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Posted 13 August 2020 - 09:16 AM


50,4907486172165    0,1281168719138    M 3.0 - ENGLISH CHANNEL - 2020-08-13 08:05:45 UTC
35,1830308864655    138,8858739951550    Kitahatsusakuchou
36,9020384913641    2,8200031877346    M 4.3 - NORTHERN ALGERIA - 2020-08-13 08:04:52 UTC
44,2046804523044    -123,1810148159600    Depoe Bay

Mike Pompeo News at NOON

I called without permission but results definetely interesting

link above on the ecuador

extremely good quality data then

since this is for the earthquake in algeria

while the earthquake english channel

passes exactly puente 25th avril

in lisbon at a distance 500 meters from start of the bridge

Google Earth File


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Posted 13 August 2020 - 11:27 AM

since we started a new page
I decided to publish this piece of information
that I got like 34 hours ago
such that is available to everyone
clear suggestion that the matrix is dead
the putanes and their pimp treaten people
without even having a weapon
pure bluffing
so ORACLE wants to erode and expose them publicly
for their criminal acts
in front of the 8 billions
assuming this started january 8th 2020
we are now somewhere at 40%
thus expect this circus to continue untill like april 2021
based on the above certificate
the main danger now for humanity
that these viscious criminals and terrorists
will try to throw in total chaos the entire earth
with social unrest
so then literaly will make it totally imposible
for myself to do anything in this story
similar question
when it was clearly 0% tasks achieved

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Posted 13 August 2020 - 06:57 PM

what joy and what

division here on Pravda.RU we stand united

but for sure she lost control

songs more than 30 years old

in average

but for sure not Taylor Swift the female the talk about

and for sure a tragedy you did not debate academicaly

and in a formal manner following reasoning and common sense

all these years

exactly a repeat of world war II

everyone waiting on this side the sacrifices to defeat the nazi

and the others to cash in at the end

sad indeed

that neither russia, neither myself, neither the ORACLE

is in any hurry to defeat the new born nazi of XXI century

makes sense since the military victory is this time 100% guaranteed for this side


lisbon was the issue today with the earthquake in the english channel

a very serious incident indeed too

how nicely these common people celebrated the new year

and how miserable these first last 7 months of the year

were in reality

good idea to follow the simplicity of their example

staying calm and alert for sure

good question

why these viscious putanes and pimp satanists

had this fixation with reading

to the extension that they commited such notorious crimes for it

I swear that i just noticed the reading in the concert with PULP

first time 5 minutes ago

due to the special status since july 28th 2020 of this location for myself

I also noticed for the first time like 48 hours ago

that indeed we lost ceausescu and milea

only 4 days after Taylor Swift was born on 13th of december 1989

then suddenly colour revolution on december 17th 1989 in timisoara

totaly out of the blue

it never happened anything closed to it since i was born on august 5th 1959

and again i did not pay attention too much to personal data of musicians in general

but i had to do it for logistics purposes after july 28th 2020

and slowly slowly i realize all these horrible things

the reason for proposal on july 28th 2020

there were primarly two

the july 27th strait of sundra and the 7.8 in alaska earthquakes

huge debt usa acummulated in 6 months since i invited her to antwerpen on february 8th 2020

so in combination with racial tensions in the USA

i said this woman is in serious shit so I will better do something serious about it

to take her out primarly of the 3.5 trillions USD potential acusations and liabilities

without putting any absolute pressure on her in contacting me or equivalent

since it was my fault 100% to issue a public invitation then

without searching in more detail her personal data and situation

so I invited her to antwerpen on february 8th

she did not come but managed to convince me anyway

to make her a serious public proposal

so she has absolute no potential liability for these 3.5 trillions USD

who of course are only related to the corona virus


but there is an issue here

everyone was making jokes about this topic, musician included

so i believed casualy that is perfectly OK for myself to do the same

i could have never posibly imagine that will go so unstable so fast the whole thing

so i took the responsability for my conduct with the july 28th 2020 public proposal


