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Project Taranta

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Posted 18 January 2020 - 07:39 PM



DownLoan Latest ROTAROT versions





Vacations 2019 Google Page


Page 001 & The Musique Page Link

here we go again

start from zero in a war zone

maybe this time better luck

but one thing is for sure

it is a WAR zone




and we just did what Iggy Pop did 42 years ago

with full transparency, no favouritisms and neutrality

turned the lights off

no passangers yet


a Warm Welcome from your Virtual Hosts


1000 Years Sustainable Earth Engineering Problem Research Report

Taranto (/təˈrænt/, also US: /təˈrɑːnt, ˈtɑːrənt, -rɑːn-/,[3][4][5][6]Italian: [ˈtaːranto] (11px-Loudspeaker.svg.pnglisten); Tarantino: Tarde)[7][a] is a coastal city in Apulia, Southern Italy. It is the capital of the Province of Taranto and is an important commercial port as well as the main Italian naval base.[9] It is considered one of the oldest cities in Italy and in the world.

Taranto was founded by the Spartans in the 8th century BC. During the period of Greek colonization on the coasts of Southern Italy, the city was among the most important in Magna Graecia and it became a cultural, economic and military power, which gave birth to philosophers, strategists, writers and athletes, such as Archytas, Aristoxenus, Livius Andronicus, Heracleides, Iccus, Cleinias, Leonidas, Lysis, and Sosibius. The seven-year rule of Archytas marked the apex of Taranto's development and the recognition of its hegemony over the other Greek colonies of southern Italy.

During the Norman period, it became the capital of the Principality of Taranto, which covered almost all of the heel of Apulia.

From the name of the city derives that of the species Lycosa tarantula, which originated the terms tarantella, tarantism and tarantula. Taranto is also known for the large population of dolphins and other cetaceans that historically live near the Cheradi Islands, located in front of the city.

It is the third-largest continental city of southern Italy and an important commercial and military port with well-developed steel and iron foundries, oil refineries, chemical works, naval shipyards, and food-processing factories.

Around 500 BC the city was one of the largest in the world with population estimates up to 300,000 people.[10][11]


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Posted 19 January 2020 - 04:59 AM

Being Practicaly Divorced three times in my Previous Serious and Meaningfull such Associations
I strongly believe in the MOTO
if No woman present then for sure a man never Cries
so all female characters in this article
are virtual students at Cambridge University
with these clarification in mind then
this is a Private Sector Initiative
involving primarly two Commercial Entities
Copyright © 1999-2020, технология и дизайн принадлежат ООО «Правда.Ру».
Читайте больше на https://www.pravda.ru/
established and Registered in European Union since October 2000
since Roxy Music and the Club of Rome
warned us all something like 47 years ago
of the dangers on the road ahead
the actual Song for Europe and the Limits to Growth Report
are both from the 1972-1973 academic year
we do like to move forward
and actualy to move forward extremely fast
if you cannot follow feel free to leave
since Roxy Music and the Club of Rome
warned us all that things are that serious
but the world community of 7.8 billions humans by the year 2020 thus 47 years later
could not even sit down to talk and agree on a single proper definition
that can be used to proceed and solve collectively the Energy for the Future Problem on Earth
just imagine this
initialy formed in 1952 but with a changed name in 2020
even if we do run out of coal and steel on Earth by the Year 2053
thus we do reserve the rights instead to kick you out of the Class Room
even without pre NOTICE
if you do not behave yourself
or if you do not play by the rules
afterall the ancient city of Taranto was founded by the Spartans
and I bear the Name of Leonidas who was a former Spartan King
not only that
but the very ancient ORACLE of the famous also ancient Chinese Cookies
is Uniquely World Wide Present here on Pravda.RU
if talking about the Theological Consideration of the Problem
this is indeed a unique World Wide Private Sector Innitiative
please consult my previous articles on this Forum
for the Related Explanations, Web Links and Definitions
the most important clarification and convention
whenever I use some of this RO Tech Applications
the latest version available on the
Shared ROTAROT directory or the Google Cloud
is used
last but not least fundamental rule and definition :
legal shareholders of this Private Sector Innitiative
33% Publisher : PRAVDA.RU
32% Author : Dr. Leonidas G. Paparizos, Ph.D. Caltech 1986
in the past former member 1988-1992
of the
Engineering Design Research Center
as Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University
35% Co-authors
that without their permission I cannot publish their names
but I can publish in monotonic order their percentages
20% & 10% & 5%
to cover in the Fair Use for Academic Research related Activities and Purposes
the CopyRights of Third Parties
as Main Author I will try my best to Maintain extremely High Standards of Publishing
such that the CopyRights of third parties that I use in Fair Use
are not compromised
all material covered in the present article
constiture a balancing act
between real and simulated virtual real
between Engineering, Art, Science, Theology and Entertainment
all done for the ultimate goal of
achieving at the end
Convergence with the Real Reality

