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Part 1- Progrss Report 2020 - Presented by Ahmadiyya Khalifa

ahmadiyya mta.tv UK progress 2020 khalifa

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Posted 23 August 2020 - 03:06 PM

What did head of Ahmadiyya Community tell in worldwide progress report 2020 part 1?

Peace be on you. [gist]. He said that August 7,8,9 2020 were dates for UK Three Days annual gathering for enhancement of knowledge, morals and Spirituality [called Jalsa Salana, which takes place in countries annually]. Due to pandemic, it could not take place. However, world wide community’s progress report in current year will be presented in two parts. Following is part one.


Founder of Ahmadiyya Community, Hazrat Massih Maud Imam Mahdi (a.s.) said that  now era of renaissance of Islam is linked with him only. Despite all opposition, his Movement will grow and spread. InshaAllah. It is Allah’s promise. Report will show his claim was right with Allah’s  help.

Hazrat Massiah Maud (a.s.) said that he was revealed in the words of verse of Quran ‘ho wallazi arsala rasulahu bilduda wa dinil haqqe le-yuzherahu aladine kullehi’ He is Allah Who sent His Messenger with guidance and true religion so that He make it prevail over all religions. I was taught the meaning of this verse that I am sent from Allah so that He make Islam dominant over all religions by my hand. Here it should be remembered, that it is the prophecy of great magnificence in Holy Quran, about which scholars and researches are agreed that it shall be fulfilled at the hand of Massih Maud. Thus as many Oliya and Abdaal passed before me, but no one of them declared that this prophecy  fulfilled in him, and did not claim that the verse mentioned above is revealed to him in his favor. But, when my time came, I was revealed this verse and I was told  this verse is fulfilled in you. And with your hand, and in your time, supremacy of religion Islam over other religions will be proven............It is only Islam, which is alive religion, its Spring time always come when its trees are green, and give sweet and tasty fruits. There is no religion other than it, which have this excellence. If this excellence is removed from it, this too could become dead. But, no, that is alive religion. Allah the Exalted has given proof of its life. So, in this era, He has established His Movement in the world so that it should be witness to Islam as alive religion, and so that understanding about Allah is increased, and such Yaqin [certainty] in Him is developed which burns sin and filth and spreads virtue and purity.


Following is a specimen report only:


This year 288 new chapters of Jama'at Are established in world, by Allah’s fazl.

New place are 1040 where Ahmadiyya-Islam began for first time. Top is Sierra Leone with 40 new chapters, then Kongo Kinshasa with  31, Ghana 23, next Gambia, Liberia, Ivory coast, etc and Turkey etc.

Kongo Kinshasa: A village’s imam heard our program on FM radio. He met and asked questions, he was given Swahili translation of Quran and other books of Ahmadiyya Jama'at. After reading, he joined by doing Bai'at Pledge. Now 20 people have joined.


Gambia: In a village, in a message conveying program, a local senior citizen said he is very happy to see your this service is in accordance with sunnat of Holy Prophet PBUH. We welcome you, your Islam is real which is presented by Imam Mahdi. All of us believe that Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (on whom be peace) is the same Imam Mahdi which was prophesied by Holy Prophet PBUH. Two families with 19 people joined by Bai'at Pledge by Allah’s grace.


Liberia: In Friday sermon, missionary explained financial sacrifice about scheme Tahrik Jadid [which takes care worldwide message conveying].  A non-Ahmadi from nearby village silently presented 50 Liberian dollars and left. Missionary went there to thank him. Other people gathered too. They and their Imam liked the message. Imam asked to come again. He gathered people of 2 more villages by then. .Our delegation explained to people of 3 villages about beliefs and peaceful purpose of Jama'at. Then a whole-day-long question answer session began, when they were satisfied, 3 Imams along with whole villages joined Ahmadiyya Community, by Allah’s grace.

