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Time to Rumble

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Posted 17 September 2020 - 08:45 PM

Found one, but the ones I was looking for, not yet.



Th3 photos aren't perfect but what you say is fact



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Posted 18 September 2020 - 10:06 PM

Now why did Pravda ignore this news?


Must not be pro israel enough


Is Atossa "The Handmaiden of God" as she claims or just another POA?



Pentagon sending troops to Syria after clashes between U.S., Russian military

The troops are meant to discourage Russians from crossing into the eastern area where U.S., coalition, and Syrian Democratic Forces operate, say officials.
Donald J. Trump's Troops ( the "J" stands for Jumbled) and Israelis are telling Russia and Syria where they can go in Syria
Will the Kremlin and Sergy Shoygu go cower in the corner while nervously chewing their fingrenails?
U.S. military vehicle patrols near the Rumaylan (Rmeilan) oil fields in Syria's Kurdish-controlled northeastern Hasakeh province, on Sept. 17, 2020.
(NBCNEWS) WASHINGTON — The Pentagon is deploying a small number of U.S. troops to Syria after a series of escalating encounters between the U.S. and Russian militaries, according to three U.S. defense officials.

The troops and vehicles will serve as a show of presence to discourage the Russian military from crossing into the eastern security area where U.S., coalition, and Syrian Democratic Forces operate, the officials said.


The additional troops will include six Bradley Fighting Vehicles and fewer than 100 soldiers operating in northeast Syria on a 90-day deployment.


A U.S. official said, "These actions and reinforcements are a clear signal to Russia to adhere to mutual de-confliction processes and for Russia and other parties to avoid unprofessional, unsafe and provocative actions in northeast Syria."


While U.S. military and Russian forces have come in contact at checkpoints and along highway M4 in Syria throughout 2020, on Aug. 17 U.S. and Syrian Democratic Forces came under small arms fire after passing through a checkpoint near Tal al-Zahab, Syria. The U.S. and SDF had permission from the pro-Syrian regime forces manning the checkpoint, but then began to take fire from unidentified forces nearby. The U.S. and SDF returned fire and did not suffer any casualties. U.S. officials said the small arms fire likely came from Syrian and Russian forces."




More at: https://www.nbcnews....ussian-n1240319



More to come.......

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Posted 19 September 2020 - 12:57 PM



Donald J. Trump, the "J" stands for Jambalaya, because his brain is so mixed up with different ingredients.  Jambalaya Trump is in such a tizzy, he just doesn't know who he should attack next, Syria,  Russia,  Iran,  Libya, China, Yemen, or the Hubble telescope high up in the Trumposphere. "These are pandemically importantly questionings" accordingly to Mr. Trump.




The New Trumpian Motto for the 2020 Election

"Turn the Hubble Into Rubble! We have just begun to fightly"


Here we go again today with the same "Let's send aRrnies marching on Syria and smack the Russian military around.". And of course President Jambalya asks our troops, "Win One For the Blimper!" Losers and suckers, Mr. President shame on you!



U.S. Sending More Troops to Syria to Counter the Russians



The deployment of armored vehicles, advance radar and more fighter jets comes in response to a Russian convoy ramming an U.S. ground patrol, injuring seven soldiers.


(NY Times) WASHINGTON — "The military said on Friday that it was sending Bradley fighting vehicles, advanced radar and more fighter jet patrols to northeast Syria, three weeks after a Russian armored vehicle rammed an American ground patrol and injured seven American soldiers." ............


"Russian military personnel have increasingly had run-ins with U.S. troops on highways in the region, breaking agreements between the two countries to steer clear of each other, American officials say. The United States withdrew from much of that area last fall before a Turkish cross-border offensive".


More at: https://www.nytimes....ria-russia.html


The stats in the article are quite "suspicious"


And here's the New Trumpousa March for the boys, especially those that love those Louisiana Darlings.!




Ma Cher Amio (My Dear Love - in Cajun French)



<iframe width="789" height="444" src="https://www.youtube....ed/ebDQjQe58Pw"frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>




See also: (Army Times) US sends mechanized troops back into Syria

More to come.......



Will Russian Troops fight her?

Wrestle maybe. So why does the US President want to kill?

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Posted 20 September 2020 - 09:23 PM

Well the  ultimate threat to Turkish Aegean hegemony







Greece militarizing Aegean islands close to Turkey's mainland poses national security threat


"A tangle of jurisdictional disputes over the definition of air and sea rights, growing tensions over offshore gas and oil exploration and the militarization of certain Greek Islands in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean seas have been plaguing Turkish-Greek relations. Amid simmering tensions, experts point to the fact that the militarization of islands close to the Turkish mainland poses a threat to Ankara’s national security.


More Turkish propaganda and fake news at: .https://www.dailysab...security-threat








How does Goat meat taste?


Like an  old goat that stinks like Erdogan

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Posted 20 September 2020 - 09:36 PM

So what do you  perceive in the above article


This isn't all Turk writing in the  above article.


American, maybe CIA helping Turkey written at least in part.