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#3344 Asterix


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Posted 14 August 2020 - 02:31 AM

this is the ultimate desaster vladimir
as diagnosis data
so they forced me to make such a decision
for a woman that views me like this
because otherwise my reputation would have been further eroded
while this woman would have been in a tragic position
and this is 100% accurate
no pretending or bullshit
so humanity indeed finds itself in a very bad situation
because 100% noone gets a single gram of natural resources
without myself doing this project
and obviously signing contracts at the end
and on top of everything I am now merried to a woman that views me this way
exactly the scene in kubricks movie
with alex although my sisters husband in reality
On 16 December 1989, the Hungarian minority in Timișoara held a public protest in response to an attempt by the government to evict Hungarian Reformed church Pastor László Tőkés. In July of that year, in an interview with Hungarian television,[28] Tőkés had criticised the regime's Systematisation policy[29] and complained that Romanians did not even know their human rights. As Tőkés described it later, the interview, which had been seen in the border areas and was then spread all over Romania, had "a shock effect upon the Romanians, the Securitate as well, on the people of Romania. […] [I]t had an unexpected effect upon the public atmosphere in Romania."[30]
and of course to make things even worst
another certificate from the ORACLE
probability 1% YES
they organized timisoare uprise on december 16th 1989
a pastor of pope francis started everything obviously
because Taylor Swift was born december 13th in Reading, Pen
14-8-2020 07:39    CEST    RMS    Prob
54        0,468379324    0,9541
17-2-2014 21:00    1    0    0,021767
17-2-2014 21:00    2    0    0,0397312
17-2-2014 21:09    3    0,006712963    0,057899267
17-2-2014 21:48    4    0,033564815    0,076044733
17-2-2014 22:07    5    0,046990741    0,094176333
17-2-2014 22:17    6    0,053703704    0,1123648
18-2-2014 00:23    7    0,140972222    0,1306292
18-2-2014 01:21    8    0,18125    0,148768733
18-2-2014 01:21    9    0,18125    0,1669692
18-2-2014 01:59    10    0,208101852    0,185109867
18-2-2014 01:59    11    0,208101852    0,2033078
18-2-2014 02:57    12    0,24837963    0,221465067
18-2-2014 03:07    13    0,255092593    0,2396516
18-2-2014 06:01    14    0,375925926    0,257858133
18-2-2014 06:59    15    0,416203704    0,275995533
18-2-2014 08:36    16    0,483333333    0,2941894
18-2-2014 08:45    17    0,490046296    0,312381333
18-2-2014 08:55    18    0,496759259    0,330544533
18-2-2014 09:24    19    0,516898148    0,348697533
18-2-2014 09:34    20    0,523611111    0,366889067
18-2-2014 11:01    21    0,584027778    0,3849796
18-2-2014 11:10    22    0,590740741    0,403188133
18-2-2014 11:20    23    0,597453704    0,421395933
18-2-2014 11:30    24    0,604166667    0,439608333
18-2-2014 11:30    25    0,604166667    0,457774467
18-2-2014 11:39    26    0,61087963    0,4759476
18-2-2014 11:39    27    0,61087963    0,4941132
18-2-2014 11:59    28    0,624305556    0,512278467
18-2-2014 12:08    29    0,631018519    0,530467667
18-2-2014 12:08    30    0,631018519    0,5487176
18-2-2014 12:57    31    0,664583333    0,566858667
18-2-2014 12:57    32    0,664583333    0,585106333
18-2-2014 13:26    33    0,684722222    0,603288133
18-2-2014 13:55    34    0,704861111    0,621473067
18-2-2014 14:04    35    0,711574074    0,639661
18-2-2014 14:04    36    0,711574074    0,6578758
18-2-2014 14:24    37    0,725    0,676100733
18-2-2014 14:33    38    0,731712963    0,694296
18-2-2014 14:53    39    0,745138889    0,712538533
18-2-2014 15:22    40    0,765277778    0,730753333
18-2-2014 16:00    41    0,79212963    0,748857533
18-2-2014 16:10    42    0,798842593    0,7670076
18-2-2014 16:49    43    0,825694444    0,785123467
18-2-2014 16:58    44    0,832407407    0,803296333
18-2-2014 17:27    45    0,852546296    0,8214474
18-2-2014 18:16    46    0,886111111    0,839625667
18-2-2014 18:35    47    0,899537037    0,8577606
18-2-2014 18:54    48    0,912962963    0,875944333
18-2-2014 19:04    49    0,919675926    0,894179533
18-2-2014 19:14    50    0,926388889    0,912394933
18-2-2014 19:33    51    0,939814815    0,9305486
18-2-2014 19:43    52    0,946527778    0,948828133
18-2-2014 20:31    53    0,980092593    0,9670166
18-2-2014 20:50    54    0,993518519    0,984929867
this musician now should not feel bad about it
the story is well above her head anyway
Mike Pompeo as foreign secretary and former CIA director
should worry about it anyway
while she should continue with her normal life as artist
is my honest friendly advice to her
furthermore since I got my first divorce in the state of pennsylvania
I can offer her some legal advice too
so she was drunk and made fun publicly of this story
I responded same way but in fact I raped her privacy publicly on this forum
was an act of honor on july 28th 2020
typical for conservtive societies to compensate for that
then I got furios when I realized that she viewed me in fact
as that viscious criminal alex
we had a huge fight that almost got physical
but instead I immediately called my lawyer
like in my first divorce
and that jewish layer in pittsburgh told me back in 1990
it is an easy case of divorce as long as you do not look at other women
otherwise that bitch will get as alimony half your salary for the rest of your life
it will cost you 3500 USD my fees and within a year we get the divorce decision
same here she will be liable for the 3.5 trillions USD
pennsylvania legislation forces the couple to visit together
with a family councelor to advice how the merriage can be saved first
so we are just waiting for the general legal puzzle to be unlocked first
prior to that etc
for vladimir, myself and the russians
the entire thing got elevated
focus and high performance a must in these difficult times