In another incidence, Ahmadiyya Muallam found non Ahmadis people in a village were not offering Friday Prayer because non-Ahmadi senior-Imam had told villagers it was essential to offer  sacrifice of three goats before Juma, and send meat to him, only then he would come to lead Juma, otherwise no Friday Prayer. Ahmadi missionary told villagers it is nowhere said in Islam. Come and I lead you in Juma. Firstly, people were hesitant lest a wrath may befall. Ahmadi missionary led them Juma and later told them about Jama'at, question/answer took place. Muallam told them to ask big-Imam to show where it was written to sacrifice 3 goats before Juma.... Big-imam came, he was very angry.... Later, Ahmadiyya missionary taught a local man from village how to lead Juma prayer. People said the real [bidat free] Islam is what Ahmadis has taught, many of them have joined Jama'at.


Philippine: In a famous area where people with extreme mind set live, our religious teacher’s relatives gave positive response, Ahmadiyya delegation proceeded; despite opposition, 23 people joined Jama'at.


Senegal:  In a town, there existed a religious debate between two sects. But the local Imam told Ahmadiyya delegation that these both are wrong, and we have heard a true Imam is about to come. They were given some books, then few days latter local Imam called asked another book. Third time he said the religion we were waiting for, is this Ahmadiyya Islam, as I have read your Quran translation in our language and book.  Whole village joined Jama'at. Quran learning-to-read book and printed Quran are given to them.

At 10 places, in weekly radio transmission, Friday sermon [of Hazrat Khalifah a.t.] and other program is presented, people ask questions by phone, this year Jama'at is established in 20 villages. People invite Jama'at to come to their place.


Guatemala: A place was visited first time, and people were invited to attend Jalsa Salana Guatemala, three people of family came to Jalsa Salana joined Jama'at by Bai'at and now conveying message to others.


 Kababir: In a city al-Khalil, historic city of Palestine, and in vicinity, 27 Ahmadis live, now organized Jama'at is established. An Ahmadi has given a part of their house as Mosque.


Making of New Mosques and Granted Mosques

In UK, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Benin, Burkina Faso, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Guinea Bissau, Tanzania, Uganda, Kongo Kinshasa, Mali, Cameron, Senegal, Guinea Conakry, Togo, Chad, Zambia etc are included.

By Allah’ grace, In four subcontinents, 217 mosques are obtained in this year; 124 Newly made and 93 are obtained already made.


Guatemala: Second mosque [Nur] is made after 31 years. Baitul Awwal Mosque was made in 1989. This region is 328 km far from our center. There is 70 km mountainous dangerous dirt path. After start of making mosque, by Allah’s grace, a road was made there and 70 km path has improved. In second mosque, 170 people can offer Salat. Premises has minaret, mission house, library, office.  Mosque is on high place, it is seen from distance.


Norway: In a city, a church’s building is bought for our mosque. We bought an office building in 2017, and Salaat was begun. When mosque plan was presented to government, people and a church around opposed it. Allah’s destiny worked, people of church could not run church. They decided to sell it, they talked to council, council advised then to contact Jama'at Ahmadiyya. We have bought it and in 10 million Corona expenses, it is turned in mosque.


Malawi: First mosque is made. People in area were happy about incoming mosque but some mischievous people attached and took away construction material. People of area, safeguarded the new material, they liked mosque. It brought new contacts. In inauguration, 450 people and 13 chiefs, police officer, Imams of other mosques came. Non-Ahmadis said they were misinformed about Ahmadis that they are not-Muslims, and offer Salat differently. Here we see you are Muslims and advice other Muslims to live peacefully. In various programs, 1000 people from three villages joined Jama'at with Bai'at.  


Burkina Faso: For making a mosque, everyone was paying part zealously. Ahmadis were being encouraged for donation. One day two elderly Ahmadis brought two roosters and some eggs that they have only this, please take it as donation for mosque. So proper receipt was given to them.... Even after 100 years, poor people in Africa are upholding the tradition established by poor of Qadian. One can see through wisdom and blessedness, Allah moves hearts how to offer sacrifice.

A lady who wanted to be nurse after B.A but kept failing in test. She and husband began to save money for her study in private nursing school. Meanwhile when appeal was made for mosque, they paid saving for mosque fund. Within two weeks, health department phoned that she was directly selected and government would pay all expenses. Allah increase Eman.


Mexico: Three-storey building is bought. First floor is used as mosque, library and office.


Belize and other places: Mosques are under construction, IshaAllah soon will be completed.


