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Part 2- Progress Report 2020 - Presented by Ahmadiyya Khalifa

ahmadiyya mta .tv UK progress 2020 khalifah

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Posted 23 August 2020 - 03:22 PM

Please read Part 1 of Ahmadiyya Progress Report in previous post. Thank.


Peace be on you.

Brief mention of part two of progress report 2020 as Allah’s blessings in this year.


Hindi & Publication


Hindi translation of all books of Hazrat Messiah Maud a.s:  16 books are translated and 21 books’ translations are in process, in Qadian, India. Qadian office has done great service for publishing Quran [mentioned in part 1]. They are conveying message online, in accordance with world condition.


Arabic desk

So far 145 books and pamphlets are published – Translation of Ruhani Khazain volume 20 [6 books] and Tafsir Kabir volume 1, are sent for printing. - Translations of many books of Hazrat Messiah Maud a.s. are in progress. -  Translations of addresses of Khulafa and writings is being done, some are sent for printing. InshAllah soon will be available.

Till now all available Arabic books, and translations of Friday sermon and addresses by Hazrat Khalifatul Massih a. t. and many essays and questions/answers are present in Jama'at-s central website with regular updates.

Hiwarul Mubaashir, Liqaa Ma Al-Arab, Mihajut Talebeen, Majaalis Zikr, Irfan ul Ilahi,  and Siratul Hudaa / selul huda - videos are present. - Magazine al-taqwa is also available.  

French desk

Their services include French translation of Friday sermons, programs on MTA, literature of Jama'at, letter-communication with French-speaking countries. They convey message of Ahmadiyya real Islam by social media, French website and French web-tv.


Turkish Desk

About 18/19 translations of books are re-examined and sent for publication. For MTA TV- 43 programs were recorded this year -- once-in-3-months magazine is published from Germany - weekly questions/answers etc program in Turkish from Germany and also on internet, , for moral/spiritual training of children program on internet, Turk Ahmadi children participate.


Russian Desk

Translation of Friday sermons and addresses are prepared. On MTA, Friday Sermons with Russian translation is presented on Monday and Thursday – It also comes on youtube and r-tube. - This year, only by youtube 57000 people watched Friday sermons.  Desk care letters in Russian, Uzbek, Kazak, Kirghiz and Tajik. -  Re-visit and proof reading of fourth edition of Russian transition of Quran continues. – Translation of Hazrat Massih Maud a.s.’s Malfuzat 10 volumes, is done, checking etc continues. - Russian website: This year 10,000 plus people visited it. Facebook and Instagram: 1.5 + million people visited.  Uzbek and Kirghiz websites also serving. 229000+ people visited Kirghiz site during this year. Kirghiz translation Quran and recitation of Quran is uploaded.


Banagla Desk

40 hours Bangla live programs were presented on MTA, 69 people joined by Bai’at in BD and West Bengal.  Re-checking of Bangla translation Quran continues, and lot of other services.


Chinese desk

Translation of books, Life of Muhammad and Ten proofs of existence of God, are completed. Some books of Hazrat Massih Maud a.s and other books are ready for publication.


Indonesian Desk

Now live translation of Friday sermons is shown - 220 programs are translated - books of Hazrat Massih Maud a.s. are translated.


Swahili Desk

All programs on MTA Africa are translated in Swahili language, Swahili translation of Quran is being recorded, this year 15 Parts are completed. Translation of Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) is on.  


Spanish desk

From Spain, it works under guidance of head office in UK. Translation of some books of Hazrat Massih Maud a.s. is completed. - Spanish website, social media, monthly 22000 people visit. - In Ramadan it was 42000. - Facebook: Article were written which reached thousands of Spanish people. - Small videos are used. A person from Brazil contacted and later joined by Bai'at. A journalist from Argentine came in contact, he wrote very good article in newspaper.


Waqfe Nau

Office is more organized now, by Allah’s fazl, worldwide number is 72932. New 3994, this year.- Re-affirmation-doer are more than 15000.


Alislam org website

310 books in English, 1000 in Urdu. Current year 12 new English book published in apple, amazon and google; sofar 66, all at these platform. Site doing well.


