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A note to those who stick their nose where it don't belong.

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Posted 01 November 2017 - 02:43 PM

Do you have the balls to put something like the following text in an empty folder, archive or draft section in your email account? You put it there for the sole purpose of speaking your mind to those who spy/meddle in your personal/private life... let them know what you think! What would be cool is, if the text that follows is posted like I have done, in your account, with personal touches of your own, so that they get the message we are truly tired of their nosiness. Of course, to those of you out there whom have your head shoved up the busybody's ass... you may ignore this request... because you are one of them. Read on...


Simpletons... mindless-idiot-bastards, where is your nose at this very moment? In your own business?... of course not. You're busybodies with no recognizable life of your own... therefore you creepy meddling jerk-holes--nose around in the lives of others... do you not?


You are only lying to your selves, you can't out-do a fool, but you damn sure can try... and you're doing a mighty fine job of it... if you don't mind me saying so. (as if I give a shit about you and your foolish ways)


It would take any three of you to equate to a pimple on my butt... but y'all come in a real close second to the hole of said butt.

Do you get it? I doubt it... less than human are you sub-human types... you actually do not know what it means to live.


And another thing...


Look up these two words: arrogance and sanctimony, both of these are the sum of your demeanor--that and your control freak sociopathic/psychopathic-narcissistic mindsets/personalities...  You see, I don't have to spy on you to know who you are. And no matter how much you spy on me, you'll never figure out who I am... you'll forever have a false impression, a false notion... because you live your entire lives with your head shoved up someone else's ass. And if that book you worship doesn't have the answer you need, you become as clueless as a clue without a clue... or in other words, you DON'T EVEN have a clue that you are clueless.


Could you actually solve a (real) problem? DON'T LIE TO ME... because I KNOW that you can't--for it is impossible to ignore real problems and solve them at the same time. You in fact do not solve problems, you only make things worse... and I have too much proof of that, so don't hand me your shit and expect me to take it.


So, ALL OF YOU "PRETEND" to be 'authority' and yet without the expertise, your so-called authority is bunk, garbage, shit in the toilet. You are too stupid to even pretend to be authority... you all are an embarrassment to any thinking/knowing person. You are lower than dog shit and you are telling me how to live my life?


That's the joke of the century... which is you by the way, as in you are that joke... and it's not a very funny joke.


I wish that I had 1/10 of a cent for every time you so-called pretentious authority types COULD NOT answer a simple and direct question--for I'd be rich beyond measure if I did.


So the bottom line here is "F-you & F-off' you mindless-bobble-headed-butt-rubbing-head-up-someone's-ass-creepy, low-life-meddling, assholes-bastard-sons-of-bitches. The only way you can win an argument is with your fists/guns, because your brain cells can't even put up a fight--because your brain cells are too busy licking the interior of that ass in which you have placed your head.


"But we have guns and badges, he can't talk to us that way..."


F you and your guns & badges, you are a bunch of pussies, where your guns & badges almost make you equal in any meaningful discourse... of course you would have to kill your opponent to win the argument, but hey, that's what pussies do... it's always brawn over brains or you'll lose every time.


Drop the pretense, assholes... you are nothing/no body special... just sub-human garbage without any basic human qualities e.g. empathy and compassion, being your own person/boss etc., nope, you're just someone's little bitch... and you know that to be true.


Get a life of your own and stay out of mine.


Have a nice day. (sarcasm)

Edited by Vanka Savolov, 03 November 2017 - 07:36 PM.

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