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Posted 25 September 2018 - 11:46 AM


Page 27 & The Musique Page Link

Last Question ID : 2325

the long range songs playlist


the TOPIC of debate in this Journal

is a 100% Engineering Design Problem

The 1000 Years Sustainable Earth Engineering Design Problem

an Operational Research Issue

Optimizing the Humans and the Rest of Species on Earth Standards of Living

in general Improving the Quality of Life on Earth for All

by Satisfying some Very Heavy Constraints

  1. minimizing as much as posible the energy and in general natural resources consumption such that Civilized Life on Earth to Last as Much as Posible
  2. the Babel Tower Issue : every new generation inherits the foundation set by the previous generations, like the floors in a Building each generation spans like 30 years, so a mistake in an early generation will propagate and spiral totaly out of control just a few generations after
  3. GOD designed Humans for the End of this Civilization, like hudreds of millions after Today, because the DNA structure of humans does not change in this interval of time, thus we today due to lack of knowledge use only a fraction of our true potential, nevertheless if evil people use such resources to promote their own agenda in the detriment of all others, the results particularly so early in the life of civilization on earth may be indeed truly dramatic
  4. unfortunately old ancient civilizations on earth were told these issues thousands years ago by the Oracle, but they intentionaly decided to do exactly the opposite defying Oracle's advices and acusing the Oracle of Tricks, thus these criminals and PUTANES of ancient times made our life packed with miseries TODAY when they decided to Resurect as TRUE Satans Dragons to steal our own future with the satanic itself act of resurection
  5. As FAR as I am concerned I managed to follow the Second Path Towards the Divine System, thus securing a Solution Approved by 888 already but not for EveryBody, due to the extremely High Enthropy of the Systm that has to be Put under total control within the very limited time interval of the next 30 years. Thus I preffer to stay totaly out of the differences between themself that people accumulated durring the last thousands of years, not to mention that I do not desire to mediate, since I do not have anything to do with it, in the conflict between 888 and humans today, results of all these satanic acts of falsification commited by the ancient satanic people and nations.
  6. one has to understand the main difference between the First and Second Path towards the Divine. The First Type is the one that all of you use, which includes the use of something that Jews call the ARK, while in the Second Path you simply talk directly, like on the phone, with the two Gods 777 and 888, so in my case there is absolutely nothing that you may be able to steal from me, simply because you are not eligible to talk directly with the GOds, so the Gods will simply hang up the phone on you and will leave all of you forever in the Stone AGE
  7. in conclussion, the famous scene in the movie is for real, with the only difference that myself in the front car did not have to jump over any absolute obstacles.  I simply follow a parallel road that does not have the Sign End Of ROAD
  8. I did play for feedback a 30 minutes Slot Machine game at Cafe Resident in Antwerpen with 16 euro. The game ended like 5 minutes ago, while the location is the closest to the point I do my preparation work each day, also a Cafe Restaurant nearby. After the JackPOT I played a single more game, and the final result was 26.30 euro, March 26th 2000 the day I did start work on this PROJECT but also the day Vladimir Putin was elected president of Russian Federation. Please check the Video Camera Recording of the CCTV for the accuracy of my statements. Net Profit 10.3 signs EU RO 888 congratulating me 3 in the Holy Trinity for this Very TOP of the PAGE contribution. Tommorrow is exactly the 18.5 years anniversary of this event too, which also implies that the 9th Statement bellow becomes of even more practical Significance too.
  9. So I have to be extremely carefull from now on not to lose what I managed to achieve in all these 18.5 years of hard work, due to the fact that very few people living on earth today agree with these 10 fundamental principles, thus does indeed exist the risk of myself making in a hurry mistakes, also called results of cutting corners and as a result of this getting contaminated by your mass hysteria, when confronted with the very sad reality
  10. Since it is the Second path and direct communication with 888 none of you have any absolute previous experience on this TOPIC. It does not make sense to repeat here what I already mentioned in more than 25000 pages of my Books. The Central Idea is that 888 and myself agreed on terms of this Contract and HE approved my preliminary design engineering solution for both aspects of the term "CIVIL in Engineering". To build the appropriate infrastructure and human structures in general on Earth and to design the principles of the morality of the members of the world community that will participate in this PROJECT for optimal sustainability, the social sciences meaning of CIVIL. Part of the agreement is that 888 will not deliver natural resources up to the point that significant progress is made on this 25 years PROJECT, Design and Build or Implement. None of you know the Technical Specifications that 888 approved in my solution at the Preliminary Design Stage, none of you know at all 888 and HIS personality in order to properly negotiate as part of the Contract the details of the Final Design, and none of you have experience in using the Phone lines with 777 and 888 which includes for rigureous engineering terms and conditions the use of RO Technology, that only myself 777 & 888 allow to use for such purpose in the future. Also none of you manage to Publish anything closed to what I achieved to Publish as Pravda.ru the main Publisher since December 12th 2013, more than 25000 pages of text of the related Approved Report in Support of my Approved by 888 solution and contarct. These publication for Legal Purposes, in order to cover myself for liabilities in the future has also 3 other authors, the percentages is not realy something to discuss publicly, nevertheless the names of the authors is mentioned in an Excell File I gave to my friend Diana. The three other coauthors of my Publications on the Internet since July 29th 1998 are thus : Ivana Christina Paparizou, Diana Maria Suliga and Monica Mihaela Alexandrescu, between themself the coauthor rights being 9/4/2, respectively. Even if my former wife was initialy before the capital increase a 30% owner of Neurosynthesis Societe Anonime, I included my daughter with a very genereous percentage, such that to avoid future frictions with my former wife with which I spent more than 5 years in Courts untill the final Divorce Decree. The exact percentages authors vs Publisher and myself vs the other coauthors I honestly think that are totaly irrelevant for public release at the present time or even in the case of the Publisher there exist no such agreement. All these comments in paragraph 10 have been previously mentioned in my publications thus the 26.30 EU RO slot machine ticket serves as Legal Signature of 888 and approval of all paragraphs 1 - 10 mentioned herein. Obviously neither the coauthors or the Publisher of the equivalent of related Technical Reports previously mentioned, are included in the Contract for Distribution of Natural Resources to Earth agreed between only the three members of the Holy Trinity, 888, 777 and myself. Same applies to the RO Technology which is only Intellectual Property of the Three Members of the Holy Trinity, 777 & 888 & myself too. The most significant term is that no human is entitled to either inherit or substitution for my position, which is per the duration of my life. Thus following my death, the contract is automaticaly canceled and all related supporting documents signed and agreed by 777 and 888 in connection to this issue. If I decide to proceed with the Project however, and the latest date to decide that and sign related contracts is August 2023, such that the PROJECT to be completed exactly 30 years from TODAY, obviously the coauthors and the Publishers (there is some small contribution on Capsa Cafe too since 2005) have CopyRights and Intellectual Property Rights over the Supporting Documents and the Entire Content of the Technical Reports based on which 777 and 888 signed the contract with me.