Mali: When mosque making was in last stages, chief stopped it as opponents spread rumors. It took three years before they understood their mistake. Later chief was sorry and praised Jama'at-s patience. He said Jama'at could have used higher contacts but showed patience. Now mosque is operational.


Tanzania: Two mosques are made in a region. Opponents would tell people Jama'at Ahmadiyya is weak they cannot mosque. When mosque making began, they said Ahmadis have special powers to make mosques in short time, we still have to make a tent for Salaat.   Then opponents spread rumors Ahmadis will capture whole area. People have ignored them.

A lecture was given in an area from 1pm to 6pm. Question-answers took place. Afterwards, a senior Muslim lady came and said she is living there since very long there but never seen anyone coming to inform about Islam. She handed over documents of her plot-land and said when your Jama'at is prepared here, you can make a mosque. Now constructions of mosque is started by members’ own work. Her sons are working for mosque making too. Allah helps.

In a place, a mosque and mission house were made, a Christine pastor asked this house is being made for whom. He was told it is for religious teacher of Jama'at. He was surprised, said there are six churches in village, many sects are living since long. None has ever made house for pastors. Surely you respect your religious leaders and act you motto: Love for all hatred for none. Others should do same.


Waqar e Amal [i.e. a tradition: members serves with hands for projects]


It is pointed way in Jama'at. This year, 41,111 ‘waqar e amal’ in 114 countries are done. Saving is 5,213, 000 US dollars. Saving helps to make more mosques.


Visits by Central Representatives


Such visits were done in many countries.


Raqeem Press


In Farnham Raqeem Press UK, 360240 books are printed. Magazines mawazna mazahib [comparing religions], an-nusrat, waqfe nau [Maryam, Ismael], pamphlets, leaflets are being printed, as well as office stationeries.

Under Raqeem press, at 8 places in Africa, printing is taking place. They have published 612000 books. .. Magazines, newspapers and literature  are 9485000. Pandemic related instruction pamphlets are printed for government of Gambia as other presses were closed, they requested for help.

A beautiful Quran with ‘Manzur-font’ [special font by Ahmadiyya Community, easy to read] is published, with nice paper and binding. Nizaarat Isha’at, publication department Qadian worked on this font. It is well taken in UK, soon second edition will have to come. A Turkish friend also helped. .. The more obstacles are placed by opponents in our way for Quran, the more new paths are being opened by Allah.


Mission Houses


BY Allah’s grace this year, 97 mission houses are added. They are in Ghana, Indonesia, India, Sierra Leone, ... Australia, Bangladesh, Norway, Turkey etc and more.




In 93 countries, 407 books, pamphlets and folders, in 42 languages, in amount 4256659 are  published.

In world, 94 newspapers and magazines are being published for knowledge and moral training in 29 languages.  

In 24 languages, 190000 books are sent worldwide.

Free distribution: 709 topics, various kind of literature, amount 63 77000.

Italian translation of Quran: Review is completed, is sent for publishing.

Sahih Bukhari: Translation and commentary, 11 volumes.

Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) Messiah:. Book Eijaze Ahmadi, English translation, is published. ...Trasnlation of ‘Itmamul Hujjah’ and ‘Jang e Muqaddas’ are ready, soom will be published.

23 volumes: 22 volumes of ‘Ruhani Khazain’ are being published in UK. Volume 10 will come soon.

33 languages, 154 books and folders were made, English, Spanish, Latvian, Luganda, Persian, German, Murmeses, French, Haosa, Arabic , Sawahi, Indonesian, Urdu, Chinese, Brundi, Mandinka, Tonga, Portuguese, Hebrew, Dutch, Croatian, Fula, Bemba, Lozi, Albanian, Russian, Bangla,Yoruba, Wolof, Nyanja, Thai, Norwegian, etc.


