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#61 Asterix


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Posted 06 October 2018 - 04:20 PM


Last RO Technology Experimental Data

NewQUE 894

Page 04 & The Musique Page Link


great attitude, even in worst of the moments one needs to cheer himself up


Great Songs of the Archives PlayList

ask the romanians about it

on october 6th 2014

I treatened them on Cafe Capse with retaliation from 888

explicit meteorite hit

if they do not stop the stupid games they were playing

888 signed it with random parameters same day

and then this



ask Mister Dumitru Todor

the owner of WWW.YCAAR.COM

to provide you with the legal transcript


actualy a romanian truck driver got upset

of my message on Capsa Cafe

and destroyed 50 cars on Egnatia Odos  within 24 hours



but the bottom line

888 kept HIS promise

and did a blind meteorite hit

just 3 months later


so obviously I do not wish something like this to happen in Belgium

these are the security reasons mentioned above

do not forget that following the meteorite hit in bucharest

5 hours later in paris

Je suis Charlie

12 cartoonists dead

"Je suis Charlie" (French pronunciation: ​[ʒə sɥi ʃaʁli]French for "I am Charlie") is a slogan and logo created by French art director Joachim Roncin and adopted by supporters of freedom of speech and freedom of the press after the 7 January 2015 shooting in which twelve people were killed at the offices of the French satirical weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo. It identifies a speaker or supporter with those who were killed at the Charlie Hebdo shooting, and by extension, a supporter of freedom of speech and resistance to armed threats. Some journalists embraced the expression as a rallying cry for the freedom of self-expression.[2]

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#62 Asterix


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Posted 06 October 2018 - 04:44 PM

random playlist by 888 as feedback to my statements above ID 4444

just 2 minutes ago


the database with the youtube names of the playlists

was published on pravda 4 years ago

so you can verify this correspondence


is no way that I could have known it

so 888 EU RO did it one more time

with me as HIS Unique Spokesperson for Earth 555


EU the Random Oracle

within 30 seconds of me posting

just imagine these 20000 meteorites flying within 30 seconds

if someone does something stupid in this story


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Posted 07 October 2018 - 11:16 AM



great videos from a PlayList ID 4775 selected at random by JAH, TOP of the List and the ID 62/63 selected specificaly


another interesting random video from JAH


do you people now realize that this is 100% a conflict

between JAH 888 and all of you except me humans living on earth today ?

because JAH gave in ancient times divine technology to humans under one BIG condition

to use it in the next thousands years

to come up with an optimal sustainable global on earth society of humans

in the year 2000

but these imbecils used it to abuse other people

and control geopolitiçcaly and financialy earth instead

for their own selfish personal interest

in the detriment of all others


and they went to such extends of evil schizophrenia just to make more money

that they doubled earth population intentionaly to double their profits

even if scientists warned that earth was already overpopulated in 1972

the year the limits to growth come out


and they went even more evil

while I am a citizen of the initial European Steel and Coal Community

and I managed to convince JAH to at least save some 1 billion people from this incredible evil situation created by illuminati on earth

noone was even interested to consult with me to see

what steps need to be done by them

to at least benefit from this genereous offer of JAH

following my personal effort and incredible achievements to get to this point in the last 18.5 years

with an anonymous engineering design and research company

established with about 80000 euro initial cash investment in october 2000

especialy for this purpose by me and my former wife

to secure a better future for our child using our unique technical knowledge and expertis

our child that was only 4 years old at that time


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#64 Asterix


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Posted 07 October 2018 - 04:37 PM

the good news in this story

due to the extreme of the situation

I am asking a lot of questions

regarding the right approach from me to the new circumstances


well I realy get unexpected even for my standards


that all these are right decisions of the new policy

from RO the Random Oracle

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#65 Asterix


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Posted 08 October 2018 - 04:32 AM

