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Peace, Security & Unification by Divinely Appointed Judge and Just-Arbiter (Hakam & Adal)

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Posted 05 September 2020 - 05:47 AM

Ahmadiyya-Muslims believe that, In this era, Allah has sent a servant of Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) as spiritual Imam of era to remove differences among various sectsiter. He is called Hakam and Adal in prophecies. It means Judge and Just-Arbiter. People from all sects of Islam are joining his Community worldwide in hundred of thousand every year. . He is Masih Maud [Promised Messiah], the Mahdi Ma’hud [Guided, Familiar].


His Fifth Khalifah explains that Allah revealed to Hazrat Masih Maud a.s.= ‘Gather all Muslims who are at the face of earth, at One Deen’.  His work began 130 years ago with Bai'at. After him, Jama'at connected with his Khilafat with Bai'at is doing his work since 112 years. We are telling world  about Holy Quran , Practice [Sunnat] of Holy Prophet PBUH, Sahih Ahadith in the light of Learned-explanation by Imam of era to Muslims, and also doing effort to bringing non-Muslims in circle of Islam by telling them beautiful teaching of [true] Islam.


Thus Jama'at of Masih Maud [Hakam Adal], is made to end differences. It serves message of peace and security despite facing oppositions, cases, oppression, name-calling. It gives sacrifices.  Divinely made communities face opposition and oppression and eventually Allah grants them success.


People of knowledge and wisdom who desire to finish discord ponder that, except four decades of Power, Muslims are weakening in their Unity since beginning. Greetings are exchanged at the start of Gregorian year, unfortunately unrest and killing take place in some Muslim countries at start of Islamic calender’s first month Muharram.. The religion, which gives best teaching of peace and security why its followers start year with discord and killing.


There is need to think, and change attitudes. We should see how we can stop these discords and make Muslims,  Ummah wahida. We should ponder that our Master Hazrat Khatam ul Anbiya Muhammad Mustafa (peace and blessings of Allah be on him), gave news about initial progress of Islam and then a ‘faij awwaj’[crooked groups], he also gave glad tiding that ‘khilafat ala minhaj al nabuwwat’ [Khilafat in the precept of prophethood] will  be established.


The issue of Khilafat had created difference among first phase in Muslims. Now Khilafat will become way to make Muslim Ummat Wahida with progress and Unity. Events mentioned in Quran and Hadith are [or being] fulfilled. It is same era for unification through Hakam Adal, ardent devotee of Holy Prophet PBUH who make us one by ending the differences among shia sunni and other sects. We should not follow so called scholars who are damaging themsleves and damagaing a large number of Muslims.


Ahmadis find signs told in Quran and Hadith are fulfilled. For renaissance of Islam and peace and security, Allah has sent Promised servant of Islam as Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian [India 1889] as Hakam and Adal.



Status of Masih Maud – Cause of difference and Solution


On an occasion, Hazrat Masih Maud a.s. explained to a scholar, that My status in not that of a Maolvi, instead my status is like the Ways-of-Prophets. Believe me as person from Heavens who has come from Allah, appointed as Hakam and Adal, then all disputes and all controversies in Muslims can be resolved in a moment. The meaning of Holy Quran, which he will mention, those will be right, and the Hadith which he will declare right, will be right. Otherwise, disputes of shia sunni, see till today, how could be solved.  If shia do Tabarra [using inappropriate words about three Khulafa]  then some among others are such who say about Hazrat Ali (karam Allah wajhu) that his heart was very much inclined for Khilafat but Abu Bakr came in between. I say, till they leave their manner, and do not see by being in me, they can never reach at Truth. If these people have no other surety then at least it should be that eventually there is death. And after death, salvation from filth can never be obtained. As abusive language is not like-able thing near a good person then  how can it be Ibadat near Allah, The Quddus. That is why I say come to me, listen to me so that you see Truth. I want to remove all Chola [metaphor: Cloak of wrong creed and innovations], do real repentance only then you can be real Momin. Next, the Imam you are waiting for, I say he is me. Get its proof from me.



