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American Pickers Danielle, Danielle Colby, Danielle Cushman


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Posted 10 January 2018 - 01:18 PM

Today our topic is American Pickers Danielle. And the real name of her is Danielle Colby. She was born on December 3, 1975. Danielle Colby is an American reality television celebrity who also co-stars on the History reality television shows which are also famous as American Pickers.

Basically, Danielle Colby was born in the Davenport, Iowa. After this, she brought up as a Jehovah’s Witness. In 2004, she was married having two children. The television career of Colby ultimately led to the breakup of her marriage. And in May 2012, she also told WQAD-TV that “the fame and disrepute are also not easy for him to deal with at all, so this relationship ended up and didn’t work out”.

Performance career of Danielle:

Colby owned and also participated in the female breaker derby team named “the Big Mouth Mickies”. She did this for three years until the injuries forced her to give it up.

While living with her family in the Chicago, she also attended a mockery performance by starring with the comedian Margaret Cho and even with dancer Satan’s Angel. This also encouraged in her a desire to become a mockery dancer. And after this, she again moved back with her family to the Quad Cities area of the Iowa. There she created the professional mockery troupe Burlesque Le Moustache. She started it with nine performers, including Colby herself also under the stage name Dannie Diesel by touring eastern Iowa and even western Illinois. As of October 2014, Colby also owned a burlesque academy which is also called Dannie Diesel’s Bump & Grind Academy in the Rogers Park. This Rogers Park is in the neighborhood of Chicago.

American Pickers Danielle Colby:

Danielle Colby had been a close friend of the Mike Wolfe also for a decade before the concept of the show had even been developing. And once the show was sold to the History Channel, and then Wolfe asked Danielle to work at the office of the traditional shop Antique Archaeology.

American Pickers also premiered on the History. And it was formerly known as the History Channel, on January 18, 2010. But in the September 8, 2010, it was also the top-rated non-fiction series of the 2010 among the total viewers and even adults 25 to 54 years.

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Fashion designing by Danielle Colby:

As we know that Danielle Colby owns and also operates 4 Miles and 2 Memphis, a retro clothing boutique in the Wicker Park area of the Chicago. And this store was opened at this location on January 18, 2013.


While the guys are picking out, Danielle also holds down the fort at Antique Archaeology. At Mike’s store and base of operations. She also spends her time in talking to buyers, as well as packing up shipments and also keeping Mike and Frank in line, while they also keep her in stitch up with their frolics and jokes. Mike likes to say she is the glue that holds them all together.

As we know a mother of three children, Danielle is always working on a new inspired and creative project. Whether it is painting, designing clothes or even selling the vintage-inspired gifts online. She also feels tremendously proud of the “boys” and lucky to work with such a capable pair.

Her role of American Pickers Danielle:

She is also known for the role of History’s “American Pickers”. And Danielle Colby is also a lover & collector of all the things of history and also currently starting her 9th successful season with the Mike and Frank.  When Danielle is not keeping the boys in line, you can find her donating her time to performing, advocating and also in producing. Danielle is also an executive producer of the historically significant documentary about the legendary travesty performer of “Tempest Storm”.  She is also an ambassador for the “Batey Girls”. This is a jewelry design program which was dedicated to authorizing young girls and also women who mistreated by sex trafficking and also domestic violence within the Dominican Republic.  Danielle Colby also set to hit the road later this year to start the touring with her band “Gin Rummy”.

As Danielle Colby says:

“My work on the American Pickers also reflects the passion of my real life for history. And the beauty also lies in this story. And without a backstory, there is a very little value to vintage.  So from our past, we can also learn where to direct our present and also our future gentle efforts. This is the mentality that keeps me searching for answers and also for back stories that will help look after the human spirit and at times also allow us to sit in the quiet reflection with a more offensive side of the history. The darker side we also tend to forget or efficiently tuck away out of sight. My goal is also to bring to light all the sides of history, lay them out in front of you. And the viewer also allows you to become an involved park ranger of history yourself”.