today in this spirit


my TOP 5 greatest activities that offer me great enjoyment



I swear that having sex with a woman is bellow TOP 10



at number 5

to read the briefing from the RO

par example today


Earthquakes bigger than manitude 5 in Haiti region

since October 1st 2004


why these events yesterday after almost 9 quiet years

I will investigate with 5 arks after 9 AM CET


2018-10-07   20:00:16.6 20.01 73.00 8 5.2 HAITI REGION
2018-10-07   00:11:48.8 20.04 72.98 10 5.9 HAITI REGION
2010-01-21   16:54:10.5 18.43 72.70 2 5.1 HAITI REGION
2010-01-21   16:45:20.3 18.55 72.83 2 5.1 HAITI REGION
2010-01-20   11:03:43.7 18.39 72.97 2 6.0 HAITI REGION
2010-01-17   17:51:10.9 18.46 72.86 10 5.1 HAITI REGION
2010-01-13   22:21:14.1 18.38 72.48 10 5.0 HAITI REGION
2010-01-13   21:26:16.5 18.56 72.46 2 5.0 HAITI REGION
2010-01-13   14:43:45.7 18.42 72.89 10 5.3 HAITI REGION
2010-01-13   05:18:03.0 18.38 72.90 10 5.3 HAITI REGION
2010-01-13   05:02:57.3 18.41 72.99 2 5.8 HAITI REGION
2010-01-13   02:11:29.8 18.44 73.01 2 5.0 HAITI REGION
2010-01-13   01:57:36.3 18.48 73.01 10 5.4 HAITI REGION
2010-01-13   01:55:15.6 18.42 72.78 2 5.1 HAITI REGION
2010-01-13   01:36:32.0 18.46 72.96 2 5.4 HAITI REGION
2010-01-13   01:32:46.2 18.39 72.98 15 5.4 HAITI REGION
2010-01-13   01:16:52.9 18.44 72.81 10 5.2 HAITI REGION
2010-01-13   00:59:09.7 18.24 73.09 25 5.3 HAITI REGION
2010-01-13   00:43:28.0 18.51 72.51 10 5.1 HAITI REGION
2010-01-12   23:12:04.5 18.40 72.56 10 5.7 HAITI REGION
2010-01-12   22:12:05.4 18.48 72.51 10 5.6 HAITI REGION
2010-01-12   22:00:42.9 18.41 72.89 10 5.8 HAITI REGION
2010-01-12   21:53:10.3 18.47 72.55 10 7.1 HAITI REGION

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#66 Asterix


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Posted 08 October 2018 - 04:42 AM



brunch with my dog Robin at Appolon Palace Hotel

all you can eat breakfast buffet

6:30 - 8:30 AM in the Summer for 20 euro

I used to do it in 2002 almost each two days

this is located just 400 meters from my residence when I was merried

1992 - 2002

after February 2002 I separated

but still my office was just 10 minutes walk from this location


here I actualy started this project in 2000

with the diet that in 3 1/2 months I lost 37kg

three times a week I will swim for an hour back and fourth

175 meters long/ 350 a full lap and will do 6 laps about 2 km swimming

right in parallel with the illustrated sandy beach


the best here was the cakes buffet

they will have at least 10 different cakes to choose from




after completing the all you can eat normal food


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#67 Asterix


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Posted 08 October 2018 - 05:00 AM


I cannot find it on the Web

but is a famous 11 miles by the river trail

about 40 minutes drive from Pittsburgh

for BIKE and I was using a mountain bike

same nature as in the photo bellow

this was my saturday's favourite activity

drive on the freway that some points had 8% upwwords on a windening freeway

great adrenaline passing accelerating at 120 km/h in the third gear on my Golf GT 1800 cm3

the trucks going at 15 km/h

with the sunroof on and music loud

and then twice back and forth on the bike

about 70 km biking

and stop at a cafe in the middle

right on the banks of the river


from the web

see the 8% I was talking about

the great about this route

once you get out of interstate 79

you follow a simple 2 lanes road

passing through small villages

but is contineous curves road

like monaco grand prix

so to drive on this road 100 km/h also produces good adrenaline to the driver too




