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Receiving Mercy, Nearness and Refuge of God -- Role of Worship, Repentance, Seeking Divine Cover, Offering Charity

Ahmadiyya Khalifah alislam.org mat.tv Friday sermon 24 Feruary 2017

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Posted 18 March 2017 - 07:07 AM

Peace and mercy of Allah be on you.


Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah (may Allah be hiss Helper) explained that it is well known what is the condition of matters in the world these days. Discord and mischief continue. Anti-Islam forces place the responsibility of these conditions on Muslims. There are certain groups and organizations present in Muslim and non-Muslim countries which are doing cruel acts in the name of Islam.


But the truth is that the true teaching of Islam does not teach such savage acts of barbarism. Hypocrites from these countries become tools in the hands of powers.


In short, the general state of affair of the world is bad. Some non-Muslim powers are getting lot of chance to defame Islam due to wrong attitude of some Muslims.  



Under these circumstances, Ahmadiyya-Muslim [who are doing efforts to reform the wrong attitudes]  too become victim of it. Though, those who knows us, know that the teaching and act of Ahmadiyyat is only love, affection and brotherhood. But, the common people think we are same too - as the media has spread negative idea about Muslims and Islam. In Europe, some nationalist organizations and parties do not want to hear anything. Their stress is only on negative attitudes. This opposition is being faced in the eastern part of Germany and in Holland too where soon election are to be held.  Likewise, rightists are getting strength in other parts of Europe, and the situation in America is also evident. Ahmadis are passing through these hardships as being Muslims, and as being Ahmadis in Muslimm countries too. It is only because, we believed in the Promised Caller who came according to promise of Allah the Exalted. At some places, due to oppressive laws, so called clergies are free and due to fear from them, courts too are forced not to deliver justice, and innocent Ahmadis are sent to jails with wrong charges.


In such situation, what should an Ahmadi do? We do not have worldly government, worldly wealth, or oil money. But, we have one thing, each Ahmadi in the world should pay very much attention to it. It is to get nearness of God the Exalted by Ibaadat (worships), Sadaaqat (charity) and Istighfar (seeking divine cover, forgiveness and help). These are the very things, which excite the mercy of Allah the Exalted, and a person comes in His refuge.



Attention to Ibadaat, especially to Salaats have already been drawn in previous sermons. Now Sadaqqat and Istighfar will be talked about that these are means to get mercy of God the Exalted.



Many weaknesses exist in human. Often we do not pay rights of our Ibadaat (worships) due to worldly indulgences. When any personal difficulty comes, attention is developed to offer a little Sadaqah otherwise not. We do not pay right of saying Istighfar. Self review will make evident many of do not pay this right.



Thus if we have to get favours of Allah the Exalted, and excite His mercy, and make the effort of foes and opponents unsuccessful then we shall have to pay attention to the matters which enable us to get pleasure and forgiveness of Allah the Exalted.



Allah the Exalted says I accept Taubah (repentance), Istighfar (cover, forgiveness, help) and Sadaqaat (charity) so that you should pay attention to these, in order that I remove your difficulties and unrests, bring you near Me, forgive your previous sins, enable you to be true abd (devotee, servant) and have mercy on you….As Allah the Exalted says in the verse:


alam ya’lamu annallaha howa yaqbal-uttaubata un ebadehi wa yakhozu sadaqate wa annallaha how-attawwab-urrahim”   [9:104]


Know they not that Allah is He Who accepts repentance from His servants and take Sadaqaat and that Allah is He Who accepts repentance and is Repeatedly-Merciful. [9:104]



About the importance and relation of Sadaqah (charity) and Dua (prayer), and about the acceptance of Dua, Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) said: Sadaqah is derived from Sidq (trueheartedness). When a person gives Sadaqah in the path of God the Exalted, it is found he has Sidq with God the Exalted (i.e. keeps connection of truth). Second, Dua; with Dua, passion and melting and pathos is developed in heart. In Dua, there is a sacrifice.  Sidq and dua - if these two things are obtained, then it is aksir (i.e. successful cure). Thus Istighfar is indeed dua and when human prays, keeping his sins and weakness before him, a pathos and excitement is developed.



It should be developed . An ache should be developed in heart. Only saying “astaghferullah astaeghferulah” with mouth while attention being elsewhere, purpose is not attained. Thus, Allah the Exalted listens to prayers, and accepts Sadaqaat which are given in the times of unrest to get His mercy.



As the servant makes pledge too, that he will do full effort to avoid his weaknesses and to absorb mercy of Allah the Exalted, Allah the Exalted granted glad tiding through holy prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) regarding acceptance of prayers and Sadaqaat. Allah the Exalted said that tell My servants if My servant walks one step to me, then I come to him two steps. When My servant come to Me with quick walk, I come running.



