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Recent Eid Al-Adha 2020 = Sermon by Ahmadiyya Khalifah

Eid Sermon Ahmadiyya Khalifah 2020 MTATV UK Tilford

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Posted 06 August 2020 - 05:56 PM

Peace be on you.


Eid Al Adha is celebrated with fondness to remember the event of a sacrifice which took place more than 4000 years ago.  Despite such a long time has passed, importance and remembrance of this sacrifice in heart of true believers is not reduced.


Usually human forget their sorrow after some time, but this event is saved in Holy Quran as a standard of sacrifice for always.


Hazrat Ibrahim a.s. had a very high level of spiritual station. When, in dream,  he was commanded to slaughter the son [who was born when father was about age 90], he took it in literal sense for pleasure of Allah.  But the son too, said if it is Allah’s command, he is ready. Allah has saved son’s reply in Holy Quran:

‘......O my father, do as you are commanded; you will find me, if Allah please, of those who are patient.’ [ch37,v103 partly]


In the light of these events, we need to review our Pledge ‘I shall be ready for every sacrifice.’

Hazrat Ibrahim a.s was a very tender-hearted person. Quran said he was ‘haleem’ and ‘awwah’. Surely, he had felt pain but he put aside his own pain and love, and gave priority to pleasure and love of Allah over other things. It made him outstanding in others.


Due to this excellence, loyalty, love and sacrifice for Allah when salutation is invoked on Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him), Hazrat Ibrahim (on whom be peace) is included in it, till Hereafter. 

According to Quran, Hazrat Ismael a.s. too was ready for sacrifice with delight.  It made him outstanding as well. Father and son had special understanding of love of Allah, they knew their sacrifice was for their progress.

Hazrat Ibrahim a.s. humbly believed his sacrifice has no value but it is Allah’s benevolence He considered him for this sacrifice. Likewise when we make pledge, to offer all sacrifices, we too should think our sacrifices has no value, it is Allah’s Ehsaan He asks a sacrifice from us and as result His nearness is obtained. 


It is reality, our sacrifice has no value as compared to those sacrifices, which Hazrat Ibrahim a.s. and Hazrat Ismael a.s offered or for which they were prepared. When we offer little sacrifice, to give precedence to our faith over worldly life, Allah the Exalted blesses us limitlessly. Many Ahmadis experience this and writes in their letters. For example, they do financial sacrifice and get reward within few hours and there are many more such examples.

This passion should be continuous. Get continuous blessings and favors of Allah. The desire and effort to get nearness of Allah should become permanent part of life forever. Then we can say we are doing effort to fulfill our Pledge. Our efforts have pass on effects,  and effects of virtues are seen in next generations. The thought to get Allah’s nearness always remain.


Spouse and children too understand that purpose of their life is to get pleasure of Allah and to get His nearness. Prayers and deeds are needed to develop this environment in homes.   

Allah the Exalted accepted the zeal to offer sacrifice by Hazrat Ibrahim a.s. and Hazrat Ismael a.s , and stopped him to do physical act of sacrifice and said:

‘You have indeed fulfilled the dream. Thus indeed do We reward those who are mohseneen i.e. who do good) .’ [ch37,v106]

i.e. You have fulfilled dream, now no need to run knife, we give reward to mohseneen.


What is reward of mohseneen. It is you and your son are granted station of extreme nearness.


Effect of Hazrat Ibrahim a.s.’s piousness are seen in Hazrat Hajira a.s. when much bigger sacrifice was given by all family; Hazrat Ibrahim, Hazrat Hajira and Hazrat Ismael [on them be pace].  It was sacrifice of loneliness, separation and fear. Hazrat Ibrahim took Hazrat Hajira and Hazrat Ismael to a barren place where there was no population for miles.   There was no water and food. Hazrat Ibrahim a.s. left them with   water-bag and some dates. He knew there will be no more supply. This sacrifice was for Allah’s pleasure by His command. Hazart Hajira felt it is lone term lone living.  He asked him where he was going, leaving them.


Due to passions in heart, and due to being ‘awahum muneeb’ he felt pathos, he could not answer. She asked again. He could not speak lest emotions flow and divine quality of safice  is lessened to get nearness of Allah.. She said, if Allah has said so? Then, overwhelmed by passions, he a.s. raised his hand towards heavens. Seeing this, she said with perfect Trust in Allah that He Allah will not waste us.


It was not possible, apparently, that after finishing stock water and dates anything else could be available. It was also impossible to find any helper or sympathizer. Who could have come in that deserted place. But company of Hazart Ibrahim a.s. had created revolution in Hazrat Hajira a.s. and she had extreme trust in Allah and desire to get nearness of Allah. When Allah heard her words, He not saved only her and her son but also great nation was made through them, in which Hazrat Khatam ul Anbiyya Muhammad Mustafa (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) was born whose advent is for all world and he is spiritual king for all world. Now, to reach Allah, it is possible through him PBUH.


Hazrat Hajira and Hazrat Ismael sacrificed eases of world for the sake of Allah, He placed all world at feet of progeny of Hazrat Ismael though Hazrat Muhammad PBUH. Now millions of people offer Hajj and umrah, they refresh the remembrance of sacrifice of Hazrat Hajira. 


Her sacrifce has been given a honor till Qaiyamat. She, trusted Allah, to get His pleasure, broke link with world, today world has no choice except to connect to her, to make link with Allah. So this was not a little sacrifice.  Allah did not waste her trust and service for Him, Allah blessed that trust forever.


Eid al Adha is day is to remind, that family’s trust at Allah and high quality of sacrifice. It is not nough to just remember that event, sacrifice and trust of that family.We have to make Hazrat Ibrahim’s loyalty and sacrifice as model, Hazrat Hajira’s sacrifice as standard.


