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Peaceful Promised Reformation for World Promised Messiah Day

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Posted 29 March 2018 - 03:25 PM

Peace and mercy of Allah be on you... Twenty-third March is observed as Promised Messiah Day in Jama'at Ahmadiyya. Local Jama'ats  convene gatherings in this regard and history and background is remembered......The purpose and need of advent of Promised Messiah and his station will be presented here in his (on whom be peace) own words (a little ahead)........After his claim, so called muslim scholars did maximum effort to incite general muslims against him and they are still doing so. But, with the support of Allah the Exalted,  his Jama'at is making progress and good natured people continues to join Jama'at.


==  Mentioning his coming is according to promises of God, and announcing I am the Promised  Messiah – Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) said :

 “At real Touheed (Oneness of God) and purity, honor and rightness of Noble Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him), and at Book of Allah to be from Allah, attacks are done by the way of cruelty and lie. Then, should it not to be the demand of sense of honor of God to send that breaker of cross. (because, in that time, attacks on the person of Holy Prophet  sa and on Islam were being done by Christians).  Did God the Exalted forget His promise ‘inna nahno nazzalnazzikra wa inna lahu lahafezun’. Surely remember, promises of God are true. He has sent a warner according to His promise, world did not accept him but God the Exalted will surely accept him and will manifest his truth with very powerful attacks. I tell you very truly that I, according to promise of God the Exalted, have come as Promised Messiah. If you wish, accept - and if you wish, reject.  But nothing will happen by rejection from you. The intention which God the Exalted have made, it will have to take place because God the Exalted has already said in Baraheen e Ahmadiyya*  ‘sadaqallaho wa rasulohu wa kana wa-dam maf-oola’ .. saying of Allah and His Messenger became true and promise of God fulfilled.” ........... “Examine this Movement at ‘minhaje nabuwat’ (clear way of Prophethood) and then see Truth is with whom. Nothing happens with imaginary principles and suggestions and nor I attest myself with imaginary words.  I present my claim at standard of ‘minhaje nabuwat’ (clear way of Prophethood). Then what is the reason that its truth is not examined according to this very principle. Those who will listen to my words with open heart, I am sure they shall get benefit and will accept. But those who keep miserliness and malice in heart, my words will not be able to deliver them any benefit. Their example is like squint-eyed who sees one as two, no matter how many arguments are given to him that it is not two it is one only, he will not acknowledge... There was a squint-eyed servant, master asked him to bring mirror from indoor. He went and upon return said there are two mirrors inside, which one I should bring.   Master said there is only one, not two. Squint-eyed said, so am I liar. Master said, ok, break the one. It was broken, then he realized actually it was his fault..... (Hazrat Promised Messiah a.s. says) But what answer should I give to theses squint-eyed ones who are opposing me. So we see, if these people repeatedly present anything, it is collection of ahadith, which they  themselves are not considering more  than level of zan (assumption)t. They do not know that a time will come when people will laugh at their ratbo yabis (mixture of good or bad, worthless) issues.  It is the right of every seeker of truth that he should ask  proof of our claim from us. For it, we present the same, which prophets presented.  Nasus (explicit and decisive commands) of Quran and hadith and logical arguments i.e current needs which  demand the coming reformer. Moreover, those signs which God showed at my hand; I have complied a chart, about 150 signs are given in it, whose witness are millions of human in a way. To present nonsense things, is not act of good nature-ness.  That is why, Holy Prophet  (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) had said that he (Promised Messiah) would come as Hakm, accept his decision. The people, who have mischief in their heart, since they do not want to accept, that is why they keep presenting nonsense   arguments and objection. But they should remember, eventually God the Exalted, according to His promises, will manifest my truth. I am sure, if I had fabricated lie, He would have killed me immediately. But all my affair is His Own affair and I have come from Himself. My denial is His denial, that is why He Himself will make manifest my truth.”


