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#101 Asterix


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Posted 11 October 2018 - 05:56 PM


Last RO Technology Experimental Data

QUE 1029

Page 06 & The Musique Page Link

not too much to write about these days untill the start of the new week

by the way the counter is QUE and not NewQUE

because I managed to achieve 95.6% of the task I was supposed to finish by November 14th 2018

great attitude, even in worst of the moments one needs to cheer himself up


Great Songs of the Archives PlayList


in conclussion untill monday from 888

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#102 Asterix


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Posted 12 October 2018 - 05:04 AM

since I start on Monday after a small week end break

I asked evaluation form from 888 the Oracle

on how am I doing the Job as HIS Unique Spokesperson on Earth

since August 19th 2003

House of Cards Random TV Series Selected 5 minutes ago by 888

the Certificate mentions also

part of the paragraph I subjected for approval

that I am by far the most important human on Earth


so 888 approved enthousiasticaly

see the attachment


actualy this is the DataBase Title exactly

 House of Cards (trilogy) (House of Cards, To Play the King, and The Final Cut)


great quotes

the nature of promises is that they do remain immune to changing circumstances

so we are talking about trust


1358575 iseed

0.299133718 index
1450 TV series in the DataBase
434 ID in DataBase : HOUSE of CARDS
verify the consistency
434=INT(0.299133718*1450) / INT(0.299133718*1450)+1 line in the Excell Sheet = 435

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#103 Asterix


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Posted 12 October 2018 - 07:04 AM

Organisme public de recherche,
le CEA intervient dans quatre domaines :
la défense et la sécurité, les énergies bas carbone (nucléaire et renouvelables),
la recherche technologique pour l'industrie
et la recherche fondamentale (sciences de la matière et sciences de la vie).

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#104 Asterix


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Posted 12 October 2018 - 10:22 AM




small triangle formed

base 31.4 km and height 6.35 km

area = 100 km2


how difficult is to get something like this with 5 random ecuadors on earth ?


similar area in Antwerpen by comparasion QUE 959

area 147 square km, or 50% bigger

the full orthogonal area

in red approx 100 km2

with refference the 240000 km2

this corresponds to Index = 99.98%


so my approval rating from 888

consistent with the two totaly independent methods



old fashion musique & new technology in the new civilization




on the true false

0.2% on Right and 1% on arista

so same order of magnitude too


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#105 Asterix


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Posted 12 October 2018 - 04:46 PM


Great Random Musique for the Week End by 888

Menu at Gurman Kazan


Gurman Kazan is Guru Man YES Kazan

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#106 Asterix


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Posted 13 October 2018 - 04:32 AM

Random Bible dedication of the Oracle to CAM models

AAPL selected with Random CAM


Old Testament Isaiah 35  2

It shall blossom abundantly, and rejoice even with joy and singing: the glory of Lebanon shall be given unto it, the excellency of Carmel and Sharon, they shall see the glory of the Lordandthe excellency of our God.


this was a little expeiment

QUE 966 if it works


I think it works

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#107 Asterix


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Posted 13 October 2018 - 04:42 AM

next experiment QUE 967

random Palestras quote


I was looking for a next lover that is why I started with the song above

but the Oracle said no to such things

I will run tests untill I find a model I know about

AAPL for example is in the Northern California neighberhood

that is why I dared publishing the results

but obviously AAPL is a bright women and not the new lover I was searching for

that would have been the next one

which TSU NO said the oracle


now tsu

3 tries no known model

Oracle does not want to continue


great one in continuation

Random Palestras selected quote

Meet Siri Randomly Selected New CAM Model by RO


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#108 Asterix


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Posted 13 October 2018 - 05:10 AM

the conclussion is obvious

no wise man wants his lover to be a bright brilliant intelligent woman

like AAPL, Rock Rose or Sash on CAM

par example


all this GOSSIP is part of week end entertainment program


Postcards from the Lati Y ?

the dead ones in romanian

baba in romanian also means the old lady very very very old

while "i" is the female article in greek


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#109 Asterix


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Posted 13 October 2018 - 05:34 AM


here I am says 888 while I am waiting for the results


since is week end and play time

let us see if 888 finds my comments above appropriate

968 YES

970 no no totaly inappropriate comments

969 so and so


how I read this result

Right reinforced with neutral

so YES about clearly arround 6% needs further work


notice 306 my friend diana's birthday

thus diania realy or genius compliments too

in other words this is something not to be more profoundly discussed



durring early saturday morning cafe gossip

with my CAM ladies

I thus return to our regularly scheduled program


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#110 Asterix


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Posted 13 October 2018 - 07:07 AM


