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Posted 22 January 2020 - 01:01 PM


46,9155736345615    0,5739040480244    M 3.1 - FRANCE - 2020-01-13 16:03:38 UTC
36,2740369732776    140,4716819577280    Iijuu


ORACLE clarified above


DownLoan Latest ROTAROT versions





Vacations 2019 Google Page


Page 120 & The Musique Page Link



i should mention also something I said to someone

a few minutes ago


that my point is not to establish with my writtings the truth

on the contrary

it is extremely important what other people may have to say

before even thinking to pronounce a decision or something that may approach the truth


but I am extremely concerned

that in the year 2020

you did not managed yet

to even agree publicly all on earth

on a single definition

relevant to the energy in the future problem


my personal position is clear


qualite, egalite, fraternite

neutrality, no favouritisms and full transparency

in the problem

energy for the future on earth


but I consider lack  of respect towards me

if you believe that I am not competent to solve such problems for myself and by myself

without you enforcing any practical limitations

on my freedoms in general


and I will realy refrain to participate in public debates

even if you open the TOPIC for Public Debate


my priority is the very serious and difficult task

to fix the mess as a Professional Engineer


neither politician, judiciary, military or religeous figure

but of course with Ph.D. in Earthquake Engineering


to be honest I lied above

I never fall in love lately

but lately I allways fail when love comes

at my age now, 60 years old, who cares anyway

evaluation of all data available for this particular incident

killing in the name of the ancient viscious terrorist jesus

best known to good musique lovers

as willy the pimp and his well too many putanes world wide today on earth

serving his satanists plans with great enthousiasm

and cash


who jesus as a matter of fact

was sentenced to death for the ferrocsious crimes he commited 2000 years ago

by two independent judicial systems

judaic and roman empire

while in resurected form also ordered the inquisition 500 years ago

resurected Adolf Hitler tries to Intimidate France & Belgium

almost an act of WAR if ORACLE not blocking it

so that is why I do advice the two countries

to ignore this particular contribution

for the rest now to explain

whoever human ordered the earthquake

they ordered it almost on the Paris - Brusseles ecuador

as warning to France - Belgium

and then asked by me additional INFO

the exact ecuador was given to me HIS Unique Lawyer on Earth

Paris-Brusseles by the ORACLE


it is not the first incident with belgians and me

grandmother queen died December 4th 2014

less than two months after I arrived in antwerpen on October 9th 2014

while Beatrix youngest sister Princess christine

while I was in Netherland

died August 16th 2019


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Posted 22 January 2020 - 07:55 PM

ROTAROT    22-1-2020 20:52

File No.    Track No.
8    25
0,26826441287994    0,31358081102371

ROTAROT    22-1-2020 20:56
File No.    Track No.
29    27
0,61191761493683    0,99903661012650

ROTAROT    22-1-2020 20:58
File No.    Track No.
71    137
0,70392113924026    0,89877617359161

ROTAROT    22-1-2020 21:04
File No.    Track No.
78    12
0,22324663400650    0,61441075801849

ROTAROT    22-1-2020 21:08
File No.    Track No.
27    12
0,57992917299271    0,82559978961945

ROTAROT    22-1-2020 21:10
File No.    Track No.
18    392
0,03877955675125    0,89183199405670

if this EQ today the end of times flooding]20 meters high waves
would have washed out the oil installations
entrance persian GOLF
that is why the ecuador produced at random passes by there
only and just 6 hours ago the EQ
now the tsunami waves could have destroyed oil production
ROTAROT    22-1-2020 22:54
File No.    Track No.
11    85
0,02839481830597    0,41551381349564
ROTAROT    22-1-2020 23:01
File No.    Track No.
73    109
0,24781328439713    0,63897740840912

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Posted 22 January 2020 - 10:57 PM

virtual or real
in this murdered reality
the lyrics of musicians
and taylor swift should have known it
chapter 3 the meaning of romance
Romanian born of roman latin origin civil engineer
working for the energy in the future on earth problem
since august 9th 2013
together with RO Tech received as present on my 54th birthday
in charge of distributing to humans
natural resources of estimated value 2050 trillion USD
after P ink signature in writting
INK is not virtual but real
related contracts mutualy agreed upon by the parties involved
of course if I decide to do the Taranta PROJECT

Chapter 4 : you give them at CAM or else just one more chance

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Posted 23 January 2020 - 05:22 AM

