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A missive on the Zio-Jew programming...

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#1 Vanka Savolov

Vanka Savolov

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Posted 13 June 2018 - 01:43 AM

This isn't addressed to anyone in particular, and so I'll compose this in a broad and general sense. You to whom this applies will know, without a doubt that I'm speaking directly to you.


Much of this programming is in regards to that 'divide and conquer' technique  that's often employed when Zio-Jews infiltrate a nation.


What they do is see to it the you don't ask any questions, and so they spew many falsehoods around knowing very well that your programming only allows for things to enter your heads and bounce around, just waiting for the right moment to regurgitate it back out again, and again, ad nauseam.   


They have many of you so well programed that that is exactly what you do. Nothing is hidden in the Light, which includes your thoughts, even your out-bursts.


Try asking questions for a change. First and foremost questions should be "where is the proof of which you speak?", "what evidence is there to support these claims?"


What you do do is take these Zio-Jews word, as if it's the gospel of God. You never question it, even though you are very well aware that they lie, lie, lie... but you believe these particular lies spoken. Why? Believe means be-lie-ve




to exist or live:




1 : to make an untrue statement with intent to deceive.




(adverbial participle suffix) Added to a verb to form an adverbial participle. Its nearest English equivalent is the -ing form functioning as a participle (rather than a noun).


When you simply 'believe' (without question) you be lying-- to yourself and to others. Why? (it's because of your programming, to be sure)


Divide and conquer is a favorite tool of the adversary, which makes you a tool too.

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#2 Vanka Savolov

Vanka Savolov

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Posted 13 June 2018 - 02:25 AM

Anyone in the west should be leery of any and all "official accounts/stories/versions" of things/events as given by western governments.


A breakdown of the word: official;




1 a (1) : from a place or position

    march off

; specifically : away from land

    ship stood off to sea

(2) : at a distance in space or time

    stood 10 paces off

    a long way off

b : from a course : aside

    turned off into a bypath

; specifically : away from the wind

    The ship eased off a point or two.

c : into an unconscious state

    dozed off

2 a : so as to be separated from support

    rolled to the edge of the table and off

or close contact

    blew the lid off

    the handle came off

b : so as to be divided

    surface marked off into squares

3 a : to a state of discontinuance or suspension

    shut off an engine

b —used as an intensifier

    drink off a glass

    finish it off

4 : in absence from or suspension of regular work or service

    take time off for lunch

5 : offstage

    The actor turns and goes off.




These are words that follow 'icial' meaning to which I'm trying to impress upon you.


superficial, sacrificial, prejudicial, orificial


But here's my favorite take, it's a further breakdown, al la me...


ic: as in icky:


sticky, especially unpleasantly so. distastefully sentimental.

"a romantic subplot that is just plain icky"


nasty or repulsive (used as a general term of disapproval).
"icky boys with all their macho strutting"


And the closest match for 'ial' is: dial


Hence the meaning thereof is: off-the-icky-dial, which means that if it was on that dial, you'd be offended, creeped-out, disturbed and so on... but since it is 'off' said dial, you have been deceived, yet again.


Think about that programming of yours... ask the question of, who is it exactly that wrote our scholastic curriculum? The Zio-Jews of course.


These Zio-Jews have infiltrated our schools, hospitals, law enforcement, the courts, pretty much every aspect of our society, and I'm here to tell you about it.


There are many unwitting accomplices in the Zio-Jews crimes against Humanity. And I'm betting my bottom dollar that you are one of them.

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#3 Vanka Savolov

Vanka Savolov

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Posted 13 June 2018 - 08:34 PM

Philip A Farruggio: TIME TO TAKE A STAND… For OUR America!





There is a wonderful line, from where I do not really know (or care) that says it all: “So much is gained when only one person stands up and says… NO!” For those of us who  see through the hype and spin of this empire, our nation is on the precipice of economic and moral ruin. This black hole or abyss runs deep, away from the ‘seas of reason’ that founded this republic. The Gordon Gecko character in Oliver Stone’s masterpiece film Wall Street expressed what the movers and shakers of this current Military Corporate Empire hold dear: “Greed is good.” Thus, we working stiffs, who make up the overwhelming majority of our population, are always on the receiving end of their ‘anal shaft’.

Sadly, it matters not, in the grand scale of things, who of this Two Party/One Party con job has the final word. Yes, the far right wing of this empire’s political system  is always the worst offender. Yet, looking at the other, the right of center Democratic Party wing, they too carry the water for their warmongering corporate masters. Mr. Trump may be the epitome of Gordon Gecko’s legacy, but the Obamas and Clintons did their due diligence to protect the empire too. Here’s the kicker: you look at all of the G-7 leaders and should realize that they ALL serve their individual nation’s super rich. ALL of them! They may hide things a bit better than people like ‘The Donald’, but in the end their own working stiffs are on the receiving end of that anal shaft.


Bob Dylan: It’s All Over Now Baby Red, White and Blue. The Two Party Political Scam and the U.S. Military Industrial Complex


When the mainstream media is controlled so thoroughly by the uncles, aunts and children of Gordon Gecko, we working stiffs never get the truth. Talk about ‘Fake News’; they decide what news we all get handed to us by their talking heads. When was the last time you heard on the mainstream news shows (and even many so called ‘independent media’ shows) that over HALF of your federal tax dollars goes towards military spending? Imagine how many fiscal problems could be solved if even half of that half went elsewhere? Name a need of choice of your own to loosen the cherished safety net, and see how much  of that $ 150 + BILLION could be diverted that way. Imagine if the Congress acted primarily for the interests of the majority of us, how they could stop the funding of these phony wars on other nations, close most of the 1000+ foreign military bases, and send home our cherished military personnel.


It is time for we working stiffs to get out on the street corners of our towns and cities to demand change. All it takes is a well worded sign and some courage to counteract our foolish propagandized  neighbors, even just for ONE HOUR a week… same time and same place. That is how we who ‘know better’ can better educate our fellow citizens about the truth. Try it… you may like it.


Philip A Farruggio is a son and grandson of Brooklyn, NYC longshoremen. He has been a free lance columnist since 2001, with over 300 of his work posted on sites like Consortium News, Information Clearing House, Global Research, Nation of Change, World News Trust, Op Ed News, Dissident Voice, Counterpunch, Activist Post, Sleuth Journal, Truthout and many others. His blog can be read in full on World News Trust, whereupon he writes a great deal on the need to cut military spending drastically and send the savings back to save our cities. Philip has a internet interview show, ‘It’s the Empire… Stupid’ with producer Chuck Gregory, and can be reached at paf1222@bellsouth.net





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