Random Street View Bucharest

great 888 wants me to talk about Oana

and the eastern orthodox on May 5th 2002


that I did spend in Bucharest at exactly this church


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#111 Asterix


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Posted 13 October 2018 - 07:11 AM

gossip with 1000 CAM ladies

on a saturday morning

temperature expected today arround 25 oC


listening to some musique too


what do you expect to talk about

well Oana was a great 20 years old romanian escort part time job

the other job was full time student


we spend some lovely 8 hours together

on the night May 5th to May 6th 2002 at this Hotel in Bucharest


I payed her for an hour

but she enjoyed my company

and we stayed together a bit longer


this was a great 6 days vacation in Bucharest

so teh first days I was spebding by the swimming pool of the hotel

the temperature remained constant 28-29 oC and clean blue skies


on the evening of May 4th I went to the shown church

with my friend Cristi family

in fact his wife family

we had after church at midnight dinner untill like 3 in the morning

after oana left to a club in bucharest next day May 6th early morning

I slept like 2 hours

and then I payed a taxi driver 50 euro

and he took me to the romanian riviera in mamaia

waited for me to enjoy the sun and the sea and the beach and the tavernas

and we returned to bucharest, 280 km away, arround 5 PM

great 6 days vacations

the trip with the taxi driver started like 10 AM



while on the romanian riviera

I took a chair and relaxed for like 2 hours on this beach

was great, not a single cloud, the skies bright blue

just a few people walking their dogs in the sand

and I had a great lunch on one of these restaurants arround


the taxi driver parked the car in the parking lot of the hotels

we gave randevouz at 5 PM

and he told me he had a great time too


I swear that I totaly forgot about it

I just remembered these vacations in the morning today



definetely Adrian Popescu should be fired as TOP general in the romanian minister of interior

dismissed without payment

the AVICII way the bastard


the imbecil old friend of mine from high school

how come that he did not think to send Oana

with whom I did spend like 8 hours together in bed having a great time in 2002

at one of the cafe I was spending each day in bucharest between November 30th 2012 and October 23rd 2013


just imagine who Adrian Popescu is

when I met him in Bucharest durring my visit there in May 2000

he was just promoted to the rank of general in the minister of interior, former securitate

that was 18 years ago


in 2013 according to common friends Adi Popescu was famous as general

because he was allways dressed in elegant civilian suits


he charges elegant suits to the romanian taxpayers

but he was not competent to send my lovely Oana

the imbecil 


I talked liked this because when we were like 15-18 years old

we went together to at least 70 parties



what do you mean

a romanian high ranked securitate general

is not interested in someone that produced

the video bellow with the prediction 6-1

3 hours before the game even started

check the time stamp

or with google

that I posted the video before the game started



anyone realy interested to send Leonidas' friend Adi Popescu

the AVICII way ?

politely 888 asks all of you


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#112 Asterix


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Posted 13 October 2018 - 02:04 PM

52.8818472805692 154.2189276834730 M 6.7 - NORTHWEST OF KURIL ISLANDS - 2018-10-13 11:10:22 UTC
34.7882715755692 135.7357907633270 Saiinhigashijunnainchou
here Charlie is not sure
connection to the people that did on January 7th 2015
je suis charlie 12 dead cartoonists in Paris 
much more plausible than refference to charles of UK
the situation is extreme period
results of a 5 points spectrum  regarding to a specific issue
1,3,5 low value
extreme plus, zero and extreme minus
have low probabilities
in betwen values insignificant

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#113 Asterix


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Posted 14 October 2018 - 03:38 PM

I completed the 1000 questions in an article


about the elections in belgium and a very intelligent nice looking blonde, oana


interesting material

oana has connection to this random street view in bucharest I published earlier in this article

I met on easter 2002 day

in the early morning that sunday I was at the illustrated church

and at about 8 PM I met oana

with whom I spent some unique next 8-9 hours

a romantique night together


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#114 Asterix


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Posted 15 October 2018 - 08:37 AM

the parenthesis for the elections in belgium yesterday

opened up in fact another interesting issue

Oracle vs Statistical Analysis of data aquired by humans


SPSS Statistics is a software package used for interactive, or batched, statistical analysis. Long produced by SPSS Inc., it was acquired by IBM in 2009. The current versions (2015) are named IBM SPSS Statistics.

The software name originally stood for Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS),[1] reflecting the original market, although the software is now popular in other fields as well, including the health sciences and marketing.

