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Is US-China war inevitable?


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Posted 14 October 2018 - 10:31 AM

Is US-China war inevitable?
October 13, 2018 
When a US warship narrowly avoided slamming into a Chinese naval vessel earlier this month in the disputed South China Sea, the incident could serve as a metaphor. The two economic giants seem to be on a collision course for war. 
That collision course was ramped up last week when US Vice President Mike Pence delivered a barnstorming speech declaring China as global enemy number one. Speaking at the rightwing Hudson Institute in DC, Pence castigated China for "increased economic and military aggression", and warned: "We will not back down." 
Pence did at one point say the US hopes to have a cooperative relationship with China, but the overall thrust of his remarks was stridently belligerent. 
The New York Times headlined: "Pence's China Speech Seen as Portent of New Cold War." 
There were even comparisons from some commentators to the infamous speech made by British leader Winston Churchill in 1946 when he declared an "Iron Curtain" with the Soviet Union, a speech which is seen as instigating the old Cold War between the West and Moscow that lasted for nearly five decades. 
Pence's remarks covered a gamut of explicit and provocative accusations against China. Everything, it seemed, was thrown at Beijing, from stealing American economic resources, to "oppressing its own people", to "meddling in American democracy". The latter alleged transgression by China was claimed by Pence to be on a scale that makes alleged Russian interference "pale in comparison". 
In other words, China is the foreign power that Washington seems to be targeting for confrontation. Russia has certainly come up against a raft of US hostility in recent years, especially since the Ukraine crisis. But China is the global rival that Washington is placing primarily in its crosshairs. 
Last year, the acclaimed journalist and film-maker John Pilger released a documentary entitled: The Coming War With China. Pilger recounted the proliferation of American military bases in the Pacific Rim region which are evidently meant to encircle China for an eventual shooting war, or at least to serve as a means of threatening Beijing into submission. Pilger's documentary is proving to be prescient given the ratcheting up of provocations by Washington. 
Pence's broadside against China has to be seen the wider context of multiple US moves. 
The Trump administration has started a trade war with China slapping punitive tariffs on an estimated $250 billion worth of Chinese exports. Those unprecedented costs to China's economy have, in turn, reportedly undermined investor confidence and stock markets in the country, which Pence appeared to gloat over in his speech. 
This week, the US dramatically escalated tensions by prosecuting a Chinese government official for alleged industrial espionage. The man was extradited from Belgium and has already been detained in the US for several months. The case is said to be the first of its kind. 
Comment: An interesting charge for the US to make given its rampant overseas espionage operations. 
There were also sensational reports in US media that China has embarked on a large-scale, elaborate scheme of planting computer chips in electronic devices exported to the US for the alleged purpose of spying on American citizens, companies and even the Pentagon. China dismissed the claims as "made up from thin air". 
Comment: That's also an interesting charge given what we know of US-made IT used by companies and govts globally that is rigged with US backdoors for industrial sabotage and blackmail purposes. 
There seems little doubt that Washington is pushing for a confrontation with Beijing. Trump has talked about how he is no longer friends with Chinese leader Xi Jinping. Last year, Xi was entertained at Trump's Florida beach mansion, when Trump swooned about sharing "delicious" chocolate cake with the Chinese president. 
The so-called bromance seems well and truly over. Trump is deferring to hawkish aides within the White House who have publicly relished the prospect of a showdown with China. Peter Navarro, the president's China trade advisor, has openly courted economic war with Beijing. Former advisor Steve Bannon is another advocate of belligerence towards China, going as far as predicting a war. 
It's a fair assumption that the Chinese leadership will do everything to avoid a war with the US. China's political culture is not aggressive and tends to view matters as a long-term transition. 
China may try to restrain tensions, waiting and hoping that in two years Trump will not be re-elected and that a more reasonable, the saner administration will come into the office. 
Beijing has rebuffed the claims made by the Trump administration. It says it has not interfered in US elections. As usual, the Americans offer no supporting evidence for their allegations, in the same way, that Russia has been reviled by Washington without any substance. 

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Posted 15 October 2018 - 06:58 AM




Author: Andre Vltchek


West is Losing and so It’s Bashing China and Russia ‘Left and Right’ Literally





The insanity and vileness of Western anti-Chinese propaganda used to make some of my Chinese friends cry late at night. But things are changing. The lunacy of what is said and written about China (and Russia, of course), in the US and Europe, is now clearly reflecting frustration and the bad manners of sore losers. One could almost be inclined to pity the Western empire, if only it wasn’t so violently murderous.


The Empire’s propagandists are pitying nobody – they are now shooting like maniacs, but without any coherent plan.


Various Western ‘experts’ and journalists cannot really agree on the basics: ‘what is really wrong with China’. But they are paid extremely well to find new and newer skeletons in the huge Chinese closets, and so they are constantly competing with each other, looking for the juiciest and the most scandalous stories. Often it appears that it pays to assume that absolutely everything is flawed with the most populous, and on top of it, Communist (with the ‘Chinese characteristics, of course) country on earth!


China will end extreme poverty by 2020, but do not look for cheers and applause from Berlin, Paris, London and Washington. China is far ahead of all the large countries on earth in building a so-called ‘ecological civilization’, but who is willing to notice? China is constructing public parks, boardwalks and playgrounds, the biggest on earth, but who cares? The Chinese government is introducing sweeping educational reforms, while flooding the entire nation with concert halls, museums and theatres. But that’s not worth mentioning, obviously!


