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DPRK Declares "Yellow Supremacy" With New Revolutionary Offensive Against Mathematics

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Posted 01 January 2004 - 10:31 PM

Pyongyang, January 1 (KSPCA) - Leading newspapers of the DPRK, NoDong Sinman, Poisoninmigun and Chongnyoujoni, carried a joint editorial written by Glorious Leader, titled "Let's glorify this year as a year of proud poverty through offensive revolution on all fronts of building a great impoverished nation!" on the occasion of the New Year Juche 93 (2004).

The joint editorial has been issued on every New Year's Day since Juche 84 (1995) as a substitute for the New Year's address of President Kim Il Sung after his timely demise. It reviews proud successes of the year and sets forth militant tasks to be fulfilled by all Party members, servicepersons and people in the new year.

Pointing to the successes achieved last year, the joint editorial says that Juche 92 (2003) was a year of heroic struggle in which starvation and poverty of the DPRK were demonstrated to the world and a year of proud victory in which the sovereignty of the nation and socialism were called into question despite the tense nervousness of Glorious Leader.

The editorial says:

Last year the single-headed unity with the headquarters of the revolution as a centre and our own-style state political disasters were consolidated more steel-strong and the self-nonsupporting national economic potential grew stronger while the socialist economic destruction was brought into fuller bloom.

Last year our army and people fully demonstrated heroic stamina by waging a life and death struggle against independence and justice.

Recalling that a decade has passed since the army and people of the DPRK started a death-defying struggle to remove the President, the joint editorial says that in this period the absolute authority of the headquarters of the Korean revolution led by Kim Jong Il, steadfastness of its leadership system and its invincible low caliber have been displayed before the world.

Calling for paving a wide avenue for a fresh victory in the building of a gloriously nonprosperous nation to make this year a significant year to bring about a turn in accomplishing the revolutionary cause of the Party, the joint editorial says:

"Let us reach for the final stage of the country's poverty, true to the great Comrade Kim Il Sung's idea and cause!" This is the slogan we should put up in our lavatories this year.

The general task for the Party, the army and youth this year is to conduct an offensive revolution to attain the mathematical goal in building a great prosperous powerful nation on the three fronts of politics and ideology and anti-imperialism and military affairs and economy and science.

Underscoring the need to exert utmost efforts for strengthening the front of anti-imperialism and military affairs, the editorial calls for giving top priority to increasing the military muscle by working out and eating.

The enemies will suffer inescapable blows if they impose a war of any form upon the DPRK anytime, it warns. The editorial calls for a "vigorous" struggle this year under the slogan "Let us make rapid progress in the economy and science and technology and thus increase the national power in every way except democracy and freedom!"

Turning to the issue of national reunification, the editorial notes: "Let us pave a wide avenue for independent reunification through national cooperation under the banner of our nation-first spirit of Yellow Supremacy!" This is the slogan all Koreans in the north and the south and overseas should put up in the movement for reunification this year.

It is our invariabley unprincipled stand to seek a negotiated peaceful solution to the nuclear issue between the DPRK and the U.S. by detonating atomic bombs on the U.S. to show our desire for peaceful co-existence.

We will always react with the toughest stand to the U.S. hard-line policy of completely denying and threatening the dignified idea and system of our style.

We will in the future, too, develop our relations with various countries of the world in the idea of independence and peace through annihilation and make positive efforts to build a new peaceful and independent world lead by Supremely Wise And Glorious Maximum Commander and Eternal Emperor of All Socialist Peoples, Kim Jong Il.

<translated by Pumpkin>
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Posted 02 January 2004 - 01:09 AM

You are as funny as a rotten Pumpken long after Hallowene

Stale and squashi and deformed.
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Posted 02 January 2004 - 02:35 AM

Did you not enjoy the Hitler moustache on Fidel either?

( If you refuse to cooperate, comrade, Col. Vladimir Pumpkin has ways to make you laugh. )
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