Thus there is no limit of mercy of Allah the Exalted.



Holy Prophet  (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) said too that Allah the Exalted has great shyness, He is very generous, He is very Karim, when servant raises his hands in His Court He is shy to return them empty and unsuccessful.



It is possible that immediate results may not come according to demand of servant.  Sometimes, according to wisdom of Allah the Exalted, the results of prayers and Sadaqaat appear after some time or in any other way. But sometimes immediate results come as requested. The person should have such perfect Eman/faith that as God the Exalted said I accept prayers, I accept Istighfar and Sadaqaat [ i.e. when human seeks forgiveness of his sins, and make pledge to avoid future sins and weaknesses, and do full effort] He accepts that and pulls the person out from all types of anxieties and difficulties.



It should always be remembered that Allah the Exalted knows states of our hearts that is why our show-off deeds are not accepted by Him. If deeds are done with purity then Allah the Exalted does not leave them without result or reward as Holy Prophet  (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) informed.



Allah the Exalted is so much kind for His servants that Holy Prophet  (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) said the people who do not have capacity to give Sadaqah, acting on ma’ruf (good, known) and avoiding bad give them reward of Sadaqah.



Their Ibadaat, Istighfar and their virtuous acts done to benefit other people will be accepted by Allah the Exalted. Their virtuous acts will be rewarded as Sadaqaat. A well-to-do person will be getting reward by offering Sadaqah.  A poor person will be earning equal reward of Sadaqaat, due to his virtuous intention, with condition that he is practicing other commandments too.



Thus what should be the ways to thank to such a loving God! Who taught us, not only to get rid of our weaknesses, but said that by accepting those of your acts which you do to avoid weaknesses and sins, I shall rescue you from difficulties and problems. ,



Thus this is the only way to come out of difficult condition. We should bow before Allah the Exalted, by making our worships and prayers pure, concentrate on Istighfar, pay attention to Sadqah and Khairat (charity)– at the level of Jama'at and individually too. 



Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) has explained in depth about Sadaqah and khairat at many occasions, some are:


He (a.s.) explains the reality of Istighfar:
“Sin is such a pest which is blended in human blood but its cure can be only done through Istighfar. What is Istighfar? It is, may GodtheExalted  save from the bad effects of the sins which have been done. And from those which are not done yet and which are potentially present in human capacity – may the time of their occurrence not come.”



[Istighfar is to make the mercy of Allah the Exalted excited to seek forgiveness from previous sins and to avoid potential sins in future and he continue to grant us with His favours and mercies. ]



“This is time of great fear, that is why, stay busy in Taubah (repentance) and Istighfar (seeking forgiveness, cover, help) and keep studying your self. People of each mazhub and millat (religion and religious community) and People of Book believe that punishment go away by Sadaqah and Khairat (charity) – but before descending of punishment. But when it descends then never go away. Thus you do Istighfar from right now, and get busy in Taubah so that your turn does not come and Allah the Exalted save you.”



Currently we see small difficulties. But the direction, the world is moving to - the way, human is becoming unbridled - the mode, means to get displeasure of Allah the Exalted are being made, human is moving toward that destruction which human will do by his own hands. This world is inciting displeasure of Allah the Exalted.  So, in such time on one hand it is the duty of those who believe in Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) that we should stress on Taubah and Istighfar to save ourselves from bad effects, on the other hand we should pray for the world too, in general, may Allah the Exalted grant them  the wisdom.



Explaining the reality of Istighfar, Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) says:


“It should be learned that Quran Sharif has presented two names of Allah the Exalted; Al-Hai and Al-Qaiyum. Al-Hai means personally alive and the giver of life to others. Al-Qaiyum: personally existing and real cause of existence of others. Apparent and internal existence and life of everything is by the means of these two attributes. Thus the word Al-Hai requires that His worship should be done, as its manifestation is “iyyaka na’bodo”  and Al-Qaiyum requires that support should be sought from Him. It is said by the words “iyyaka nasta’een”. The word Hai requires worship, for the reason because He created, then did not leave after creating. Like, for example, the builder who made the building, with his death, the building suffers no harm. But the need for God continues to adhere with  human in every situation. Thus, it is essential that you should continue to seek power from God all the time and it is the very Istighfar.”


[Continue to seek power from Allah the Exalted to avoid sin and to offer worships for Him and this seeking of power is Istighfar.]


“The true reality of Istighfar is this. Then it was made vast for those people who commit sin, to save from their bad results. But the base is to save from human weaknesses. Thus that person, being a human, does not understand the need of Istighfar, he is disrespectful antitheist.”  