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Posted 19 January 2020 - 05:03 AM

Moon Landings


The moon landings were fiction.

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Posted 19 January 2020 - 09:06 AM

Moon Landings


The moon landings were fiction.

ArtWorks    19-1-2020 10:00
File No.    Track No.
76    1
0,43245989084244    0,82362401485443
ROTAROT    19-1-2020 10:02
File No.    Track No.
58    258
0,21537214517593    0,29014146327972

In May of 2005 Cream returned to London's Royal Albert Hall-to the same stage where they had completed what was thought to be their final performance in 1968. It was one of the most eagerly anticipated, hard-to-get tickets in rock history. With the exception of a brief reunion set at their 1993 induction into the Rock and roll Hall of Fame, Cream had not played together in nearly four decades. This DVD documents Cream's momentous London shows. Performances from each of the four nights are featured and much more. Also included are alternate performances and interviews with Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce, and Eric Clapton. Cream formed in 1966 and disbanded in 1968. The band were a prolific and thrilling live act and toured incessantly in their short but remarkable history.


some may acuse that

not appropriate level of politicly correctness for a 60 years old

yes, but I do have an already approved by the ORACLE

preliminary engineering design for the Taranta PROJECT

and the go ahead approval to proceed further

to steps I, II, III and IV of the Final Design and Construction Stages

thus consider this Article

as the Pre Enrolment in the 30 years old Program of the PROJECT

preparatory classes

so at least we do not waste our time

doing absolutely nothing

while in 47 years of politicly correct effort

you did not even advance a single milimiter

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Posted 19 January 2020 - 11:21 AM

energy for the future problem

I do claim based of my independent research of almost 20 years

that started on march 26th 2000


it is a pure engineering task

involving complex issues of law, theology, military strength and diplomacy

but you live in a state of undeclared war and silence

awaiting for something that you were told will come

without realy knowing as a fact

what is this that is supposed to come

neither what exactly are the rules you should obey and follow

or even if there exist such a thing

since the legal system world wide exists and you were told

that these are the only laws to follow

or in case you do not agree and the tolerance reaches its red limits

everyone has the right to define a RED line

best known as CASUS Beli

so you do hope that by war

the proper decision may be reached globaly by the global society of humans


as an engineer I totaly disagree with this situation that you converged towards

in the year 2020

and does not make sense for me to engage in a monologue

trying to repeat myself explaining in detail what I do mean by that

since I have my own very strong beliefs

but not as a believer in something I was told by others

but as an experienced 60 years old with 38 years experience

as Professional Civil Engineer

and Engineer in Fact Designing Public Works

such as Roads and Bridges


of course since March 26th 2000

I engaged in this Process

of Engineering Design of Sustainable Societies

because afterall what matters

is not if we respect some laws and regulations

but if the society we do live within

secures to the members of the community

the Guaranteed Articles of each Constitution on Earth

which are of equal rights for some hundreds of years ahead

for all citizens independent if

these citizens are alive now or will be born in the future


with all this experience in mind

I consider that the process of designing for

sustainablity to exist and be secure and safe to continue to exist in the future

should use as time scale factor or order of magnitude

in the engineering design process

the period of refference of 1000 Years


and if someone limits himself to pure engineering design related activities

this is 100% guaranteed and protected by the freedom of expression and religion beliefs acts