Review of religions

Hazrat Massih Maud a.s. started this magazine. First edition came in January 1902. Now being published in English, Spanish, French, and German languages. It has website and social media channels [twitter, Facebook, Instagram] in each language. Last year, 5 million people read material.- People are reading online more in lockdown time. It has youtube channel with 70,000 subscribers, last year 1.7 million times videos were seen.


Al Fazl International

Publishing in color, twice in week now.


Al- Hakam

Weekly, readership increased in these times.


News and articles, about Jama'at in newspapers of world

2544 newspapers – 12453 essays, articles and news – readership of these newspapers 520 000 000


Press and media office

Their material is read by 3 100 000 plus people. They brought about 100 journalists [including some famous one]  to visit our mosques. In India, a comprehensive essay by Jama'at was published in media about coronavirus.   An advocate commented that, after reading this essay no one can ‘incidence in nizamuddim’ had any relation with Islam or Ahmadiyya Jama'at. It was people’s carelessness and error in thought. Islam has always educated to avoid pandemic. Your essay is very good and is at right time.


Makhzane Tasawir - Photo Exhibition / History

Office is in Tahir house. From 25 countries 913 people visited this year. More visits needed.


Ahmadiyya archives and research center

Service continues to save tabarrukat of Hazrat Massih Maud a.s. and Khulafa. Center is in contact with Western researchers who are doing research about Jama'at. They are provided factual information and facilitation from our material. Good work.


MTA Africa

Message is being conveyed to far places in local languages.

During year, 600 + programs were made in various languages.

Many live programs were broadcasted from Ghana’s Wahab Adam Studio, and first time from Africa, Quran Tilawat competition began from this studio.

This year, a studio in Gambia for 24/7 broadcasts, is completed. In Gambia, many scholars and political people watch MTA...

In Cameron, in 130 cities, MTA  Africa is seen with great interest by cable system. MTA Alarabiyya is seen in three regions in north, where there is Muslim majority, non Ahmadi Ulama/clergies too watch it with interest. People are awaking...

In Tanzania, during conveying message,  Ahmadiyya teachers (Muallemeen) observed MTA Africa is being seen at TV in a barber shop, owner said he is not Ahmadi but he watches Sermons by this man in turban [Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V a.t.] and other scholarly program with interest.  [All Ahmadis families wordlwide, like current days, should continue watch MTA for training and satiation of knowledge and spiritual enhancement]...

Burkina Faso:  When MTA came first time, people saw Khalifah for first time, people’s eyes were wet with passions, their face were happy.


Ahmadiyya radio stations

Two new radio stations are added this year, now total 27 radio stations are owned by Jama'at. -At the inauguration of radio

Congo Kinshasa: Main pastor of local church came too, after hearing Ahmadiyya teaching of Islam, he said he learned in decades from local muslims that it is faith of magic and amulets, so I never paid attention to Islam. But here the teaching of brotherhood, love, consideration is being told, it has changed my previous thoughts, I am glad  now, by Ahmadiyya radio we shall know more about Islam....

Burkina Faso: Live programs too are presented. One day a person said, he regularly hears Ahmadiyya programs and it is clear to me Ahmadiyya is real Islam. Real teaching is not seen anywhere, there are many differences,  I want to meet and join....

Congo Kinshasa: A pastor read our book: True Story of Jesus, he came to radio station and asked many question, he said with pain, it is right status and events of Jesus. I cannot leave my place. If I had courage I would have immediately joined you and convey this message but there are constraints. He requested for prayer so that he could stand against world for real message.


Other TV and radio programs [in addition to our MTA 24/7] 

In 84 countries: by 11063 TV programs in 6842 hours –and-- by radio 22167 programs in 18479 hours.

520 000 000 people are reached by these programs.

Senegal: At local TV station, which comes on tube, Friday sermon by Huzur a.t. is broadcasted, a business-family has joined, owner of TV came to Germany Jalsa and met Huzur a.t.


