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Power of Attraction for Purification Role Models

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Posted 19 January 2018 - 06:46 AM

Peace and mercy of Allah be on you.....While mentioning  ‘quwat e qudsi’ (power of attraction to purify) of Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him), Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) states: “My belief is indeed that the quwat e qudsi (attractive power for purifying) of him (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) was such, that no prophet was given so in world. Indeed the secret of progress of Islam is that, the absorbing-power of Noble Prophet was dominant. And moreover, such effectiveness was in his words that who would listen, would become captivated. The people, whom he attracted, he made them pure and clean.”


What kind of changes Holy Prophet  (s.a.w.) developed in his Sahabah, Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) says: “We see the state of Sahabah, not any liar is seen in them. Even though when we see the early state of Arabs, they are seen laying in very low state. They were occupied in idol-worshipping, they were bold and fearless in usurping wealth of orphans and in all kind of evil deeds, they would do live like dacoits. In short, they were sunk in filth from head to feet.”

But, he (s.a.w.) created such revolution in them, example of which is not found in other nations and this miracle of Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) is so great that it is enough to open eyes of the world. 

“It is difficult to reform a person but here a nation was prepared which showed such model of their Eman (belief) and sincerity that, for truth they were slaughtered like sheep and goat, which they had opted. Reality is this, they did not remain earthly but teaching of Messenger of Allah, (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) guidance and effective advice had made them heavenly, holy properties were developed in them. It is that model of Islam, which we present before the world. Due to this correction and guidance, Allah gave the name Muhammad to Holy Prophet  (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) as prophesy, by which his praise took place in earth, because he filled the earth  with peace, conciliation and excellent morals and beneficence.”


Hazrat khalifaul Messiah V (may Allah be his Helper) said: Today too, we see, fair people do not hesitate to admit that Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) turned extremely illiterate, ill-mannered and sunk-in-filth people into educated and Godly people. Few years ago, a Jewish, scholar came to meet me, he said that despite Jews are not allowed to go in Masjid e Aqsaa, he went there and saw all, he gave a long account. Person who was showing, the supervisor, felt doubt that he is non-muslim. Every time he said something, which could show he was muslim, even he recited kalmia ‘la ilaha illallah muhammadur rasulullah’ to make the supervisor believe he was muslim. After he saw all well, supervisor said though you have recited kalmia but doubt still remains, please tell me the reality.... Jewish visitor said: you are right I am  not Muslim, I am a Jew. As far as matter of reciting kalimah, I believe in ‘la ilaha illallah’ there is none worthy of worship except Allah. .. And as I said ‘muhammad rasullullah’. I believe it too because I know the history of Arabs, what was their condition, only a prophet can correct the condition of Arabs which was before the claim of holy prophet (s.a.w.), no earthly leader could have changed that state. So regardless I believe Muhammad (s.a.w.) or not, I consider him  Prophet sent by God.

Huzur (a . t.) said: In short, despite worldliness, he admitted the great revolution brought by Holy Prophet (s.a.w.)...Today too, if one sees with fairness, the changes developed in Sahabah due to attractive power of cleansing, one has to admit he (s.a.w.) was really Messenger of Allah.


About the remarkable station and changes occurred in Sahabah, Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) said: “See the example of Sahabah. In fact the models of Noble Sahabah are such that these are examples of all Prophets. Indeed God likes deeds, they offered their lives like goats, and their example is like a structure of Prophethood which is coming from Adam (on whom be peace), but it was not being understood, however Noble Sahabah showed it with shine, and told that, it is called sincerity and loyalty.......The  kind of unrestful life, they lived, its example too is not available anywhere. The group of Noble Sahabah was strange group, valuable and obey-able group. Their hearts had been filled with certainty. When there is certainty, then gradually at first heart wants to offer wealth etc. Then when it increases, then certainty-holder become ready to offer life for the sake God.”