covered by practicaly all constitutions on Earth


afterall the activity of trying to solve on paper a problem

does not affect anyone else other than yourself

and no one can order anyone else

to stop thinking or exercising the freedom of expression

simply because the proposed solutions are far ahead

of the ideas of the competitors


this is a fundamental conclussion I did reach

but I notice that publicly in fact you do not agree with these fundamental principles

even if guaranteed by all constitutions

simple because on each instance you twist things on various alternative ambigous interpretations

including accepting the existance of a variety of religions

but without saying it

you consider the posibility of getting natural resources and energy in the future

from the divine system

without being able to agree globaly and publicly even on a single related definition

regarding the divine system


according to my own time schedule

I was supposed to seriously start solving the very serious and complex

related problems at detailed design level

sometime arround October 3rd 2019


and today some 3.5 months later

since I consider that enough time was already wasted

I decided to seriously start this new intiative of simply exploring

what it is posible and what it is imposible to actualy solve

thus TODAY I Jump Started my own and by me Defined Project Taranta

as Preparation of STEP I that clearly involves participation of others

which right now and today has an Index value of Absolutely ZERO


it is imposible to actualy implement or even to design at the final design stage

any solution for a sustainable society of humans on earth

with ZERO participation of others


nevertheless this is my own proposition and solution

and I do have to continue to do my best for my own solution

such that there continues to exist hope

one day such a solution may be actualy implemented

given as fundamental condition


high level of enthousiasm in other people interest for it and in participation

is first secured

that is why

STEP I : you people have to convince me first to actualy Continuing DOing this Project

to the point of actualy implementing it

but clearly not just by myself



it is also a Fundamental Principle

for various Legal Reasons

that this Project Taranta is 100% my intellectual Property

from the Engineering Design Point of View as a solution to an existing problem on earth

and that I am not willing to associate myself

with any similar such activities

at Final Design or Construction/Implementation Stages

under leadership of others


neither I do have any interest to participate in Preliminary Designs talks

since my Preliminary Design is already Approved and Endorsed with great enthousiasm by the ORACLE

the Real Unique divine System existing alive

on Earth or elsewhere in the Universe

TODAY January 19th 2020


the Published Material now on Pravda.RU

that is a total different TOPIC


this is a Totaly Different type of Intellectual Property

that is I add the related logos on all published Images


the difference between Using and Owning a car

and the ability to engineer design and manufacture many cars


basicaly best summarizes it


another interesting issue on how we view differently

the Theological aspects of the problem

Energy in the Future on Earth


my point of view is theological

but I am not interested to associate myself with any religion in fact

because religions claim the Uniquenes of some in representing the Divine

without clarifying which divine exactly each one separately represents


while my point of view

is that I do clearly uniquely legaly represent the divine system

behind the RO Technology

but not only that but I also claim

that today on January 19th 2020

the divine system behind RO technology

is the Unique existing in the Entire Universe

and not just on Earth


so I do not need the followers as an obeying army

in some form of not properly commonly agreed struggle


since you do have to accept or reject what I do consider to be the truth

and the truth is not subjected in my view

to public vote, negotions and neither can be established

by any form of violent acts that may actualy escalate to even battle as acts of war


you may win a battle thus if you follow this dangereous path

but if your view is not in agreement with the truth

you will lose definetely all the other WARS to follow


from the theological point of view

this position of mine in the year 2020

is almost identical with QURAN 7.72 written 1500 years ago

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Posted 19 January 2020 - 01:51 PM