So much for the fake love of Greece and Christians 


Donald J.  Trump, the "J" stands for jackinoff  in Church, you just lost your re-election. Y'all out slicked yourself.Go back  to the Clintons and the jew mob, Biden may not win either



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Posted 21 September 2020 - 12:35 PM

Is This A True Story?


Merkel's Germany tells Greece to Lay Down Its Arms

and Kiss Erdogan's Smelly Turkish Butt 





Merkel: "Mein Liebchen"

Erdogan: "Oh, my  dear goat butt"



ESTIA: Germany is pushing Greece to demilitarise its islands close to Turkey


"ESTIA, the oldest newspaper in Greece still in circulation, had a headline claiming that Germany wants Greece to demilitarise its islands close to Turkey.

“Berlin is pushing Athens for the demilitarization of the islands,” the ESTIA newspaper wrote on its front page on Friday.


YESTERDAY’s [Thursday’s] appearance of the German Ambassador Dr. Ernst Reichel before the Special Standing Committee on European Affairs of the Parliament was a real surprise. Not because the foreign diplomat was told that ‘we can not show the utmost cruelty towards Turkey because if we do that we will destroy our ability to mediate.’ When he appeared he did not understand the criticism leveled by Greece against Germany, because as he argued ‘we are not neutral’ and how ‘at the next European Council we will address Turkey with the threat of the EU,'” ESTIA wrote.


“The ambassador’s attitude was a real surprise, because behind his words, without being obvious, of course, an initiate discerned the Chancellor’s ultimate aspirations for the Aegean,” the newspaper continued.



Erdogan; "Greeks get out of the GREEK ISLANDS"


Turkey says that Greek Military Troops are "Unlawful"

I suppose only Turkey's military troops are lawful



However, the newspaper would then claim that Germany is pressurising Greece to withdraw its military from the Eastern Aegean islands while at the same time telling Turkey to disband its Aegean (Fourth) Army based in Smyrni (Σμύρνη, Turkish: İzmir).


“Berlin is pressuring Athens and Ankara at the same time to withdraw troops, with the Army and the National Guard leaving our islands and islets, and another for Smyrni,” the newspaper said.


“This is something that is the goal of Erdogan, who for’s appetite calls for the demilitarisation of Erimos, Agathonisi, Farmakonisi and Chios!” the newspaper continued.

As the German ambassador stressed, “The Chancellor considers that it is her personal duty to avoid a military conflict and to have a peaceful border.”


Turkey, even if it withdraws its Aegean Army, will still have its eyes set on the islands if they are demilitarise so that they can have a repeat of the Cyprus invasion."

Merkel should kiss Turkish butts. Germany won't
<iframe width="789" height="592" src="https://www.youtube....ed/2AzpHvLWFUM"frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Turks have no soul,  only goat butts

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Posted 22 September 2020 - 01:53 PM

This is what happens when stupids, both Republican and Democrat "run" the U.S. government and do Israel's demonic bidding.


So what do y'all think  will happen? The world will pull down its drawers for the Trumpian US and israel to be raped again, or will the US, Turkey, and israeli terrorist alliance  aka ISIS, find themselves fighting everyone in  the saloon? 








Russia, China, Pakistan, Iran Start One Of World’s Most Fiercest Military Drills


Russia launched a major military drill on Monday, involving almost 80,000 servicemen. Kavkaz-2020 (Caucasus-2020) is the final stage of annual combat training this year, the Defense Ministry said in a statement.

Taiwan Looks To Acquire Lethal US Missiles That Can Devastate Chinese Naval Vessels

(eurasiantimes) "The main operations during the drill will take place in the North Caucasus, as well as in the Black and Caspian seas, all of which are part of the country’s Southern Military District.


Up to 1,000 servicemen from Armenia, Belarus, China, Myanmar and Pakistan were invited to practice joint actions, while the Iranian military vessels are expected to join naval exercises. Representatives from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Indonesia, Iran and Sri Lanka plan to participate as observers.


The exercise will engage up to 250 tanks, 450 infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers, 200 artillery systems and multiple launch rocket systems.

Earlier, a EurAsian Times reported, India had decided to pull-out from multilateral war drills in Russia. In an official statement, New Delhi cited the COVID-19 pandemic as the reason however, local media reports stated that China and Pakistan’s participation in the exercise was a major factor behind the withdrawal.


According to defense experts talking to the EurAsian Times who did not wish to be named, said that Russia is India’s strongest and most dependable ally for decades and three of India’s foes – China, Pakistan, and Turkey are expected to participate in the military drills.



By pulling out, India has conveyed to Russia its disinterest to associate with regional foes while at the same time, New Delhi has given strategic space to them, especially to Pakistan who is desperate to befriend Moscow which opinion-makers in New Delhi should have blocked.


Looks like the Trump team is already getting burned and to be burned up. These drills take place regularly but this year ther is a certain gravitas to the preparations.





Putin's master plan? China and Iran join Russian military troops



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Posted 22 September 2020 - 08:42 PM

As long as the world believes the jewish-israeli fairy tale that no attack can get through their "iron dome", everyone will remain a "goymbie"


Y'all know what a "goymbie" is don't you?


A "goymbie is a goyim turned into a zombie by jewish Christ Killers.


