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I am the voice of those whose tales must never be told...

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Posted 03 February 2003 - 06:17 PM

I was a young German soldier deliberately frozen to death in Eisenhower's post war death camps (more German soldiers died there than on the entire western front!), and I was a little child dressed up for the holiday in Dresden when the bombers came, and I was an elderly Japanese man in a quiet Tokyo suburb when they dropped their incendiary bombs on my all wood and paper city, and I am a White farmer in Rhodesia, and a Polish officer in Katyn forest, and a pregnant woman aboard a ship on the North Sea sunk by Allied submarines in 1945 (18,000 lives lost in only two days!), and I am a little sick little Iraqi child with no medicine, and I am a newborn baby in a bombed maternity hospital in Serbia, and a woman raped and tortured and then executed by Negroes in Wichita.

I am the voice for those whose tales must never be told!

The forced starvation and ethnic cleansing of Germans by the Allies, 1945-1950 - How many lives lost? Ten million, fifteen million, twenty? Souls whose stories will never be made into movies by Steven Spielberg.

Operation Keelhaul - The Americans took the surrendered Russians and other eastern europeans, Cossacks, and others, and promised them that if they laid down their arms they would be safe and treated well. Then, after they disarmed, they turned them over to Stalin to be butchered. Many tried to commit suicide. Then they took the civilian emigrees, refugees from the Bolsheviks, who had been living in Germany and gave them the same treatment. How many Russians and other eastern europeans died this way? I don't know. maybe somebody can tell me, but Steven Spielberg will not be making a docudrama about Operation Keelhaul, you can be sure of that!


(I originally posted this on the old Pravda Forum - which is closing tonight)
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#2 grob


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Posted 02 February 2004 - 10:21 AM

Oh plenty mo Germans where they came from.
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