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#68 Asterix


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Posted 08 October 2018 - 05:09 AM


in the month of october 2002

going each day

10 - 18

to this beach

only 50 people on the 500 meters long beach

beach volleyball, volleyball in the water

walking by the sea

just relaxing in a confortable chair

great stuff and entertainment


in the month on october they take the chairs away

you just go to the storage room and pick one

so it is full sandy beach

just 50 chairs on the entire 500 meters long beach


we formed a group of about 20 people

aged from 19 years old great looking ladies

to Menelaos, a 78 years old great man

I learned a lot from him how to enjoy life at a later age

basicaly anything that had to do with volleyball we were doing it as a group activity

all together


see when you play volleyball as a group you form a circle

and pass the ball arround

Meneleos wanted to see the buts of the 19 years old females with bikini on in plonjon movement

so he will throw the ball a bit short of the target

then the escuse : I am an old man I lost accuracy

everyone laughing

menelaos was in great physical condition like 1.80 and 75 kg not a single fat on his body at age 78


and at TOP 4

to go just for a coffe at places like this

a few hours with a good friend


the illustrated is the most expensive restaurant in athens

or at least used to be in 2002

100 euro the full dish so to say without wine included

and has a great balcony with panoramic view

you can see it in the photo after the glass windows

right on TOP of Menelaos beach

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#69 Asterix


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Posted 08 October 2018 - 07:24 AM

see I do look back with anger but on the contrary with a smile remembering the old good days that indeed I had my entire life



to complete the list now


6. solving math problems without writting a single word on paper, this evolved in this engineering project in which I do not write a single word down except when publishing, I solve problems or schedulte my activities on the computer in this way. When I was in highschool many times I will do it with my friend Dinu by just taking long walks through the streets of bucharest. We are proving theorems even this way, and the clue there was to find the counter example that the theorem presented by the other is not valid by just thinking


7. writting computer applications for automation of the engineering design process. This is a long story but basicaly you do have to program the interfaces of intercommunications between serious software packages which use script languages, such as Sofistik, AutoCAD or MXRoads.


8. listening to good quality music, just by itself or while working. When I was Professor at Carnegie Mellon University I had a stereo system of about 2x50W in my office, which was allways on, even when students were comming for office hours. In undergraduate exams in Greece, I would learn the material for a course, typicaly 200-300 pages of textbook in 3 days, allways with the music on the radio on, in the most demanding conditions; And I even managed one time in the 7th semester to get average grade in 7 courses, 9.53/10, almost perfect 10 working this way.


9. taking the long walk Leresti-cabana voinea, 13 km long and back to our residence there, in total like 27 km walk, many times going through the forest. It is a great pitoreque walk through the forest or just by raul targului, a local river


10. programming on a computer in general


11. taking long summer walks through the streets of bucharest with a friend when I was young. Buying an ice cream each 30 minutes and eating it while talking with your friend about anything that you can imagine


12. playing basketball practice, running alone full court, shooting, and then back and fourth. Great exercise, but it is low on my list now, because it is too physicaly demanding for my age


13. going to great parties in highschools, typicaly on saturday between 9 PM and 4 AM next morning. We had great parties, but I was allways exhausted a few days in a row after, because we were also drinking heavily durring these parties. As above, low on the list because of my age now


14. and here is the famous spending an evening with a woman, again due to my age primarly. I do like the flirt bussiness first and many times the act itself afterwords, which means that you do not sleep even a single minute the entire night, and again like with the parties, I used to get dead tired for the next 3-4 days after. was great when I was 20-35 years old, but now it looks to me like running for an hour practice, the basketball court back and fourth contineously, while shooting and rebounding when you reach the other end


what I just did today is common practice for book authors

to present themself to potential readers to know them and understand them better as authors

both in their personal life

or professional life outside writting


i am in engineering what AVICII used to be in musique

a great super knowledgeble super PRO individual

which means that is totaly imposible to give the allelujah to me

like the terrorists satanists did to AVICII in oman on April 20TH 2018

because I never get at all emotional

I used the word 100% satanists

because only such criminal degenerated incompetent mediocrities humans

usualy nymphomaniac perverted PUTANES

jealeous of the humans that are clearly superior to them

will do things like this


in order to steal the tooth and hack the divine system

a pure criminal satanist terrorist act

from their victims


I know this man they say in the song above

Da Da di di

Dadi my nickname

stay thus away from me

to avoid the BAM BAM from 888

because indeed I uniquely represent legaly on earth

the unique god of the entire universe

VAS 888 RO

the random oracle

who is alive

thus any putanes and satanists

who use the word testament in religeous books

should be immediately jailed for blasphemy

against the unique god of the universe


whos PUTANA testament is above the will of the unique god of the entire universe

who is entitled to change HIS opinion

without the need to consult PUTANES and satanists on earth

if they agree with it or not



888 asks you this question

not me

HE kindly just asked me 5 minutes ago to set the question to all of you

here on the forum of pravda.ru


afterall this is part of the JOB description HE assigned to me Legaly on August 26th 2003