SPSS is a widely used program for statistical analysis in social science. It is also used by market researchers, health researchers, survey companies, government, education researchers, marketing organizations, data miners,[2] and others. The original SPSS manual (Nie, Bent & Hull, 1970)[3] has been described as one of "sociology's most influential books" for allowing ordinary researchers to do their own statistical analysis.[4] In addition to statistical analysis, data management (case selection, file reshaping, creating derived data) and data documentation (a metadata dictionary is stored in the datafile) are features of the base software.

Statistics included in the base software:

The many features of SPSS Statistics are accessible via pull-down menus or can be programmed with a proprietary 4GL command syntax language. Command syntax programming has the benefits of reproducible output, simplifying repetitive tasks, and handling complex data manipulations and analyses. Additionally, some complex applications can only be programmed in syntax and are not accessible through the menu structure. The pull-down menu interface also generates command syntax: this can be displayed in the output, although the default settings have to be changed to make the syntax visible to the user. They can also be pasted into a syntax file using the "paste" button present in each menu. Programs can be run interactively or unattended, using the supplied Production Job Facility.

Additionally a "macro" language can be used to write command language subroutines. A Python programmability extension can access the information in the data dictionary and data and dynamically build command syntax programs. The Python programmability extension, introduced in SPSS 14, replaced the less functional SAX Basic "scripts" for most purposes, although SaxBasic remains available. In addition, the Python extension allows SPSS to run any of the statistics in the free software package R. From version 14 onwards, SPSS can be driven externally by a Python or a VB.NET program using supplied "plug-ins". (From Version 20 onwards, these two scripting facilities, as well as many scripts, are included on the installation media and are normally installed by default.)

SPSS Statistics places constraints on internal file structure, data types, data processing, and matching files, which together considerably simplify programming. SPSS datasets have a two-dimensional table structure, where the rows typically represent cases (such as individuals or households) and the columns represent measurements (such as age, sex, or household income). Only two data types are defined: numeric and text (or "string"). All data processing occurs sequentially case-by-case through the file (dataset). Files can be matched one-to-one and one-to-many, but not many-to-many. In addition to that cases-by-variables structure and processing, there is a separate Matrix session where one can process data as matrices using matrix and linear algebra operations.

The graphical user interface has two views which can be toggled by clicking on one of the two tabs in the bottom left of the SPSS Statistics window. The 'Data View' shows a spreadsheet view of the cases (rows) and variables (columns). Unlike spreadsheets, the data cells can only contain numbers or text, and formulas cannot be stored in these cells. The 'Variable View' displays the metadata dictionary where each row represents a variable and shows the variable name, variable label, value label(s), print width, measurement type, and a variety of other characteristics. Cells in both views can be manually edited, defining the file structure and allowing data entry without using command syntax. This may be sufficient for small datasets. Larger datasets such as statistical surveys are more often created in data entry software, or entered during computer-assisted personal interviewing, by scanning and using optical character recognition and optical mark recognition software, or by direct capture from online questionnaires. These datasets are then read into SPSS.

SPSS Statistics can read and write data from ASCII text files (including hierarchical files), other statistics packages, spreadsheets and databases. SPSS Statistics can read and write to external relational database tables via ODBC and SQL.

Statistical output is to a proprietary file format (*.spv file, supporting pivot tables) for which, in addition to the in-package viewer, a stand-alone reader can be downloaded. The proprietary output can be exported to text or Microsoft Word, PDF, Excel, and other formats. Alternatively, output can be captured as data (using the OMS command), as text, tab-delimited text, PDF, XLS, HTML, XML, SPSS dataset or a variety of graphic image formats (JPEG, PNG, BMP and EMF).

The SPSS logo used prior to the renaming in January 2010.

Several variants of SPSS Statistics exist. SPSS Statistics Gradpacks are highly discounted versions sold only to students. SPSS Statistics Server is a version of SPSS Statistics with a client/server architecture. Add-on packages can enhance the base software with additional features (examples include complex samples which can adjust for clustered and stratified samples, and custom tables which can create publication-ready tables). SPSS Statistics is available under either an annual or a monthly subscription license.