Each woman should see what they have do get that standard. In women’s auxiliary  Lajna when Pledge is repeated, that they shall be ready to sacrifice progeny, some women remain quite because they are not ready. If their trust in Allah and to get his pleasure is highest aim, this thought cannot come. Pledge is to give preference to Deen over  worldly life.


This is Pledge which draw one’s attention toward having full trust in Allah. If this Pledge is made, each Ahmadi man, Ahmadi woman, Ahmadi youth and Ahmadi child will have to fulfill it.


When a person make effort to get nearness of Allah, Allah does not waste it, and blesses. When our men will raise to standard of Hazrat Ibrahim, those high standards will reach in women and children too.   

It should not be thought that these models are mentioned by Allah to make little changes or just as stories. Instead, these examples are models for us.


In this era, the true servant of Holy Prophet ( ) we have believed in, so that we take part in resanisa e of Islam, Allah called his as Ibrahim in his revelations many times.


If we accepted this Ibrahim for spiritual profits, to make real Islam prevail in world, to wave flag of Hazrat Muhammad pbuh in world, and to get nearness of Allah the Exalted, each of us will have to make effort to become Ismael, each woman shall have to make effort to be Hajira.

If we shall be ready to give sacrifice for Deen then Allah shall open new avenues of progress for us for the paths of Islam’s progress, promised by Allah. through true servant of Holy Prophet pbuh, we shall be joined in them.

If each of us really act on pledge of giving preference of Deen over world, if we live our lives according to teachings of Islam, we can bring spiritual revolution in world. If we convey beautiful teaching of Islam in world to bring them under flag of Islam, we can take best [spiritual] revenge of Ahmadi-martyrs, who were martyred because they believed in Ibrahim of this era.


Allah made this movement through Hazrat Masih Maud a.s. to bring back all blessing back in world, which are attached for real believers of holy prophet pbuh. For this earliers too offered  great sacrifices of selves. We too pledge to offer sacrifices of life, wealth and time, we should keep pledge before us. Many have. Without sacrifices, spiritual revolution cannot come.


In this regard, those mothers should pay attention who say, they become silent when, during Pledge, words to sacrifice children are mentioned. Some mothers offered children for  Waqfe nau, but when children grow some parents make excuse of weak financial conditions that if  son will serve Jama'at allowance e will be insufficient, so allow him to do worldly work.

On one hand these parents pledged for sacrifice, on the other hand child is placed for worldly service.

Likewise, some waqfin nau youth have now become doctors or engineers, and say they cannot service Jama'at, they cannot live in small money, allow to do worldly work. They had pledged to serve Deen.

Allah enabled parents to present child before birth, now such excuses have no meanings.  There is need to fulfill this pledge. Allah blesses little allowance.


So young people waqfeen nau, should present themselves to become  Muballigh and Murabbi. After becoming doctor and engineer, they should offer services to Jama'at, offer improved sacrifices.

Do not do not just enjoy listening emotional old stories of sacrifice. These stories are models for us.

We  have nothing to do with worldly kingdoms, systems of government or wealth or powers. All we care, and should care, how we can convey truth of real Islam to all world, how we can gather the world under flag of holy prophet pbuh,  how can we establish rule of One God in world, how can we make astrayed humanity bow before God, how can we make human to pay other human’s right.


This is the reason of making of our movement. It is purpose of Ahmadi, especially of waqfeen nau. They should join Jamia. More should be Muballigh and Murabbis  so that message of real Islam may reach all world soon.

This is purpose of movement. For this we should give sacrifices, Hazrat Masih Maud a.s.  has many time announced it. These things need sacrifice. Only reading previous event of sacrifice do not bring spiritual revolution.

For this each Ahmadi woman needs to be Hajira, each Ahmadi youth needs to be Ismail. From each country, nation and race each Ahmadi have to show these qualities. Then we can unify world. For this purpose this will be unified sacrifice, then we will be able to fulfill purpose making of Kaaba i.e that establishment of Tauheed, for which Hazrat Ibrahim Hajira and Ismail [on them be peace] gave sacrifices.


The first house of Allah emerged as sign  his Oneness.  Only then we shall be able to fulfill purpose of advent of Ibrahim [true servant of holy prophet] of this era, i.e to gather at Wahid Deen.


May Allah develop essence of real sacrifice in us, may we always give precedence to deen over world. May each coming Eid of sacrifice show us new station of progress of Islam. May we offer such accepted-sacrifices, whose blessing, we continue to get in world and hereafter.


In prayers, remember prisoner, who are incarcerated, only due to being Ahmadis, in harsh weather condition they are in jails, especially in Pakistan, among them there is lady too, very dangerous penal codes are framed against her, only because she has accepted Imam of era.


Remember in prayers families of martyrs, life-devotees, muballegheen, murrabiyan, muallemeen, may all fulfill their devotion-pledge with real sacrifice.


In many countries including Africa muallemeen are doing very important service despite short training and knowledge. May they fulfill their devotion with sincerity.


Pray for people in distress. May Allah remove their troubles and worries.


Pray for safety from selfish clergies who have spread troubles.


Pray for safety of innocent lives from powerful mischievous. On every Eid there is attempt to terrorize them when they sacrifice animal.


Pray may we fulfill aim of advent of Hazrat Masih Maud a.s.


In some places in Africa, outsiders excite locals against Ahmadis,  African Ahmadis are steadfast despite life-threats were given. There are attempts to snatch on our mosques too.


Pray may we always continue to be recipient of blessings and mercy of Allah. InshaAllah Friday sermon will be at regular time.


Eid Mubarak to all. Please join silent prayer.

31 July 2020, Tilford, UK by mta . tv

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