God's Unique Spokesperson for Earth

and HIS Chief Engineer for Earth too

Eng L is H

that is why I am the only human entitled to use for Legal Purposes the RO Technology

and absolutely no one else untill my death

which is expected to occur

April 2061


do not forget that RO Technology was in fact

888 personal present to me on my 54th birthday

on August 9th 2013


and I created then a playlist on youtube too

with the first video selected at random from about 300000 available on a web site

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#70 Asterix


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Posted 08 October 2018 - 08:00 AM

do you want to hear 888 comment 2 minutes ago

regarding what I just said

random street view on the FIXED path eindhoven


divide 27 by 13 the second 2 3 1 divine model is valid

with GOD 888 1 alive



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#71 Asterix


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Posted 08 October 2018 - 08:11 AM

but do not panic & take it calmly and easy


the story is well too complicated

for people to jump to unthought before actions

that instead should be extremely profound and well thought actions

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#72 Asterix


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Posted 08 October 2018 - 08:21 AM



since was such a remarcable feedback

I have to set an example

of what it takes to be on the second path to the divine

the 2 3 1 operational mode

compared to the one you do travel

the 2 3 0

using the divine automata and ignoring ONE 1




I promised you something

but I want to think just about this feedback

particularly about the real implications in real life and the real situation on earth today


nevertheless you promise something you have to keep your word

so I will do first the EQ in Haiti

and then the rest which takes and requires a long time of evaluation



and an attitude example : put together a good joke packaging the bad news


the joke and bad news third ingredient

I am alone in the plane with zero passangers aboard

but the seats I swear they smell fresh leather too

and modern equipment too

with direct info from the pilot on Pravda.ru forum



see donald trump pocketed the commission

and I do the work

without getting paid a single cent in compensation

the root of the problem on earth today


honestly take it simply as a joke and not a personal attack

things are well too complicated for such easy solutions


you need public debate for sure

this a 3500 years story

and it is not posible to just assume anything

without verifying first


see I tell you allways

to best of my knowledge

and I never try to promote these ideas except on this forum

since 2014 and my diabetis comma crisis

when I realized that things are realy out of control

simply because I managed to pass a serious crisis

they recorded with the dutch standards 154 sugar level when hospitalized with normal the value of 6-8


without the smallest posible complications

except my vision for the first two weeks

which I recovered entirely 100% for my standards

arround July 1st 2014

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#73 Asterix


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Posted 08 October 2018 - 08:54 AM



Haiti EQ data from 888

ORL esti

are in romanian

doctor for nose, ear and throut jokes 888 too

and a joke from me too


there was a random quote years ago

I find humor appropriate for the most tragic of the moments

some famous person said it

and 888 quoted it

and the meaning is exactly to relax a bit

before a difficult long uphill path ahead

20,2680594160279    -73,5967763648549    M 5.2 - HAITI REGION - 2018-10-07 20:00:16 UTC
44,5042556444399    25,1307346594951    Orleşti


the war for Crime EA the PUTANA

apparently the PUTANA ordered the EQ in Haiti

belle GUN

2 emilia signs ONE 1 888

2 meaning 2 3 0 divine model in divide 27 by 13 7 seven

while in this context I am 1 lamda representing the 2 3 1 divine model

1 & 2 with refference to the two divine models

and absolutely nothing else

obviously by 2018

highway 2961 in bulgaria

2 96 emilia 666 satan evil

2963 highway

certifies 888

This is THE ARK without any other Comments from me

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#74 Asterix


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Posted 08 October 2018 - 01:58 PM


