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Thriving during National Breakdown

Thriving during National Brea

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Posted 17 July 2018 - 03:40 AM

Thriving during National Breakdown.

Any search on the net regarding a SHTF situation has the attitude of you need to protect yours and all others are to be regarded as the enemy to drive away because they want yours. If that advice is followed then it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy with everyone waiting for their turn to die. This mind set needs to be broken now because it will be more destructive than the event that brought about the situation in the first place.

If civilization gets knocked back to the start then the best way to handle it is to start again in the same way that everything was successfully built in the first place, but without the control freaks regulating everything to death, Families coming together to help each other, Family groups cooperating together to form stronger communities. Communities trading with each other to their mutual benefit. That is the mind set that has to be implanted now before everything goes to pieces.

If you are planning on prepping then consider, “What can you do to make yourself the go to guy for something.”

Do you have a well, can you become the guy that rations out safe drinking water on a daily basis. Think installing hand pumps while they are still cheap. Do you have a solar panel, can you be the go to guy for battery charging. Have a horse, get a buggy so you become the taxi guy. Green house, collect seeds for the others and teaching. Got some land, open it up for community gardens. Twenty kids with bicycles and small trailers replace a large truck running between the farmers and the towns for food produce.

This is the type of thing you need to be thinking about, instead of protecting yourself from all others you become indispensable to the community. By the time the stored food is running out the first crops should be coming in.

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