The importance to get nearness of Allah the Exalted and Taubah and Istighfar  is explained by Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) : “The human is sent for very big work” …. [Earlier he (a.s.) mentioned the detail of this work that human should bring pure change in his state (it is very big work for human, to develop pure change in his conditions) and make peace with God the Exalted, do not make Him displeased, and should find, for what purpose he came into the world (this purpose, Allah the Exalted has mentioned  that it is to get His nearness by doing His worship)]….“but when time comes, and he does not fulfill that work, then God finishes him. Look at the servant when he does not do job properly, master separates him. So why God the Exalted should keep existence of that being who does not fulfill his obligation. [He (a.s.) gives example] Our Mirza sahib (father marhum maghfur of Hazrat Promised Messiah a.s.) treated (sick people) for fifty years. His words were that he did not find any perfect prescription. The truth is that each particle which goes inside human can never be beneficial without the permission of God the Exalted…… Taubah and Istighfar should be done a lot so that God the Exalted does His favour. When favour of God the Exalted comes, prayer is accepted too. God has said it that I shall accept prayer and at other time said, accept my qada wa qadr (decision and fate) that is why till permission does not come, I expect less for acceptance. Servant is extremely powerless and helpless, thus eyes should be kept at favour of God.”


[To keep eye on favour of Allah the Exalted, it is needed to keep eye on Him all the time, to have connection with Him, and do Taubah and Istighfar, and to pay His right and right of His servants]



Explaining - Crying and Sadaqaat cancel the charge-sheet of crime – Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) said: “Dua is very great shield for success. Nation of Yunus was saved from coming punishment due to crying and Dua. According to my understating, mohatbat is called moghazbat  ( to be furious mutually, to be angry at something) and hoot is called fish, and noon is said to be quickness and fish too. Thus, that state of Hazrat Yunus was a state of anger. The reality is, he complained because punishment was cancelled that prophecy after Dua was needlessly wasted. And this thought falshed too that why did my words not fulfilled. So this was state of mughazbat. A lesson is gained from it that Allah changes Taqdeer (fate), and crying and Sadaqaat make the charge-sheet of crime finish……The principle of Khairat (charity) came for it.  These methods please Allah. In the knowledge of interpretation of dreams, wealth is liver. That is why to give charity is like to give life. At offering charity, human shows how much sincerity and steadfastness. The real thing is that, with mere verbosity, nothing is done unless a matter is shown by putting it in practical state. ….. It is called Sadaqah because it puts mark on true ones. In the events of Hazrat Yunus, it is written in Dure Manthur, he said I already knew, when someone will come before You, You will have mercy.” [Allah the Exalted will have mercy]



Report was published in Newspaper, Akhbaar Al-Badr that Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) seated after the Friday Salaat, some external people had came. Akhbaar writes: “After offering Friday Salaat, people of surrounding areas did Bai'at and Hazrat Aqdas delivered a short address for them about punctuality of Salaat, Fasting and to avoid each oppression etc, that they should advise in their homes to women, girls, boys, everyone, to do virtues.  And as, if full water is not given to trees and crops they do not yield fruits, likewise until water of virtuousness is given to heart, it gives no benefit to human”…..[He (a.s.) said, mention of virtues should be continuously done in homes, so that attention should be developed to do prayers, Istighfar, and other good deeds. And it is the very water, by which plant of virtuousness grows,  Eman is strengthened]…… “He stressed to avoid gatherings of laughter and mockery.”



He (on whom be peace) reminded advice of Prophets: “Affliction is removed by Sadaqah and Dua. If there is no money then fill a water bucket for someone” [pulling water from well by a vessel, it is Sadaqah too]  “To serve someone with own wealth and physically , it is Sadaqah too.”



Thus to get favour of Allah the Exalted, as the punctuality in offering worships is essential, likewise it is essential to avoid to commit all kind of oppression and excess and help people too. In homes, it is needed to draw attention to the matters of virtuousness. It is needed to avoid such gathering where only laughing and mockery is taking place, other are being mocked at. As the Holy Prophet  (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) said these are ma’ruf matters which are Sadaqah. To be helpful to people is Sadaqah. The one who removes people’s difficulties, he too gives Sadaqah. Thus we should pay attention to it.




Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) said at an occasion: “This matter is agreed among all religions that balaa (evil, calamity, misfortune) goes away by Sadaqah and Khairat, and if God the Exalted foretells about coming of balaa , then it is prophecy of wa’eed (divine threat). Thus by giving Sadaqah and Khiarat and by doing Taubah and coming back to God the Exalted, prophecy of wa’eed too can be withdrawn…..1,24000 Messengers are convinced about this matter that balaa goes away by Sadaqaat. If balaa is such a thing which can not be withdrawn then Sadaqah and Khairat all become useless.” [Allah says I accept Sadaqaat, He has power to accept in this situation, and accepts, about which He, sometimes, tells too through His Prophets and Messengers that such thing will take place, prophecy of warning comes too, as it was about nation of Yunus, and his people survived by Sadaqah and dua and crying, and prophecty about destruction was withdrawn. So if the prophecies by Prophets can be withdrawn through Sadaqah and Khairat then the difficulties which come due to the deeds of people and due to forgetting God the Exalted, why can they not be withdrawn by returning to God the Exalted and by doing Istighfar and Taubah , and by giving Sadaqaat. Surely they can be stopped, the condition is that our crying, praying and giving Sadaqaat should be in accordance with the commandment of Allah the Exalted.



Holy Prophet  (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) said: Sadaqah cools the wrath of Allah the Exalted and avert the death of evil……..Save yourselves from fire even if be with half a date-palm…….To practice virtuous things and to avoid evil things is Sadaqah.



We should always keep these matter before us. And it should be remembered too, as mentioned earlier, that attention to Istighfar and prayers is extremely essential.  Istighfar, emerged from heart saves from future sins and excite the mercy of Allah the Exalted and brings His nearness.


Holy Prophet  (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) said at an occasion : For whom among you, door of prayer is opened, it is as if doors of mercy are opened for him……..What is asked from Allah the Exalted, the most He loves from it, is to ask well-being from Him……. Dua gives benefit against that trial  which has come and which still has not come……..O servants of Allah, it is obligatory for you that you adopt to pray.   


Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) said: “Remember, sin of carelessness is greater than sin of remorse. This sin is poisonous and killer. The repentance-doer is like that as if he has not done sin. [The one who did real Taubah, did Istighfar, sought forgiveness of previous sins and promised to avoid future sins, it is as if he did not do sin.] The one who does not know what I am doing, he is in very dangerous state. Thus it is needed to leave carelessness   [we should know what we are doing, how is our each act.] And repent from your sins and continue to be afraid of God the Exalted. The person who will correct his condition by doing repentance, he will be saved in contrast to others. Thus Dua can give benefit to him who corrects himself and establishes his true relation with God the Exalted…….If Messenger does shafa’at (intersession)  for anyone, but the person for whom shafa’at is done, does not reform himself, and does not come out of life of carelessness, then that shafa’at cannot give him benefit.”



May Allah the Exalted enable us that we understand  the reality of Dua, may we sincerely bow before Allah the Exalted, pay attention to Istighfar, seek forgiveness of previous sins by bowing in the Huzur of  Allah the Exalted, and by making promise to avoid sins in future and then do full effort for this. May we offer such Sadaqaat, to remove misfortunes, which are acceptable by Him. May Allah the Exalted always keep us in His refuge, and save us from each attack by foe and each opponent, and return their attack on them. May we always be among those servants of God the Exalted who have His fear  in hearts, and may we be the heirs of prayers of Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) and Holy Prophet  (peace and blessings of Allah be on him)  and get share from these prayers. [Aameen]



Janazah-Salaat in absentia of Sa’ada Bartavi sahiba w/o Mari Bartavi sahib, Hosh Arab, Damascus, Syria was announced.   She joined Jama'at Ahmadiyya by doing Bai'at in 2004 after her husband did so. She was extremely sincere and loyal in faith. Once she fell, while she was pregnant. After prayers, in dream at night, a voice from heavens told her, “Do not be afraid, Allah will save this jenine.” [embryo] -- It was decided if it will be baby boy, he will be given name Ahmad, so it was done so -- When the child was 6, she saw similar dream that a voice came from heavens that Allah saves this child. -- Latter one day, she was walking along highway with the child, suddenly he left her hand and began to cross the road, she held her head and closed the eyes, when she opened her eyes, boy had reached on the other side of the road safely and was waiving hand.  At this, she remembered her dream.---  Her husband tells she would excel in virtues, often when he would think to do a virtue and tell her about his plan to do that, she would say that similar idea had came to her and she had already done so with belief that he would not oppose, rather would encourage. -- Her son-in-law, in Germany, says she was very virtuous and simple, she had no animosity for anyone, she was very generous.--- She did hard work to raise children while husband was incarcerated. -- She would take part in each good work, was loving to all. She was punctual in offering alms. -- May Allah do mughferat to her, exalt her stations, and enable her progeny to keep strong connection with Jama'at and Khilafat. [Aameen]  


Reference: Friday sermon by Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (a.t.)   



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