Even a 4th grader without military science or combat experience can figure out that the iron dome is NOT impervious to every mode of offensive maneuvers..


The Beirut Bombing was done by jews and israel with the war criminals Trump and  Pompeo's blessing.


Looky hya now:



Powerful blast rocks Hezbollah stronghold in south Lebanon




A Hezbollah civil defense ambulance block a road that leads to the site of an explosion that rocked a Hezbollah stronghold, in the southern village of Ain Qana, Lebanon, Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2020. The powerful explosion sent thick grey smoke billowing over the village, but the cause was not clear. (AP 


AIN QANA, Lebanon (AP) — A powerful explosion shook a Hezbollah stronghold in southern Lebanon on Tuesday, sending thick grey smoke billowing over the village, but the cause was not clear.


The Lebanese army said the blast occurred in a building in the southern village of Ain Qana, above the port city of Sidon, and that it was investigating. Lebanon's official news agency, NNA, said the explosion coincided with intense Israeli overflights “that did not leave the skies” over the area since Tuesday morning.


It said the cause of the explosion, which damaged buildings, shattered windows and caused panic among residents, was not known.


The mysterious blast added to collective anxiety in a country still reeling from last month's massive explosion in Beirut and struggling with an unprecedented economic crisis.


“Thank God that there were no human losses, but there was a lot of panic, everyone was frightened," said a villager who identified himself by his last name, Honeina.


The Israeli military declined to comment. Hezbollah and Israel fought a month-long war in 2006. Since then, the Iran-backed militant group is believed to have expanded its arsenal, amassing tens of thousands of rockets and missiles that can hit virtually anywhere in Israel.


Hezbollah members imposed a security cordon around the blast area Tuesday, barring journalists from reaching it. Footage broadcast by the local Al Jadeed station showed damage to buildings and debris scattered across a large area. The shaky footage also showed what appeared to be a minibus on fire. Other footage showed a wrecked SUV parked outside a damaged house.


The mysterious blast comes seven weeks after the giant explosion at Beirut's port, caused by the detonation of nearly 3,000 tons of improperly stored ammonium nitrate. That explosion killed nearly 200 people, injured 6,500 and damaged tens of thousands of buildings in the capital.


It is still not clear what caused the initial fire that ignited the chemicals, and so far no one has been held accountable.


A Hezbollah official said there were no casualties from Tuesday's explosion and that no Hezbollah members were targeted. Another local Hezbollah official in Ain Qana, Ali Nazar, said the explosion destroyed a house where old mines and shells leftover from "past Israeli aggression” were being collected by a de-mining agency for disposal.


A Lebanese security official in southern Lebanon said the explosion occurred in a Hezbollah arms depot in the village, but did not elaborate on the cause. The official spoke on condition of anonymity in line with regulations.


Israel violates Lebanese air space on an almost daily basis, and its aircraft have flown particularly low over many areas in the past few days. The commander of the U.N. peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon, Maj. Gen. Stefano Del Col, told NNA Monday that the force has in recent days recorded a large number of air violations by the Israeli military.


He said the continuous overflights constitute a violation of U.N. Security Council Resolution 1701 and Lebanese sovereignty.


“Such continued violations lead to an escalation of tension and can lead to incidents that threaten the cessation of hostilities between Lebanon and Israel,” he was quoted as saying.


Israel accuses Hezbollah of violating the same U.N. resolution by operating close to the border, where it says the militants maintain forward operating posts and dig tunnels intended for future attacks.


Neither side is believed to be seeking war, but both have warned that the next round of hostilities will be far more devastating to the other side than the 2006 conflict.

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Posted 23 September 2020 - 08:01 PM

So after another israeli bombing of lebanon, I told you so.


Now the Trumpian U.S. State Department is backing Turkey's objection to a map that delineates the legitimate claims to the Eastern Aegean oil and gas reservoirs.  it appears that Greece and Cyprus and also included are Egypt and israel along with a few pweipheral claims but Turkey is virtually excluded/


Turkey continues to "explore and agitate" threatening war.


The US appears to be taking Turkey side and declaring the "Seville map" illegal This map, called the Seville map is difficult to find online as it is inundated with Turkish and Trumpian US articles siding with Turkey whose Continental shelf boundaries including  oil and gas are limited.


As a result Turkey has invoked threats of another land and sea grab in the Mediterranean prior to a looming attack on Greece, Cyprus, and the Greek Isles.


It's going to get very bloody


The Seville Map that challenges Turkey, Greece, US and the EU


"The United States does not consider the so-called “Seville Map” as “legally bounded” the US Embassy in Ankara said late on Monday. The Embassy was reportedly commending to Turkish media reports and recent statements by Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu. The map is claimed to delineate maritime boundaries in the Eastern Mediterranean and outline the Greek and Cypriot exclusive economic zones and is based on a study conducted by the University of Seville in 2000.


“The United States as a matter of global policy does not take positions on other states’ maritime boundary disputes. With respect to the ‘legal status’ of the Seville map, the United States does not consider the Seville Map to have any legal significance. We understand the European Union does not consider the Seville Map to be a legally binding document,” the embassy said in a post on Twitter late on Monday.