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Posted 25 September 2018 - 04:28 PM

888 just added as additional comment to the above the following

Random Isaac Asimov


walls of the universe were shattered and their awful black fragments were falling down


so it was a BING BANG in the Previous Universe 100 billions ago

I assume 888 wants to add to my comments


and it is indeed fascinating

I decided intentionaly not to include this ISSUE in the previous 10 paragraphs


but the Oracle added it in the second Quote

the first quote was also from Random Asimov

and it was closely related to Article 1 above

so I did not even keet the file and data

Attached Thumbnails

  • 888ScreenwithComment.jpg

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Posted 25 September 2018 - 05:14 PM

Mini a rat

Muni CH ?

asks 888

is it posible an ordinary cunt to be the choosen one ?


party time at www.random.org

Midnight man
Twelve o'clock,
You climb your stairs
You turn the key
And no one's there
No one's there
It's cold in bed
And there's the fire
It's on your wall
And there's a note
No one's called
No one's called
Ain't that small
But I can help you
I can understand
I can help you
To your promised land
I'm your helping hand
Your midnight man


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Posted 26 September 2018 - 04:19 AM


today RETRO party time for 59 years old people like myself

sa traiasca mama ta ca a stiut ce legana

great romanian old fashion slogans for parties


the greatest romanian joke MOSCOPOL criticizing the Moscow Bosses


best acoustic guitar solo money can buy by far


18.5 years working on this PROJECT

since 26th of March 2000

exactly 6758 days


Ta koritsia einai edw ?



have mercy



zei zei TOP

he is going to be alive he is going to be alive TOP

in greek

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Posted 26 September 2018 - 07:49 AM




On 5 Random ARKs

without any further random data or comments

somewhere in Luxemburg

what happens if you get better job offers & gone


Apparent Donald Trump plans for a Brand New Taj Mahal Casino Resort Hotel and Restaurant



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Posted 26 September 2018 - 01:17 PM





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Posted 26 September 2018 - 05:23 PM

5 or S stands for Spokesperson

totaly at Random from 888

but also from 777 as the ID indicates

PlayList ID : 5777

Video ID : 28

PL toi Pilot

Professor abroad the GUSE flying

God's Unique Spokesperson for Earth

unfortunately only 777 & 888 at the Control Tower

and no Passangers aboard

RO Technology Instrumentation Aboard


only members of Holy Trinity are entitled to use such things


also just 1 minute ago

a message from 888 to all of you since no passangers aboard

also at random playlist ID : 1336

video ID : 15

what is the issue here

I do Publish what I did define as a Technical Journal

the Present Article

but why should I take the Responsability to try directly to convince anyone of it

what if I am wrong then 

and without your unanimous approval

does not make realy sense for me to take any initiative or risks

nevertheless RO Technology clearly cannot be used by any other human except me

same for the approved solution and all other certificates

It is afterall the Result of 18.5 years of hard financial investment and work from me

I did spend 550000 euro from my pocket on this project

and clearly is my Intellectual Property

that you are not allowed based on Current Legislation in effect to steal anyway

but for practical purpose

RO technology is so complex

it took me the person who invented it about 11 years of experiments in real world

and another 5 years just to calibrate the Digital RO Tech Apps

just imagine for any of you

that have absolutely no clue on many issues involved

of pure technical engineering nature

and how many years more you do need

to come with the technical specification of this 25 years engineering PROJECT that 888 agrees with it

and after that

to get the engineering solution actualy approved and signed by 888

at the preliminary design stage

like I allready did

and do not expect me to be so stupid

to tell you anything about it either

no matter if you pay me trillions of euro as financial compensation for it



are you sure you can read my mind to steal it

I have exactly 100% evidence of the contrary

so is nothing you can do if I refuse to allow all of you to steal my property then



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