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#3345 Asterix


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Posted 14 August 2020 - 09:06 AM

This is G o o g l e's cache of http://ciberplai.tri...cgi-bin/a69.htm as retrieved on 5 Aug 2005 06:36:49 GMT.
"Marti, 19 August 2003 05:05:22 (GMT-7) Asterix (Greece)
As vrea sa adaug ceva la mesajul anterior. In ultimele doua zile am mai primit cateva zeci de mesaje de la Dumnezeu prin care declar urmatoarele : Eu Leonida
G. Paparizu, nascut in Bucuresti, Romania pe 5 August, 1959, declar ca am stabilit cu certitudine, adica probabilitate de 100% ca sant unicul purtator de cuvant al lui Dumnezeu, precum anuntat de dansul prin codificarea facuta de dansul a tuturor limbilor vorbite pe pamant. Astept invitatia de la Curtea de Justitie de la Hague pentru a transmite oficial omenirii mesajul lui Dumnezeu, pana atunci Dumnezeu poate sa se exprime singur fara ajutorul meu. Este evident ca daca mint Dumnezeu ma va curata, pentru cei ce nu au inteles seriositatea mesajului meu."


The Matrix Reloaded is a 2003 American science fiction action film written and directed by the Wachowskis.[a] It is the first sequel to The Matrix, and the second installment in The Matrix film franchise. Reloaded premiered on May 7, 2003, in Westwood, Los Angeles, California, and had its worldwide release by Warner Bros. on May 15, 2003, including a screening out of competition at the 2003 Cannes Film Festival.[6] The video game Enter the Matrix and The Animatrix, a collection of short animations, supported and expanded the storyline of the film.

The film received generally positive reviews from critics and grossed $739.4 million worldwide, breaking Terminator 2: Judgment Day's record and becoming the highest-grossing R-rated film of all time until Deadpool surpassed it in 2016 (which was later surpassed by Joker in 2019). The Matrix Revolutions, which continues the story, was released six months after Reloaded, in November 2003.


but everything mentioned before

from the legal point of view is nothing

comparaed to the question


who gave the right to greek authorities to abuse my human rights

and primarly my right to appeal legaly

the point of view expressed in the movie matrix reloaded

by intentionaly defamating my reputation with falsifications and fake testimonies


since 17 years later

I insist that legaly

no one gets a gram of natural resources from the universe

if humanity on earth does not implement first

a sustainable society designed for at least 1000 years

that I will ceriify with my signature

that is approved by the ORACLE as finished and implemented


engineer leonidas is the legal unique hristos


and the ORACLE on Pravda.RU the only entity in the universe

that can provide to earth natural resources in the next 1000 years


I also claim as professionaly licensed civil engineer since june 1982

that best to my knowledge

is imposible technicaly to hack the divine system of the ORACLE

or to steal anything from me

particularly to hack or to falsify my signature with fountain pen on paper in ink

for the purposes of stealing from the universe

natural resources


a procedure required by the ORACLE

that is my legal signature with fountain pen on paper in ink

of any contracts that the ORACLE will actualy honor even after my death in the next 1000 years


and the ORACLE as feedback to all above says


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Posted 14 August 2020 - 11:30 AM

