. Each of our deed, even it is worldly, should be with intention that we have to gain and give priority to pleasure of Allah the Exalted in any case. May Allah the Exalted enable us to do so. [Aameen]




Note: The Russian translation of original discourse @ http://www.mta.tv/fr...17-translations

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