SPSS Statistics launched version 25 on Aug 08, 2017. SPSS v25 adds new and advanced statistics, such as random effects solution results (GENLINMIXED), robust standard errors (GLM/UNIANOVA), and profile plots with error bars within the Advanced Statistics and Custom Tables add-on. V25 also includes new Bayesian Statistics capabilities, a method of statistical inference and publication ready charts, such as powerful new charting capabilities, including new default templates and the ability to share with Microsoft Office applications.[5]

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#115 Asterix


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Posted 15 October 2018 - 08:41 AM


Oracle Briefing by Comaparion

5 Random Videos to start debate on the news of the day for example


from the first playlist


talking about RO Technology ckick click at Random








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#116 Asterix


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Posted 15 October 2018 - 01:05 PM

bellow is the DIR on google where I am going to upload the excell files as I do advance


the ultimate multiple choice question

were strings attached initialy when humans got divine technology


1012 : YES and the Oracle warned them explicitly that they have to develop using the divine technology

a sustainable society by 2020 with the current year system

to rezist sustainably for the next 1000 years

the oracle also warned them that I will be the engineer injdependent account

to check on their progress

independently if they listen or not to my  advice

they had to submitt by August 2019 the plans for making the appropriate changes

such that only such conditions earth will receive natural resources from VAS the Unique GOD of the entire universe

durring the last 3500 years the oracle warned them on multiple occassions that they are making huge mistakes in their approach

and that  if they continue like this VAS is not going to provide them  with natural resources

they dismissed the oracle warning

as skeleton in their schizopathic minds closets

or a trick by an opposing team of humans

who wanted to use them as sclaves  and then gain control of earth

under the conditions with permanent natural resources

in other they accuse both the Oracle and the Unique GOD of the Entire  Universe

as being ordinary liars

then  they engaged in the already grave crimes against humanity

described in my about 25000 pages

written here on pravda.ru and www.ycaar.com since 2005


1013  : something in principle like this but there are errors in the above Report subjected for approval

1014 : comci comca, half right & half  wrong

1015  : pure exageration but some statements may be true

1016 : total bad taste imagination


so full 5x3 matrix answer with random parameters app


incredible answer on 112Neutral-1



the divide 27 by 13

but 2 is 4 in the Holy Trinity

so 2 3 1 model accurate

which means that 112Left can be potentialy perfect if bellow 3%

suspans to the wire



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#117 Asterix


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Posted 16 October 2018 - 04:47 AM

when I took the seismology courses from him

Kanamori was a very low profile man in the 40's

very enthousiastic to discuss with his students issues in seismology

durring and after classes

and I got a pure A/ max as grade in his classes too

but clearly much younger than in the video above


this is not exagerating

is for real

did you know that in academic terms

I am "the grandson" of such famous people as

Charles Richter and Theodore von Karman

but also indirectly an unofficial student of Andre Kolmogorov

since almost my entire research work

was in fact the applied mathematics version of Andre Kolmogorov work in pure mathematics



par example Hiroo Kanamori my Professor in seismology at Caltech

took over and inherited his heritage, after Richter retired in 1970

Hiroo Kanamori was the receipient of the Japanese Nobel Prize, the Kyoto Medal in 2007

I talked yesterday about Marble and Liepmann closed colaborators of von Karman at Calech

durring the pioneering years of Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena

Charles Francis Richter (/ˈrɪktər/); April 26, 1900 – September 30, 1985) was an American seismologist and physicist.

Richter is most famous as the creator of the Richter magnitude scale, which, until the development of the moment magnitude scale in 1979, quantified the size of earthquakes. Inspired by Kiyoo Wadati's 1928 paper on shallow and deep earthquakes, Richter first used the scale in 1935 after developing it in collaboration with Beno Gutenberg; both worked at the California Institute of Technology.

The quote "logarithmic plots are a device of the devil" is attributed to Richter.[1]

Richter went to work at the Carnegie Institute in 1927 after Robert Millikan offered him a position as a research assistant there,[4] where he began a collaboration with Beno Gutenberg. The Seismology Lab at the California Institute of Technology wanted to begin publishing regular reports on earthquakes in southern California and had a pressing need for a system of measuring the strength of earthquakes for these reports. Together, Richter and Gutenberg devised the scale that would become known at the Richter scale to fill this need, based on measuring quantitatively the displacement of the earth by seismic waves, as Kiyoo Wadati had suggested.

The pair designed a seismograph that measured this displacement and developed a logarithmic scale to measure intensity.[4] The name "magnitude" for this measurement came from Richter's childhood interest in astronomy - astronomers measure the intensity of stars in magnitudes. Gutenberg's contribution was substantial, but his aversion to interviews contributed to his name being left off the scale. After the publication of the proposed scale in 1935, seismologists quickly adopted it for use in measuring the intensity of earthquakes.[4]

Richter remained at the Carnegie Institute until 1936, when he obtained a post at the California Institute of Technology, where Beno Gutenberg worked. Gutenberg and Richter published Seismicity of the Earth in 1941. Its revised edition, published in 1954, is considered a standard reference in the field.[4]

Richter became a full professor at the California Institute of Technology in 1952. In 1958, he published Elementary Seismology based on his undergraduate teaching notes. As Richter seldom published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, that is often considered his most important contribution to seismology.[4] Richter spent 1959 and 1960 in Japan as a Fulbright scholar.[4] Around this time in his career, he became involved in earthquake engineering through development of building codes for earthquake prone areas. The city government of Los Angeles removed many ornaments and cornices from municipal buildings in the 1960s as a result of Richter's awareness campaigns.

