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Mujahedin freedom fighters taking control of Baghdad, fascists on the run

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#241 CooD


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Posted 02 October 2003 - 04:42 PM

Maybe a kiss, or one of their uniforms so you could sneak into the American military you love so dearly and sail to Iraq and load bombs onto planes. You'd be one to write little things onto them too, like "Merry Christmas, ragheads" or "Be a real US colony like Australia."
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Posted 03 October 2003 - 12:10 AM

Petrov my friend,

I never left. I just do not have time to post as much as before.

These days new-world-order pigs keep me busy.
last month I've executed more then 100 pigs!

that's a lot

Executioner of People's Tribunal

Bad Big Bear
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Posted 03 October 2003 - 12:12 AM


may I kiss you ----> cccmmmooooook!

are you of ever prolific NWO PIGS?

what happened to Mission? car problems? again?


ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
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Posted 03 October 2003 - 02:47 AM

General: 3 to 6 GIs Dying in Iraq
a Week

Thursday October 2, 2003 5:46 PM


Associated Press Writer

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - Nearly six months after the fall of
Baghdad, U.S. troops are suffering an average of three to six
deaths and 40 wounded every week, the commander of
American forces in Iraq said Thursday.

``The enemy has evolved - a little bit more lethal, a little more
complex, a little more sophisticated, and in some cases, a little
bit more tenacious,'' said Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez. ``The
evolution is about what we expected to see over time.''

American forces are being attacked 15-20 times a day, counting
roadside bombs, mostly in Baghdad and the surrounding Sunni
stronghold to the west and north of the capital, Sanchez said.

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Posted 04 October 2003 - 02:32 PM


According to AFP, twelve American servicemen have been killed in
Iraq in the past 24 hours. Six of them were killed near Samarra, to the north
of Baghdad when the military convoy was attacked using grenade launchers.
Four American soldiers were killed and another 5 injured in the district of Al-Masur in Baghdad when a patrol was attacked. In an another incident in the city of Tikrit two American servicemen were killed and
eleven were injured when a convoy was hit by a powerful land mine .

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Posted 04 October 2003 - 04:37 PM

Two Iraqi scientists shot after
aiding U.S.

Iraqi scientists were shot, one
fatally, after helping the United
States search for weapons of mass
destruction, according to chief U.S.
weapons inspector David Kay.

This is what happens to traitors who co-operate with Fasist Zionist American ivaders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Think about it, traitors.
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Posted 06 October 2003 - 12:38 AM

After Syria Strike, Palestinians Might Hit Israel Abroad
By Mohammad Yassin, Ahmad Aqlin, IOL Correspondents

GAZA CITY, October 5 (IslamOnline.net) - Though no such
decision has been taken, Palestinian resistance factions might
take the battle against Israel outside the occupied Palestinian
territories now that Israel has bombarded a Palestinian camp in
Syria, Palestinian resistance leaders and experts told
IslamOnline.net Sunday, October 5.

Israeli warplanes mounted an air strike on Ain as-Saheb area
some 15 kilometers west of Damascus, despite the
disengagement signed by both countries in 1974.

"This escalation opens the door before all options and the Zionist
enemy would reap what they have sown
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Posted 07 October 2003 - 01:08 AM


Meanwhile, Syria's official press said Monday, October 6, that Damascus called on the Syrian leadership to be
at maximum alert "in the face of an enemy who seeks escalation and commits terrorist acts."

Al-Baath, the daily of Syria's ruling Baath party, said, "Israel is killing and destroying in defiance of international
law, because it is assured of American protection."

"Yesterday's aggression by aircraft of the Zionist enemy inside Syrian territory calls for a strengthening of the
struggle, because it shows once again that Israel will continue its aggressive policy," it added.

Al-Baath said that "Syria reaffirms its strategic choice of a fair and comprehensive peace based on
international resolutions the principle of land for peace."

But it warned that "peace is impossible without the return of Arab rights."

The government newspaper Tishrin said, "Syria's military forces led by President Bashar Al-Assad must be
prepared in the face of an enemy who seeks escalation and commits terrorist acts".

The air strike was the deepest military strike by Israel inside Syria since the October War 30 years ago, in
which Israel was defeated by the Egyptian army.

The area was sealed off by Syrian authorities and reporters and photographers stopped from entering.
Damascus said the attack hit a civilian area, causing material damage.
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Posted 07 October 2003 - 01:09 AM

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Posted 08 October 2003 - 01:05 AM

Iraqis: Today We Raise Banners, Tomorrow We Raise Weapons
Oct 07, 2003
Source: AP

Large portions of Baghdad were in turmoil Tuesday after attackers fired an explosive into the Foreign Ministry
compound, former intelligence officers demanding back pay or jobs hurled paving stones at American forces and U.S.
soldiers confronted a big demonstration of Shiite Muslims.

