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I can't figure out the reason Hillary lost the election

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#1 Mario Milano

Mario Milano

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Posted 12 December 2017 - 11:20 PM

I can't figure out the reason Hillary lost the election


I'm still trying to figure out how Hillary lost the election...

Was it the Russian Uranium Deal? Was it Wikileaks? Was it Podesta? Was it Comey? Was it having a sexual predator as a husband? Was it Huma Abedin’s sexual predator husband Anthony Weiner?

Was it because the Clinton Foundation ripped off Haiti? Was it subpoena violations? Was it the congressional testimony lies? Was it the corrupt Clinton Foundation? Was it the Benghazi butchering? Was it pay for play?

Was it being recorded laughing because she got a child rapist off when she was an attorney?

Was it the Travel Gate scandal? Was it the Whitewater scandal? Was it the Cattle Gate scandal? Was it the Trooper-Gate scandal? Was it the $15 million for Chelsea's apartment bought with foundation money?

Was it her husband's interference with Loretta Lynch & the investigation?




Was it her having debate questions stolen & given to her? Was it her own secret server in her house? Was it the deleting 30,000 emails? Was it having cell phones destroyed with hammers? Was it the Vince Foster murder?

Was it the Gennifer Flowers assault & settlement? Was it the $800,000 Paula Jones settlement? Was it calling half the United States deplorable?

Was it the underhanded treatment of Bernie Sanders? Was it the Seth Rich murder? Was it the Uranium One deal? Was it Bill's impeachment? Was it Scalia?

Was it the extensive body count?

Was it the lie about being under sniper fire in Bosnia? Was it the $10 million she took for the pardon of Marc Rich? Was it the $6 BILLION she "lost" when in charge of the State Dept?

Or was it because she is a hateful, lying, power-hungry, overly ambitious, greedy, nasty person?

Gee I just can’t seem to put my finger on it

-AMC---an unknown genius.

No, no, no! Don't give me any hints, I'll figure it out.

But Trumpalcoholics shouldn't be shouting for joy, we're still getting FUCKED. The Swamp hasn't been drained, Hillary hasn't been indicted; the Wall hasn't been started on; Big Banks are still fucking over their customers and walking scot-free; Israel is still crafting our foreign policy; Syria was saved, thanks to Russia, Iran and the brave men of Hezbollah, but we still have thousands of troops, mercs and tons of war equipment in Syria, all aimed at Iran.


And that tax break Trump is braying about will profit him over 23 million, while the rise in debt it causes will be used as an excuse to gut Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid.

But other than that, he's doing a bang-up job!



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#2 Ivan88


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Posted 13 December 2017 - 07:03 AM

150 million years later..... Got a laugh out of it, however it applies to all the con-artists in DC.

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#3 RobertD


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Posted 13 December 2017 - 12:26 PM

You can't hate both sides.
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#4 Tatarewicz


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Posted 13 December 2017 - 12:33 PM

Likely because there are already too many crooks in politics.

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#5 Kingranch


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Posted 13 December 2017 - 01:50 PM

She didn't lose and Trump didn't win! It's a slight power shift that was anticipated. If you own both teams you cannot lose. 'THEY' got it all figured out and know very well that 'They' must 'play' public opinion and that that opinion has shifted slightly to the 'right' over the years, hence Trump was given presidency!


"So she cried alone for weeks on end
And she used up every vein
Then she tried the unthinkable
Anything to stop the pain."


...and she'll be investigated against because people demand it but never found guilty of anything!!! And the wheel goes round and round.


See what just happened in Alabama? Trump won Alabama by 28 points in POTUS race and yesterday Alabama voted for a liberal!!! This is how "THEY' play that game and the sheep follows their lead!

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#6 Nemesis



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Posted 13 December 2017 - 03:44 PM

Why she lost





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