International association of Ahmadiyya architects and engineers

Working on various projects, water for life, solar system, model villages in poor African countries, construction projects.- Engineers and architects, electrician plumbers and others from UK Germany Switzerland Holland Ghana Nigeria Pakistan and other countries offer their services by Allah’s grace. Serving well.

In 2800+ villages, water outlets are started, 250 000+ people have benefited.

19 model villages in 9 countries are made.

Kangra India: Water was needed at Ahmadiyya place. Bore machine operator said he went to 4 mosques, despite 2,2 bores no success, so decide for yourself.  Ahmadis prayed and gave charity-sadaqah, at 30 feet sign of water found, at 325 feet very good sweet water found despite rocky land, operator said he believes now Ahmadis did dua and sadqah given is blessed.

Guiney Conakry: In a village, people showed our missionary that drop by drop water coming from mountain since years, government had tried but no success.  We contacted a company, water found in two weeks by Allah’s grace. In lab test, it was best in all wells. People say Jama'at has divine support.


Humanity first

Serving since 26 year, registered in 54 countries. This year 345 free medical camps were made in various continents, 230 000 patients were cured. Free medicine were given.  Hospital and clinics are started too at places. They went to places where no medical eases were present.  They mad water wells and did other services. Free eye operations [592 this year]  were done in various countries. Sofar 15000+ free operations are done in this program. Several thousand blood bottle were donated in various countries. Helped other charities. Served in virus pandemic days.


MTA International

16 department, 496 workers 24/7 [79 paid workers],   now 8 channels instead of 5, subtitling increased to 10 languages this year. - MTA social media online is progressed, now 6 channels are being streamed,  soon all 8 channels will be available in streaming.


Connection with new-Bai'at’-doers

In 80 countries, 100 000+ people were re-connected. In 3891 chapters, 16000+ classes were organized and new comers and Imams were trained.


This Year’ Bai’ats [new comers]

 This year, due to condition, external links were difficult to make. Despite that by Allah’s grace, 112179  new people joined by Bai'at. In 98 countries, 220 nations joined.

Cameron 13191

Sierra Leone 13723

Ivory Coast 10538

Mali 10027

 Senegal 5790

Congo Kinshasa  4042

Tanzania 3875

Guiney Bissau 3212

Congo Brazzaville  4246

Liberia 1888

Guiney Conakry 1500

Niger 1145

Benin 1147

Ghana 1109

Malawi 10146

Burkina Faso 1017

Chad 939

Togo 932

Uganda 917

Cetral Africa republeic 652

Madgasker 431

Kenia 405

Sowtaway 335

Brundi 136

Moritania 90

Zambia 33

Somali 29

Rwanda 26

Ethiopia 23

India 1724

Indonesia 1102

Bangladesh 417

Malaysia 72

Germany 104

UK 100

USA 101

Canada 68

Honduras 36

Haiti 32

Mexico 23

May Allah grant strength to these new comers and increase their Eman and Certainty


Some events/dreams, which helped people to do Bai'at

Ghana: Son of [a non-Ahmadi Muslim] chief of a tribe became Christian, his father came to Jama'at that you have ability to discuss with Christians arguments, bring my son back to Islam. Ahmadis answered son’s questions to his satisfaction. Not only son but his father [chief] and all faily of 8 joined Islam-Ahmadiyya by Allah’s grace.


Guiney Bissau: A person said, he would decide about joining Ahmadiyya Jama'at after returning from hajj. During the hajj, Allah granted him delight of heart that Ahmadiyya-Islam is right, and he did prayers for success of Jama'at, and joined on return.


Kirghizstan: A man prayed to Allah to know about truth about Jama'at. He saw dream that Holy Prophet PBUH is praying at sea water. Dream produced a Light and satifcation in person’s heart, he joined Jama'at.


Niger: non Ahmadi Imam of a village saw dream that ‘kalmia taiyyaba’ is written on moon, and it is also written in same style and color at wall of his house. Some days later, Ahmadis came with message of Hazrat Massih Maud, he felt to accept it, and joined along with all village. Latter, in Jalsa, he saw ‘kalima’ written in same style at stage, which assures him his dream was true.