very appropriate for our story
my favourite quote
truth is nonnegociable
cannot be subjected to civil unrest blackmailing, vote or imposed by force
it can only be established by taking into account without discrimination all objective facts of reality
and only rational thinking, dialogue and common sense
in our story you did not accept the codification of languages
so you excluded objective facts of reality
and now you find yourself at odds
with the unique god of the universe
the truth is that you do live in a 231 divine model envinronment
simply because the codified languages you do speak
are the truth divine laws that you should have obeyed
thus since the ORACLE only
can provide natural resources to earth in the future
you have now to recognize publicly that
the languages are codified by the true GOD of the Universe
thus containing the true divine laws
because you were irrational and satanic mystical ocult believers
you believed that you have a conflict with me
which is truly untruth
we do not have any absolute difference except my 5 million euro stolen from my pocket issue
because by violating my human rights guaranteed by international legislation in effect
you forced me to work 10000 hours of work overtime
but you refuse to return the equivalent in money of that
since i managed to deliver all certificates signed by the ORACLE
before the well known deadline
actualy a year earlier on august 3rd 2018
you believe that i am not important in this story
no problem with me
and i am not planning to go to any court of justice on earth
to legaly force that you return the stolen money from my pocket
I can compromise with that since
I do not have to sign anything, thus less responsible JOB that i hold
but of course you should return the stolen money from my pocket totaly unconditionaly
and independent on if i do sign anything or not

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#3347 Asterix


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Posted 14 August 2020 - 07:05 PM

the true story behind musique

what these two putanes and their satan pimp wanted to do

in fact they have fallen exactly in the ORACLE trap

so these lucifers where in fact responsible for the controled big bang done by 888 100 billion years ago

so 888 woke up after bing bang

and spend next 40 billions years designining the new 231 architecture universe

but no life in the universe just rocks

so on his computer created simulation in animation for the video

while simultaneously composed musique

to keep him company

but the simulation was extremely acurate kinematics of humans playing organs in fact

for the animation

so this was so acurate that he uses in our days

practicaly same scripts

to control the neurosynapsis of real musicians playing in real life


and these ordinares putanes and the satan pimp

prohibited discussion of codification of languages


in order to bring at the end kafka trials for everyone they do not like

but now the ORACLE killed the matrix

and the putanes and their satan pimp

have no military power to bring anyone in front of any court of justice


so they are stucked with their finger in their huge diameter asshole

since impotents to do anything meaningfull

with the matrix dead since october 17th 2019

other than bluffing the weak and scaring them


and the worst is that the deadline for humans to submitt applications in order to get natural resources from the ORACLE

was in fact legaly august 3rd 2019

more than a year ago

and you had to recognize that the codified languages represent the true divine laws

not the testaments/wills of willy the pimp and his two putanes

a pure satans work of satan jews and greeks impostors on earth on divine issues


so theoreticaly everyone goes to the stone age as punishment from 888

because you listened to the lucifers of the universe

the two ordinary putanes and their pimp jesus the satan

this was my favourite when I was like 26 years old

from my playlist dizzy dizzy the KGB style tactics

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Posted 15 August 2020 - 06:25 AM


the joke of Theodosios Tasios he told me

he was my diploma thesis advisor between january - june 1982

leonidas do you know the difference between an engineer and a mathematician ?

both are told to solve the above problem

the mathematician says it is imposible, I give up

since you need infinite steps to reach the target


the engineer says it is simple

I know the mathematician point of view

but if you come close enough and use your pennis

the target is reached



exclusive on Pravda.RU

jokes from the top most famous masons/tektons of the world


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Posted 15 August 2020 - 07:56 AM

