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Guidance from God: Specific Examples: Guidance toward Peaceful Refroms

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Posted 02 March 2017 - 05:40 PM

Peace and mercy of Allah be on you.


Worldliness is attracting many people. A race is going on to gain material things and means. People who deny God are increasing. They think religions is absurd.


But there are people who are active in search of Allah the Exalted. They want to find true religion which can connect them with Him. They pray earnestly for this aim.  Allah the Exalted guides them to the right path. He makes means for their satisfaction and understanding of real religion, by various ways. He increases their faith and conviction.


In this time, Allah the Exalted, according to His promise, sent a true servant of Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) with title Promised Messiah Mahdi. Allah asked people to do his Bai'at and join him so thatHe is sent so that  so that they get peacful paths of His nearness and get the purpose of their worships and see the scenes of acceptance of their prayers.


Allah the Exalted guides the true enthusiasts to truth and increases their faith. 


Here some experiences and events are being mentioned how God the Exalted guides people:



A lady, sister Kanifati, 65, from Miamina, a village of east district had sickness in feet for last 10 years. There was no cure for her from anywhere. She was unable to walk due to it. Once she went for another try to get cure to a far place Bansang from home. There, by chance, she watched Friday Sermon by Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (a.t.) on MTA. On return to her village, she was told in a dream that


‘the one you saw on TV is the one you should follow because he is telling you the right and the way of salvation’.


She did Bai’at after the dream.


She says that right after the Bai'at, the ailment in her feet ended. For this reason, her faith increased many fold. Now she conveys message of truth to all village. She tells people how her ailment went away by the blessing of joining Jama'at Ahmadiyya.


Allah the Exalted guides the one whom He wants to save due to one’s virtue or likes one’s virtue,  in amazing ways.


A worldly person can say she is an ignorant uneducated woman of village, it could be her heart’s delusion. But whom, Allah the Exalted grants wealth of faith and then make one strong in it, they consider such worldly people as ignorant!



Burkina Faso

A country of western Africa. How Allah the Exalted guided a person in this far area. 


Suado sahib of Leo region accepted Ahmadiyyat after Jalsa Salana Germany. Suado sahib said: When I was not Ahmadi, I used to regularly listened to the Ahmadiyya radio and when Ahmadi delegation visited his village to convey message, being an influential person of the village I would take care of them well and would arrange for their work of conveying the message. (He was kind to Ahmadis). Sometimes latter, clergies learned it and came to me and asked not to hear Ahmadiyya radio at all and keep no contact with them too because they will damage my Islam.   Incited by the clerics, I stopped listening to the Ahmadiyya radio or meeting any Ahmadis. 


After sometimes, by chance, when I was coming back from a journey, I made a stop in a mosque of a village to offer Salaat. Salaat had begin so I started to make  wudu (ablution) quickly. Meanwhile another person entered the mosque and said this is an Ahmadiyya village and mosque too is theirs. Upon hearing this, I thought where have I stuck, I was avoiding then since quite long, so I made wudu very slowly so that Salaat should end and I should offer it at my own. [Anyway, he had to offer Salaat there. Allah the Exalted may had liked any of his virtue that is why he was forced to offer Salaat there due to events].


The same night I saw in dream that there is very big mob, and I am displacing people inside the mob. Going ahead, I see one man is standing and mob of thousands is surrounding him. I ask a person that who is this man surrounded by people? The person replied, he is the very same whom you have to listen to, but clergies have taken you away from real path.


I woke up then, this dream affected me so much that I restored my connection with Ahmadis again.


One day I phoned Murabbi house and told Murrabi sahib that I want to do Bai'at. He told me to come at a certain day to Murabbi house. When I arrived on the appointed day there, all people were watching some program on  TV.


I too came forward and saw TV, by seeing that scene I was surprised, because exactly the same scene was on TV which I had seen in dream.


Upon my asking, Murabbi sahib told me that it is concluding session of Jalsa Salana and our Khalifah is addressing. I asked Murabbi sahib to immediately take my Bai'at. I swear to God that the same scene and the same man I had seen in dream.



By the favour of Allah the Exalted, he has become Ahmadi along with his family, and conveying message to more people of the village.