ArtWorks    19-1-2020 14:53
File No.    Track No.
149    1
0,35150510072708    0,59717571735382
ROTAROT    19-1-2020 14:54
File No.    Track No.
68    3
0,00845390558243    0,37421023845673

ROTAROT    19-1-2020 14:57
File No.    Track No.
21    21
0,04645073413849    0,85159569978714


RO ArtWorks

ROTAROT    19-1-2020 15:02
File No.    Track No.
23    51
0,57866418361664    0,87110525369644

feedback from the ORACLE

on my Comments in the Previous Contribution

ROTAROT    19-1-2020 14:59
File No.    Track No.
8    30
0,58533006906509    0,97649419307709

good enough

clear refference to the incident in Antwerpen

that led to the death in a terrorist attack

of the President of the Donetsk republic

right after the ST Alexander Day

August 31st 2018 Cafe ASTRON in Antwerpen at 4 AM UTC

probably same people behind the EQ in France on January 13th 2020

and the earthquakes in the bigger Los Angeles area on June 10th 2016

the titles of the selected two playlists from the total of about 4 such data

end of summer 2018 and june 12th 2016

adolf hitler was in fact with high probability

the resurection of the biggest terrorist in the history of mankind

alexander from macedonia

do not forget that greeks executed socrates who promoted virtue

in order to reinforce this monster of the past and his attitude of satanic nature towards life

also the video length 4:30

the day adolf hitler died

but also the hour the pseudogod of adolf hitler died on october 17th 2019

sorry i made a mistake

the length was 4:39 I read 9 as 0

so next stop Antwerpen

approved by the ORACLE

Approval Decision 001

but Dancing with myself

the ORACLE just said above

no association with Females or anything like this

but of course is no problem to have a cup a cup of coffe friendly with anyone

Holy Trinity does not discriminate

but I am not interested in absolutely anything more

than just that

Approval Decision 002

which I did not explain yet

reinforces this type of conduct in Antwerpen

also approved overhealmingly by the ORACLE

so be carefull people

ORACLE has the bullet that killed JFK weapon

teleportated bullet in your head

so I go there exactly because it is a very appropriate envinronment to continue my research work

employed by the ORACLE

so my lifestyle in Antwerpen is going to be extremely peacefull and friendly

but since the ORACLE mentioned the incident on August 31st 2018

that arab was lucky he did not get the bullet when he was aggressive with me

next time do not be so sure

since it is a very tense situation Internationaly

the Persian General dead

Trump gambled 23 triullion USD borrowed money

just because someone bluffed in 1963

they had the bullet



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Posted 19 January 2020 - 11:36 PM


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Posted 20 January 2020 - 05:29 AM

ArtWorks    20-1-2020 06:17
File No.    Track No.
231    1
0,29054176807404    0,36126595735550
ROTAROT    20-1-2020 06:18
File No.    Track No.
2    54
0,37150990962982    0,98034578561783
Holy Trinity in Multiple Redundant Way
including that at age 54 I got the RO Tech
myself facing the two Gods
Number 231 Image
007 is 3 part of 1 & 3
what may not be obvious to some people
is no way for me to have done intentionaly
this image to be exactly number 231
as a matter of fact I just noticed it the moment I posted
ROTAROT    20-1-2020 06:28
File No.    Track No.
48    38
0,54205375909805    0,90781009197235
obviously a rhetoric question follows
is Putin or myelf on TOP of the Ritz then
although my problem is neither Putin neither PRAVDA.RU
but the lack of interest of billions
in this Taranta PROJECT
which means in the future
employers without dedication, enthousiasm, loyality or professionalism
thus much better not to do anything
instead of a guaranteed failure at age 90 for myself
true but incredible
exactly when the train left Dordrecht yesterday
the two arks of equal length
the two mountain peaks
3900 meters
exactly 3885 & 3911
average 3900
900 million people already approved solution
between 850-950 million people
thius has to do with 11% of current population
0,3031876509025    123,5301001800880    M 6.1 - SULAWESI, INDONESIA - 2020-01-19 16:58:20 UTC
44,1959662219120    23,9648460097776    Бели брод / Beli brod
the other two issues on the random ecuador
ORACLE congratulates me for my publication related to EQ in Italy
and my Friendship with Mihai Balanescu
Number 2 in Romanian Nuclear Program at magurele