Indonesia: A man was told Ahmadis are bad people. He joined an anti-government group, its leader was caught in 1992. Before accepting new leader, he did Istikhara, he saw an Elder who said he is Imam Mahdi. After more events, man received book ‘The Philosophy of Teaching of Islam’. He found book had photo of same Elder of dream.  Man read book and joined Jama'at by Bai'at.


Tanzania: A non Ahmadi clergy used such foul language against Founder of Jama'at Ahmadiyya that even some non Ahmadi ladies stopped going mosque.One woman did research and found truth and joined Jama'at by Bai'at. After some time clergy was caught in immodest act.


 Bai'at by seeing good model

Congo Kinshasa

A technician did repair in mission house, he was given labor money. He tried to return some money back as commission to Muallam, who refused. Technician said it is first time someone refused commission, your attitude shows you people must be right people. Then he joined by Bai'at.




In a region, a Sultan, his 22 villages, Imams and chiefs joined Jama'at. One day, Tablighi-preachers from Pakistan came, they were amazed to see presence of Ahmadi Muallam. They told Sultan, Ahmadis are false, they deny Holy Prophet PBUH, and they are declared Kafir by Pakistan. Sultan said, we have not seen any wrong in Ahmadis, they believe in Holy Prophet PBUH, they serve humanity. Go to capital of Chad, there is head office of Jama'at Ahmadiyya, ask government of Chad why it has registered Ahmadis as Muslims? Tablighi-Preacher silently left.    


Hazrat Massih Maud (on whom be peace) said that, never a false can go this far, deceivers eventually get tired. Can there be a fabricator who is tirelessly making fabrication against Allah since 25 years [back then], and Allah’s honor does not move, instead Allah is showing signs in his support. No. Allah always helps and supports truthful ones. Look, the prophecy that my age will be about eighty year, can a fabricator make such prophecy, especially when thirty years have passed at it. Likewise  when no one knew me, Allah said: ‘yatoona min kulley fajjin amiq’ [help will come from each far way, path will become deep by so many commers] and ‘yatika min kulley fajin amiq’ [so many people will come to you that paths will become deep]- Can a fabricator say so! Allah fulfilled the prophecy; people come from far places and bring all kind of gifts and wealth. If a fabricator is treated like this, prophethood cannot be believed. Signs cause continuous love and sincerity in our Jama'at. Difference between fabricator and truthful can be seen by looking at his face.......It is also a sign of truth that Allah fills love of truthful in people’s hearts. Unwise does not get share of light, he evil-guesses in each matter....... We do not need artificiality, it does not matter anyone is pleased or not, it is not our personal work, it is Allah’s own work and He is doing it by Himself.......Allah will not leave us concealed, He will do ‘itmam hujjat’ [completion of proof] to all. Remember, there is difference between Heavenly and earthly people.  Those who come from Allah, He shows their honor and truth with shine. And those who do not come from Him, and are fabricators, eventually they are destroyed with disgrace.......Allah does not want that Eman of our Jama'at should remain weak. Even if guest does not want, host’s duty is to place meal before guest, likewise people who tie their Eman with signs, they make big mistake. When disciple of Hazrat Messiah asked for sustenance from heavens, answer came, if anyone denied after it, unmatched wrath will come.......So seeker should not ask many questions and does not stress for signs. Those who follow this manner, Allah never leave them without signs. See, Sahabah never asked for signs. Did Allah left them without signs? No. They suffered afflictions continuously, they sacrificed lives, opponents killed woman with severe afflictions. Eventually when time of promise came, they were made successful and enemies were destroyed. Allah is with patient ones.......Surely Root of all these progresses is Eman. With this, human covers big destinations.......[Opponents should realize] it is plant planted by Allah’s hand, He will not waste it, He will not be pleased unless He take it to perfection, He will water it, and make boundary around it, and will give it amazing progresses. Was any less power used, if it was work of human, this tree would have been cut long ago and no name and sign had left of it. 


May Allah help us do our duties.


Silent prayers.


Peace be on you with mercy of Allah and His blessings.


Based on address at mta . tv

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