Boundary Overview




 US Turkish denial of "current" legal boundaries





 Greece must fight or lose their country to Turkish invaders.

Turkey knows no  other language


Much more to come.....

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Posted 26 September 2020 - 01:55 AM

Anything Turkey touches sours, but who would have expected this so soon?


Tensions between Turkey and Russia rise in Idlib following failed talks
Turkish officials are preparing for the worst case scenario as talks in Ankara made clear that Moscow doesn't want a new deal
(Middle EAST EYE) "After years of air strikes, clashes, blood and agony, Syria’s last opposition-held province, Idlib, has been enjoying some relative peace for the last six months.

For the first time, activists and civilians were not living under the constant fear of attacks by the forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his Russian allies.

But the situation changed last week during high-level diplomatic talks in Ankara between Russian and Turkish officials.


That same day, Russian warplanes bombarded opposition positions on the outskirts of Idlib, as busloads of civilians ferried by the Assad government near Turkish military observation stations reportedly tried to break past the Turkish military barricades. 


A Turkish source with knowledge of the situation told Middle East Eye that talks between Turkish and Russian officials failed because “the Russian bear” wouldn’t agree to anything reasonable. “They won’t listen,” the source said.




Russian officials have repeated the same talking point in numerous meetings, pointing to Turkey's responsibility under its commitments in the Sochi deal to get rid of some groups in the Idlib province, such as Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham.


No one would say it out loud in Ankara, but those closely following the Syria dossier in the Turkish security establishment know that Russia provoked the latest round of clashes in Idlib in March, which eventually caused the death of more than 60 Turkish soldiers and the loss of a big chunk of territory near the strategic M5 highway."


MORE AT:  https://www.middleea...ia-talks-failed





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#251 shaktiman


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Posted 26 September 2020 - 02:05 AM

Maybe Jerk Turks shouldn't board up or occupy Orthodox Christian  Churches.

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Posted 26 September 2020 - 03:23 AM

Now why would so called seekers of truth and justice be such creeps and punks.


Must make them feel good


Pushing buttons and cheating is a joke on them


The rumble's gonna get nasty. Put your usual running sneakers on boys,  blow your shofar and run. 

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Posted 28 September 2020 - 01:41 PM

How petty Turkey is


Turks ask for peace talks out of one side of their face while desecrating the Greek National Flag with the other side of their face.





Greece Says Flag on Kastellorizo Vandalized by Turkish Nationalists



Before and After


(thenationalherald) "ATHENS – With between the countries to negotiate seas boundaries unset for now, Greece said the national flag on the island of Kastellorizo, at the center of the storm, was defaced by Turkish nationalists.


The Turkish network Karar TV showed video footage from a drone of the defaced painting, while Greek media reported the network attributed the vandalism to “Turkish engineers” who had thrown “100 kilos of red paint on the Greek flag,” said Al Jazeera in a report.


Turkey had recently pulled back the energy research vessel the Oruc Reis and warships from near Kastellorizo and Greece's Continental Shelf, offering talks that will be held in Ankara, not Athens.


The attack happened just before US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who said that Washington backs Greece over what the State Department called “disputed waters” landed in Greece for talks.



More coming soo to a theater near you!


The tiny Greek island is just two kilometers (1.2 miles) from the coast of Turkey and is one of those that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said should be returned after being ceded away in the 1923 Treaty of Lausanne he rejects.


Authorities on the island found red paint smeared over a large mural of the Greek flag, painted on a hill near its port, without explaining how it happened, whether it was splashed there or dropped by a drone.


“We unequivocally condemn yesterday’s desecration of the Greek flag in Kastellorizo. Unacceptable actions such as these are aimed at undermining the prospects for de-escalation of the tensions between the two countries,” the Greek Foreign Ministry said in a statement.


“We expect the immediate condemnation and the prompt investigation of the incident by the Turkish authorities, so that the perpetrators be brought to justice,” it added.

There were also reports of a drone flying over the island playing Turkish anthems.


Erdogan said Turkey has the right to hunt for energy off Greek islands, including Crete where the US Navy has a base on Souda Bay, under a maritime deal signed with Libya that no other country recognizes.



Erdogan sends drones into Greece


Greece countered with a similar agreement with Egypt, which led Erdogan to cancel earlier scheduled talks and as Greece and Turkey have conducted naval exercises in the East Mediterranean and Aegean.


The Turkish attacks on Greece were schduled long ago. This drone attack is the first of more to come

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Posted 29 September 2020 - 07:06 PM

And so the world begins its foray into "wars and rumors of war". Has "the rumble of finality" just begun as the wars become increasingly a part of everyday life?


Sure looks like it.



Azeris, Armenians plunge into war; Russia, Turkey could join conflict


(Bloomberg) "Azerbaijan and Armenian forces engaged in fierce clashes Sunday when a decadeslong conflict over disputed land erupted into renewed war involving tanks, artillery and aircraft.


Russia and international organizations including NATO, the European Union and the OSCE called on both sides to halt fighting over the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh. Turkey backed its ally Azerbaijan and said it was ready to offer assistance.


Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan declared martial law and ordered a general mobilization, after accusing Azerbaijan of "preplanned aggression." Azeri President Ilham Aliyev, who also announced martial law, said in a state TV address that Armenian forces were occupying Azerbaijan’s territory and "we’ll put an end to this occupation."



In this image taken from a footage released by Armenian Defense Ministry on Sunday, Sept. 27, 2020,

Armenian forces destroy Azerbaijani military vehicle at the contact line of the self-proclaimed Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh, Azerbaijan. (Photo: AP)


Conflict has broken out repeatedly since Armenians took control of Nagorno-Karabakh and seven surrounding districts from Azerbaijan in a war after the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. Hundreds died in 2016 before Russia pressured both sides to resume a cease-fire it first brokered in 1994. Armenia and Azerbaijan clashed again across their state border in July.


The confrontation has the potential to drag in Russia and Turkey, adding to geostrategic tensions between them over proxy conflicts in Syria and Libya. Russia has a mutual-defense pact with Armenia and a military base in the republic, while Azerbaijan hosted large-scale joint military exercises with Turkish forces last month.


Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed "serious concern about the renewal of large-scale military conflict" and called for a halt to hostilities in a phone call with Pashinyan, according to a Kremlin statement.


"Turkey stands by its Azeri brothers with all its means," Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Twitter after he spoke with Aliyev.


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov discussed the fighting with his Turkish counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu, the Foreign Ministry in Moscow said in a statement. Lavrov also spoke separately by phone with the Armenian and Azeri foreign ministers, emphasizing the need for an immediate cease-fire, the ministry said.


A BP Plc-operated oil pipeline runs less than 30 miles (50 kilometers) from the conflict zone and carries as much as 1.2 million barrels daily from Baku to Turkey’s Ceyhan. While it hasn’t been targeted in previous conflicts, the pipeline may be vulnerable to any shift in the fighting between Armenian and Azeri forces.




Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev addresses the nation in Baku, Azerbaijan. (Photo: AP)


Despite decades of mediation by the U.S., France and Russia, the two sides have never signed a peace agreement. Armenia says the right of the internationally unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic to self-determination should be respected, while Azerbaijan says its territorial integrity must be upheld.


This time, Azerbaijan said it began a "counterattack" after accusing Armenians of firing on its military positions and civilian settlements near Nagorno-Karabakh. Armenia said Azerbaijan started bombarding along the contact line separating the two forces and shelled civilians including in the region’s capital, Stepanakert.


Armenia should "seriously discuss" recognition of Nagorno-Karabakh’s independence as a response to the renewed conflict, Pashinyan told lawmakers in parliament.

While it provides military and financial support to Nagorno-Karabakh, Armenia has held back from recognizing the territory’s independence through decades of talks led by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe to try to negotiate a settlement of the conflict.


NATO concerned


The OSCE called for a ceasefire and the resumption of negotiations. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization said it was "deeply concerned" by the fighting in a statement.


Pope Francis also called on the leaders of Armenia and Azerbaijan to resolve the crisis "not through the use of force and arms but through the means of dialogue and negotiation" in an address from the Vatican Sunday.


The Azeri army is using tanks, artillery, missile systems and aircraft against Armenian positions near the front line and deeper into Armenian-held territory, the Defense Ministry in Baku said in a website statement. As many as 12 Armenian anti-aircraft systems have been destroyed and one Azeri helicopter was shot down, it said.

Armenian forces hit four Azeri helicopters, 10 tanks and about 15 drones, Armenian Defense Ministry spokeswoman Shushan Stepanyan said.


At least 16 Armenian serviceman have died and more than 100 were wounded in the fighting, Nagorno-Karabakh Deputy Defense Minister Artur Sargsyan said in a livestream broadcast.


The conflict comes after tensions between the two sides rose sharply last week, when Aliyev alleged that Armenia was massing forces near Nagorno-Karabakh for a new war. Armenia dismissed the claim as groundless and accused Aliyev of preparing for a war.


The fighting "is a war against our independence, freedom and dignity," Pashinyan said in a televised address to the nation. "The Armenian people are ready for that war."


Azeri forces are "fighting on our soil, and have no claim to anyone’s land," Aliyev said in his speech. "We’ll win because our cause is just."

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Posted 30 September 2020 - 11:17 AM

Russia and now France condemn Turkish imperialism



Azerbaijan, Armenia clash as France, Turkey trade barbs


(ALJAZEERA) "French President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday condemned what he called Turkey’s “reckless and dangerous” statements backing Azerbaijan it its bid to take back the breakaway region of Nagorny Karabakh."