Book: The Philosophy of teaching of Islam


A Ukrainian scholar, last year came at Jalsa, he writes reviews, does analysis, he is also religious scholar. He was told by Ahmadiyya Khalifah (a. t.) to study the book ‘The Philosophy of Teaching of Islam. On return, he studied book in one sitting. He said, I learned that Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was not only a religious leader, he was a great researcher of religions. I have written my reviews on many books, but I never found a new idea from those books. My knowledge has increased a lot by reading The Philosophy of teaching of Islam. I say this with heart and soul. Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) has special emphasis for revival of faith and correction of Ummat.  No doubt, revival of any faith is very important matter. Before revival in Europe, there was great loss of Eman and Certainty in Christianity..... Before Promised Messiah (a.s.) same situation was of Islam. I especially liked the part where natural [raw] state and moral state is taught in book. It is essential we should learn actual purpose of our making by God and respect it. We should understand moral and its true essence. We forget those means have increased much in this era, which take human away from truth. We should respect God’s creation. Huzur works for correction of understanding of Islamic world and also of Jama'at’.  When we do correction in family, environment, country, then we will be able to correct Eman of world. ...Ahmadiyya Jama'at’ should publish this book in great  numbers and make translations in various languages, so that people should know Eman, religion and truth.


Book: Word Crises and Pathway to Peace


A Professor in Nepal was given Huzur’s Book World Crisis and Pathway to Peace. He commented, book is very good for current conditions. He had highlighted several passages, which should be spread in world. He said, golden rules are mentioned in it. He said he liked the book and will give to his friends.

Another Professor in Nepal said: Media presents Muslims in wrong way. A Muslim leader’s effort to make peace in whole world, is very surprising for non Muslims. With 72 sects of Muslims and animosity with Israel, in these conditions, a Muslim leader’s writing letter to Prime Minister of Israel, is very courageous thing. Likewise Khalifa wrote letter to Iran’s Prime Minister. I am impressed. Non Muslims will learn message of peace of Islam from World Crisis and Pathways to Peace. Jama'at’ Ahmadiyya presents peaceful teaching for world and it says peace can be established in world by practicing teaching of Quran.

A person in Nepal, when saw book in book stall, said, in this book, he found answer of his long time question why and when Islam allows war.

India:  A person said in Book fair, he began to object against Islam and Holy Prophet. When he was told real teaching of Islam, he was impressed, he said till today he did not know real Islam, he was given this book and other literature. Next day he came and he liked, many, many objections are removed. He is now in contact.

=  ==

Kiribati [country in Central pacific Ocean]: Ahmadiyya Missionary informed the  President about true teaching of Islam. People asked him why he allowed Muslims to come in, he said he has read Quran, Islam is peaceful religion....... Now only Ahmadi Jama'at’is conveying massage of Islam here.

Shenga region: Missionary met a man, who said he has everything why do I need God. He was told arguments about existence of God [from book by Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah II (r.a.)  these two book must be read]. Then he said I want to join Islam Ahmadiyya, if religion really present God like this we must accept it. He was read upon the Condition of Bai'at, he with his children joined Jama'at, they are in contact with system.


Pamphlets and leaflets


In 111 countries, more than 9,357, 000 leaflets are distributed, message reached to 22, 700,000 people. Germany 2,500,000, UK 1,300, 000, Australia 800, 000, Holland 400,000, France 300,000 and Canada 300,000 and many countries.

In Africa, Tanzania 200,000, Benin also most same, then Bukina Faso, Nigeria, Kango Kinshasa, etc.

In India, more than 440,000 flyers were distributed.

Mara region, Tazania, 3 young men of a village contacted after reading pamphlets, with more learning, they joined by Bai'at with families, and began to convey message in village. One of man is chairman of village, 82 people have done Bai'at so far by Allah’s grace. Opposition was faced, a clergy and began to name call Jama'at, people told him to stop it. he was invited for scholarly discussion and pondering beliefs of Jama'at. When he became speechless, he again began foul language. By peaceful teaching of Jama'at and this event, an elderly man gave his land to Jama'at for Friday prayers and other Salaats in congregation. Many non-Ahmadi children too are joining our moral training. Opposition causes progress.

France: Leafleting in Sunday-market - a woman came and said I like your earlier leaflets about love of country and  Pardah, these teaching are needed today. She asked how much pay do you get, she was told it is being done for sake of Allah, she was impressed.


Exhibitions, Book Stalls and Book fairs


By 7540 exhibitions, message of true Islam reached to  more than 343,000 people.

Worldwide, Translation of Holy Quran, 1580 were given to guests.

More than 5000 bookstalls and book fairs, more than 764000 people were reached.