Western propaganda tries to discredit China literally from both ‘left and right’, sometimes accusing it for being too Communist, but when it is suitable, even for ‘not being Communist enough’.


The New York Times ran a cover-page story on October 5, 2018, “Unlikely foe for China’s leaders: Marxists”. For this highly sarcastic piece, a reporter visited the Chinese city of Huizhou, from where he wrote about a group of over-zealous young Marxists who are demanding things to be as they were in Mao’s days:



“But the Huizhou activists represent a threat the authorities did not expect.”


Seriously? A threat? China is moving towards Communism, again, under the current leadership. We are talking about democratic, socially-oriented Communism. But let us not argue with the official U.S. newspaper. It is definitely not a pro-Communist publication, but they had to show some sympathy (by running a cover story!) to a small bunch of over-zealous ‘opposition’ Marxists, just to spread doubts among the readers, suggesting that the Chinese government is not that Red, anymore.


The next day (Saturday-Sunday edition, October 6-7, 2018), the same New York Times published two cover stories on China. One was along its usual anti- Chinese and anti-Russian conspiracy lines “Will China hack U.S. mid-terms?”, but the other basically contradicted the story from the previous day, accusing Beijing this time of cutting the wings of private companies: “Beijing is pushing back into business”, with a sub-title:


“Government flexes muscle as private companies that built economy lose ground.”


‘Wherever it can hurt China, just write it’, could be the credo of thousands of European and North American journos: ‘as long as the news about or from China is bad, really dark and negative, anything goes!’


Too much Communism, or too little… As far as the West is concerned – China can never get it right! Because… simply because it is China, because it is Asia, and because it waves the red flags.


And so, The New York Times ran two totally contradictory stories. An editorial blunder, or a pre-meditated attempt to inflict maximum damage, by kicking ‘left and right’?


It is, of course, fun, to follow this propaganda trend, ‘from a safe distance’ (meaning: ‘not believing a word of what it says’). But what is happening is not a joke; what is being done can actually be deadly. It can trigger, unexpectedly, a chain of events that could truly hurt China.


‘An explosion’ could originate in Taiwan, in Southeast Asia, or from the PRC territory itself.


Look at Brazil, look at Venezuela! Look at all those Color Revolutions, Umbrella Revolutions, ‘Springs’ from Europe to Arab countries. And look at China itself: who triggered; who sponsored the so-called Tiananmen Square events? There is clearly enough evidence, by now, that it was not some spontaneous student rebellion.


The West has convinced several countries such as the Philippines, that they should confront China, through various territorial claims in which, honestly, almost no serious Filipino historian or political scientist is ready to believe (unless he or she paid royally from abroad). I talked directly to several top historians and political scientists in Manila, and I got a clear picture of whom and what is behind those territorial claims. I wrote about it in the past, and soon will again.


China is too big to tolerate dangerous subversions from abroad. Its leadership knows well: when the country is in disarray, hundreds of millions of human beings suffer. To preserve the nation’s territorial integrity is essential.


So, what is China really; in a summary?


It is a Communist (or you may call it a socialist) country with thousands of years of a great and comparatively egalitarian history. It has a mixed economy but with central planning (government tells the companies what to do, not vice-versa). It is clearly the most successful nation on earth when it comes to working on behalf of, and for the benefit of its citizens. It is also the most peaceful large nation on earth. And here are two more essential points: China is at the forefront of saving the world from the looming ecological disaster. And it has no colonies, or ‘neo’-colonies, being essentially an ‘internationalist’ state.


Its political system, economy, culture: all are diametrically different from those in the West.


China has millions of things to say about how this planet should be governed, how it should be marching forward, and what is true democracy (rule of the people).


Now honestly: does Western mainstream, which manufactures ‘public opinion’ all over the world, allows many Chinese (PRC) patriots, Communists, thinkers, to appear on television screens, or to write op-eds?


We know the answer. Almost exclusively, it is the Westerners who are, (by the Western rulers), entrusted with the tremendous task of ‘defining what China is or isn’t’. And what the entire world is or isn’t.


If China says that it is ‘socialist with Chinese characteristics’, they say ‘No!’ with their perfect Oxford accents. And their arrogance from telling the greatest civilization on earth what it actually is or isn’t, gets accepted because of the fact that most of them are white, and they speak perfect English (paradoxically, still a seal of trustworthiness, at least in certain circles).


The West never hears what the Chinese or Russians think about the world. While the Chinese and Russians are literally bombarded by what the West thinks about them.


Even Chinese people used to listen to such ‘false prophets’ from the ‘civilized West’. Now they know better. Same as the Russians know better. Same as many in Latin America know better.


The spread of Western propaganda and dogmas used to appear as a battle, an ideological combat, for Chinese and Russian brains (if not for hearts). Or at least it appeared as such, to many naïve, trusting people.


Now it is all much simpler and ‘in the open’: the battle continues, but the frontlines and goals have shifted. How?


What is taking place these days, is simply an enormous clash between Western imperialism plus its propaganda, versus the determination of the Chinese and Russian people to live their own lives the way they choose. Or to put it into even simpler terms: the battle is raging between Western imperialism on one side, and democracy with ‘Chinese and Russian characteristics’ on the other.


West is bashing China and Russia ‘left and right’, literally. But it is definitely not winning!






Andre Vltchek is philosopher, novelist, filmmaker and investigative journalist. He’s a creator of Vltchek’s World in Word and Images, and a writer that penned a number of books, including Revolutionary Optimism, Western Nihilism. He writes especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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Posted 30 January 2019 - 10:16 AM


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