Four Righteous Khulafa are model for us


Hazrat Masih Maud a.s. has mentioned status and honored station of Khulafa Rashedeen as: And I know it that anyone cannot become Momin and Muslim till color like Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali (ridwan ullhe alihim ajmaeen) is developed. They did not love earthly life; instead, they had devoted their lives in the path of Allah the Exalted.


It is aqidah of Jama'at Ahmadiyya that all these are model for us. If is so then only it is Jama'at Ahmadiyya  which remove difference among Muslims and develop Unity. All Khulafa Rashedun have a spcial statut. Hazrat Masih Maud a.s has explained status each one’s status.



Excellence of Each of Four Khalifa


Hazrat Abu Bakr ra


Hazrat Masih Maud a.s. said that, In that era too Musailmah had gathered people as ibahat [had gathered people with wrong explanations]. In such time Hazrat Abu Bakr ra became Khalifah. A person can think how many difficulties he had. If he did not have strong heart and Eman colored as of Hazrat Nabi Karim PBUH, a lot of troubles would have made him anxious. Siddiq was in shadow of Nabi. Effect of Nabi’s morals was at him. His heart was filled with Nur of Certainty. He showed such steadfastness that its example is hard to find after Holy Prophet PBUH. His life was life of Islam. It is such an issue that no lengthy debate is needed to prove it. Read events of that era and know his service for Islam. I truly say, Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq ra is Second-Adam for Islam. I believe if, after Holy Prophet PBUH, being of Abu Bakr was not present, Islam would not be present [i.e. to save Islam from enemy’s attack and to save Shariah, Allah raised Abu Bakr at that time, and he gave life to Islam due to special training and connection by Holy prophet, and failed the attack of enemy ].

It is very great favour by Abu Bakr Siddiq that he established Islam again. He punished all rebels with his Power of Eman and established peace, just as Allah the Exalted promised that I would establish peace by true Khalifah. This prophecy fulfilled at Khilafat of Abu Bakr Siddiq. And heavens and earth practically gave testimony, it is praise of Siddiq that, in him , Sidq [Truth] should be of this status and excellence.



Hazrat Umar ra


Hazrat Masih Maud a.s. said that, Do u know the station of Hazrat Umar ra, that how high it is among Sahabah. Sometimes Holy Quran descended in parallel to his opinion. A Hadith for him is that Satan runs away from shadow of Umar. Second Hadith is if there was a prophet after me, he would have been Umar [means,  immediate after]. Third Hadith is, there had been Muhadis [kind of Mujaddid], if there is Muhadis in this Ummat, he is Umar.


Hazrat Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthma ra


My Lord has manifested to me, that Siddiq, Farooq and Uthman ra were virtue-doers and Momin, and were among those people whom Allah choose and who are especially granted the grant of Allah the Rahman.  Majority of knowledgeable people testified for their virtues. They left homelands for the pleasure of Allah the Exalted and High. They entered in the oven of each war. They did not care heat of afternoon of each summer and cold of night of winter but walked on paths of Deen like newly Young ones. They did not lean to own people and others and said goodbye to everyone for the sake of Allah Lord of all worlds. There is perfume in their deeds and fragrance in their acts.   All this guide to the garden of their status and to the virtues of flowerbed. Their gentle-breeze give knowledge of their wonders by their perfumed air-blows and their lights manifest on us with full illuminations.



Hazrat Ali ra


Hazrat Masih Maud a.s said, He ra was practitioner of Taqwa, he was among those people who are very beloved in Presence of Allah al Rahman. He was leader of era, lion of Allah the Exalted al-Ghalib, a brave man, open-handed, pure hearted. He was among such a brave persons who do not leave their place in battlefield, even if there is an army in front of them. He lived life in tight economics, he reached station of extreme of Abstinence of humanity, he granted wealth, he was number one in removed grief of people taking care of orphans, poor and neighbors, he showed various styles of bravery in [waged on] wars. In the wars of spear and sword, he demonstrated amazing events, he was very pleasant speaker, eloquent is speech, his statements would go deep in hearts and removed rust of minds and light of argument would illumine their face, he had power of various kind of talk. One, who would compete with him in those, would have to say sorry like defeated person. He was perfect in every excellence and in eloquence. He who denied about his excellence he chose the way of shamelessness.