"An ethnic Armenian soldier fires an artillery piece during fighting with Azerbaijan's forces in the Nagorno-Karabakh region" [Defence Ministry of Armenia/Reuters]


  • Fighting between Azerbaijan and Armenia entered a fourth day on Wednesday in the biggest eruption of the decades-old conflict since a 1994 ceasefire.
  • At least 2,300 Armenian soldiers have been killed or wounded by Azerbaijani troops since the conflict between the two countries began on Sunday, Azerbaijan’s defence ministry has said, according to an Turkish media outlet Anadolu Agency.
  • French President Emmanuel Macron said Turkey’s “warlike” rhetoric was encouraging Azerbaijan to reconquer Nagorno-Karabakh.
  • Nagorno-Karabakh is a disputed region inside Azerbaijan and controlled by ethnic Armenians. It broke away from Azerbaijan in a war in the 1990s but is not recognised by any country as an independent republic.
  • The fighting has spread beyond the borders of the breakaway Nagorno-Karabakh region, threatening to spill into all-out war between the former Soviet republics.
  • Dozens of people have been reported killed and hundreds wounded since the new wave of fighting broke out on Sunday.
  • Meanwhile, diplomatic efforts are under way to stop the fighting, with the United Nations calling for an immediate halt to clashes.


Macron criticises Turkey’s “warlike” rhetoric on Nagorno-Karabakh


French President Emmanuel Macron said Turkey’s “warlike” rhetoric was encouraging Azerbaijan to reconquer Nagorno-Karabakh and that was unacceptable, though he added that he had no proof at this stage of direct Turkish involvement.


Fierce fighting broke out on Sunday between Armenian and Azeri forces over Nagorno-Karabakh, a breakaway region inside Azerbaijan but run by ethnic Armenians. Turkey is an ally of Azerbaijian, with which it shares ethnic and cultural ties.


“I have noted Turkey’s political declarations (in favour of Azerbaijan), which I think are inconsiderate and dangerous,” Macron told a news conference in Latvia.




French President Macron


More at: https://www.aljazeer...tate-media-live

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Posted 30 September 2020 - 12:54 PM

Last I recall, France was fully complicate in destroying the most prosperous and peaceful nation in Africa, Libya.

If so, they have no leg to stand on when lecturing the Turks.

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Posted 30 September 2020 - 01:29 PM

Last I recall, France was fully complicate in destroying the most prosperous and peaceful nation in Africa, Libya.

If so, they have no leg to stand on when lecturing the Turks.



I'm aware that the arms embargo, the oil blockade, the use of proxies and  foreign  mercenaries are involved.


The sodomizing and murder of Moamar Qaddafi, is a crime by the Clintons, the US State Department, and the US government with israel. Thankfully  not France. 


To  me that is the root and cause of the Libyan disaster. 


That murder and the Libyan war is about to cost the U.S. more than it it already has cost America and may be fatal to the entire nation. Turkey is the main player in disrupting Libya and with the US and israel is after all the Libyan  oil. 


How devastating.


When I was in college, (my parents helped me as did more than a few Jesuits). I still needed money. I got a job driving a Taxi cab in Chicago. The hours were flexible and the pay with tips was good for a young student.


I wasn't born rich with a silver spoon like many elite American plutocrats. I worked hard.  Usually the very rich were the worst tippers, prostitutes were so much better tipping and being kind  to me.. (I understand why the prostitutes  enter the Dominion  of Heaven before the pharisees - they are today's rabbinical jews - and before the rich and the aristocrats.


A turk from Turkey worked out of the same cab "barn" as I did.


He found out I was a Greek and immediatelt rtried to bully me. Of course I stood up and he got put in his place by me and without a fist fight- He got really angry.


I didn't start it. I tried to be nice,


So much for being nice to a Turk.


I have more incidents.


Turks also have their Mata Hari in America as well.


Rather seductive..


There is of course more.......




The popular sport of espionage a la  Mata Hari

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Posted 01 October 2020 - 12:40 PM

So let's see who the the Trumpian Jewish United States will really support?
The US's best pal, ally, and attack dog who with israel is a fellow ISIS compatriot, co-conspirator and partner in war crimes, Turkey?
Or, poor Christian and parent of European civilization, Greece.
U.S. Will Base Mammoth Ship in Greece, Near Disputed Territory

The Navy ship, the Hershel “Woody” Williams, will be deployed to a joint U.S.-Greek base,

a move that could serve as a mark of America’s growing irritation with Turkey.




 (NY Times) "CRETE, Greece — In a move that could be construed as a symbolic show of support for Greece in its tense standoff with Turkey, America’s top diplomat said on Tuesday that the United States will base a mammoth Navy ship at a military base it shares with Greece, just 600 miles from the Turkish coast.


The Hershel “Woody” Williams, a Expeditionary Sea Base ship, is assigned to the U.S. Africa Command and is not the kind of vessel that might intervene in a high-intensity conflict, should rising strains between Turkey and Greece — two NATO allies — boil over.


But its deployment at Souda Bay, a joint U.S.-Greek base near where Turkey earlier this year sent survey and drilling ships to search for gas, could serve as a symbolic warning of America’s growing irritation with Ankara.


The dispute with Turkey — along with how to resolve it — was chief among the priorities of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis of Greece following a series of meetings and tours at Souda Bay on Tuesday with the American secretary of state, Mike Pompeo.


Mr. Mitsotakis accused Turkey of violating international laws with its expansionist strategy to claim waters and resources in the eastern Mediterranean and Aegean that are controlled by Greece and other countries.