Excellence of Sahabah: Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) said: “ ‘la tulhihim tejaratun wa la baiun un zikrillah’ (Allah the Exalted says in Holy Quran... Whom, neither any trade or buying selling make unmindful from remembrance of Allah). Only this one verse is enough in favor of Sahabah that they had made great changes. And English people  too admit it that their example is difficult to find anywhere. People who lived in desert and that much bravery and courage. Surprise..!...They are such men, neither commerce can stop them from remembrance of Allah and nor trade prevents. That is, they have such full perfection in love of Allah that worldly engagements, no matter in how much abundance these come, cannot make disruption in  their condtion........Remember, perfect servants of Allah the Exalted are the ones, about whom it is said ‘la tulhehim wa la baiun un zikrillah’  i.e. when heart creates true connection and love with God the Exalted, it does not get separated from Him. Its this state can be understood in this way that as if child of someone is sick, no matter he goes anywhere, busy in any work but his heart and attention will remain in that child. Likewise those people who create true relation and love with God they do not forget God in any condition.”


So Noble Sahabah had created such true connection and love with God that there was no question they were to be unmindful to God in any way or they were to avoid any sacrifice.

There are many examples of Sahabah (r.a.).


Hazrat Khubab bin Art (r.a.) : When time of his death came close, he had so much fear and khashiat of Allah the Exalted, he asked his shroud should be brought for seeing, he saw it was made of nice cloth. He asked his dears: would you give me such nice shroud? And he wept and said: only a sheet (shroud) was available for uncle of Messenger of Allah, (peace and blessings of Allah be on him), , it was so small that if feet were covered, head would be uncovered, if head was covered, feet would be uncovered, then, at the guidance of Messenger of Allah, (s.a.w.), feet were covered with grass...Then he said with extreme khashiat, in the time Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.), I did not own one dinar or dirham, and today due to blessing of favor of Messenger of Allah, (s.a.w.) due to rewards of Allah the Exalted due to acceptance of those sacrifices, Allah the Exalted has given me so much wealth that there is a box in the corner of my house, forty thousand dirhams are in it. Allah the Exalted has granted us so much that, I am afraid, lest Allah the Exalted has given reward of our deeds in this very world and I may not be deprived of reward of life in hereafter......When Sahabah went to see him in his last sickness, and comforted him by saying it seemed he was about to meet his honorable Sahabah. ....He wept and said, Do not think I wept due to fear of death but I wept for reason that, the station of those Sahabah was very high, whom you have mentioned me as their brother. I do not know whether I qualify to be their brother or not. The people who passed before us, did not get benefit from those worldly things, from which we are getting benefit.....His station of khashiat of Allah and Taqwa was such that he considered himself very meek. He was worried and  had fear whether Allah the Exalted will be pleased with him or not after his death, he prayed for pleasure of Allah the Exalted. His sacrifice and service for Deen was not less than anyone else..

Hazrat Ali (r.a.) as khalifah lead Janazah Salaat for him and said words of praise for him. From these words, station of Hazrat Khubab is learned. Hazrat Ali (r.a.) said: May Allah the Exalted have mercy on Khubab, he accepted Islam with extreme love and affection and then found ability to migrate. The life he spent was a life of struggle-doer. He passed through severe trials and showed model of extreme patience. Allah the Exalted does not waste reward of such people who do virtuous deeds.

Let’s see how great was the station of Hazrat Khubab (r.a.) in the eyes of Hazrat Umer (r.a.). Once, Hazrat Umer (r.a.) invited Hazrat Khubab (r.a.) and asked him to sit at his seat of honor, and said: Khubab! You are worthy to sit at this seat with me. I do not think, there is anyone who deserves to sit on this seat with me except Bilal who suffered a lot by accepting Islam in initial time...Hazrat Khubab said: O Ameerul  Momeneen! No doubt Bilal too deserves, but as a matter of fact, there were savers to save Bilal from polytheists so Hazrat Abu Bakr (r.a.) bought him and freed him. But there was none of me who could have saved me from this oppression and a day was such when infidels caught me and put me in fire and an oppressor placed his foot on my chest, by which it became impossible for me to get out of that fire. My back burnt while laying on burning-coals....Then  Hazrat Khubab took away cloth from his back and showed it, there were white marks of white lines..He told that these marks (skin and fat melted and new skin emerged) are due to laying on burning-coals.......Hazrat Khubab (r.a.) participated in Bader and Uhad (battles inflicted by infidels to crush early Islam).