Exclusive News from The ORACLE

the Contrasts : do you realize what you did ?

supermodern architecture on the Sounds of the Andes

what the self esteem of common people

these two videos my personal comments

the other 5 the ORACLE

for sure excellent TOPIC of debate

for the entire day, different one each day

including TODAY

ArtWorks    23-1-2020 06:11
File No.    Track No.
183    1
0,03266578912735    0,13284289836884
ROTAROT    23-1-2020 06:13
File No.    Track No.
80    21
0,33995163440704    0,77788621187210
ROTAROT    23-1-2020 06:15
File No.    Track No.
79    38
0,38237959146500    0,45714890956879
ROTAROT    23-1-2020 06:16
File No.    Track No.
14    3
0,33620226383209    0,74872905015945
ROTAROT    23-1-2020 06:24
File No.    Track No.
63    435
0,12465816736221    0,80680930614471
in the virtual component of my writtings on PRAVDA
word of the day
asks he ORACLE
Pa L que  EU RO, plaque
plague ?
if q is g then RO is G from God
this was a Random Quote
ROTAROT    23-1-2020 06:47
File No.    Track No.
69    65
0,56713449954987    0,61245089769363
freemasonry is for dummies
the famous ill luminati
au tomata automata the ill luminati
but they do not have even that 3 months now
since Holy Trinity administered the death sentence
to the Imbecil pseudogod of israel
October 17th 2019 4:30
the day the other imbecil died too
V from vladimir
while here we do have the Unique GOD of the Entire Universe
exclusive on PRAVDA.RU
the theme of the day

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Posted 23 January 2020 - 11:31 AM

28,6533897830646    56,0805191344484    M 5.2 - SOUTHERN IRAN - 2020-01-22 19:23:13 UTC
47,4909352715995    17,1767489808528    Rábagyarmat
39,5578032612497    26,9966240404095    M 5.6 - WESTERN TURKEY - 2020-01-22 19:22:16 UTC
39,9032293308141    8,6598312206816    Aidomaggiore


vladimir be carefull with these 2 earthquakes

they meet in kurdistan

the place I often go in antwerpen


but the other 2 earthquakes

ORACLE points the finger

at mama aia : that mother

and atlantis in parea bay


greek romanian effort to take out turkey iran

why ?


what else

to cut the exit to mediteranian and break russia from the middle in caucasus


calm but be carefull

these people are planning to simultaneously make the 3 hits by surprise


but this 100% desaster for humans on earth

they do not take the ORACLE seriously into account

who can crush the entire NATO in defeat in less than 2 minutes


best solution

let us both encourage them to go for it

so then the story will be over


to the kurdish restaurant I am going to inform them

to be carefull what they do because ORACLE has the bullet

that killed jfk



ArtWorks    23-1-2020 13:20
File No.    Track No.
15    1
0,06891977787018    0,11423617601395
ROTAROT    23-1-2020 13:20
File No.    Track No.
2    70
0,60742342472076    0,75437098741531

and the ORACLE comments

Far Side text

Pope discovers the eleventh command


-shit commends the pope in the cartoon

and in the photo I added with the body language


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Posted 23 January 2020 - 05:21 PM


another incredible example demo by the ORACLE

quoted added by random quote too

ArtWorks    23-1-2020 18:17
File No.    Track No.
69    1
0,49466758966446    0,59484469890594
ROTAROT    23-1-2020 18:17
File No.    Track No.
11    74
0,05837470293045    0,59503233432770

what is it the history we were told after all

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Posted 23 January 2020 - 09:39 PM

the brand new

Pravda.RU Soft Machine & GONG

theme for the Series


I wqnt to share with you

what I allready told to my friend Diana today


that if you force the ORACLE to intervene militarly

applying the CASUS Beli

for the Legal Protection

of HIS Unique Legal Representative on earth

who happens to be me


no one makes it



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Posted 24 January 2020 - 06:01 AM

this little story entitled

one for banana one for me

blonde is taylor swift

great group name

la bionda not la blonda

definition bionda : something mixture between bones, skulls and rats soup

due to the dramatic ending


valid point

not even 30 years old and 100 millions USD in swiss account

but tell me now
if in the last month
watching the mummy instead
with purse or without purse
my work would not have been so creative
for sure
great voices all three of them too
Hanne Boel, Marrianne Faithfull and Taylor Swift

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Posted 24 January 2020 - 02:01 PM