His station and Khilafat


There is no doubt as iota Hazrat Ali was hope for truth seekers and unmatchable model of open-handedness and Proof of Allah for servants of Allah.. He was among best people of his time, and Nur to brighten countries. But time of Khilafat was not time of peace but it was era of mischief, cruelty and violation. Common people could not distinguish between his Khilafat and of Ibne Abi Sufyan, they were staring at them like surprised people, some would think them like two stars of sky, and considered both equal in station. But truth is that Haq was with Ali Murtaza. One he who fought with him in his era, he did transgression and disobedience.   



Defense of Islam and Quran by Four Khulafa


Hazrat Masih Maud a.s. said that This aqeedah is essential that Hazrat Siddiq Akbar ra and Hazrat Faruq Umar ra and Hazrat Zun-nurain (Uthman) ra and Hazrat Ali Murtaza ra, all of them, indeed were trustworthy in Deen. Abu Bakr ra who is Adam-Thani of Islam, and likewise if Hazrat Umar Faruq and Hazrat Uthman ra  were not true trustworthy in Deen, today it would have been difficult for us to tell any on verse to be from Allah. 



Praise of Four Khulafa


Hazrat Masih Maud a.s. said, By Allah, they are such people, who, stood firm in field of death for the help of Best-of-Universe PBUH. [For faith] They left their fathers and sons for Allah and when [these relatives attacked Islam, after 13 years of patience, they were allowed for self defense] they made them in pieces....They sacrificed their good wealth and lifes in path of Allah. Despite that they would cry at shortage of their deeds, and were very remorseful. Their eyes did not get taste of full sleep but very little which is permanent right for self. They were not fond of bounties. Why do you think they were oppressors, usurp wealth and unjust. It is proven they had come out of desires of self and they were always fallen at divine threshold.  And they were ‘fana fillah’ [metaphorically lost in Allah] people.


So if one desires to serve and secure Islam, it can be done only by connecting with  Jari-ullah Masih Maud , sent by Allah in this era for this work.


It is month of Moharram, the martyrdom of Hazrat Husain ra was a barbaric act, shia friends express their passions. Also in other days, when passions about Hazrat Husain ra and Hazrat Ali ra are mentioned,  it is considered that Hazrat Masih Maud a.s and his Jama'at  did not understand the station of family of Holy Prophet PBUH. Jama'at  Ahmadiyya always tried to remove this misunderstanding. Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) has expressed high stations about Hazrat Ali ra, we believe that other three Khulafa too were truthful too.



Station of family of Holy Prophet PBUH in the eyes of Hazrat Masih Maud a.s. and his advice to Jama'at in this regard


In his book ‘sirrul khilafah’ Hazrat Masih maud a.s. said about Hazrat Ali ra, that he would draw attention of others for removal of difficulties of the helpless people. He would command people to feed the poor who do not ask, and broken people. He was among dear servants of Allah, and he was among foremost who drank from cups of Furan e Hameed [Quran]. He was given a extraordinary understanding of Quran’s deep meaning.


I saw him in realm of wake [kashf, vision], not in sleep, then in that state, he granted me Tafsir of Book of Allah Who Knows all hidden, and he said it is my Tafsir, and now it is given to you, congratulation to you at this Grant. At this, I extended my hand and got that Tafsir, and I thanked Allah Who has Power - Who Grants.

I found him [Hazrat Ali] balanced in build, and in strong and balanced in morals,  humble in attitude, radiant and illumined. I say this at oath he met me with great love and ulfat, and it was set in my heart that he knows me and my aqeedah, and what differences I have with shias in masalak and mashrab, he knows that too, but he did not express any dislike nor he did turn away from me, but he met me and love me like true affectionate, and he expressed love like people with real pure heart. With him, there were Husain and Hassan both and Chief-of-Messengers, Khataman nabiyeen PBUH were there too.