There were no known injuries in any of the incidents, but traffic in the center of the capital was at a near standstill.
Streets around the Foreign Ministry and Saddam Hussein's former Republican Palace
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Posted 09 October 2003 - 12:57 AM

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Posted 10 October 2003 - 12:55 AM

Arabs, E.U. Blast U.S. Bill On Syria Sanctions
WASHINGTON, October 9 (IslamOnline.net & News Agencies) - While Israel
welcomed, the Arab League on Thursday, October 9, joined the E.U. in blasting a
congressional bill to impose sanctions against Syria as a further escalation of the
already volatile situation in the Middle East.

Such a decision would "increase tension in the region, make chances for peace more
remote and block any serious dialogue between the U.S. and Syria," reported
Agence France-Presse (AFP) quoting a statement by the Arab League.

The White House said it would no longer oppose a bill, adopted Wednesday by the
House of Representatives International Relations Committee which calls for
sanctions against Syria over allegations of supporting terrorism.

The move which comes "just after the Israeli aggression against Syria raises
questions about the issue of the double campaign targeting Syria," from both the
U.S. and Israel, said the pan-Arab organization.

"Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa is deeply worried following the unfair
accusations against Syria from Israel, on which the U.S. campaign against Syria is
based," it added.

E.U. Protesting

The European Union has no plans to follow the U.S. in moving to impose
wide-ranging sanctions on Syria, the European Commission said Thursday.

"It is obviously not our position, we are in the process of negotiating an
association agreement with Syria," said Emma Udwin, spokeswoman for External
Relations Commissioner Chris Patten.

"The policy of isolating Syria is not the most productive," she added.

In a quick reaction Wednesday, the E.U. vehemently slammed the action as a
further destabilizing factor in the region, a European diplomatic source told
Saudi newspaper Al-Watan.

E.U. foreign policy chief Javier Solana told U.S. diplomats in Brussels and a
number of the 15-block countries that the bill will charge up tension in the Middle East and chill all attempts for
language and diplomacy, said the source.

He added that E.U. Commission President Romani Prodi is to visit Egypt Sunday, October 12, to discuss means
to defuse tension and return back to negotiations.

Prodi will also affirm the rejection of the U.S. stands towards Syria and urges an end of Israel
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#253 Cosssack


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Posted 11 October 2003 - 12:09 AM

Another dangerous front
opened for the U.S. military in Iraq Friday, October 10, after two soldiers were killed in
an ambush in Baghdad's volatile Sadr City following a shootout between U.S. forces
and a Shiite militia in the wake of a car bomb blast that killed nine people.

At least two U.S. soldiers have been killed and 4 others wounded on Friday in an Iraqi
guerrilla attack on an American convoy to the northwest of Baghdad, eyewitnesses

"Two 1st AD (armored division) soldiers were killed in action and four wounded in an ambush" in Sadr City on
Thursday at 8:00 pm (1700 GMT), the U.S. military said in a statement.

The attack took place at 07:00 local time (04:00 GMT) when inhabitants of northwestern Baghdad heard a
very strong explosion and eyewitnesses said that it was caused by the Iraqi guerrillas who planned an ambush
for the U.S. convoy.

No details were available about the U.S. material losses, but eyewitnesses said the U.S. occupation forces
have blocked the roads leading to the area of the explosion in order to evacuate their casualties and
presumably destroyed military vehicles.

The east Baghdad Al-Sadr City that witnessed a booby-trapped car explosion on Thursday, October 9, that
killed at least 3 policemen and 6 civilians and injured 27 others, witnessed a clash between Shiite
demonstrators and the U.S. forces, eyewitnesses said.

They said the clashes continued till late last night and at least 2 U.S. soldiers were killed and 4 others wounded
in the clashes.

Al-Sadr City, home for 2.5 million Shiites had witnessed strong tension following the attack on the police
center, which neighbors a famous Shiite Huseiniya (mosque), whose Imam was reported to have been arrested
by the U.S. troops.

The attack on the police center and the Shiite mosque created hostility among the Shiites, particularly the
so-called Al-Mahdi Army (militia), led by the Shiite young leader Muqtada Al-Sadr.

Thousands of those Shiites, some of them carrying light machineguns rushed to the area and some of them
clashed with the U.S. soldiers who tried to control the situation in vain.

Members of the Mahdi Army previously said just one of its members died in a shootout, but Sheikh Abdul Haji
al-Darraji revised the toll to two killed.