The person who has passed through such personal experiences and he has gained guidance of Allah the Exalted, surely he continues to gain strength in his Eman. Many people write to Huzur (a.t.) that the way we have done Bai'at and accepted Ahmadiyyat by getting satisfaction from Allah the Exalted and by seeing sign by Allah the Exalted, no one can shake our Eman. We do not need any further argument too.




Ahmad Sahib from Syria was advanced in opposition of Ahmadiyya Muslims. Then he was given thought to seek guidance from Allah the Exalted to find truth. He received the divine guidance.


He said: My connections were with Ahmadis, we would mutually meet outside and at homes. I agreed with their most things but would stick at death of Jesus issue. The reason was that I was waiting for long time for the Messiah to descend from sky, and it was my old time desire to join Messiah’s army to set Baitul Maqdus free. By hearing death of Jesus, all of my claimed dreams were shattered. One day some Ahmadi friends were sitting in my home including Mutazil Qazaq Sahib. The talk began about death of Jesus. I told Ahmadis I ask you in the name of God not to ever talk about this topic in my home. At this, Qazaq sahib said I have a request too that you pray to God the Exalted for guidance about this. I liked his words and from that evening, I began to pray to God the Exalted with crying.



When I slept at night I saw in dream that I am traveling toward a high place. A piece of brittle land comes in way. Stepping on it, feeling came that it is taking me to a deep ditch. In this state of worry, a person lifts me up by holding from shoulder and tells O Abu Hasan [his kuniat, patronymic] now never come to this place and rest assure that Esa (a.s.) has died. Then he said, now keep walking on your path.



When I woke up, I phoned my Ahmadi brother and said I have to go to Mutazil Qazaq sahib. When we both arrived at his home, as I entered, I was shocked to see a photo on wall and asked whose photo is this?  He told me it is the photo of Hazrat Promised Messiah Imam Mahdi (on whom be peace). As I heard it, I said I want to do Bai'at right now. Because the photo on the wall was of the very person who, in dream, pulled me by holding my shoulders from quagmire like soil and said Hazrat Esa (on whom be peace) has died.


Allah the Exalted open paths through various means to understand deen and to get truth; sometimes they join Jama'at by dreams, other times through propagation of message, by getting and reading literature or book about Jama'at Ahmadiyya or true teaching of Islam, sometimes by being impressed by moral of an Ahmadi. These days many people know about real Islam by watching MTAi [mta.tv] and join Ahmadiyyat.



A chief of the local area was initially an idolater. Message was given to him, he became Ahmadi and began to practice real Islam. The heart which was target of shirk it bowed before God the One, not only this, he began to call area’s believers (in Allah) towards real Islam.


So when a mosque in his area was inaugurated, he delivered an address, in which he said, “I do not understand, why non-Ahmadis oppose Ahmadis, today it is Jama'at Ahmadiyya which is conveying message of Islam to the ends of the world. I was Mushrik till a year ago, and king of Mushriks. The Muballigh of Jama'at Ahmadiyya changed my thought, and showed me the true face of Islam so I joined Islam. If Jama'at Ahmadiyya is bringing Christians and Mushriks in Islam, why you are bothered. This mosque is open to all people, if a Christians will come to this mosque to worship Allah, he will not be stopped. You people stop opposition and see by coming in, here the only lesson of love, peace and brotherhood will be gained. Jama'at Ahmadiyya only wants goodness for the world. My heart wants that I should make a house with the mosque here and inform every comer that very Jama'at Ahmadiyya is the true Islam.”



Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (a.t.) said that, on one side, there are those leaders and scholars who, beaten by arrogance, are making discord in the name of Islam. Due to personal egos, making Muslim shed blood of other Muslim….. On the other hand, Allah the Exalted likes some virtue done by a Mushrik, or does a favour to him, and makes him stand to tell the true Islamic teaching to those who  make only claim to practice Islam,  and teach them to avoid mischief and discord. It is the very act of Allah the Exalted, how He favours upon a humble person but if he is high in arrogance, no matter he offers hundred thousands Salaat, prays and consider himself virtuous,  he does not get guidance from Allah the Exalted.





Our Muballigh writes that, during the visit of Cameroon, a retired soldier did Bai'at and joined Jama'at Ahmadiyya. [He belongs to Bamon tribe whose Sultan had attended the UK Jalsa Salana some years ago.] He wanted to donate a plot of land to Jama'at for mosque. Missionary and Saddar Jama'at went to see the plot and saw he had already made a basement there, there was some construction..He had plan to make house over the basement… He told that he saw his passed away father in dream who said he should not make house at this place, make a mosque. Thus he decided to donate the land to the Jama’at so that Jama'at could make a mosque at this place. ….It is quite a large plot of 1000 square meter. He has transferred the papers to Jama'at, Insha Allah mosque will be made.