About feeling of mother-like kindness by Hazrat Fatima, Hazrat Masih Maud continue stating his Kashf


And with them there was an extremely fair, righteous, jalila-tul qadar, pure, respectable, horoned, overt and covert embodiment of light, young lady whom I saw full of grief but she had had hidden it. It was set in my heart that she is Hazrat Fatima tu zahra. She came to me, and I was lying down, so she sat down and placed my head upon her thigh and expressed kindness and I saw she was sad due to any of my grief, and she was expressing kindness as mothers do to children in distress. [Ill thought opponent clergies objects on this words. It is expression of a mother’s love with child].


Then I was told, my status is like a son to her in relation to Deen.  A thought came to my heart that her being sad is indication that I will face cruelty from people, countrymen and enemies.

Then Hasan and Husain both came to me, and, like brothers, expressed love with me and met like sympathizer.


This kashf was among kashfs-in-waking. It was many years ago. I have a sutble affinity  with Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Husain  and no one knows reality of this affinity except Lord of East and West. I love Hazrat Ali and his both sons. And who keep animosity with them, I keep animosity with him. However I am not among cruel but it is not possible for me to turn away from what Allah has dawned at me nor I am limit-crosser.   


Hazrat Masih Maud a.s. said that, in that Qasida which is written about Imam Hussein ra or mentioned about Hazrat Isa a.s., it is not human activity [Allah taught it]. Malicious is that person who speak ill from his self, against exalted and truthful. I believe that any person canot remain alive by speaking ill about Truthful like Hazrat Husain or Hazrat Isa. Divine warning ‘man aada li walian [faqad azantohu bilharb= who did animosity with my Wali, I announce call for war with him=hadith] catch him quickly. So Blessed is he who understands masaleh/expediency of heavens, and ponder on wise acts of Allah.



Expression of love in home sitting


Expression of love in a personal sitting where external people are not present, it is voice of heart. Hazrat Masih Maud a.s. did not only expressed his love for Holy Prophet PBUH and his family in writings and speeches but he expressed his emotions in home-sitting with children.


His son Hazrat Mirza Bashir Ahmad ra states that Due to this love with Holy Messenger PBUH, Hazrat Masih Maud a.s. had unlimited love for his family, children, and Sahabah. Once when it was month of Muhammarm, and Hazrat Masih Maud a.s. was lying on charpoy in his garden, he called  our sister Mubaraka begum and our brother Mubark Ahmad marhum, the youngest in siblings, near him and said, come I tell you story of Muharram, then he narrated the events of martyrdom of Imam Husain ra in very grieved  way.


As he was narrating these events, tears continue to run from his eyes, and he would clean tears with ends of finger. After ending this painful story, he said with great pain, ‘yazid filthy let this cruelty happen to grandson of our Nabi Karim PBUH and Allah too caught those cruel very soon with his wrath.


About this event, Hazrat Nawab Mubarka begum sahiba too mentions, that Hazrat Masih Maud a.s. was lying on charpoy in garden. [Being children] I and Mubarak brought a tortoise to show him. He said I narrate to you story of Muharram, we both sat near him, it was first ten days of month of Muharram, he began to narrate events of martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Husain a.s. He said: He was grandson of our Nabi Karim PBUH, hypocrites cruel martyred them, they were hungry and thirsty, sky on that day became red, wrath fell in forty on days murderers cruel. Someone died with leprosy and someone died with some  wrath and so on.


His state was, he was overwhelmed by emotions, tear would flow, which he would clear by finger of shahadah. When human hears this story of cruelty, hair stands. When enemy had dominated, Imam Husain turned or tried to turn  his horse toward Furat river. His path was cut, a person shot an arrow which hit him at his chin, wound became deep, more attacks were done, and he was martyred. Narrator says, he heard him saying before martyrdom. By Allah, after my murder, you will not murder anyone among servants of Allah, at whose murder, Allah will be more angry than my murder,  By Allah I hope, Allah will make you humiliated and have kindness at me, and will take my revenge from you, such that you will be surprised.