Latvia: a man came in bookstall, roll was moving. There was photo of Huzur a.t. and some Islamic and Huzur’s quotes were being presented. At every thing he would point and say in Russian that it is true. Two women came and bought some books including ‘The Introduction to Study of Holy Quran’, and praised you are doing well.

India: Nur ul Islam department participated in a bookfair. A prominent Hindu Scholar Mr. Jehriya came, he knows religion and runs school too. He objected that Quran tells to kill all non muslims. He was told here is Quran please show where it is. He said, he has read all Quran but can not tell exact now. He was told teachings of Quran and relations with non muslims, and model of Holy Prophet was presented. After some times he said he want to sit in stall and want to get more info about Islam and Quran. For two hours, his question and objection were answered.  He said he has never heard such satisfactory answers. I went to many clergies/ulama to get Islamic info but their answers kept filling hatred in me. We some friends decided to make a TV channel against Islam and some recording was started. No you have changed my view. He promised now I will not say anything against Islam and Quran, recording will not be shown, Islam teaching will be shown......Jama’at  Ahmadiyya  is telling opponents about beautiful teaching of Islam and making then understand station and character of Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him ). Other so-called self assigned guardian of Islam are filling hatred in others against Islam and Quran, and also they speak against us.


Agra Book fair: A reporter of local newspaper came to our bookstall, he mentioned weak state of ummat, he was told Ahmadiyya services for Islam, he was impressed , promised to help us in any way. He made our message broadcast in 3 channels for hundreds of thousands people..


Assam bookfair: A hafiz Quran and Ph.D Aftab sahib, was told about Jama'at,  death of Jesus from Quran was shown, he said though I am hafiz Quran but I had never thought so, you have opened my eyes, I write in newspapers, now I shall publish all these verses with references in newspapers, no matter all Muslim in Assam become my opponents.


Peace Symposiums


Switzerland: A Pastor, Mishal Fisher, incharge of a welfare organization, he was thankful from heart for Ahmadiyya peace award.  Ahmadiyya Jama'at give award to Christian welfare organization, it proves you are making peace. Tree recognized by fruits. Fruit is your peace symposium.

Zambia: People from various walk of life came, police officer, judges, church representatives, teachers, media, member of parliament. Teacher from nearby non-Ahmadi mosque. Church pastor said, they were thinking to do such programe, Jama'at Ahmadiyya has done before us.

Chandigarh: An Afghan friend was told about Hazrat Massiah Maud Imam Mahdi a.s has come who was foretold by Holy Prophet PBUH, ponder that, Is it not time? He became reddish and  shivered and said: Is it true Massih Maud has come? He was told splendor of Holy Prophet PBUH in words of Promised Messiah (a.s.)  he became very emotional and kissed forehead of Ahmadi member and said Islam’s real teaching is what you are presenting.

Finland:  Foreign ministry’s ambassador and diplomat who used to to be ambassador in Pakistan 1995-98.  He said he is happy to attend this honorable event.  I and my family have many well known members of Ahmadi community as friends. Ahmadis have served that country beyond border, in knowledge and economics. In British time in subcontinent, many well know people and military officers were Ahmadis. I was ambassador in Italy too. In Trieste, there is Third World Academy of Sciences, TWAS which was founded by Pakistani scientist  Abdus Salam, the first Nobel Prize  winner of any Muslim  country. When news spread in Pakistan, newspapers, radio TV praised a lot. But when it was known he was Ahmadi, all praise stopped. In 1996 he passed away,  and was buried in Rabwah. It was shameful that word Muslim was erased from his gravestone......The Ambassador mentioned persecution against Ahmadis too..............Anyway history books in Pakistan are being changed, regardless we say or not, world’s educated section know Ahmadiyya  Jama'at’  served Pakistan  and now how Ahmadis are being treated. Those who opposed making of Pakistan, are trying to be its so-called founder now.......Anyway each Pakistani Ahmadi is/was/will be loyal to country,  InshAllah. One day opponents’ effort will be blown away in air.. Allah support is, and will be with us IshAllah. Their efforts, in their view, should have finished Jama'at,’ Allah have cared us.


As this years Jalas UK has not taken place, it was a brief report. Second part of report will be presented on Sunday, as in sort of Jalsa.. World will hear through MTA. [Part 2 is being presented also here]

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