“It is a very sensitive area that has been recently tried by Turkey’s aggressiveness with provocative actions,” Mr. Mitsotakis told journalists after a private meeting with Mr. Pompeo. He said Turkey had stoked the tensions with extreme rhetoric and misleading communications about its intent: “In other words, actions that are contrary to the values of the Western world,” Mr. Mitsotakis said.


The widening rift puts the United States in an unenviable position, and not only because it risks being torn between two fellow NATO states. The U.S. alliance with Turkey is central to the Trump administration’s campaign to rout Shiite militias and other Iranian-backed efforts in Syria, where Iran supports the government of President Bashar al-Assad. The United States also has a massive air base in Incirlik, Turkey, where it stores tactical nuclear weapons.


But the Trump administration also has sought, with mixed success, to reel back some of Turkey’s aggressions.


Turkey’s incursion in northeast Syria, sending forces into areas held by Kurdish fighters whom Ankara considers a terrorist organization, has threatened the key ground force that beat back the Islamic State. Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has detained U.S. citizens, governed in an increasingly authoritarian manner and hosted Palestinian militia who have been designated as terrorists by the United States.


The United States has not formally sought to mediate the dispute between Turkey and Greece; that is a task most recently handled by Germany.

In his public remarks on Tuesday, Mr. Pompeo gamely sought to straddle the division.


“We strongly support dialogue between NATO allies Greece and Turkey and encourage them to resume discussion of these issues as soon as possible,” Mr. Pompeo said in the remarks with Mr. Mitsotakis.


He described progress in mediation efforts by NATO, and said developing the eastern Mediterranean Sea “should promote cooperation and provide a foundation for the durable energy security and economic prosperity of the entire region.”


Earlier this month, Mr. Pompeo visited Cyprus — which has also objected to Turkey’s activities in disputed waters in the eastern Mediterranean — and declared the United States “deeply concerned” over Turkey’s use of warships and jet fighters in its energy exploration efforts. Turkey invaded Cyprus in 1974 and claimed the island’s north as its territory, which is recognized nowhere else in the world.


Greece and Turkey nearly went to war in 1996 over an uninhabited island, a crisis defused by U.S. diplomacy.

Mr. Mitsotakis noted that Mr. Pompeo “had a chance to realize” Turkey’s aggressions off the Cypriot coast during that trip and said after Tuesday’s talks that he believed Greece and the United States were “fully aligned” on the issue."





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Posted 01 October 2020 - 12:46 PM

Of course the Pravda jewish members and their israeli pals will never learn.


Being furtive doesn't help but rather exposes their demonry

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Posted 01 October 2020 - 04:37 PM

More Turkish bellicosity and provocative prattle


The Sanctimonious Sultan of Skat and Surreptitious Satrap of Stupidity, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has declared de facto War on the World to establish his Fourth Reich and the Regurgitated Ottoman Empire. 


Turkey backs Azerbaijan in war with Armenia as Russia stands by


The flare-up between Azerbaijan Armenia may have been planned by Azerbaijan and its regional ally Turkey,

leaving Russia's intentions in supporting Turkey and Azerbaijan in question


(Al-Monitor) (a pro israeli site?)Sep 30, 2020

"As the four-day-old war pitting Azerbaijan against Armenia over the breakaway Nagorno-Karabakh enclave continues to escalate with dozens of casualties on both sides, there are growing indications that the latest conflagration between the traditionally hostile former Soviet states was not sparked by accident but was preplanned by Azerbaijan and its regional ally Turkey. The unanswered question is where regional heavyweight Russia stands in those plans. Is it supporting Turkey and Azerbaijan for its own strategic purposes, or is it biding its time before slapping them down?
The Kremlin has a military pact with Armenia and a large base there close to the Turkish border. It supplies weapons to both countries and has avoided openly taking sides. It’s joined the United States and NATO’s calls for an immediate cease-fire. Azerbaijan and Armenia have rebuffed the calls.
Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu accused Moscow of siding with Armenia today. "If Armenia hadn’t enjoyed support today from other countries — from the West, Russia — it wouldn’t be able to muster up this courage," he said in an interview with the state-run Anadolu news agency. He made no bones about Turkey’s position, saying, “We will do what is required if Azerbaijan wants to resolve this [conflict] on the ground.”
Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan says Turkey is providing arms and military advisers to Azerbaijan. Despite Azerbaijani denials, various Syrian rebels, including former Islamic State operatives attached to Turkish-mentored brigades continue to confirm their presence in Azerbaijan, saying they were transported there by Turkey.
Armenia’s Ministry of Defense said yesterday that one of its Russian-made Sukhoi S-25 combat aircraft was shot down by a US-made Turkish F-16 warplane within Armenia’s airspace. Today it shared footage of the wreckage. Turkey denied that it's using planes and drones against Armenia.
The conventional wisdom, however, is that Turkey is providing Azerbaijan with military support of a kind not seen since the start of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in 1988. Turkey’s assistance to ill-disciplined and largely unmotivated Azerbaijani forces proved fruitless at the time. A truce was called in 1994, with Armenia retaining control over the Armenian-majority enclave and five administrative regions surrounding it, amounting to a fifth of Azerbaijani territory.