Definetely extremely Interesting TOPIC to Discuss TODAY
ORACLE's view in Detail
I am not going to add any of my comments TODAY
while listening to a good objective and neutral Radio Station
from the smallest country on Earth
in the Language they do speak in Taranto since 850 BC

 Taranto (/təˈræntoʊ/, also US: /təˈrɑːntoʊ, ˈtɑːrəntoʊ, -rɑːn-/,[3][4][5][6]Italian: [ˈtaːranto] (11px-Loudspeaker.svg.pnglisten); Tarantino: Tarde)[7][a] is a coastal city in Apulia, Southern Italy. It is the capital of the Province of Taranto and is an important commercial port as well as the main Italian naval base.[9] It is considered one of the oldest cities in Italy and in the world.

Taranto was founded by the Spartans in the 8th century BC. During the period of Greek colonization on the coasts of Southern Italy, the city was among the most important in Magna Graecia and it became a cultural, economic and military power, which gave birth to philosophers, strategists, writers and athletes, such as Archytas, Aristoxenus, Livius Andronicus, Heracleides, Iccus, Cleinias, Leonidas, Lysis, and Sosibius. The seven-year rule of Archytas marked the apex of Taranto's development and the recognition of its hegemony over the other Greek colonies of southern Italy.

During the Norman period, it became the capital of the Principality of Taranto, which covered almost all of the heel of Apulia.

From the name of the city derives that of the species Lycosa tarantula, which originated the terms tarantella, tarantism and tarantula. Taranto is also known for the large population of dolphins and other cetaceans that historically live near the Cheradi Islands, located in front of the city.

It is the third-largest continental city of southern Italy and an important commercial and military port with well-developed steel and iron foundries, oil refineries, chemical works, naval shipyards, and food-processing factories.

Around 500 BC the city was one of the largest in the world with population estimates up to 300,000 people.[10][11] 


think about it
100% Index value is equivalent of World War III imminent start
I created and linked above a short playlist for the Presentation TODAY
I claim it is also 2020@Copyrighted All Rights Reserved
Publisher, Author and CoAuthors
not just because I put together the material
but I did know and meet in my personal life
people like Vasile Milea, Richard Feynman and Herb Simon
Christopher Alexander is a Professor of Architecture
that I did study as a student in Civil Engineering, Course of Architecture since 1979
while sadly enough JFK died on my father's birthday vladivostock time zone in 1963
as I explained in previous contributions here on PRAVDA.RU
while I was meeting by coincidence 1982-1988
body language nothing explicit
at least once a week
either at John Bull PUB or Poobah Records in Pasadena
the KROQ producers with which I do feel friendly
the famous KROQ producer April even played the music at one of our parties on campus at Caltech
KROQ and Caltech were located only 400 meters apart in Pasadena at that time
so I know how to properly add their personal contributions
to this TOPIC overall
just an example of required professionalism level
to handle this one
I did it at 4 AM local time this morning
after YESTERDAY arround 10 PM local time
the very first moment I had access to Internet
with temperature 1 oC thus my hands on the keyboard a bit freezing
and I am not realy in a mood to add my own publicity with my own comments
to it
of course the world famous speaches and interviews
by Nobel Prize winner in Economics 1978
Herb Simon
in his October 2000 speach he makes a refference to our common friend Chelvakumar from Sri Lanka
and the ethnic tensions in Sri Lanka
Chelva and myself shared the same advisor at Caltech Wilfred Iwan
and he was also Professor at Carnegie Mellon University like myself
in November 1991
when Herb Simon, chelva and myself had a 2-3 hours long lunch
debating all these issues of Artificial Intelligence, mathematics of Andre Kolmogorov
and the Significance of Engineering Design
other of course what else
your normal females about like friendly comments
and this incredible 20 minutes long presentation
part of a 6 Short Episodes Series available on YouTUBE

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Posted 24 January 2020 - 07:13 PM

