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G spots and Female Ejaculation

Female orgasm G spots

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Posted 01 September 2017 - 09:42 AM

Modern Science Misses The Spot
I was concerned to read in 'New Scientist' Issue 2644 Emmanuele Jannini, a researcher from the University of L'Aquila in Italy say that it might be possible soon to test if a woman has a G spot or not using an ultrasound probe, however much this might cost. Jannini goes on to say that those women who suspect they may not have a G spot need not despair. "They can still have a normal orgasm through stimulation of the clitoris."
It does not take vaginal ultrasound to find a G spot, just a plastic speculum bought over the counter at the chemists. G spots come in many different colours and these colours are sometimes mistaken by surgeons as diseased tissue and removed. (Yes there is genital mutilation in the UK.) G spots can be found at the front of the vagina, at the back, both front and back, one either side, all four positions together, or none at all in which case the whole vagina is more sensitive than ones the ones with G spots to stimulation. When there is two together at the sides, in a few cases, the G spots can be a bit smaller than average. Some women do not achieve vaginal orgasm in the experiments and this is due to primary orgasmic dysfunction. A page on a low tech cure for this problem can be seen on my website.
'New Scientist' goes on to the work of social scientists Marian Koster and Lisa Price who examine inner labia stretching in Rwandan women who say that they can ejaculate. Their study misses the crucial point of how Rwandan women learnt how to ejaculate and how they do it and so women from other countries miss out on this opportunity.
Yes, all women can ejaculate. To explain, a clitoral orgasm takes three and a half minutes to achieve whilst a vaginal orgasm takes five minutes. This can be seen in female ejaculation which is achieved after five minutes of pulling gently downwards on the inner labia. (Which is what the Rwandan women have been doing with their stretching routine.) After three and a half minutes the pleasurable sensation goes, but when it is carried on the pleasurable sensation comes back shortly before five minutes and female ejaculation occurs on five minutes, which is the length of time needed for a G spot orgasm.
Women who take certain medications, or suffer from diabetes are the exception to the norm and need to take a little longer, a partner with a stop watch will be required.

For advanced G spot stimulation one can massage the outside of the body (next to the G spot your are stimulating) with one hand at the same time as stimulating the G spot with the other. The orgasms that result get stronger and stronger with time, and the temperature of the vagina goes up. The record so far stands at 13.4 degrees Centigrade.

It is possible, in emergencies, to use 'Hands Free' to keep awake, as women feel more awake after orgasm. (Men roll over and fall asleep).
Please see: 'Hands Free' masturbation.

The strength of the orgasm can be increased by breathing out just before orgasm, and standing on tip toe and bouncing up and down. At orgasm vaginal wind will increase the experience still further. Women who do this three times a day say that it increases their enjoyment of the day by 300%. Before I invented The British Space Administration Drinking Game this was used, along with body building, both while listening to favourite music to treat depression, as they all boost endorphin levels. The treatment had the catchy slogan: "Three Frigs A Day Keeps The Psychiatrist At Bay."
For those suffering from Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD) breathing in at orgasm will cut the strength of the orgasm.

What To Do For Painful Intercourse
Around 17% of women aged 18-50 experience problems with vaginal dryness during sex, even before the menopause takes place2. Many women may experience vaginal dryness during sex because they are not sexually aroused this is often caused by insufficient foreplay or psychological reasons such as stress.
During sexual excitement the Bartholins glands (two glands at the entrance of the vagina) produce extra moisture to aid sexual intercourse. However, a quarter of women aged 50-59 experience vaginal dryness problems during sex and 16% experience pain2.
As orgasm cuts pain by 80% so the first treatment is to ensure orgasm takes place before sexual intercourse, either clitoral orgasm, and/or female ejaculation.
There are two expert opinions on the G spot, one is that it only occurs two inches into the vagina and only at the front, and the other is that it does not occur at all. But after reading this page we know better. After identifying where your G spots are, get your partner to stimulate each one for five minutes with his finger. (Those on mental health medication and diabetes take a bit longer to orgasm.) You are now ready for intercourse, and thanks to the Bartholins glands the entrance of the vagina will be the most moist part of the vagina. All your partner now does is put two inches of his penis in and stimulate your G spots with the tip, any more is not needed at present, again for five minutes. If you want your partner to go any deeper later is up to how you feel. A stop watch will help with the timing until you get used to your own body.
It would be wise to read around on this subject and consult a Doctor as well, if you print out this page for your Doctor we will get the message around faster. Thanks.
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Posted 02 September 2017 - 11:58 AM