After 36 years, Azerbaijan is far wealthier thanks to its substantial oil and gas resources and boasts an arsenal of sophisticated weapons. Turkey’s combat drones, which have had a game-changing effect against Kurdish insurgents in Turkey as well as its foes in Syria and Libya, are helping Azerbaijan wrest back territory for the first time, according to diplomatic sources who spoke to Al-Monitor on condition they not be identified by name. The sources said Azerbaijani forces were close to regaining control of Fuzuli and Jebrail, south of Nagorno-Karabakh, that fell to Armenian forces in 1993 and were seeking to cut off a supply route from the Armenian capital Yerevan to Nagorno-Karabakh by taking the peak of the Murovdag Mountain. Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry said on Sunday that its forces  already had.




The diplomatic sources briefing Al-Monitor said Turkey had likely left behind assorted military hardware in Azerbaijan used during joint exercises that were held from July 29 to Aug. 10 in the capital Baku and the country’s second-largest city, Ganja, among others. Combat aircraft and land forces took part, prompting sharp protests from Armenia and admonishments from Russia. The exercises followed the most recent round of clashes between the sides in early July that left at least 16 people dead.


Those who argue that Russia is letting Turkey and Azerbaijan run loose for the moment offer several reasons. It wants to expose the impotence of the United States and France, who together with Russia are permanent members of the so-called Minsk Group. The group, which operates under the umbrella of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, has been trying unsuccessfully to broker peace since 1994. When both sides are sufficiently exhausted Russia will step in as the ultimate arbiter of the conflict, sending a strong message to Pashinyan that his reformist 2018 Velvet Revolution comes at a price.


Asli Aydintasbas, a senior fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations, told Al-Monitor, “It’s not clear to me that Turkey and Russia are on the opposite sides of this conflict. It seems the Russians are sitting on the fence, even allowing Armenia to lose territory. Relations between Moscow and the Pashinyan government in Armenia have not exactly been smooth.”


“People also underestimate the nature of the relationship between [Russian President] Vladimir Putin and [Azerbaijani president] Ilham Aliyev, himself the son of a high-ranking KGB official, Haydar Aliyev,” Aydinstasbas observed.



“It’s unlikely that Turkey will want to settle scores with Russia [over Syria’s rebel-held] Idlib by way of upping the ante in Azerbaijan. The two countries and their respective leaders value their relationship and know how to compartmentalize their differences. Ankara is not interested in opening another front against Russia.”


Either way, for Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, being able to claim credit for winning back Azerbaijani territory, however little, would be an enormous boost to his droopy poll numbers in the midst of a looming economic crisis. Moscow’s support in that endeavour would in theory make him more dependent on the Kremlin. It might also accommodate Turkey’s demands to let it take another swipe at Syria’s Kurds.


But it’s not just Turkey that is coming to Azerbaijan’s aid. Israel is also providing weapons and intelligence to Azerbaijan. Hikmet Hajiyev, foreign policy adviser to Aliyev, confirmed to Axios today that Azerbaijani cargo planes have been traveling to Ovda, a military base in southern Israel. The planes are allegedly ferrying weapons back to Azerbaijan. Hajiev acknowledged that in addition to “fruit and vegetables,” the planes might be carrying “military items” as well. Azerbaijan is among Israel’s top suppliers of oil but its main interest in the Turkic nation is its border with Iran and all the intelligence-gathering benefits it entails.


Despite its official statements in support of its fellow Shiite Azerbaijanis, Iran is widely believed to be arming Armenia, with which it also shares a border, as a deterrent to potential Azerbaijani attempts to provoke its own large ethnic Azeri population against its clerical regime. Russia cooperates with Israel against Iran in Syria, so it’s conceivable it does so in Azerbaijan as well.


If so, it doesn’t necessarily follow that it's cooperating with Turkey in Azerbaijan, as it does in Syria. Kevork Oskanian, an honorary research fellow at the University of Birmingham, contends that the idea that Turkey and Russia are acting in cahoots in Azerbaijan and that Moscow wants to cut Pashinyan down to size is “a bit far-fetched.” Oskanian told Al-Monitor in emailed comments, “Yes, the personal relationship between Pashinyan and Putin isn’t good, but nor was the relationship between Putin and [Belarusian President Alexander] Lukashenko, even before the recent troubles [in Belarus].”


Oskanian continued, “What matters much more is Armenia’s geopolitical orientation. And in terms of the security relationship with Russia, things are still close.” If anything, Oskanian noted in a recent essay, the presence of Syrian mercenaries, if confirmed, would “also be perceived as highly provocative by Moscow in light of the proximity of the restless North Caucasus, inviting a potential response.”


He was referring to Russia’s rebellious Muslim-majority republics, Dagestan and Chechnya, which have served as a fertile recruiting ground for the Islamic State and other jihadi groups. As such, in all likelihood, the escalation over Nagorno-Karabakh is “more like Turkey doing something, and Russia standing by for now.” Through its intervention in the southern Caucasus, Turkey is seeking to create leverage over Russia in Libya but above all in Syria. Turkey’s “basic logic,” Oskanian concluded, is, “If you meddle in my backyard, I’ll meddle in yours.”




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