= Mentioning that result of denying Promised Messiah will take to denial of Allah the Exalted and  Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.), Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) said:

“Denying me is not denying me but it is denying Allah and His Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) because the one who denies me, he, before my denial, Allah forbid, declares Allah a liar.

While -- he (i.e. the denier) sees internal and external discord have increased beyond limit, and God the Exalted, despite the promise ‘inna nahno nazzalnazzikra wa inna lahu lahafezun’ did not make any arrangement of their reform;

While -- he believes in matter apparently, that God the Exalted promised in ayat-istikhlaf  (verse about Khilafat Holy Quran ch 24, v 56) that He will establish succession of khulfa in Muhammad’s progression too like Musa’s progression;

But -- He, Allah forbid, did not fulfill this promise and there is no Khalifah in this ummat at this time. (Promised Messiah talks about the past time when he came).

Not only upto this, but it is to be denied also that, as in Quran Sharif Allah the Exalted has declared Holy Prophet  (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) as like-Musa, it is not true too, Allah-forbid. Because it was essential for complete  and strict similarity of this progression that, on this 14 th century a Messiah should have been born in this ummat, as like a Messiah came in Musa’s progression in 14 th century.

And likewise this verse of Quran Sharif will have to be denied ‘akharina minkum lamma yalhaqo behim’  which gives news  about  an incoming Ahmadi baruz (manifestation).

And likewise there are many verses of Quran Sharif, whose denial will become essential, rather I claim all Quran, from ‘al-hamd’ to ‘wannas’, will have to be left. Think again. Is my denial an easy matter? I do not say this, from myself. I say swearing to God the Exalted that this is the truth that one who will leave me and will deny me, even if he does not say with tongue, but he denied all Quran and left God. To this, there is indication in a revelation of mine, ‘anta mini wa ana minka’. No doubt, with my denial, denial of God is essential and by accepting me, belief in God the Exalted takes place and strong Eman (belief) is developed in His Being.   And moreover, denying me is not my denial,  this is denial of Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be on him). Now, before anyone dare to my denial and refutation, reflect in his heart and seek verdict from it that whose denial he is doing.” 


==Explaining more that what is reason that, by denying Promised Messiah, denial of Holy Prophet   (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) takes place... Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) said :

“Why denying of Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) takes place (by denying Promised Messiah). That is so, since he (s.a.w.) had promised that Mujaddid (reformer) will come at the start of each century, that became untrue, Allah forbid.

Moreover, he (s.a.w.) had said ‘imammokum minkum’ that too became wrong, Allah forbid. And he (s.a.w.) had given glad tiding of coming of a Messiah and Mahdi at time of evil of  cross, it too became wrong, Allah forbid, because evil came in existence but the imam-to-come did not come.

When one will admit these matters, will he not become deniar of Holy Prophet    (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) or not?

So I explain again, denying me is not an easy matter, before calling me kafir / infidel, one has to become infidel first. It will be late to call me religion-less and astray but first one will have to admit his own astray-ness and disgrace. To call me deserter of Quran and hadih, first one have to leave Quran and hadih. And yet he will leave (i.e. not me). I am  verifier and proof Quran and hadith. I am not astray but I am Mahdi. I am not kafir but I am true proof of ‘anaa awwalul momenin’. And whatever I say, God manifested at me that it is true. Who is sure about God, who accepts Quran and Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) are true, this very argument is enough for him that he should become silent after hearing from my mouth. But the one who is bold and fearless, what is his cure, God Himself will make him understand. (Hazrat Promised Messiah a . s .  was teaching all these things to a guest, he said) Do not be haste in my matter, but think with good intention and impartial mind. “


References : Based on, and this subject continues in www DOT alislam DOT  org/friday-sermon/2018-03-23.html  (15 languages)

*Baraheen e Ahmadiyya in www DOT alislam DOT org/library/authors/hazrat-mirza-ghulam-ahmad/

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