Doc Martin actress falsely accused neighbour of having sex with her pig
18 November 2016.
File picture of a pig, not one of the animals involved in the allegation
An actress locked in a land row is facing a crushing court bill - after falsely accusing her neighbour of having sex with one of her pigs.
Mum-of-two Sharon Hamilton, 54, who has had bit parts in hit TV series Doc Martin, made the astonishing and untrue claim about 72-year-old churchgoer Anton Barkhuysen to police during an eight-year dispute over land in a small hamlet in Cornwall
It led to the pensioner, of Tregolls, in the parish of Stithians, being arrested on New Year's Day in 2013 and subjected to a "humiliating" police investigation.
He was held, questioned about his sex life and subjected to intimate sampling, before being kept on police bail for many weeks.
The married pensioner was ultimately exonerated and has now been awarded £32,080 for false imprisonment, harassment and slander by Mr Justice Warby.
And the payout will be dwarfed by the lawyers' bills run up in the case - estimated at up to £200,000.
"Mrs Hamilton made a false, entirely unfounded, and malicious accusation," said the High Court judge.
"That accusation set in train the actions of the police that followed: his arrest and detention, the seizure of his property, the intimate sampling and other steps.
"She procured a criminal investigation of the claimant lasting several months."
The court heard the neighbours, who live close to each other in the tiny hamlet of Tregolls, had been at each other's throats for years.
Mr Barkhuysen disagreed with Mrs Hamilton's fencing off of part of the adjoining Tregolls Common, where she keeps pigs.
But Mrs Hamilton, of Tregolls Farm, claims the fence has been in place since long before she even moved there.
As the owner of the farm, she has grazing rights over the common.
The row escalated with Mrs Hamilton's New Year's Day claim in 2013 that she had stumbled upon Mr Barkhuysen having sex with one of her pigs.
She claimed he had enticed the animal with doughnuts and ran off in shame when he realised he had been spotted.
Mr Justice Warby said the allegation was a lie and that she had compounded her neighbour's distress by hinting at it to another neighbour.
She had told the man that Mr Barkhuysen had done something "unspeakable" with an animal, said the judge.
"You have no idea what sort of man you are living next to, you need to keep an eye on your children when he is around," she told him.
On another day later in 2013, she went to Mr Barkhuysen's church and told a steward that he should not be around children.
The judge said some of the words in the conversations amounted to slander.
"Allegations of sexual offending against animals and against children are at the upper end of the scale of gravity," he said.
He added: "The pig allegation is not just improbable. Having heard all the evidence and argument, I am convinced that it is false.
"It was an invention by the defendant. It led directly to the claimant's arrest and detention by the police."
The judge accepted that some of Mr Barkhuysen's behaviour during the row had been "bullying".
At one point he had driven his van onto the common and stayed there into the dark hours of night.
He might have been inside playing Scrabble with his wife, as he claimed, but he must have known it would intimidate Mrs Hamilton.
However, her claims that he was engaged in an attempted "land grab" were wide of the mark, the judge found.
Mrs Hamilton said her neighbour had "buried my family in a mire of destruction" in an attempt to obtain her farm or just out of spite.
But Mr Justice Warby said: "I do not accept either proposition. In my judgment, his primary motivation has been a desire to protect the common.
"He has been overzealous in this. It has verged on an obsession. It has led him into some behaviour that I have described as bullying.
"But this is at its core a public interest purpose. And the contention that it had involved harassment of this defendant has failed."
He said Mr Barkhuysen had suffered "prolonged distress at what he justifiably perceives as a campaign against him".
He ordered that Mrs Hamilton pay him a total of £32,080 for slander, false imprisonment and harassment.
Lawyers confirmed later that the legal costs of the case would be up to £200,000, but the judge has yet to decide who must pay them.

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