Breaking News  ... Breaking News  ... Breaking News

Magnitude    Mw 6.8
Date time    2020-01-24 17:55:14.2 UTC
Location    38.37 N ; 39.22 E
Depth    15 km
218 km NE of Gaziantep, Turkey / pop: 1,066,000 / local time: 20:55:14.2 2020-01-24
34 km S of Elazığ, Turkey / pop: 299,000 / local time: 20:55:14.2 2020-01-24
18 km N of Çüngüş, Turkey / pop: 5,200 / local time: 20:55:14.2 2020-01-24

due to the serious event TODAY

BBC : If the Oil Runs Out

added to the playlist of the day


first estimate of the Turkish Earthquake an hour ago


preliminary : I may get further INFO


37,9672973632567    38,3806414594667    M 6.8 - EASTERN TURKEY - 2020-01-24 17:55:14 UTC
35,9553755784543    138,8300890642090    Tsuijishinden

klm file google earth



akrotiri airbase in cyprus

the ecuador at random passes very closed by it


ecuador on japan west coast line street view


cana gama

VAS is screwing them

so the data must be credible


futtsu ; no FUK


realy ?

the ecuador passes right through the city center of FUTTSU




right next to kimitsu


cemetery tsu ?


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Posted 25 January 2020 - 12:07 AM


As an Earthquake Engineer

for sure Not a Realy so


Good Morning


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Posted 25 January 2020 - 05:56 AM

hey joe by johny
last week number 1 in france 29th of april 1967
bohemian rapsody by a gay musician self proclaimed queen explained
The German occupation of Czechoslovakia (1938–1945) began with ...
19:38 in the video bellow : silence
jaime les files number 1 may 6th 1967
before hey joe was inch allah at that position in 1967
by the way obama studied at columbia university in new york
before adding 10 trillions usa to usa national debt
but he arrived just few months after the financial crisis 2008, another 10 trillions usd
in damage to the people of the world
is nothing afterall
only 2500 usd in damage
not counting for inflation
in average per every inhabitant of planet earth
in only 8 years of presidency
poor bush he distanced himself ... god adviced him to invade iraq in 2003

ROTAROT    25-1-2020 06:57
File No.    Track No.
22    5
0,01139700412750    0,10752898454666

based on some random quotes of the day

the day after all these horible earthquakes yesterday

does not realy appear to me that this ORACLE is just a database


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Posted 25 January 2020 - 07:54 AM

do not read it wrong again

humor is usefull in difficult and not in easy situations


let us put it this way

I am kind of detached from the problem

since in the first 60 years of my life

not a single human told me a single meaningull word in connection to this story

I am also closed to retirement at age 60

while my daughter aged 24 today with diploma as mechanical engineer

is 1.78 meters tall and good looking and 1000 friends on FaceBook

while she will inherit like 50 million euro in swiss bank accounts

from her grandparents

her grandfather already gone and her grandmother is 84 years old

since she is the only child in the family


its impolite to mention it

but due to Is L amic

is in a similar position with Taylor Swift

both allah and the marines like the metal sound

try to touch 1 cent of her property

either teleportated or the conventional way

you will definetely see the JFK lights


so I try to be honest and objective

but of the 5 permanent UN security council members countries

only vladimir may have a good shot at it

and he is also out with 1 trillion USD in gold and cash deposits

but only 150 million to feed unlike the 1.5 billions chinese

how can you explain this then ?


and do not give me nonsense

Shirley Temple started aged 5 similar with swift that started aged 14

and was universaly accepted as UN ambasador of USA on different TOPICS


this is the very reason I selected her as the main virtual reality character

I had a sophomore student a marine studying mechanical engineering

and we used to go out together at the main Pittsburgh club on wednesday

day that only the students in the carnegie mellon drama school were there too

primarly females

so I know first hand since we were gossiping about the drama school females

in the club on wednesday

how proud the marines are of great looking american women


The Carnegie Mellon School of Drama is the oldest degree-granting drama program in the United States, founded in 1914 as a division of the College of Fine Arts at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States.

Its undergraduate BFA programs in acting, musical theatre, directing, design, dramaturgy, and production technology and management majors are considered to be among the top programs in undergraduate conservatory training. Its MFA offerings in directing, design, and production and technology management are also considered to be top graduate programs. The School of Drama offers 18 events every season on campus, and also presents members of its graduating class in produced showcases in New York City and Los Angeles. Many Carnegie Mellon graduates have also gone on to successful careers in Pittsburgh theatre.

