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Cycling magazine accidentally prints what they actually think about women - for dummies

Cycling magazine cyclists joggers knocked woman Rammed streets psy-ops video

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Posted 02 September 2017 - 12:22 PM

1 Sep 2017 - Cycling magazine accidentally prints what they actually think about women - for dummies
"Cycling Weekly", same as all other cycling or athletics magazines and international federations, is controlled by the very same illuminati destroying natural sports.
That's the main agenda behind champions falsely accused of doping, blackmailed to "confess" or spend 20 years in jail.
Talk of demonizing cyclists and joggers, but this time not served as "glitch" but rather another similar technique, a reminder, weeks earlier, introduced by ...
Jul/Aug 2017:
ALL Headlines are in fact psy-ops. After reading this you'll know what a "news" article is about whenever its headlines include the words cyclist (not sports related) or jogger.
"Video Shows Cyclist Rammed SUV Driver in Hit-and-Run": same agenda as "Jogger caught on video knocking woman into road", unlike what the first headlines suggest.
Demonizing cyclists and joggers: "caught on surveillance video" psy-ops:
Jul 10, 2017 - Video Shows Cyclist Rammed SUV Driver in Hit-and-Run
This psy-op (all actors) uses the "Black is white" technique, the goal is the opposite of what the first headlines suggest: not to protect but to demonize cyclists, to keep them out of the streets. 
Aug 8, 2017 - British police search for jogger who knocked woman into road
Demonize Psy-op targeting joggers, timed for the World Athletics Championships.
Extreme mockery of human cattle swallowing this as news: jogger arrested two days later although it's impossible to recognize a face in the video.
Jul 10, 2017 - Video Shows Cyclist Rammed SUV Driver in Hit-and-Run
A driver in Tennessee is facing charges after crashing into a cyclist and driving away from the scene. The accident was caught on camera by the victim’s friend.
Aug 8, 2017 - British police search for jogger who knocked woman into road
Jogger 'pushed' woman in front of bus - BBC News
Aug 10, 2017 - Man arrested over footage of jogger pushing woman into bus
1 Sep 2017 - Cycling magazine accidentally prints what they actually think about women
Example of a psy-op where demonizing joggers was one of the agendas: the "pilot" cast as "mentally ill and fanatic jogger":
Fake Germanwings Crash ALL staged with actors, the dirty version of 9/11 Shanksville
Fake Germanwings crash first impact: satanic celebration of burnt human cattle carcasses at landfill.
Unlike the previous episode, "Dropped all dead", days earlier in Argentina,  this time the "passengers" don't symbolize what's being buried.
The opera singers, ranging from a contralto to a bass-baritone, are on stage to indeed sing a satanic aria while human carcasses are reduced to ashes.
Last Prophet's words from 2004:
Making it difficult for bicycles and running shoes to be used for what they were meant for.
Before Global Gencide and the proclamation of Global Slavery the illuminati:
- build barriers, not only physical but also psychological, for people to start jogging and cycling;
- dumb down people with non-stop illuminati sports on TV.
Tennis around the clock on illuminati TV is part of the same ZOMBIFY agenda as motor "sports" like Formula 1: reduce humans to robotical beasts.
Mocked with "state of coma" jokes: from Michael Schumacher (original article, Dec 2013) to Roger Federer's fan (added Sep 2015).
From June 2012
In 2007 Last Prophet explained that Usain Bolt would be executed the same way as Lance Armstrong.
In 2008 after Usain Bolt set his world records at the Beijing Olympics, Last Prophet explained that Usain Bolt became the fastest man ever AND FOREVER.  
Last Prophet explained immediately after the illuminati were forced to use plan B for the 2008 "election" and have "Obama" play counterfeit president and have him detonate as fake suicide bomber (like Nixon) later, that illuminati actor "Obama" would be executed the same way (2) as the two greatest sports champions ever, Armstrong and Bolt: 
- accused of all sort of crimes (forging birth certificate; murdering "granny", etc);
- stripped of his title, with Hillary Clinton declared 44th president and successor of GW Bush.
All this part also of the supervised ethnic civil war script, to be launched together with the collapse of banks and anihilation of savings and pension funds of the human cattle.
The illuminati doping conspiracy - From 2009, timestamp verifiable in webarchive:
Lance Armstrong not Usain Bolt will be summarily executed first. His accident triggered the decision about at which door did the Neo-Gestapo knock out first.
October 24 2012: Trump, as explained by Last Prophet May 2009, is the actor preparing the next act, actor "Obama" accused. 
Preserved in webarchive since Dec 2012:
2017 Jan - Usain Bolt finally stripped of his first medal, 7 years after the first scripted date
ONE world title out of TWENTY (11 at World Championships and 9 at Olympic Games) is all it takes to officially strip from Bolt what some falsely consider his ultimate milestone, the triple triple at the Olympics.
First headlines, which in a psy-op (in this case setting the stage to accuse Bolt of doping) play a key role:
- either suggest that it's already the script's climax, the execution of Usain Bolt, omiting that at this point it's still about Nesta Carter from Jamaica's relay: "SportsFlash Videos - Usain Bolt stripped of Olympic Gold"
- or simply omit that it starts with Beijing (word not mentioned in headlines) 2008 (word also omitted in article): "Usain Bolt loses gold medal after relay teammate found guilty of doping".
Boston Marathon bombings hoax: FIVE illuminati milestones. From "public" simulated only with actors to manhunt for "perfectly integrated aliens".
one of the agendas of this psy-op is to have the audience accept execution of anyone for any "crime":

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