The Husband of Danielle Colby:

We are here at Starcasm, and it has made no doubts about pronouncing our resemblance to the American Pickers Danielle which is the office manager. But we have also enclosed her activities and events quite widely from the last few years. And there is one little fact that is even managed to slip under our radar, and that is Danielle is married.

I can understand your knee-jerk response will possibly be like mine, and that is grumbly, little, and manlier than you are in the real voice. And you will ask, “Danielle is married? who is this guy? And he better not is some douche bag”. Danielle Colby opened up her Facebook fans about her husband after some folks implicit, and she was married to a man. And she was a earlier photo she had already posted.

She told that, No, no…. This is my husband. And the other gentleman just was a guest who came by yesterday. And sorry my post was cut short. He is gorgeous though, and if I were 75, I would grasp him up.

About her boyfriend Alexandre:

The name of my guy is Alexandre, and he is an artist. He is also a brilliant man who can design the blueprints for the Michelin Museum in the France as well as many other structures which are present there. He is from the Voiron France which is in the French Alps. And he is the kindest and most beautiful soul I have ever met. I also adore his family and realized why he is so cute, with his parents. And it makes a sense.

We do live in the Chicago with my children and niece and also four bunnies and 6mo old pit bull. I am still doing work for the Antique Archaeology, and it is only 2 1/2 hours away. So, I keep a home in Iowa but hardly ever stay there, because, Chicago is just too fun! And I am a Midwest girl all the way! I except our tiny little place that we have in France, so we can also be with family there. It’s humble, but a remarkable life that we have about it.

Work of Alexandre:

Full name of Alexandre is “Alexandre De Meyer”. And he sells t-shirts, postcards, and also posters under the name of Neuf Vies. He also works on the Facebook pages and website links. And he describes himself by this way in the section of “About Me”:

“I am a graphic designer artist from the France. And I work for bands; I also create posters, t-shirts design, logos, stickers, covers artwork, and also merch designs. And I also work in the screen print workshop by Going Blind. I also make screen printings posters from my illustrations. My work is also inspired by the traditional American tattoos, and also by movie posters from both the sixties and also from seventies. I also split up my time between my personal works and orders from bands; I use the traditional techniques and as well as digital technologies”.

So for that, you are wondering, is that Alexander also has his green card. Or at least you can imagine from this; he did back in September when Danielle Colby also shared this photo of her excited caption of her tie dressed beau.

How long are they dating?

But it is not clear that how long the two have been together. But the name of the Alexander looked more familiar. And when I looked out my all old posts about the Danielle then I came to know that Alexander was one who created the logo for 4 miles 2 Memphis. And he did this when Danielle was opening her first location near the Antique Archaeology in the Le Claire, Iowa. The post was written in the November of the 2011. So they were in a relationship since then.

It is a story of Seven years ago, several years before she became a well-known face to the national TV audiences and thanks to “American Pickers,” Danielle Colby got into the mockery.

“I feel like I am on this journey and also learning the burlesque”. It was said the Davenport native, who has also lived in the Chicago for the past few years. She not instantly welcomed with open arms.

“People absolutely have that kind of mindset that, Oh, now she is a little famous and also wants to be a mockery artist when I have been doing this for seven years,” she said this during a mealtime interview this week in the Davenport.

Colby also brings the second Iowa mockery Festival to the Adler Theatre next weekend, and as well as the entrance of the American Vintage Market in the near River Center.

Her Aim:

It has not meant to counter the haters, she said. But she also made a decided switch two years ago in the way that she performs.

“I have learned a lot in last two years. And I am going on a different way in the mockery,” she said. “American mockery is so dance-heavy and European mockery is so costume-heavy. So I am trying to stick to the American style of mockery, where it focused on the dance segment, the entertainment section”.


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