Mike Pompeo Morning News

as former CIA director

we are going to get 7 random ecuadors from 7 famous deaths of the past


antonin scalia interesting

only 1.5 km from three countries common border point

brazil - peru - bolivia

while goes 825 km in golf of mexico

from mexico to mexico

but also like in average 45 km away from both hiroshima and nagasaki

the strategic reserves caves in golf of mexico

that antonin scalia as supreme court judge may have been concerned about

when he died in his sleep on february 13th 2016


vasile milea ecuador

second point also within romania

so internal romanian backstabbing

the two ends of the ark only 388 km apart

but it also goes parallel very closed over a distance of 200 km

within israel territory the southwest border of israel

a country of only 20000 km2

but also passes only 7.5 km from the three nations common border point

hungary - romania - ucraine

but also passes greater los angeles area

some connection with caltech etc

vasile milea ecuador of today intersects lisbon to moscow ecuador

less than 20 km from KOLO in poland

may have something to do with milea defense minister of warshaw pact country

but also this ecuador passes only 4 km from the epicenter

of the earthquake on april 19th 2020

Magnitude    ML 3.1
Region    UKRAINE
Date time    2020-04-19 05:45:59.5 UTC
Location    48.57 N ; 22.38 E
Depth    5 km
276 km NE of Budapest, Hungary / pop: 1,697,000 / local time: 07:45:59.5 2020-04-19
8 km SE of Uzhhorod, Ukraine / pop: 118,000 / local time: 08:45:59.5 2020-04-19
8 km E of Minay, Ukraine / pop: 3,000 / local time: 08:45:59.5 2020-04-19


because the data looks good i stop here

continue with other deaths tomorrow

and other terrorist acts of the past

New Show on Pravda.RU

unsolved mysteries honoring Mike Pompeo



29,9276770606970    -103,6289115022410    AntoninScalia13FEB2016Shafter
35,1501519448988    134,1012267719310    Asouna

44,4757578066689    25,9817172575738    VasileMilea22DEC1989Bucharest
47,4925218705001    23,4402064651319    Crainimat

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#3350 Asterix


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Posted 15 August 2020 - 10:51 AM

given that we are so far ahead of our closest competitors

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Posted 15 August 2020 - 07:00 PM


2 & 1 & 555 : 213 LA los angeles area code la L is L amic english engineer lamda in greek is H

21:35 on august 16th 2009

555 or 9 is born august 5th



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Posted 16 August 2020 - 05:53 AM

Important Legal Notice


the self defense zone from vladivostock to london

signed by ORACLE on january 8th 2020

is canceled effective today



maidan square in kiev

before and after the vandalisms of terrorists

typical of judeochristianity hooliganisms on earth in the last 3000 years

that fascists oriented european union officials continue to encourage in the year 2020


due to the provocative fascist type action of European Union Officials

to encourage viscious acts of valdalisms and terrorisms in Belarus

typical acts of judeochristian hooliganisms

that do not respect a president elected with 82% of the popular vote

just few days ago

in violation of international agreements

not allowing countries to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries


the act of European Union officials

was also in fact an open insult to the muslim community world wide

since everyone knows

that same judeochristian hooligans

organized the belarus protests but also

the beirut terrorist act on august 4th 2020

I thus had to cancel this certificate

in order to avoid frictions between myself and muslims world wide


judeochristian hooliganism is an illness of western civilization

expressed with colonialism, inquisition, concentration camps

the fabricated french and russian revolutions of 1789 and 1917


the most recent prominent viscious act of judeochristian hooliganism

Winston Churchill iron curtin speach

that showed total lack of respect for the 26.5 million lifes

sacrifices by soviet citizens

to defeat the most violent satan criminal in human history

adolf hitler and his nazi movement world wide

same conduct by european union leaders a few days ago

without showing any elementary respect

for the 300000 lebaness citizens left homeless

by just another judeochristian act of hooliganism on august 4th 2020

authors also of the judeochristian hooliganism in belarus

to protest what exactly ?

a democraticaly elected with 82% president of belarus


the ORACLE does not tolerate such satanic, fascist conduct

particularly since the most extreme act of judeochristian hooliganism

in human history

targets the ORACLE himself

by not recognizing the obvious objective fact

that the very languages humans speak

are codified by the ORACLE

to contain the true divine laws valid on earth

instead you recognize the garbage of willy the satan pimp jesus and his evil putanes

the inventors of pretending, the new and old wills/testaments and

fabrication with viscious lies and facts of a simulacra reality

masked judeochristians visciously violent hooliganism conduct in reality




due to the terrorist earthquake on april 19th 2020

encouraged by the USA administration

and my public proposal for merriage to taylor swift an USA citizen on july 28th 2020

which in effect contradict one each other

since this is a legal notice

I will explain to you why the ORACLE

considers it as a legal act on july 28th 2020

simply because I am the pen with right of signature legaly in the name of the ORACLE