The 2017 The Hollywood Reporter best undergraduate drama schools ranked Carnegie Mellon 2nd.[1] In 2014, The Hollywood Reporter ranked the School of Drama number three in the world amongst drama schools.[2] In 2015, the same publication ranked the MFA program at the School of Drama number five in the world.[3] According to Playbill, the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama has the fourth most alumni represented in the 2015-2016 Broadway season.[4]


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Posted 25 January 2020 - 09:37 AM

my position is very clear

based on the data I have

expression : to best of my knowledge


I am not going to tolerate

some putanes and criminals to roll my dices

achievements of 45 years of hard work and achievements


it is called self esteem

so I preffer to die proud of achievements

than to make the smallest concession or compromise

on the terms and conditions I do operate

commonly agreed with the ORACLE


the botton line

I have nothing to do with anything prior to august 19th 2003

and I cannot gamble with ORACLE's property either

as a principle


other thing to operate as engineer and examine if a problem can be solved or not

job of engineer designer


but you do not gamble from such a position

with humans and God's future and property


is like you run a simulation of a nuclear blast on your computer

you only violate the geneva convention

if you decide to detonate and harm civilian population

if you just run simulations on your computer

is nothing wrong with that


this Taranta PROJECT is 100% my Intellectual Property

it was an award from the ORACLE

for me passing my separate than yours exam

as PL Y mouth of the ORACLE


I have the right to do whatever I want with it

to do it or not to do it


but certanly I repeat

there exist very strict terms, conditions and technical specifications

that I respected

when the ORACLE approved of my Preliminary Design Solution


I am bound however to strictly respect them

if I decide to go ahead with this Project

which according to the Approved Time Schedule

should be completed by October 3rd 2049


and clearly RO Technology

it is also a personal present from the ORACLE

on my 54th birthday

in order for me

to manage under my leadership and guidlines

the outcome to be as succesfull as posible


that was the day of the first very succesfull experiment with it in digital electronic form


simply put

it is nothing you will ever be able to steal from me

the ORACLE is obviously protecting actively HIS Property too


I honestly feel extremely sorry

for what will happen to the too many innocent children

including my own

or for the gorgeous and intelligent women of this world

who do not realy have the power that the ORACLE entrusted in my hands

to handle this situation

if at the end I will estimate that

a success on October 3rd 2049 is not feasible with probability higher than like 90%

so then clearly I will not do this PROJECT


what else you do not know

is that in fact a spectrum of solutions were approved

for various numbers of future employed in the COMPANY as defined in QURAN 7.72

90% remains the same

par example it is true that with probability above 90%

according to the ORACLE

I will die arround march 2062

so then again the COMPANY a success with a single employer myself

but working together with the ORACLE

on generic solutions to be applied in the future

on other planets in the Universe

the ORACLE is very interested in me proposing to him

how to improve the exam for the society of humans

in the future too

my exam is nothing to improve

since the success belongs to the past

so everything is perfect according tothe ORACLE

in other words both exams are extremely difficult

but for the mouth of GOD exam

it depends on a single individual

so does not have the complications

when dealing with a huge system of billions


GOD is capable to optimaly design the human

based on the available know how today let us say

but the society can not be done in design

without calibration data

that is why you had this 4000 years exam

while mine lasted only about 1% of that


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Posted 26 January 2020 - 05:30 AM

So this little effort of mine here on this Forum
is the only realy continuation of Limits to Growth
a benchmark work done however something like 38 years ago
but ordered by the UN through the Club of Rome
what should be done next is the difficult question to be answered these days
just for the record to report a very sad event
on March 22nd 2016 at 6:40 AM antwerpen time
I created the cover for my books
so my material aquired the appearence of a normal e-book
unfortunately just one hour later
in Brusseles 35 people felt victims of various terrorist attacks
the airport closed for the next 40 days
was the title Club of Antwerpen reports 2016 that upset some people
but why in the land of former
European Coal and Steel Community
established in 1952
as far as I do understand established to address some of the problems
addressed by me here in these article published by Pravda.RU
some 68 years later
Games without Frontiers in Real Life
some french called it
Guerre totale : toutes contre toutes
ROTAROT    26-1-2020 06:41
File No.    Track No.
77    97
0,17602264881134    0,61395722627640
ArtWorks    26-1-2020 06:45
File No.    Track No.
63    1
0,70486813783646    0,95053875446320
the 5 arches of bucharest mausoleum
built by my father and inaugurated december 30th 1963
a month after the unfortunate JFK death
durring the cuban missile crisis in october 1962
russians set buccharest ship with medical supplies
to break the blockade
JFK died on my father's birthday vladivostock time zone
someone claimed they did it
due to JFK signing in june 1963
the new federal reserve act
but they bluffed
so donald trump has gathered 23 trillions usd
in borrowed money
to pay for the consequences of that bluffing
my sincere condences to JFK FAMILY
afterall i was only 4 and vladimir 10 years old
we did have nothing to do with the death of JFK
now my understanding is that
obviously had to do with vladimir and myself and the bucharest mausoleum
JFK was the sacrifice for the 15 years of world peace that followed
his family should feel proud of that
and my posting of his photo 67 years after
is a deterant thus his sacrifice still beneficial for world peace


