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#121 Asterix


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Posted Today, 05:35 AM

QUE 1031

Random Book


so 888 wants me to tell you what happened yesterday

that was the question

well last year July 20th 2017

my 42 years friend Diana flew from Barcelona to Amsterdam

believe it or not

for some reason that only Macron may explain to you

the French Chief od Staff had to resign July 19th 2017

a day prior to that flight


Agent Pendergast visits Medicine Creek, Kansas after a gruesome murder occurs. With the help of local teenaged misfit Corrie Swanson, he continues to investigate as more citizens are killed. Pendergast is soon led to believe that the murderer must be a member of the community. He soon discovers that the murders are connected to an old curse.


well my friend Diana flew yesterday from Bucharest to Brusseles

and 888 certified that was an attempt to down the plane in flight

by interfering with the electronics

the certificate 1021QUE1023 issued by 888 yesterday

is beyond any doubt more than clear on this issue

I do think the madness in this story passed any acceptable limit

my friend of 42 years does not have any absolute thing to do with this story

she is mother of 3 and grandmother of 3 children all under the age of 5

3 months I even threw away my mobile

so no one can call me

exactly in order to dissasociate any human from this story

I am simply a member of the Holy trinity

so I do not have any association with any other human in this story

and furthermore I do not desire to have in the future any association either

random video number 1


Random Movie and Start of Video Clip selected by 888 in connection to this flight yesterday


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#122 Asterix


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Posted Today, 06:00 AM


I do think this is a flagrant violation of the freedom of PRESS

an attempt to kill one of the declared coAUTHORS

of my articles on PRAVDA

because the topic is so sensitive



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#123 Asterix


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Posted Today, 07:59 AM

scary facts of life in our days

what  scared the French Chief of Staff to Resign on July 19th 2017

did not scare these people to try to down the plane yesterday

and not only yesterday




while the Russian Defense Ministry did not warn in advance

yesterday things went even worst

888 warned about the Loyality towards the Author 6.3 that is me 3 in the Holy Trinity

and the coauthor 6.6 Diana

but they still tried unsuccesfully to down the plane

obviously when I published this yesterday

I did not even know that Diana went to Bucharest and that she was flying yesterday



diana had the excell document from me since 2014 that she is entitled to be considered coauthor of my publications on Pravda.ru

theoretical 400 units as coauthor on a package  varying from 2550 to 4550 units

the reason being that we lived together for a few good years

so I preffered to voluntarly give her this document to agree upon prior to her claims in any potential future lawsuit

so she could have sued me anyway claiming on her own 50% of anything she would have liked to


the scariest fact

2 diana flights

13 warning shots from 888 of average magnitude 6.7 seismic events

the French Chief of Staff understands and goes on Record a day before to resign

but these people go ahead and try to down the plane



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#124 Asterix


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Posted Today, 08:35 AM

QUE 1031

instead of conclussion

from an old article of mine here on pravda


a Random Quote by 888


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#125 Asterix


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Posted Today, 02:25 PM



I am seriously considering entering this new type of bussiness

we can print Coffe Cups & T-shirts

make a lot of money with ART

instead of all this hate and competition from the DAVOS art specialists


Google ART and Image Restauration


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