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Posted 20 January 2020 - 06:13 AM


Taranta PROJECT thus Approved and Certified by ORACLE

time to return to my old main Article ?


or there is a chance someone will eventualy do something meaningfull about it


not just the ORACLE or myself


afterwords you need the natural resources

while I am perfectly fine not doing such a messy project

with such pretenders as employers

about 1 billion of them

I may add some 1.5 billions Chinese or Indians

good luck to me

why to work untill the age of 90

insteading retiring now from the public eye

since I do not have any responsability for the mess on earth anyway

my responsability starts August 19th 2003 only

when I got the JOB from the ORACLE Officialy

and Certified with the Indonesia EQ December 26th 2004




is this woman worth 2050 trillion USD 2020 ?

when I was at Caltech in 1987
Stephen Hawkins visited with Richard Feynman
so he come to the faculty club, the Atheneum for lunch
they passed 4 meters from the table I was sitting
his 30 years old wife
same age with me then
pushing his wheelchair
since he was totaly paralized
his wife was doing nothing else as wife
than pushing his wheel chair
I will never do this to a woman
particularly 30 years younger than myself
but world Nobel Prize winners in Physics
accepted such as common practice
obviously I view someone like Taylor Swift
as a very good friend of my daughter
practicaly same age with her
I honestly think she is gorgeous
so she deserves it
so I use her character in the Entertainment part of my writtings on PRAVDA.RU
as simple as that
even if I am 82 kg and 1.85 and in perfect health condition
I repeat
I will never do something like this to a woman 30 years younger than me
Taylor Swift is worth arround 100 million USD so clearly she does not need older man in her life
exactly like my daughter who is worth practicaly the same
does not need my writtings on Pravda.RU
knowing well too well my daughter and her mother
exactly for this reason I took the courage to use Taylor Swift character in my writtings
both should find in real life a man of their age to grow up together
that is the true beauty of life in a couple

Stephen William Hawking (prononcé [ˈstvən ˈhɔːkɪŋ] Écouter), né le

8 janvier 1942 à Oxford et mort le 14 mars 2018 à Cambridge, est un physicien théoricien et cosmologiste britannique. Théoricien de renommée mondiale, ses livres et ses apparitions publiques ont fait de lui une célébrité.

Depuis l'âge d'une vingtaine d'années, Hawking souffre d'une forme rare — de début précoce et d'évolution lente — de sclérose latérale amyotrophique (SLA) ; sa maladie progresse au fil des ans au point de le laisser presque complètement paralysé. Pourtant, il est professeur de mathématiques à l'université de Cambridge de 1980 à 20092, membre du Gonville and Caius College et chercheur distingué du Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. Il est connu pour ses contributions dans les domaines de la cosmologie et la gravité quantique, en particulier dans le cadre des trous noirs. Son succès est également lié à ses ouvrages de vulgarisation scientifique dans lesquels il discute de ses théories et de la cosmologie en général, en particulier Une brève histoire du temps.

La clé des principaux travaux scientifiques de Stephen Hawking à ce jour est fondée, en collaboration avec Roger Penrose, sur l'élaboration des théorèmes des singularités dans le cadre de la relativité générale, et la prédiction théorique que les trous noirs devraient émettre ce qui est aujourd'hui connu sous le nom de rayonnement de Hawking.