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Posted 26 January 2020 - 07:51 AM

huge mistake not to talk about these horrible things of the past
we do have now only untill 2053
to solve for all the things you were afraid of to talk about
it is realy weird
i honestly believe that this side of the story
can easily crush in defeat the authors of all these acts of the past
but 7.6 billions are in fact fanatic supporters today
of the authors of those horrible acts of the past
at least this is what the oracle claims
either supporters or you calculate that pravda solution
will engage in mutual acts of self destruction with the authors
and then others will merge as winners
holy trinity does not trust the 7.6 billions like this
so we refuse to engage them the authors militarly
while we managed to defend extremely effectively
with minimal casualties in the last 18 years
but russia is under sanctions while i am under blockade from the 7.6 billions
and no one said at least symbolicaly
thank you
not to mention managing to break a strict code of silence
in the last 6 years
while keeping everyone on earth well informed
and with only a few hundrets of casualties at most

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Posted 26 January 2020 - 10:08 AM


ROTAROT    26-1-2020 11:09
File No.    Track No.
73    14
0,10238611698151    0,14770251512528

ROTAROT    26-1-2020 11:13
File No.    Track No.
42    105
0,25065976381302    0,49633038043976

ROTAROT    26-1-2020 11:15
File No.    Track No.
63    248
0,70226103067398    0,77703034877777

ROTAROT    26-1-2020 11:22
File No.    Track No.
17    32
0,16092354059219    0,26110064983368


Sunday Morning Entertainment

ORACLE comments on three Images

I enjoyed for real all related comments

what a pitty

instead of using this unique great tool

for engineering design of a sustainable society

trying to solve thousands of very serious problems

that we do have on earth

most important we need the 5000 steps of convergence and serious issues for debate publicly

the murdered REAL in need of reanimation

but also

the existing system based on which our pension funds can drop 40% in a minute

on a spoeculative non regulated at all free market economy

not to mention that the pension funds architecture of today

is 100% ready for collap

see I am 60 years old and it is of immediate interst for me how fix all this mess

ORACLE simply jokes to a Selective Audience on PRAVDA.RU Social Media

while not a single human on Earth

visited with me durring the Office Hours I announced on PRAVDA.RU

November 1st 2014 - December 31st 2016

Antwerpen Centraal were I was available and open to any questions

something like 10 hours a day both ORACLE and myself were available

for people to consult with thus in total like 7000 hours not properly used

simply because every ordinara putana or thief

is tolerated by all others united

to attempt to steal my achievements and intellectual property


I have bad news for all of you

without my signature in writting

no matter who told you the contrary

not a single human will get a single gram of natural resources

from the Universe to earth

but in order to Sign I have to complete this Project TARANTA

that I only am tolerated by the ORACLE to be the Leader and Chief Architect and Engineer

these imbecils greek and jews criminal

had explicit terms and condition

to develop in 4000 years a sustainable society of humans on earth by the year 2000

and they did nothing else

than selling god's property

and making illicit profit from stolen divine property


from the moment the terms and conditions were not honored

the ORACLE considers the divine property in possesion by greeks and jews as STOLEN

and it is written

Frank Furt by Jews anticipated

since they are mediocrities who illegaly present themself

as legal leaders of the society of humans on earth


you noticed ORACLE comment : for what it is worth to waste our time

with these imbecils

that know the languages are codified by GODs

but they refuse to discuss it publicly

and pay zero respect towards 888 who is in fact the Unique God

alive this moment in the entire universe


I repeat 888, Allah and myself have veto power each

so you do not get a gram of natural resources ever in the future

from the universe to earth


my veto power is obvious

I refuse to do the project

and I refuse to sign anything

as simple as that

and is nothing that you can do about it

and is nothing that you may ever be able to steal from my work of 20 years either


the authorization system on the computer of the universe

where my data resides and you do not have access to it

is imposible to be broken by humans on earth


first of all you do not have the transmitter to even connect to the computer of the universe