Ivory Coast

How Allah the Exalted listened to the prayer of person who live in far place and sent an Ahmadi Muballigh to him to make the true teaching of Islam prevail.



A Mu’allam of Ivory Coast writes that, from a remote village in Abengourou region, Saeedo sahib state that Islam reached in their village through his grandfather, but slowly people drifted away till only its name remained. Saeedo sahib said: I often prayed that may Allah the Exalted make such means that people of village should practice the real teaching of Islam. In the start of Ramadan 2016, doing this prayer, tears came in my eyes, I prayed with deep passion. One or two days later, Muballigh of Jama'at Ahmadiyya came to our village, and introduced the Jama'at. It was very Eman-igniting for me that a Dai-ela-Allah (caller to Allah) came to our far flung village like this with message of renaissance of Islam. During this visit of Muballigh, 55 people of the village did Bai'at and joined Ahmadiyyat. Today we are practicing true Islam due to Jama'at Ahmadiyya.  



Huzur (may Allah be his Helper) said that Please ponder, on one hand, there are people   living in progressed countries, forgetting deen (religion) they are restless for worldly things. On the other side, a resident of far flung village in region of Africa, perhaps solid road does not go to his village, deprived of worldly eases, but has a yearning in heart, he prays to Allah the Exalted with zeal that teaching of Islam is vanishing here, send someone who should re-establish us at the real teaching of Islam again and tell us about it, then by the  fate of Allah the Exalted, a servant of Messiah of Muhammad (sa) reaches that area, and inform them about Islam because today only the one can teach the real Islam to the world who has believed in Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) and recognized the reality of Islam through him.  Thus it is duty of each of us that we should pray and make effort with passion to convey the real teaching of Islam to the world and to every person. Just in words, there are many institutions, organizations and groups etc are working in the name of Islam, but almost all are chasing their own personal benefits. They are ever ready to give Fatwas of disbelief against each other in opposition, what service of Islam will they do? Today this work is of servants of Messiah of Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) to convey message of Islam. Allah the Exalted is easing our work; He is guiding someone by dream, and other by another way.



If we have to pay right of Bai'at, we should make effort to be among helpers of Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace). How we should be after the Bai'at, what should we become, in this regard Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) said:


“Customary Bai'at does not give benefit. To get share from such Bai'at is difficult [i.e. the things and blessings which are attached with Hazrat Promised Messiah a.s.]. One will get share only when, by leaving the ownself, one will be with him with full love and sincerity. Hypocrites eventually remained faithless due to lack of true connection with Holy Prophet  (peace and blessings of Allah be on him). True love and sincerity did not develop in them, that is why apparent ‘la elaha illallah’ did not give benefit to them. So it is essential matter to increase these relations. The connection of love and sincerity should be increased. As much is possible, have the colour of him [spiritual mentor, murshad] – in ways and in aitiqad [belief, conviction]… Life is not trustworthy. One should soon lean toward righteousness and worship and should do self accountability from morning to evening.”



Huzur (a.t.) prayed: May Allah the Exalted increase the new comers too in Eman and Certainty, may they make progress in belief and practice. The flame of Eman, which Allah the Exalted has ignited in their hearts, may they continue to make progress in it after accepting Ahmadiyyat real Islam. May Satan never be able to deceive them. May Allah the Exalted always grant them steadfastness. And we too, who are old and by birth Ahmadis, may Allah the Exalted always enable us to get increase and brighten in our belief.  May Allah the Exalted enable us to progress in relation with Him. May no one never become a cause of stumble for a new comer. And may we always show straight path to the world. We should not be happy that we are old Ahmadis, rather we should fulfill the purpose of Bai'at. Worldly things should not be our objective, rather it should be the pleasure of Allah the Exalted. And sooner than soon, may we see the real Islam progressing in world so that we tell the world that what you think dangerous for the world, in reality, it is the path of salvation for you and the world.[Aameen]


Reference: From Friday sermon by Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (may Allah be his Helper), February 10, 2107


Russian language translation of original address @ http://www.mta.tv/fr...17-translations

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