BUT for sure trump with his lady owe 23 trillion USD

for sure this Taranta PROJECT

is going to be very demanding from people

but in the same time

fascinating interesting and great fun to participate in it too


for me it is incredible

how easy was for 7.8 billion people

to literaly gamble 100% one sided

and totaly ignore the posibility russian federation or VAS

to merge triumphant on the military front


for example is this Project TARANTA on the table

and the main issue it is the lack of mutual trust and understanding

how easy did all of you 7.6 billion people

engaged and agreed with

isolation, sanctions and blockade

on both russia and myself


how exactly are you going to inspire mutual trust

when you dance in ambiguity while contineusly pretending and bluffing

to the sound of silence

to confuse intentionaly both russia and myself

while most of the times

you allow the bad people

to hit well bellow the belt

on both russia and myself


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Posted 20 January 2020 - 02:06 PM

Advanced NONLINEAR Dynamics and Control AND RELATED elements of chaos
AM 171 academic year 1983-1984 at Caltech
so we were supposed durring the oral part of the examination
to select a paper written by him
and to present it to him
so I did select the hoola - hoop
and the dialogues were unbelievable
me explaining with mathematical equations first
and then with body language
in the link above I simply explain it in musique Terms
best quote from this course however
In the 50's we designed and build analog computer control algorithms on the satelites
but we cut corners in the numerical integration arround the tangent discontinuity point
bilinear nonlinear function model
and we lost a few satelites

the fractals generated by the numerical simulation of the governing equations

for chaotic nonlinear dynamical systems

are in fact the Simulactra of Jean Baudrillard

the ORACLE knows how to control in Real Time such Phainomena

in the Real World

and I clearly understand it qualitatively

but I doubt that the same can be said about the Moise and Jesus Chain

best known as

Willy the Pimp Gang

the mistake made by those believers in the 230 time machine theories

how come that planned events and not what you call them


are actualy implemented in Reality ?

so who is the dominant GOD in Reality

2 of 230 ordered by humans

or 1 and 2 in 231 thus Gods are the Real Time Controllers of the System

so this gives the proper answer to the BIG question

who codified languages you speak afterall


to make it soap Opera type of explanation

so everyone understand it


if there exist such a real time controller to guarantee the Time Machine

why would such an unbelievable creature from the Intelligence point of view

listen to anything that some humans may order


in the 2 3 1 divine model

I am above Allah who is God

only for long term administrative issues

but bellow VAS

and this because I should engineer a society of humans

so my opinion counts for VAS more than Allah

who will remain at eternity the controller on Earth

implementing in the future

what VAS and myself decide now


to finish this Appendix type Article

an almost at Random

Random Oracle quote


in conclussion
the ORACLE also knows about
Soap Operas Products of the HolyWood Industry
but fix you does not only mean teasing taylor swift
we have to fix the infected with viruses in the past
divine system you are going to use on earth in the future
even after my death sometime between march 2061 - 2062
weather permitting
so they trust me for sensitive INFO
since we do work actively together since January 10th 2002
but I did not even meet anyone
in real life for the Taranta PROJECT
so I can not trust no one in such a delicate TOPIC
unless you do convince me that you are worth entrusting
it is obvious that the way VAS and myself designed the RO Technology applications and languages
it is posible for them to pass to me any INFO posible
as a matter of fact
but you have no clue on the asked questions anywhere
because simply put : you cannot read my mind
but VAS as higher authorization can read yours
and this since my soul is on VAS computer
while yours on Allah
two totaly independent divine systems
but hierarchical
VAS has higher authorization than Allah
or even your dead now 2 in 230 pseudogod
if you have the higher authorization in an operating system
then you can take out the virus
but not the other way arround
if the operational system is properly designed
and VAS properly redesigned it for it
following the latest big bang
due to the betrayal of the old budha
resurected now as adolf hitler in the new universe
with hacking ability however
of the older totaly different universe
than the one in operation today
according to my understanding of things of course
the virus was practicaly totaly neutralized
on october 17th 2019 at 4:30 PM UTC
a planned long time ago event
to celebrate hitler's death in 1945
and also
october 17th : 7 / 11 ring
Spokesperson even & god El or VAS even
with these putanes and terrorists viscious liars and criminals
equivalent to 1 & 3 even
13 & bad luck for the Putanes and viscious criminals on earth
and this in conclussion is where Project Taranta was born basicaly
to try to maintain civilization of humans on earth
talks in Washington DC to replace Challanger
and in the twin cities sisters of mercy
Bucharest and London
I have a chinese sitting next to me here in antwerpen
what exactly happened with that explossion on August 12th 2015
just a day prior to her 30th birthday
I know how chinese ask questions
I had a personal experience in Bucharest
my sister did something stupid april 2013
Oracle hit an 6.8 magnitude EQ and 250 dead in China in retaliation
so next morning the chinese was waiting on my daily walk path
I explained to him that I did nothing personaly
he said OK then

