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Out of control ghost train in Australia

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Posted 10 February 2019 - 11:45 AM

Woman returns overdue library book after 73 years
Sat., 9 Feb.

In 1946, a mother checked a picture book out of a library for her toddler. The child, who is now a grown woman, has finally returned the book 73 years later with a letter of apology.

Mora Gregg became attached to the book titled “The Postman” when she was about two years old after it was taken out of the Silver Spring Library, in the US state of Maryland.

She has had the prized possession, depicting how postal employees carried out their work, for nearly all her life.

“I just loved the book. I loved the pictures,” Ms Gregg told News4, adding she could have held onto it forever.

As a child her family relocated to Canada “in a big hurry” and she took her beloved, but borrowed, book.

But recently she sent it back to the library, along with the typed note saying sorry.

“Perhaps it was packed or perhaps I refused to let it go because I loved it so much,” her apology note read.

News4 said that the average fee for an overdue book in the region would be 35 cents a day (AUD$0.49).

The news outlet has calculated that over the years the fees, at that rate, would have totalled more than $9,325.25 (AUD$13,000).

But luckily there are no late fees on children’s books, and for adult books they are capped at $15 (AUD$21).

“This is the oldest thing I’ve ever seen. And we don’t always get an explanation of how it was lost to us for so long,” acting director of the Montgomery County Public Libraries, Anita Vassallo, told the local news outlet.

And they won’t have the same issue with this particular book again as it will stay in the library from now on, with officials saying it is too fragile to be checked out.

However, if anyone wants to take a look at it they will be able to.

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Posted 17 February 2019 - 12:05 PM

Huge python relocated after seeking refuge in Queensland home

The sheer size of a massive scrub python found inside a Queensland home is shocking hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

Megan Prouse filmed a five-minute-long clip on Friday morning of the snake, said to weigh about 40 kilograms and measure about 5.5 metres in length, being removed from her friend’s house in Mission Beach.

That footage has now been viewed close to three million times in two days.

“I’d never seen one that size before, it was like a movie,” Ms Prouse told Yahoo7, adding that the creature was “beautiful”.

The homeowner is believed to have spotted the snake in her laundry at about 4.30 that morning.

“She was just walking around her house and the dog was barking at something and she just came out and saw it curled up in the corner,” the homeowner’s friend Megan said.

“It just had a meal and was looking for somewhere to sleep it off.”

Three dogs live at the property so a snake catcher was called to relocate the large reptile.

Due to the sheer size of the snake, a relative of the homeowner stepped in to help the snake catcher who had been called to remove the reptile.

“It was a lot bigger than was expected but we made do,” Ms Prouse said.

It didn’t want to squeeze in the snake catcher’s black bag so an onlooker was asked to grab a doona cover.

Ms Prouse also added it was “insane” how strong the reptile was.

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Posted 21 February 2019 - 02:42 AM

'Nature in your face': Incredible video shows python attempting to eat bird on roof

A python has been filmed trying to eat a large bird on the roof of a home on the NSW Far North Coast

A crafty snake had somehow managed to slither up the antenna of the Kingscliff home gaining the perfect vantage point to pounce on a visiting currawong.

“Never seen this before…python trying to eat a currawong on our antenna,” Cathy Gall wrote, sharing the video to a local Facebook group Wednesday morning.

The minute-long clip shows the lifeless bird’s head trapped in the snake’s extended mouth, as the serpent attempts to wriggle its prey up the antenna.

With its meal in the snake’s grasp, the reptile struggles to bring the bird closer, while coiled to the vertical antenna.

“Live action…such determination from the python to hold onto the currawong… happily eating it now on our roof, nature in your face,” Ms Gall commented in a separate post.

She later shared an update, with a picture of the snake in a more advantageous position having abandoned its post on the antenna. The python can be seen laying on the roof, wrapped in a firm hold around the bird.

“It finally dropped onto our roof & is slowing eating the currawong!” she wrote.

One person commented, saying: “Only in Australia,” while another commended the predator for its cunning – not so much for its planning.

“Half smart. I bet that python has been watching the currawongs using the antenna and went up and waited in ambush. Not so smart because it hadn’t figured how to get it down,” she wrote.

Another suggested the resident call a snake catcher to remove the python, but Ms Gall said she had spoken to one who suggested she “just leave it to its business,” so she did.

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Posted 20 March 2019 - 10:13 PM

Man returns to his car to find a koala chilling in air-conditioned comfort
Heather Dockray,Mashable Wed., 20 Mar

Tim Whitrow, an Australian winemaker, was recently visiting a vineyard and left his car door open with teh air conditioning on to help keep his dog cool in the heat. When he returned to the vehicle he found a Koala chilling in the back seat.



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