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Hitler's great-grandmother was a key person in Japan's conspiracy.

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Posted 15 July 2019 - 10:42 AM

Hitler's great-grandmother was a key person in Japan's conspiracy.
"Theresia Pfeisinger" was a Hitler's great-grandmother.
Hitler's relatives were related to the Japanese conspiracy in many ways, but her dates are outstanding.
Probably, the Japanese empire planned a global wars at that time.
Probably she was a member of Japan's camouflaged army organization in Europe.
Probably, she was a member of camouflaged Japanese Buddhism, Nichiren Buddhism.
However, the Buddhist sect is very unique in many ways.
The members are very aggressive. And its similar Buddhist sect group, Soka Gakkai, has a strong power, having a political party, Komeito, as a coalition partner with the ruling Liberal Democratic Party under Prime Minister Abe.
The founder of the Nichiren Buddhism has a special miraculous history with the story of a bomb.
The death day of "Theresia Pfeisinger" was related to both the birth of Nichiren and the miraculous event of a bomb.
And finally, The Mitsubishi Zaibatsu group was founded after 50 years of her death.
On the other hand, with regard to her birthday, Yasukuni Shrine was founded 100 years later and the "groundbreaking" of "Narita International Airport" took place 200 years later.
During the 19th century, Japanese Buddhism was publicly persecuted.
However, this persecution was extreme in Satsuma (present-day Kagoshima, in my region).
Almost all the temples were destroyed. All the monks lost jobs and were reemployed as soldiers or policemen.
At that time many outstanding samurai came out from Satsuma region.
Among them, Saigo Takamori is the most famous samurai.
However, as the result of historical investigation, it has turned out that he was an estranger and was almost a terrorist. His origin is unknown.
Probably, the Japanese empire planned global wars and prepared some escapes.
One was the false accusation against the region Satsuma.
In addition to that, in Satsuma, Buddhism was completely destroyed.
It was another escape.
Because the Nazi swastika was the camouflaged Japanese Buddhism.
November 11, 1870 - Iwasaki Yataro set up a trading company, "Tsukumo Shokai".
Later the company changed its name to "Mitsubishi Shokai".
It was the beginning of the Mitsubishi Zaibatsu group.
( Hypotheses are included. )

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