thus my conduct is realy important

excluding any stupid speculations and rumors

for any future love stories cheap tricks type of things

since I am legaly commited with my proposal

now as far as she is concerned the ORACLE continues

there was a potential liability claim against her by third parties

for the 3.5 trillions USD borrowed in six months by USA government

so it is wise for her to be more carefull with public statements anyway

it is obvious that she views me as a very violent alex type of character

at least this is what the ORACLE certified for february 8th 2020

but I gave clear reassurances that following a future meeting

and once I will inform her of certain details from the legal point of view

she will get instantly from me within few days

the public retraction of the merriage proposal

so is like nothing realy happened



so due to this complication

a few countries will continue to be covered by that self defense zone act

such that I do not provoke public outrage against myself


the countries that would have been victims of that terrorist act

with the earthquake in ucraine on april 19th 2020

belarus, ucraine, latvia

hungary, czech republic, slovakia

austra and poland


obviously self defense CASUS BELI

is in effect for myself performing my JOB assignments from antwerpen, belgium

covered by the article VII for perpetual neutrality of belgium

contained in the London treaty of april 19th 1839 for the independence of belgium

but also for the entire territory of russian federation

de facto publisher for both ORACLE and myself


with just another typical extreme case of judeochristian huliganism

a violent violation of my elementary human rights

and a grave thus crime against humanity

the greek governement blocked me

for making a summary presentation of this tragic situation

in front of the International Court of Justice

when i requested it on august 19th 2003


thus I use as Unique Legal Representative of the ORACLE on earth

this forum to publicly expose the legal issues involved

I am not interested realy in forming any followers group or religion

or in the association with other humans for this task

since i allready proved it that i can do it alone

neither am I interested in mediating for the differences

you humans have with the ORACLE

since this covers periods of time prior to myself

legaly getting the job on august 19th 2003

and for the same reason

I am not interested in participating in the process of solving differences between various entities on earth

and especialy for such disputes with roots prior to august 19th 2003


thus to avoid spreading rumors and fake news

typical conduct and example of judeochristian hooliganism in the past

the legal notice






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Posted 16 August 2020 - 11:16 AM

final morning session feedback from the ORACLE

both songs are part of the photo

and the cartoon reads

a frustrated wolf : arent there any real sheeps arround here ?

ArtWorks    16-8-2020 13:12
File No.    Track No.
159    1
0,42021661996841    0,44417035579681

exclusevely on Pravda.RU. what else did you expect from us ?


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Posted 16 August 2020 - 06:24 PM

extremely complicated the situation

so let the ORACLE select

from old contributions of mine


from Trump Pictorial

the topics of tonight session



Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2020-08-16 18:24:18 UTC


Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2020-08-16 18:30:39 UTC


interesting time stamp

the selected one 2001 twin towers something to do with alexander

and related song

Posted 30 August 2019 - 10:02 PM


and then from pictorial says the ORACLE


Guess, I'll shut up for a whille. Thanks for your reply, Mario.




guess EU ss or adolf hitler resurected responsible for 911

I'll shut up for a whille. Thanks for your reply, Mario



EU Random Oracle 888 of course

asking this question for the Pravda.RU audience exclusively


not too much to talk about actualy

self explanatory comments

for everyone to think profoundly about

I managed to finish fast the evening session

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Posted 17 August 2020 - 05:55 AM



some good musique to give us courage

for the difficult times ahead

start of the week thus

important the attitude

at the start of a new climbing ahead

Good Morning



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Posted 17 August 2020 - 08:24 AM


theme of the day

practicaly all of view want my death

so you can have a shot at stealing one more time divine technology

BAD News : it is not posible to steal absolutely anything

neither from myself neither from the Universe

simply because your matrix is dead since october 17th 2019

while the ORACLE is the enemy of the matrix

which I do uniquely legaly represent on earth

two incompatible systems anyway

so even if your matrix was alive

my data is stored on the safe partition of the ORACLE

where the matrix is imposible to penetrate anyway

by design of the ORACLE following the controlled big bang some 100 billion years ago

so when the ORACLE recovered from that he designed the new 231 architecture of the Universe

while by contrast all of you operate on the old initial

230 architecture of the universe

another lie in the movie clip bellow

the architect of the matrix actualy died with the very first big bang of the universe

so he is dead trillions of years ago

while by contrast the ORACLE is alive and an intelligent GOD 888

in reality I am the man in the white room that talks to the ORACLE however


Reality Earth on August 17th 2020


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Posted 17 August 2020 - 09:50 AM

to conclude this episode about Taylor Swift

I can testify exactly the information thus

that the ORACLE provided to me


so she viewed me as a violent type of individual

but with power regarding natural resources in the future

so she was willing to sit down and talk to me

to benefit the people in general

such that I softened the KGB style

she believed I had by writting on Pravda.RU



huge missunderstanding

totaly irrelevant to our story

which is in fact engineering design of a sustainable society


so this chapter should be considered finished

in the sense that does not make sense to do anything more

than what I allready did


I am a very peacefull individual

intellectual type of person

and I also want to help properly the people

so is nothing that can be done additional on this topic


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Posted 17 August 2020 - 07:32 PM