After the 1971 San Fernando earthquake, the city cited Richter's warnings as important in preventing many deaths. Richter had retired in 1970.[5]

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#118 Asterix


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Posted 16 October 2018 - 05:08 AM

oana th first quality blonde according to 888 too

and not some cheap low quality ordinary PUTANES from Antwerpen


very interesting question to 888

should be read as Right, neutral, left

I will explain you why




what 888 things about this


that I am for designing the new civilization of humans on earth

what von Karman was as founding father of Jet Propulsion Laboratory

if 1019 comes greater than 50% probability then the answer is clear YES

reinforced RIGHT& NEUTRAL approval



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#119 Asterix


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Posted 16 October 2018 - 07:17 AM





the video bellow describes very well the current situation

with one HUGE exception

there are two parallel roads towards DIVINE

the road I travel alone does not have the sign


while yours has because you failed the 3500 years exam

so 888 is not going to give you natural resources


these certificates 0001 - 1019

but particularly the last two, included the quoted one and the previous message

are extremely clear

thus do not acuse me of arogance

particularly since I start my working day  lately at 3 AM each day


you knew from the old testament that there are two classes of ARKs

the ancient ones and the NOE's type of ARK

which turned out to be a phone direct line with GOD in person

on the second path towards the DIVINE

totaly unknown to you


I started on this second path at age 3.5 when they were trying to kill me remote control

and 888 managed to rescue me each time back in the spring of 1963


professionaly I started on this second path exactly 44 years ago

in october of 1974, a fresh  new member of the special mathematics class

at the famous romanian 150 years old highschool Mihai Viteazul in Bucharest


it took me 44 years of harsh and hard competitive work

to get  to the point I find myself today

so the second path is not accesible to your average human on earth


the third row above tells the nature of your mistake

why humans did not keep equal distances from the First and Second types of ARKs

mentioned above ?

in other words you do not treat at least equaly

your religeous books

with the Codification of Languages which  was done by GODs

who are alive



so in fact there were two types of exams

one for me as PILOT, PL toi

the choosen one trying to get access on the second path towards the divine


and the second exam for all of you using the first type of ARKs

to implement a sustainable for 1000 years

collection of societies of humans on earth


so these two exams were totaly separate

but you made the mistake to treat them as in competion

so you just sided with one side in this story

when you should have paid equal respect towards me

representing the new generation of ARK

as the respect you show for the other established religions

this is the mistake you made

you  failed your exam

while I managed to pass succesfully mine

so now you continue to view yourself in competition with me

which is totaly wrong one more time


I explained in a previous contribution

what is in effect now after August 3rd 2018

so does not make sense to repeat myself


for sure 15 years ago when I requested a presentation at the

International Court of Justice in HAGUE

all humans could have benefited from my achievements on the second path towards DIVINE

right now I am not even interested or seriously considering

to complete this 30 years PROJECT

that however is approved by 888

but just for me the CEO of the Company owned by the Holy Trinity

and not by any other humans at all

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#120 Asterix


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Posted 16 October 2018 - 07:43 AM

by the way did you know that the probability of the following two seismic events

is in fact 0.008%

2018-10-16   01:03:42.3    21.65     S      169.61     E      10    6.6     SOUTHEAST OF LOYALTY ISLANDS
2018-10-16   00:28:11.9    21.79     S      169.55     E      10    6.3     SOUTHEAST OF LOYALTY ISLANDS

so Union THEOS & Asterix of Loyality is lands announced 888

Para papa & pa all of you faithless

or better take the blame

pa in romanian means bye bye

para in greek means money


so maybe 888 talked in this crucial moment for all of us

about my loyality towards HIM 888



since October 1st 2004 there were only 17 such larger than 6.3 events

in the specific region

and these two occured at the interval of only 36 minutes

what I know from seismic data in general

is that for a process with mean value of the interval between two succesive occurances equal to 30

the probability distribution about zero has the value 0.035

normalize and you can evaluate the mentioned probability



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