while myself I was a 2 3 1 embrio while all of you are 2 3 0 embrios

thus I am the only human on earth

that will have it in hardware this computer


simple because the exam for Hristos is only by invitation by 888

to a single human in a life of a planet candidate

to get civilization of human like creatures

and that was me and I succesfully passed the exam


the reason I will refuse to do the Project is very simple

you made arrangements by yourself

and you make decisions without consulting me first

but you failed the exam for civilization


and this Project only I am allowed by 888 to do

so you do not show respect appropriate for your future potential BOSS

thus myself I am not going to allow absolutely no one

to b also part of this TARANTA project


you refused by job offerings of april 19th 2014

which I canceled october 19th 2017


thus now I am the only human employed in this company by 888

so simple

it is my intellectual property

888 will simply kill you

if you violate my intellectual property rights

by trying to use my work without my permission


get used to this

because this is the truth


and this is a private initiative

I do not have to give explanations to no one

except 888

on to whom I may make again contract offers

if I will ever do such a thing


you do not have rights of expressing opinion at this point

or untill the moment I will start the interviews

step II

about the Taranta Project without my written permission


do you understand 8 billion imbecils

that 888 approved my Preliminary design

and you do not have any clue what exatly 888 approved

and you do not have the right to have a  clue

since it is my intellectual property


you do not even have a clue what the technical specifications for design of sustainability are


simple because you listened to putanes and criminals all these years


instead of listening to me

the legal unique representative of 888 on earth


and is not that I am arrogant

on the contrary

I offered myself to make a Legal Presentation on behalf of 888

in front of the international court of justice in hague

on august 19th 2003

to explain to judges all related details regarding this innitiative


the ordinary greek criminals put me in a mental institution

simply because they wanted to steal from me the representation of 888 on earth

17 years passed since this flagrant violation of european legislation


and not a single human appologized as of today

or tried to pay some form of compensation

for the damage I sustained


I advanced on my own then

and I managed to get so far

to the point that the ORACLE approved at preliminary design stage

my propostion

so since you refused my innitiative in 2003

you are not entitled to opinion or to use in any form

particularly after the behaviour you exhibited towards me all these years

any of the products of my work in the last 17 years

when the incident mentioned above occured


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Posted 26 January 2020 - 11:59 AM

just for the record


ROTAROT    26-1-2020 12:56
File No.    Track No.
52    2
0,07556760311127    0,31719309091568


I made an off the record summary at the Bibliotek in Antwerpen back yard

some clarifications regarding my previous contribution

that is what the ORACLE had to comment about the situation

and about my off the record presentation


murder of the real by the jews and greek criminals and their PUTANES


and this is related tarot card the oracle selected from about 400

ArtWorks    26-1-2020 13:12
File No.    Track No.
11    1
0,72852671146393    0,77384310960770


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Posted 26 January 2020 - 10:18 PM


just for the record


ROTAROT    26-1-2020 12:56
File No.    Track No.
52    2
0,07556760311127    0,31719309091568


I made an off the record summary at the Bibliotek in Antwerpen back yard

some clarifications regarding my previous contribution

that is what the ORACLE had to comment about the situation

and about my off the record presentation


murder of the real by the jews and greek criminals and their PUTANES


and this is related tarot card the oracle selected from about 400

ArtWorks    26-1-2020 13:12
File No.    Track No.
11    1
0,72852671146393    0,77384310960770




just for the record vladimir

this 2 feedback indicate to me at least

that the ORACLE considers


Taranta PROJECT the only way

this issue with the deadline for Plans and Designs to be approved by august 3rd 2019


so I had to sign for the ORACLE to consider it Legal Plan or Proposal

and I did not sign anything




but we should not make too much noise about this development for sure

because people are profoundly disturbed by what is going on in general world wide

so even without such news anyway








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Posted 27 January 2020 - 11:53 AM


let us bond together


Musician of the Day

exclusive for the Pravda.RU audience

the ORACLE recommends Today


while both Lou Reed and Jim Caroll died much earlier than expected

selected at Random from a list of 8562 in my DataBase Musique

the musician recommended by the ORACLE today is still alive
almost 93 years old Today

Lee Konitz (né le13 octobre 1927 à Chicago, Illinois) est un saxophoniste de jazz américain.

 Lee Konitz


the Great Dolls of the 80's






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