I do have another 110 questions

and I will complete the 1000 I was supposed to complete by November 14th

so I will simply continue like this untill the end of the year

maybe at the end will be somewhere between 2000-3000

what is certain

do not espect me to get involved in this unbelievable conflict

that  realy does not have too much to do with me

particularly to publicly side with any country or special interest group

or to give you my interpretation of data that 888 releases for Public INFO

I will give you some of this data

but not my personal interpretation of the data

and this in order to keep neutrality as strong as posible

it is an explosive situation and my position is Unique

thus I do have to act responsibly


ball hits the bird


time for another joke to release tension then

but obviously it is another issue here

you do not have the right to interfere with my freedoms guaranteed by european legislation

particularly related to my personal life



I am responsible only for my acts after August 26th 2003

as Unique Spokesperson of 777 & 888 only

date when I Legaly got the JOB


the Engineering Design Work obviously does not contain any liabilities

since design means by definition a Public Proposal in this Case

since the Projects will involve humans

and not a single person expressed interest in it

does not realy make any sense what so ever

for me to do absolutely anything more

particularly I do have like 5 years to think about it

what exactly to do with this approved by 777 & 888

Preliminary Design Solution to the

1000 Years Sustainable Earth Engineering Design Problem


incredible this Monument in Oltenitsa and the ARK right by the Autogara


which reminds of a classic romanian movie scene


great replica : si dumneavoastra ati pierdut acceleratul

and if I decide to go ahead I have to start like on January 7th 2024

so does not make sense to accelerate in the first 100 meters

of a lengthy  marathon of 5 years and 3 months exactly for me

to Officialy start as Leader of this 25 years Project to be completed by September 2048

required in order for humans to get Natural Resources from 888

at least in the next 5000 years subjected to periodic renewals after that


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#75 Asterix


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Posted 09 October 2018 - 04:32 AM

today I am going to post results for some critical questions

without telling you the actual question

maybe 2-3 weeks from today

so 700+188=888

today we start with New 889



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#76 Asterix


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Posted 09 October 2018 - 05:36 AM

today I will ask like 1à such very important question

now we go to




had already a very very interesting enough answer

you see the middle ambigous with reverse strong

despite popular belief

including my own like 20 minutes ago



vladi watch your back from the south, south east

the things the ancient boys did not tell you

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#77 Asterix


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Posted 09 October 2018 - 05:57 AM

second major question

incredible but true

see these are different type of global questions

regarding the properties of the system under examination


I am new to this category of questions

so see again I was wrong too



i WORK 18.5 years on this general topic

I use the Oracle frequently for the last 5 years

nevertheless I entered a new domain of questions

two wrongs in a row

just imagine the 7.6 billion people

the state of truth they are in


now although my job is easy

I do have to spend the next 2 weeks to clarify why I was wrong

but I have the means to do it



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#78 Asterix


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Posted 09 October 2018 - 08:04 AM


Great Question

which exactly the two tribes was Franky talking about ?




yesterday I only saw peace on earth

first question : did the europeans encourage China in ancient times to increse population to 20% of earth ?

second question : same for India

on the contrary chinese par example defeated the europeans back then

I hope you realize the magnitude of the mess then

since India and China intentionaly incresed the population to 20% of earth to protest the natural resources issue in our days

while the greeks and jews believed that they know better

so they confused us all for them to lead the BIG confrontation in our days

voila, only peace on earth




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#79 Asterix


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Posted 09 October 2018 - 08:37 AM

incredible question 900-902

actualy this better be read as

900Right, 900Neutral and 900Left/arista

because question 902

KKE TV station in Greece

the greek communists that killed romanian defense minister Vasile Milea

born 1927

voila why


question was


did allways the elder wise nations fight the new commers

on the ground that do not understand the situation


for example before everyone was fighting russia in europe

because jews and greeks wanted to take possesion of the border with china and india

initialy with napoleon

same with hitler

now everyone including russia is fighting me

hoping to steal the divine technology from me to fight better



Attached Thumbnails

  • New900QUE902.jpg

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#80 Asterix


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Posted 09 October 2018 - 12:34 PM

good afternoon ladies and genttle?men






Share Vari

Vari 17, Voula, Greece 1st Floor, was the Initial Office of Neurosynthesis Societe Anonime

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