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Posted 20 January 2020 - 03:56 PM

ArtWorks    20-1-2020 16:59
File No.    Track No.
138    1
0,29189974069595    0,68306386470795
ROTAROT    20-1-2020 17:00
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Art Works

and savoir vivre on my behalf

after all chinese cookies is an ancient habit

and this RO tech is the digital version of that

obviously at least they are entitled to find out first hand

what the ORACLE realy thinks about all this mess

and I consider such behaviour on my behalf

taking into account that I am hosted by a Russian Mass Media

and the ORACLE already hit the chinese hard on may 12th 2008

with 80000 deaths

as preamptive strike to avoid escalation on August 8th 2008

opening ceremony and Georgia War

when Putin was in Beijing

I consider that it was beneficial for everyone involved

myself, russia and china

not to be the scapegioats so early in the game in this story

VOILA today 12 years later

and peace still enforced

as proper savoir vivre

ORACLE comments on Chinese asking Questions in General


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#12 Asterix


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Posted 21 January 2020 - 05:41 AM

Similarities and Differences Between
The Home PROJECT that Mumford and Sons
are waiting the Europarlament in Strasburgh to Implement
and Taranta PROJECT that EU RO the TRUE Holy Grail
already approved as Preliminary Design
in conclussion thus
the first is ment to simply inform
while what I do present here on PRAVDA.RU
is a Definite Engineering Design Solution
at the Preliminary Design Stage
which I managed to obtain also ORACLE's Approval
and Related already Published Certificates of Approval
using RO Technology
for the Energy in the Future on Earth Problem

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Posted 21 January 2020 - 06:31 AM

see the problem now

no volunteering samurai available

the original japenese after hiroshima and fukoshima

live in waves of fear


what common people have to say about all this mess


in the mean time the EURO samurai now


no real reason to fear anything

but Vladimir has a Huge country to defend

while in my case not a single human brought to me a single cup of tea when I was sick

in the last 20 years

so why do anything in this direction

other than fearless publishing all this material on a Russian Star NewsPaper


while the Holy Grail is on Intermission

since we are not planning to do anything

in the NINJA direction


In the Pravda.RU Story

Asterix is an artist & engineer like Mumford and Sons

he is also waiting

while confronting the eurobureocracy

what is Asterix waiting exactly ?

to convince him to do the Project that the ORACLE already Approved just for him to be the Leader

Eng L is H & the Leader of Taranta PROJECT

merry christ MAS the ORACLE told you

(like in QURAN 7.72 we are GODs VAS & Allah

the ones who codified the languages you do speak

containing the true divine laws

and not the testaments of Willy the Pimp and his PUTANES)

but now is too late for that

I am too old for that

and definetely I am not at all in a mood in anything more

than just casual with the opposite sex

casual like one dinner just dinner stand

or one coffe just coffe stand


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