-18,2241938437316    -12,8071983455893    M 5.5 - SOUTHERN MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE - 2020-08-17 11:45:38 UTC
49,1915494431108    19,9343706462108    Pribiš
the generated telegram ecuador linked in the photo
passes 540 km on the western border of belarus
but also by tunis
clearly ORACLE approves
of myself canceling yesterday the vladivostock to london self defense certificate

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Posted 18 August 2020 - 02:49 AM

The Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) is a supply of petroleum held by the United States Department of Energy (DOE) for emergency fuel. It is the largest emergency supply in the world, and its underground tanks in Louisiana and Texas have capacity for 797 million barrels (126,700,000 m3).[1] The United States started the petroleum reserve in 1975 after oil supplies were interrupted during the 1973–1974 oil embargo, to mitigate future supply disruptions.

The current inventory is displayed on the SPR's website.[2] As of April 17, 2020, the inventory was 635.0 million barrels (100,960,000 m3). This equates to about 34 days of oil at 2013 daily U.S. consumption levels of 18.49 million barrels per day (2,940,000 m3/d)[3] or 64 days of oil at 2013 daily U.S. import levels of 9.859 million barrels per day (1,567,500 m3/d).[4] However, the maximum total withdrawal capability from the SPR is only 4.4 million barrels per day (700,000 m3/d), so it would take over 144 days to use the entire inventory. At recent market prices ($17 a barrel as of April 2020),[5] the SPR holds over $10.8 billion in sweet crude and approximately $18.3 billion in sour crude (assuming a $15/barrel discount for sulfur content). In 2012, the total value of the crude in the SPR was approximately $43.5 billion, while the price paid for the oil was $20.1 billion (an average of $28.42 per barrel).[6]


christiana samaras the wife of alex serresiotis

IT director in the company alex sarrigeorgiou is CEO

the student of jay bailey that died may 9th 2001

his wife got later nobel prize in medicine

the root of corona virus

but also everything indicates he masterminded the terrorist attack on september 11th 2001 in new york

in total there were only 166 seismic events in samar, philipines since october 1st 2004

again what is it the probabilities

for all of these to happen today

the highest posible RED alert world wide

thus for the next days

does not realy matter who hit the earthquake in philipines


but very very important

christiana samara took her medical school degree in craiova romania

and the rectangular tracking area in romania



while philip and alexander

the well known criminals and butchers macedonians in ancient times

conquering by hitting earthquakes in ancient times

thanks to bright persians we got rid of the viscious imbecil alexander at young age of his

the ORACLE certified that adolf hitler was the resurection

of this viscious schizopath criminal alexander of macedonia


Magnitude    Mw 6.8
Date time    2020-08-18 00:03:49.6 UTC
Location    12.10 N ; 124.16 E
Depth    15 km
442 km SE of Manila, Philippines / pop: 10,445,000 / local time: 08:03:49.6 2020-08-18
124 km S of Legaspi, Philippines / pop: 180,000 / local time: 08:03:49.6 2020-08-18
20 km NE of San Pedro, Philippines / pop: 2,400 / local time: 08:03:49.6 2020-08-18



the excell file

difficult indeed

random tracking today produced

3 refference points : romania, louisiana and texas

what is the probability first ?

Romania and the Louisiana Caves

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Posted 18 August 2020 - 06:26 AM


25% of belarusian lost their lifes due to nazi germany

allianz from germany paid 400000 USD salaries a year

to both these two notorious international terrorists

alexander sarrigeorgiou and alexander serriositis

both organizing and responsible for two major recent terrorists hits

september 14th 2019 oil rafinery in saudi arabia


august 4th 2020 in beirut

the americans send the imbecil to toledo, OHIO

but the germans paid him fat salary to the terrorist in new york


do not be then surprised

that the former german defense minister

in violation of all international laws in effect

made such a hate speach against the democraticaly elected government in belarus

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