It was not clear if the U.S. military and Sadr's group were referring to the same incident.

The police station attack was the deadliest attack since a car bomb killed influential moderate Shiite leader
Ayatollah Mohammad Baqer al-Hakim and 82 others in the Muslim holy city of Najaf on August 29.

Meanwhile violence continued in the flashpoints north of Baghdad, notably in Baquba, the day after a U.S.
soldier died in an RPG attack in the town 65 kilometers (40 miles) northeast of the Iraqi capital.

Four policemen were wounded early Friday when grenades were thrown at their station in Baquba, one of them,
Hussein Alwan, 28, told Agence France-Presse (AFP).

U.S. forces also arrested 15 people in dawn searches early Friday at Al-Mafrak, west of Baquba, witness Amer
Talal, 22, said.

The northern Kurdish town of Erbil, some 370 km to the north of Baghdad and now under control of two Kurdish
political parties, witnessed an attack on a police center killing 2 policemen and wounding another.

Reports from the Iraqi border town of Al-Qaim, few kilometers away from the Syrian borders, also witnessed an
attack that killed its Police Director, Rasheed Al-Humeidi on Thursday.

Al-Qaim had witnessed a number of attacks on U.S. soldiers and Iraqi police cooperating with them that killed
and wounded a number of them over the past few weeks.
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#254 thirteen



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Posted 11 October 2003 - 11:28 AM

'Insane' colonel not guilty of rape, murder
By Nick Paton Walsh
December 18 2002

A Russian on trial for raping and killing a girl of 17 - the first senior officer held to account for one of the numerous atrocities committed by the Russian army in Chechnya - has been declared to have been temporarily insane at the time and may not be jailed.

Colonel Yuri Budanov allegedly raped Elza Kungayeva in March, 2000, strangled her, and ordered his troops to bury her body.

His trial has been promoted by the military as a milestone in Russia's attempt to improve its human rights record in Chechnya. Monitors have accused federal troops of torturing and murdering civilians during "anti-terrorist operations".

It has become a highly charged event, seized upon as deeply significant by both sides in the conflict.

The army says Colonel Budanov has been victimised by liberals who do not understand the nature of war. Chechen separatists and human rights campaigners believe the trial gave Moscow the opportunity to crack down on abuses in Chechnya.

It became clear when Colonel Budanov went on trial in February, 2001, that his defence was temporary insanity at the time of the murder. While Colonel Budanov acknowledges killing the girl, it was argued that she was a Chechen sniper and that the colonel lost control during the attack.

Her relatives claim he murdered her in a drunken rage.

Yesterday's statement by psychiatrists from Moscow's Serbsky Institute to a closed court was that Colonel Budanov was temporarily "unaware of the meaning" of what he was doing and should be given psychiatric treatment.

The statement was made public by his lawyer, Alexei Dulimov, who said he would press for the officer to be acquitted and given compulsory treatment.

Mr Dulimov said Colonel Budanov was now likely to be cleared of criminal charges and sent down for compulsory treatment, as recommended by the psychiatrists.

But the verdict is not likely to go down well with many Chechens, who had hoped the trial would signal a tougher stance by Russian authorities against human rights abuses committed by soldiers in the mostly Muslim province.

"People in Chechnya are convinced that Budanov is a criminal, a murderer. Such a mild verdict, de facto acquittal, will disturb Chechen society," said Abdul-Khakim Sultygov, the presidential Chechnya rights envoy.

A senior US diplomat said the conduct of the trial raised serious concerns about how serious authorities were about proceeding with military reform.

Elza Kungayeva's family was not present at the verdict and asked for a delay of five days. Her father, Visa Kungayeva, said at a refugee camp on the Chechen border: "I served in the Soviet army... It's a shame that insane colonels serve in the Russian army today and kill civilians. I don't believe he is insane. How can he be insane? He looks like a smart man.

"I will insist they carry out an additional, and this time independent, examination into whether he is actually insane."

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#255 honorable


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Posted 11 October 2003 - 01:53 PM

hello thirteen?
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#256 Skippy


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Posted 13 October 2003 - 02:22 AM

So he loses all rank and privileges no matter what the outcome from here on, doesn't he?
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#257 Guest__*

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Posted 25 October 2003 - 04:35 PM

Muslims in Britain and all over the world, must fully
understand that the call to limit and destroy the Ummah
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#258 Guest__*

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Posted 19 February 2004 - 03:28 AM

dead thread?
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#259 Guest__*

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Posted 02 March 2004 - 01:58 AM

not yet Sava not yet
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