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Antifa plan violence November 4


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#101 grog


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Posted 06 November 2017 - 10:06 AM


ON 11/5/17 AT 7:58 PM





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#102 grog


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Posted 06 November 2017 - 10:14 AM

Antifa and anti-Semitism

What distinguishes the left these days is its compulsion to forego dialogue and portray conservatism as inherently evil, while giving a pass to progressives who engage in violence, intimidation, and public vandalism.

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#103 Mario Milano

Mario Milano

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Posted 06 November 2017 - 02:43 PM

My Fav Antifa Comic & Why No Nov 4 Uprising?


These are some of my favorite Anatifa comics showing those assholes in a true light. Mindless Commie thugs who serve the bankers and Israel.


This is one of my favs, since it is so truthful, showing the Antifa fucks as banker thugs.



Another one that pokes fun at the Antif pukes..



Now we get to the heart of the matter, the toxic relationship between the world's #1 terrorist state, Apartheid Israel...



...and Antifa thugs, who also endorse child rape..



Notice the 'NAMBLA' icon on the flag? NAMBLA stands for North American Man/Boy Love Association. The title says it all. Grown male perverts want to legalize statutory rape of young boys. Its founder, David Thorstad, was a Commie in his earlier years and has written books praising Apartheid Israel, so yeah, he probably is, especailly when he likens the NAMBLA perverts to being a Jew in Nazi Germany. He played the sacred Holocau$t™ card, which only G-ds Chosen do.


NAMBLA oppose rape.. that's rich, a group that advocates to remove statutory rape charges from the law books that opposes rape.


Now for my favorite Antifa poster


             Remember, remember the Fourth of November?


Why did the Antifa bullies do a no-show on Nov 4?


Two possibilities: One is that they've been trying to recruit people from "4Chan," popping up on a daily basis, trying to get posters to join their delusion. Each time, they were attacked w/o mercy, by posters calling them all sorts of names, posting funny memes of them and issuing lethal threats.


So maybe Antifa got disappointed--and scared--that no one from the real world wanted to join their lynch parties.


And maybe George Soros isn't the only Antifa Sugar Daddy, maybe mega-perv Harvey Weinstein also supported those assholes and that source of funding has dried up, now that Weinstein is facing criminal and civil charges.


    NYPD: Gathering evidence to arrest Weinstein — it seems increasingly to us that Weinstein is now the object of an organised media smear. The question is, which Jew is behind it?




But don't count this treasonous scum out just jet, like the blood-sucking vermin they are, they'll retreat to their Mommies basement, where they can eat large bags of Doritos washed down with jugs of Mountain Dew, and plan for another outbreak of their Commie plague.


My guess is that when they crawl out from under their rocks, they'll use the Holocau$t™ card, bleating that anti-fascists helped get rid of those nasty Nazis and if you don't join us, then you're an anti-Semite.


Go ahead and play that worn out canard that most have heard six million times, you'll be like another Hollywood rapist, Kevin Spacey, who claimed that it was his Nazi father that made him a sick and twisted pervert, even though before this, he had described his father as a "normal, middle-class man" with "an absolute love of England".


So which one is a lie, Kevin?


Americans have put up with a lotta BS from our Israeli Overlords, but when you start fucking--literally--with our kids, Americans will start waking up and realize that the Holocau$t™ is one gigantic FRAUD....and realize who is behind this toxic ideology of child rape and anarchy.



Edited by Mario Milano, 06 November 2017 - 02:45 PM.

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#104 grog


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Posted 16 November 2017 - 10:33 AM

Antifa Member Building ‘Chemical Weapon Of Mass Destruction’ Arrested


Christopher Langer, a 31-year-old Antifa member from Orlando, Florida, has been arrested after police found explosive devices, human remains, and 200 containers filled with chemical and biological materials that police warn was “one step away from being a weapon of mass destruction“.






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#105 grog


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Posted 20 December 2017 - 10:06 AM

Police: Antifa Terrorists Derailed Amtrak Train In Washington
December 19, 2017
Police have uncovered evidence that domestic terrorist organization Antifa were behind the derailing of the Amtrak train in Washington on Monday. 
The deadly crash left three people dead and at least 100 others seriously injured after the derailed carriages fell down onto a busy highway.
According to a preliminary investigation, it appears Antifa activists poured concrete on the railway tracks in protest planned to fracking in Olympia.
This since-deleted article from It’s Going Down, an Antifa website, reveals how violent activists planned on derailing freight trains near Tacoma, Washington, by pouring concrete on tracks.
On June 28th, Antifa tweeted the following statement from their official account:
“Here we endorse crimes like pouring concrete on train tracks. We also include a how-to video at bottom of article.”

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