Despite all this, at the time of death, he was worried whether Allah the Exalted will be pleased or not!


Hazrat Muaz bin Jabal (r.a.) : He was a Sahabi, it is said about him, he used to offer Tahajjud Salaat, he would offer worship long.  His close associates told about his Tahajjud that he would retuest to Allah the Exalted: O my Master! Everybody is sleeping at this hour, eyes are sleeping. O Allah! You are Hae (Ever-Alive and Life-Giver) and Qaiyum (Established and Establisher of others). I seek paradise from You, but I am somewhat slow in it, and weak in running away from Fire. O Allah! grant me guidance from Yourself and I should have that guidance on Qaiyamat too when You will not do against Your promise.

He used to spend a lot of wealth in the path of Allah the Exalted and he would get loan for this reason...Son of Hazrat Ka’ab bin Malik states about Hazrat Muaz that Allah the Exalted had amazing treatment for Hazrat Muaz. He was very handsome and very generous, his prayers were accepted a lot, what he would ask from Allah the Exalted, He would grant him, Allah the Exalted had special dealing with him, if there were loans to him Allah the Exalted would provide means to pay these. Allah the Exalted had granted him a strange understanding and wisdom.  


Due to love for Allah the Exalted, these Sahabah loved Messenger of Allah, (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) or due to love of Messenger of Allah, (s.a.w.) because his (s.a.w.) ‘quwatey qudsi’ /  attractive-power-of-cleansing created understanding of love of Allah the Exalted in them..... As mentioned, quwate qudsi of Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) created a revolution in them otherwise these narraives of love would never have been recorded....Their love for Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) for the sake of Allah the Exalted was unique as Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) has mentioned.


History has recorded such event about Hazrat Shumas bin Usman (r.a.) which became an example of his love for Holy Prophet   (peace and blessings of Allah be on him). It is also an example to set highest standard of sacrifice for Islam....In Uhad-battle, where mention of love of story of Hazrat Talha (r.a.) is present, how he placed his hand in front of blessed face of Holy Prophet    (s.a.w.) so that no arrow should reach him, there Hazrat Shumas too did a very great role.....Hazrat Shumas (r.a.) stood before Holy Prophet    (s.a.w.) and took each attack on himself...... Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) said about Hazrat Shumas (r.a.) : If I compare Shumas with anything, I shall compare with a shield that he became a shield for me in the field of Uhad. In defending me, he continued to fight from front back right and left till his last breath. Where ever I would see, I could see Shumas fighting with extreme bravery........When foe succeeded to attack Holy Prophet  (s.a.w)..........then too Shumas remained standing as shield in front of him (s.a.w.) till he was severely wounded......He was brought to Madinah in this condition. Hazrat Umme Salmah said he is son of my uncle, that is why his care taking and cure should be done at my house...... But due to severity in wounds, he passed away after one or one and half day...... Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) said that Shumas should be buried in his clothes as rest of the martyrs are done.


Hazrat Saeed bin Zaid (r.a.) : He was brother in law of Hazrat Umer (r.a.). He is the one, after he accepted Islam, when Hazrat Umer raised his hand to hit him, his wife (sister of Hazrat Umer) came forward and was wounded. Its such effect took place at Hazrat Umer that his attention was developed to accept Islam.

There is an incident about level of contentment and fear of God of Hazrat Saeed....His living was based on an estate. A woman’s area was attached with his area. She filed claim that his land is actually her and he has seized some of her area. Hazrat Saeed said there was no need to fight case and gave up his whole land and gave the area to her. He said I have heard from Holy Prophet   (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) that the person who take someone’s land falsely even one span, he will have to bear burden of seven lands on the day of Qaiyamat.......So I do not want to have this blame on me. But lest people say he had seized someone’s land, he being prayer-doer he  prayed, if she is not oppressed and is oppressor, then may Allah the Exalted seize her to bad end........It is reported she became blind and died and became sign to get advice. ........

Reference: Based on, and more at wwwDOTalislamDOTorg/friday-sermon/2018-01-12.html


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