How cruel behaved with him and his family,  martyred, looted tents, chadors were pulled out from heads of ladies. Commander said, who will pass with horses over martyred body of Imam Husain, ten horses passed over his body to damage it....33 wounds of spears, 43 wounds of swords,  more wounds of arrow were on his body. Head was cut and sent to governor, he displayed it  Kufa...Extrme curtly, no most filthy enemy would do it.

It is short, but Hazrat Masih Maud was narrating, his tears were pouring.


How can be said Ahmadis [nauzilbillah] do not love  family of Holy Prophet PBUH or do not have its understanding..



Emphatic Words by Hazrat Masih Maud a.s.

Once Hazrat Masih Maud a.s emphatically told Jama'at [when he heard something wrong was said about Hazrat Imam Husain] he said:

Let it be clear, I am informed by a [postal] card by someone that some foolish people who attribute themselves to my Jama'at,  speak sentences about Hazrat Imam Husain ra that nauzolbillah Husain, due to reason he did not do Bai'at of Khalifah of time [Yazid] was transgressor and Yazid was at truth. [Hazrat Masih Maud said] lanatuallhe alal kazebeen. I do not expect, such filthy words came out of mouth of any pious person of my Jama'at...


I inform my Jama'at by this written-announcement  that we believe that Yazid was impure natured, earth worm, and cruel. By the meanings a person is called Momin, these meaning did not exist in him.


To be Momin, it is not easy matter, Allah the Exalted says about these people, ‘qalatil aarabo aamnna qul lam tomenu wa lakin qulu aslamna’ - Momin are those whose deeds are witness to their Eman, at whose heart Eman is written, and they give preference to their Allah and His pleasure at everything, and they adopt detailed and narrow paths for Allah the Exalted and are lost in His love, and everything which stops from Allah like idol, either it is moral state or immoral deeds, or ignorance or laziness, they take themselves far form all.


But unfortunate Yazid did not have these things, love of earthly life had made him blind, but Husain ra was Tahir and Mutahir [pure and purified]. Undoubtedly, he is among those exalted, whom Allah the Exalted cleanse by His hand, and fills with his love, and undoubtedly he is among leaders of paradise, and to keep iota of malice with him is cause of destruction of Eman, and this Imam’s Taqwa and love of Allah and patient and steadfastness, Zohad and Ibadat is best model for you.



After all this, how it can be said that Hazrat Masih Maud a.s. did not have love for family of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH. His perception of this love is unmatchable. Where shia went beyond limits or sunnis erred, he told reforms as Hakam and Adal [judge and just arbiter].  Allah sent him to propagate and establish real teaching of Islam, but both these big sects call Ahmadis bad. We are made target of oppression. Despite it we have to continue his mission of telling world about real Islam, with steadfastness, for which we did his Bai'at.


To keep model of Hazrat Imam Hussain (r.a.) before us Hazrat Musleh Mo'ud (r.a.) said in poem: They make you Husain and become Yazidi by themselves – What a best deal, let the enemy shoot arrow.


Thus our scarifies inshallah will not be wasted. Hazrat Masih Maud a.s. said  although I have affinity with Husain ra,  but result will not be like previous. Now result will be opposite, as Allah the Exalted has destined it. The success will be achieved, that is why apparent victory will be of those who have properties of Husain, and opponents will be failed Inshallah Ta’ala.


For this we need, focus on prayers very much, invoke lot of Durud sharif. As much we will bow to Allah the Exalted that quick Allah will grant us victory and success. In these day of Muharram, prayers for other Muslims as well. Firqas are killing each other. May they recognize reality soon that and come in Bai'at of Imam of age Hazrat Masih Maud (on whom be peace). May Allah grant them strength for that.


Reference=Based on sermon 28 August 2020, mta . tv

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